One of the main objectives in life is to be happy and live a lifetime of happiness which can only come about from the day you make a decision to choose a life partner, someone who loves you for who you are and with all your imperfections and is ready to commit the rest of His or Her life to the journey called marriage.
We can only wish Mayowa and Olamide congratulations on their wedding engagement, May their wonderful journey be filled with love and happiness forever.

When a photographer finally finds his muse, on that particular day I went for a shoot at a client’s event ,that’s how I met my hearth rob @koyeen,she walked into the venue n my heart said to me she is my wife .I tried every possible means to make sure she would notice me but finally I was able to get a sit right across her all I prayed for was for our eyes to meet which eventually happened. All I could snap that day were that smiles that beauty I fell in love right away .I bless God for the gift of love which is you,I am overwhelmed by love cos I know you are for real you showed me the love that is above all,I will do whatever it takes to keep you.#MM2018



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