Head-pieces come in different style and size. Getting to choose the right one could be a challenge for most brides-to-be. I have often come across brides-to-be that just want something big, bold and shiny while quite a  few are particular about the type of design and shape of it.

Where would you prefer to have your head-pieces placed at?  At the back, in front of the forehead, at the side or right at the top like a bow?  Does this matter? Yes, it does; to some extent that is. Think head shape, think hairstyle then think veil. All these should be factored into choosing the right head-piece for you.

This front statement headpiece is everything! Photography @charliel_photography

So what do you think of this Statement headpiece inspiration? Tell us what style you prefer!

Photography: @charliel_photography
Makeup: @shinelxmakeover 
Bridal robe & Accessories: @theweddingparlourng
Muse: @asmuidris
Location: Charliel Studios