Kelechi & Eric Alluring Pre-Wedding Photos

Kelechi & Eric Alluring Pre-Wedding Photos

The key to getting any task done is taking the very first step and one has to possess such character qualities like faith, courage, perseverance, passion, integrity, creativity, leadership and so much more. Eric obviously is more than qualified because he has taken the bold step of proposing to his heart throb Kelechi and she said yes so they only have the rest of their wonderful lives together to look forward to.

My name is Kelechi Ofoedu(@mzejinwa). I’m a Chartered Accountant. I met Eric on the 14th of January in church.So there I was paying attention to the word of God in church not knowing that the keyboardist was checking me out ?? I just got this very sharp wig that gave me this Naomi Campbell look and I guess he couldn’t help himself(he is but a man after all )??I was oblivious of all this of course so after church I just saw a guy walk up to me and ask for my number .My first thought was ‘all these boys sef’ but for some vague reason I gave him my number and I’m glad I did. I’m glad that my pepper body did not make me miss the most amazing being in my world.We started talking immediately and it wasn’t long I realized it was him or nobody else,now I can’t wait to be your wifey, to be by your side in this journey called life.I love you Gogo and this love is for eternity.


Photo by @gaffmultimedia (Gaff Multimedia)

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