Bolajoko and Kayode Lovely Wedding

Bolajoko and Kayode Lovely Wedding

A Clear Path to a lifetime for lovers, soulmates and ‘forever happily after’ What a wonderful story


How we met?
We came to know of each other through our mutual friend. (Friend I – if you know you know *wink). We exchanged our first messages in July 2015 and in a very short time it was obvious that we connected in many great ways. We started as friends and in no long a time, our path to a lifetime of being lovers and soul mates was very clear. With our sincere commitments to one another, we were able to overcome all the challenges that came a way and rode through to the beginning of our ‘forever happily after’.

The Proposal,
Kayode’s version:

So I was supposed to take Bolajoko to my office’s end of year party, for some reasons I could not make that happen and she was not very happy about that. So I knew I had to make it up to her, at that time I had also been thinking of a way to propose and catch her by complete surprise as the ring had been burning a hole in my

A couple of days after the party, I called her randomly and told her that I wanted to make it up to her by taking her out to dinner, she reluctantly agreed.

So I tried to close early but turned out to be a very hectic day at work and there was so much traffic, somehow I managed to get to hers in good time (with the help of google map) although It was quite late. I picked her and she was sure it was a casual date to make it up to her but she later found out we were going to one of our favourite restaurants for dinner.

We soon arrived at the restaurant and I was trying so hard to be cool and hide the obvious bulge in my Meanwhile I had planned for a photographer to sneak into the restaurant, so as we got to the restaurant it was everything I planned it to be (private, classy and well)
We settled in, I apologized for not taking her to the party again and she forgave me completely…still had no clue I was about to pop the question.
As soon as our food came, I unsuspectingly stood up, walked to her side of the table and and went down on one knee, asked her to make me complete by being the one to journey through life with me hand in hand and be my one and only woman that I will love till the end of time.

She said Yes! My joy was truly complete. We took lovely pictures.

One of my best nights ever!!

Boom! the evolution of #Jkay2018

P.S – Shoutout to Simi (my new sister) for all the help, Executive Producer #Jkay2018.

PHOTOGRAPHER @laphyphotography
BRIDE @joko_m
GROOM @kayode0505
HAIR BY @beautyvillie
DRESS BY @avantgardeby_elizabethr
BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES by @flat17studio
Groom suit by @kimonokollection
MAKE UP BY @Demiwilliam
Planner: @zapphaire_events
HASHTAG #Jkay2018


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