Love Story and Wedding Pictures Of Chiamaka and Chima

Love Story and Wedding Pictures Of Chiamaka and Chima

Love Story

I met Chima through a Young professional group owned by our church. He
introduced himself to me at a bbq hosted by one of the members. At the
time I was more focused on my career and school and he consistently made
it known to the group that he wanted to get to know me. Our church held
a bazaar and both of us were designated to record all the funds that
were collected that night. We ended up purchasing a goat together and
split it between both of us.

As the night progressed I developed a rash on my arm. He kept asking me
about the rash and I kept assuring him I would take care of it. By the
time I got back to my place, the rash became unbearable. So I took a
picture and sent it to him and asked him what I should do since he’s in
the medical field. He asked me if he could come over, it was around 12am
lol I quickly said no that he should just text me what I should do. He
kept insisting so I sent him my address. When he arrived, he assessed my
arm and put hydrocortisone that he brought on it.

He went to throw the tube away and noticed I was low on trash bags. So
he offered to take me to Walmart to buy more trash bags I’m like hmm ok
oo let’s go. On our way back I noticed I left without my keys and my
phone. I live in a gated community so I was unable to let myself back
in. He offered to go back to his place, at this time it was 2am hmm I
said ok let’s go. Once we got there he quickly went to the kitchen and
started cooking a full course meal. I mean pancakes, sausages, eggs,
plantain, stew etc. I was just in awe like wow I have new best friend.

I ate and slept, woke up to more cooking sounds and aroma from the
kitchen. I was just blown away by just the cooking because I love food.
I just made up my mind that this guy will be my best friend and I’ll be
coming to his house to eat.

We became very fond of each other. We would always hang out with one of
my close friend Grace and she would always tell me to give him a chance.
Grace would literally sit there and give me numerous reasons why I
should date Chima. My other friend Amarachi, would do the same as well
and would continuously tell me that I shouldn’t miss out on him. So I
gave it a chance and never regretted it.

Proposal: we went to Dubai for a vacation. We had so much fun on the day
we went to the desert. During the sun set, they gathered us together to
say goodbye to the camels. From there we were served dinner with the
other guests that were there. They provided lots of entertainment on
stage. I was so full I was ready to go back to the hotel and sleep.
After the belly dancer’s show, they called us to the stage. I was
thinking maybe they wanted to show us how to dance until they handed
Chima the mic and he started professing his love to me and I became so
shy. He knows I hate crowd and I get extremely shy in front of crowds. I
was just cringing. He got down on one knee and I accepted the proposal
of course. I thank God for Young Professionals lol. I cannot wait to
spend the rest of my life with my sweetheart ❤❤


Planner- Bride and Groom
Cake- @rikiescakes
Coordinator- @oraventss
Decor- @doxafredrick_events

Photography- @klalaphotography
Bride robe- @robesandblingsbyakokomali
Bride’s Dress- @maiatafo
Grooms Suit- @maiatafo
Groomsmen suits- @kimonokollection
Bridesmaid dresses- @pinandlace
Bride’s makeup- @ronaldthe7th
Bride Bouquet- @bouquetandaccessoriesng
Bridesmaids Bouquets-
Groom shoe- @overallspremiumbrands


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