Lovely Engagement Pictures Yomola and Peter

Lovely Engagement Pictures Yomola and Peter

Their Love story

Yomsy: That time of my life was the worst it could ever be, 2016, with
my entire world crushing right in front of me. And that ‘life changing
phone call’ came through on one faithful ICU clinical night. God had
used my forever honored older sister who lives in Texas, who has the
heart of God and who understands the price of motherhood to lead me into
eternal joy and fulfillment. Before Peter came along, it was a rough,
wasteful and sad path I walked on. I did everything to be happy but in
the end, it was all for nothing and then I realized if God does not
bless, I can’t have. But this saying is absolutely right, “Nothing good
comes easy.” For all the six years of hard work and endurance, I thought
I had built a hut to live in, I built for ‘NOTHING’. But God had a
peaceful Kingdom all ready for me.

I had two more semesters to graduate from nursing program and as of
November 2016, I was failing that semester due to emotional torture. I
was broken inside out. But Peter called me frequently, helping me
through each day. Peter wiped my tears and put a smile on my face. He
said “am here to make you WHOLE”. I held unto God, Peter and my love
ones and here I am today, strength and still going. Joel 2: 25-26.
Funny throwback, Peter I am attended same primary school at Zaria,
Kaduna State. So we had crossed paths several times. Peter’s immediate
older sister, attended same secondary school as I, in Kaduna. I had
always asked God to connect me with a man that has same history as mine
so we can both appreciate what we share in common, He absolutely did. I
thank God Almighty that I did not put bitterness in another person’s
life to take what they paid dearly to gather in tears, shame, and
betrayal. I ask God for what is blissfully mine.

Our journey started well and even through bumpy roads, we are still
riding high in Love and fulfillment.
Peter, I love you to the moon and back
Peter: I don’t have enough words to express the happiness I feel inside.
But one sure thing I do every day and night is; thank God for a sister,
a friend, a mother, a priceless jewel, a wife-to-be for eternity, my
Love Yomola. Thank God Almighty!

Couples -Yomola @eweyomola and Peter

Video and photography @klalaphotography @klalafilms
Event coordinator: @elegantaffairs_mn

Mua @moalli_artistry Dress: @tinkledpinkasooke @bimmms24 @jbliving

?‍♀️: @fabhair_bylauraali
Decor ?: @prestige_touch_events


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