Red Color Asooke Bridal Shoot

Red Color Asooke Bridal Shoot

If you are you still wondering how to use the red color for your traditional wedding in Nigeria, then this asooke bridal shoot is for you. Here is a pretty good example of a color combo using a primary color, red.

Is Red one of your favourite wedding colors? I am not a biggy on red. I rarely use red in my most of my asoebi styles as a fair skin lady.

It’s funny how I used to think that the red color is a big no for fair skin complexion but I am absolutely delighted to tell you that my perception on this has changed. Partly due to a lot of creative ways bride-to-be use this color for their traditional wedding in Nigeria.  If you have a creative ”asooke’‘ designer or a fantastic wedding dress designer, then you are just about good in getting the red color combo right.

Am afraid, Naija style tailors or designers if you will, are doing pretty good in this matter of combining your colors for your native wears. The internet is full of many examples for us to use. Darker shades of the red color compliments other colors like pink, teal or green. Remember this though, your primary colors for the wedding (your main dress colors) should not be the same colors used for your event decoration. It should be complimentary.

For example, if you have your asooke in red, then use other colors for the wedding decoration.

If you still require our expertise, you know how to reach me. Just comment below 😉

How do you like the Red color now? Tell us what you think.



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