Ibiza – more than just a party town

Ibiza - more than just a party town

Given its holiday season, with your girls (or guys), this months blog is all about that: a getaway to Ibiza

May bank holiday 2017 with my girls. Was actually brilliant as I’d just spent about 10 days or so with the hubby in South Africa, got off the plane in England and few hours later, I was in Ibiza with the girls πŸ™‚

People mistakenly think Ibiza is purely a party town but you’re very wrong. Ibiza is also a great place, with beautiful scenery and able to relax. Off course, it’s also party town, so make of it what you will.

We stayed in playa d’en bossa, great base to get to ibiza town for party animals (Ibiza town & San Antonio is also great locations for those considering).

So, what’s there to do on this island:

1. Visit ibiza town. Stop by the cafe for a bite to eat and good old tea served the proper way (yes, I’m a tea lover!), and soak in the views

2. Day trip to San Antonio

3. Whilst by the port, catch a boat trip to any of the local villages. We did one to Playa Cala basa. Be sure to bring your swim wear so you can dip in the sea

4. Visit the nightclubs (off course). We tried Pacha in Ibiza town. Let’s just say, some girls got β€œlost” and enjoyed their time β€œmissing”!

4. Have your own room or beach party!

5. Beach or pool lounge chilling & catch some rays, with a cocktail in your hand (#standard!)

6. If you’re the spa time, make sure to get a hotel with a spa so you can make it into a truly relaxing getaway also (we did & loved it)

Taxis were a fairly great and cheap way to get around for those who like to explore like us. Trips with your girls are definitely memorable (can’t divulge anymore than that – sorry guys!), and where possible, I like to get away at least once a year with either just my sister or a girls holiday – it’s good for the soul!

We’re keeping it short & sweet this time but check in next month where we take you away to Amsterdam. We’ll have a twist on Amsterdam so watch this space!

To watch our Ibiza video, visit:Β https://youtu.be/2pgYLLgo_lw

Happy summer guys. And for those wondering what our next destination is, it’s at the end of the month to:

For me: the Lake District (strictly girls only!)
For hubby: Amsterdam (strictly guys only!)

Bye for now πŸ™‚ x

Tina Benson
T&T Consultancy



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