A love story from Woolich-DOYIN and NIYI

A love story from Woolich-DOYIN and NIYI

Excited much in getting my hands back on the blog for a fresh wedding. Much thanks for Doyin and Niyi for their submission. When a man says he sees you as his wife, mother, sister and friend; now if that is not love, I don’t know what that is…….

How we met (doyin) : The first time we meet was about 8years ago, we met at a friend’s birthday in Woolwich, UK. He made a bold step to speak to me, but I did not gave him a chance. Somehow he got my number from a friend of mine, and he rang my phone, and said he wants us to be friends. I gave him a chance and we became so close.

The Proposal

It was my birthday and he picked me up at the saloon and we bothe headed for mines to get ready for our outing. As we got into the car he said can you please close your eyes I refused at first demanding why but eventually I did and few minutes later he said you can open your eyes and I did and there he was on his knees outside with car door opened asking will you marry me I was surprised but of course I said yes. I knew a day like today was coming soon because lately all Niyi talks about is starting a family how many kids I would  like to have; you know things of that nature had been his main topic of discussion, just didn’t know it will be that soon. Few months later he said we need to start planning our wedding so we both informed our parents about our decisions they were happy for us and here we are…….

I met my friend, sister, mother and wife some years back. The very first day I met her i just like her personallity. She look takeway. I dont waste time getting close to her. I got her number and started making friends with her. At first, she gave me wahala but I belived I still have hope. One day I  decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, because she is my confidant, lover and my protector, and I have seen love through her like Allah has describled what love is in Quran.I dont think I could have chosen to spend the rest of my life with anybody else.
Make Up by B-Signature wedding gown :

Brides & More Music by DJ Westco & Sammy B

Pictures and video by Figuresstudio & OLA ERE Photography Dublin


  1. Kemi Olaitan : June 27, 2017 at 5:35 am

    Congratulations Dear

  2. Nice stories, love them, can i submit mine too?

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