Prague – The City of Love

Prague – The City of Love

Hi travellers! I struggled this month on where to take you! I’ve been pre-occupied touring South Africa in April, Ibiza in May and a road trip to America in June; that any other places to share with you doesn’t seem to quite compare!

However, after much deliberation, I decided that Prague; the first holiday my husband and I took, would be the perfect place.

I hope you wondered why I titled it “City of Love”.  I’m probably biased, but Prague is where my now-husband fell in love with me (he says it’s the other way round, but it totally wasn’t!). I know commercially, Paris is the city of love, but we’ve been there twice and compared to other cities we’ve been to, it’s really not our best place. So apart from hubby falling madly in love with me, Prague really is a hidden gem. Firstly, it’s value for money. You could get a 5* hotel for the price of a 3* for sure. It’s a city you can go to either in good or bad weather. We went around end October time and there was a speciality market on. It was nice to wrap up, taste a variety of foods, and get a real feel for the town.

It’s got something for everyone. For those who like to walk and see the sights, you have the beautiful Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. That’s history and beauty right there. You’ve got the old town that you can look round and shop in, but you’ve also got the Jewish Quarter. We realised the Jewish Quarters were more where locals shopped with cheaper prices; whereas old town was tourist area with a tad inflation on prices (But they’re not the only city to do that). For other sights, you’ve got the sex museum; there’s a building that’s the tallest for you to see the views (can’t remember the name unfortunately); or simply take a cruise down the canal.

For the party animals, you’ll enjoy it also. Our second night or so into the trip, we went on a night out. The first bar we went into was brilliant. Sat for drinks, thought it’d be a nice chilled bar; next thing we know, topless dancers came out. We’d only just started dating around that time and the boy didn’t know where to look!! With a few drinks already in me though, I was cool, told him we can both look and enjoy the night! We then moved on to another bar with all white bed/sofa things, and relaxed while sipping on cocktails. Writing about it now brings back such fond memories; we really must go back (we always say we will, so we can see if our opinion was clouded by puppy love or not! But others I know that have been to Prague have liked it, so I don’t think we’re too biased).

For the more random adventurers (like us), catch their trams, any one, and just take it to the end of the line. See where it takes you. You’ll get to see how the locals truly live.

On that note, I’m going to go and see if there are any good deals to Prague. I totally want to go back! See you next month. By the way, if you guys want to ask any travel questions, drop me a line:

Sneak peak of photo’s below (please don’t judge my looks!! Ha ha! We’ve all been through that ugly phase. Well, except the new generation of today that always has their make up on fleek #gutted!)



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