Princess Isi and Tony’s Beautiful Edo Wedding

Princess Isi and Tony's Beautiful Edo Wedding

When your husband is enchanted by your beauty and calls you a sun god, if that is not love, then girl… I don’t know what that is! I am already liking this man with many poetic words..Tony and Isi got married  recently and we are so happy for them. Princess Isi does look radiantly beautiful. Tony is one blessed man.

We coerced Tony to tell us a little sweet something about Princess Isi… here are his words below.

”It was sometime in October 2010 that I first met my babe, Princess Isi. Like the Greek sun god RA, she consumed me with her radiant beauty at Kelina hospital where she worked and my now late dad was to have a procedure done. Over time, I realised she was not only beautiful but was loving, humble, caring and her cuisine was completely my kind.

She always was the first person to call for a truce even when I was wrong. She is very passionate and knowledgeable in the practice of medical laboratory sciences, with many certification. Need I mention her wonderful style, that compliments my very high expectations. She has stood and supported me through stormy seas. She’s very God fearing and with her, we can both reach our full potential. And now, we both live happily ever after”… TONY

HML Princess Isi and Tony!

Isy and Tony trad wedding

Isi and Tony Trad wedding

Isi and Tony Trad wedding
Isi and Tony Trad wedding
Isi and Tony Trad wedding
Isi and Tony Trad wedding



  1. This is beautiful. How I wish my friend can build a wedding website for this couple. Thumbs to you Wedding Nigeria.

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