Sena and Hope’s Love Is Staying All The Way Up!

Sena and Hope's Love Is Staying All The Way Up!

There is a saying that goes ‘ a lot can happen in a year’. I have also heard a quote that says ‘ a lot can happen in a day’. How Sena met Hope and kept it real, is a classic example of how true these words are. When two beautiful souls who love God come together, their love can only go ‘all the way up’. Keeping it real and on-top.

Sena is one of the founding owners of Morts and More, a classy bespoke suit brand for the style- professional and Hope is the brain and passion behind  Vanilla Orchid Bakery, one of the finest bakery outfit in London.

How do we feel about this shoot?

Their shoot in Malta got us swooning. There was something quintessentially different and beautiful about it. Aside the great location-Malta, the simplicity of the shoot is quickly overshadowed by the great chemistry oozing between them and who can ignore the striking colours of their fashion style. Hope (repeating her name makes me love the relevance of  this name- where is my freaking smiley?) is making us see the importance of having that ‘little-red-dress’ for a special occasion. ‘Yes mama’ we love that dress!!( would a red dress make my bum look fit too?-thinking…dreaming …)

Without saying much, I could you know…go on yapping about Sena’s  eye catching Suit but their ‘meet up story is much more interesting than my yapping for now so let’s save that for another day!!!

Let’s celebrate this love, shall we? (*wink*) xx.

Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta
Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta
HOW WE MET ( By Hope):

I met Sena at the Luxury brand show last May ( 2015) after a client had recommended that I attend the event. Whilst making my way, I got so lost getting to the venue, I almost turned back but I eventually found it. I went in quickly and saw Sena and his business partners looking great in their suits. My head was thinking of business connections and definitely not about love connections. I promptly emailed the Morts and More team to arrange a meeting. A few weeks later, the meeting day arrived and Sena’s business partner was held up at another meeting which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When I sat across the table from Sena, business went out the window and I thought “he’s hot” and ‘oh those beautiful eyes’. With all that said the cherry on this very large and very yummy cake was that -he loved God.
After the meeting I tried to find out if he had a girlfriend and the only way I know how was to invite him and his business partners for a cake tasting plus their significant others. Annoyingly, they said they would come alone so I was none the wiser regarding his status. A few days before the cake tasting I sent them all an email with a few details regarding the tasting and after a bit of interesting bante,  Sena sent me a whatsapp message in response to my email. Very soon after that, he asked me on a date and we’ve been inseparable (literally) ever since. I started telling all my close friends about him and it turned out he was good friends with my friend and yet our paths had never crossed in all these years. The relationship has been a testimony that nothing happens before its time and God always gives exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta
Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta
medina sena and hope copy
sena and hope Hope and Sena

The Proposal:
I was at Sena’s house doing a bit of work and looking a HOT MESS. He came back from a meeting and excitedly told me had a surprise for me and we had to go out. He then took me to the living room where he had a beautiful bouquet of my favourite flowers. As I was swooning over the flowers I didn’t even notice he was down on one knee with a very lovely ring. I was so shocked it took me a little while to respond with a resounding YESSSSSSS but not before I asked him if he had asked for my mum’s permission which he did :-).

Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta
Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta

The Location:
We both love travelling and sunshine and we all know that sunshine is not guaranteed in London! We initially wanted to get married in Morocco but then thought Malta would be better as some of my family have been there before. We spoke to a few wedding planners and chose one who is amazing. So we arranged a very quick trip to Malta to meet the vendors, look at the venue and do the food tasting and out-side engagement shoot.

Sena and Hope Prewedding in Malta

Sena’s suit: @mortsandmore . Hope’s hot dress: ZARA

(Contact MWN team for a bespoke package to this beautiful location in Malta)


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