It feels good to meet a new guy who calls you every evening, and sends a Good Morning text. You feel like showing him to every member of your circle of friends and family. It all goes well until all this attention suddenly ceases. An average lady wants to be called a “Mrs” and 9 of every 10 love the idea of the flowing white gown. But not this number pay attention to the pebbles that could truncate this dream. This article aims at calling your attention to some of such negligible. Sit tight, babe. Let’s journey…

wale ariztos

* CLOUDY EXPECTATIONS. You meet this guy and after few dates, you start building a Burj Khalifa when he had not even done the land survey. Trust me, girl. We can sense it when you do this. We’re naturally made for responsibilities but hate it when you shove it down our throats. Enjoy the ride with this guy but be wise as not to fall victim of a playboy.


* PARANOIA. When he had not taken you on dates, you only called to check his well being maybe once or twice a day. Why you wan come kill him battery now nah? If you’re not asking where he is, you’re asking what he’s doing, with who and even how he’s doing it! Every man wants a woman who is secure in herself, not one who would bug them like FBI when they get married.


* BECOMING AN ANALYST. A babe once called me and said “I think he likes me” when asked about the new guy that was almost freaking her out. Babe, you shouldn’t think. Know! You’re probably thinking because he said something that sparked up something in you, then you began to analyse things that may be inconsequential at the moment. And now because you think, you will begin to… {check point 4}


* ACT LIKE IT WHEN YOU’RE NOT. Many ladies make the mistake of leaving their engagements for this guy they’re just seeing. Mehn, that’s not it. At all. Most leave what attracted him in the first place, all in the name of spending time with the guy. A guy is programmed to be productive. So, if you’re not, you’re ruining your chances with him. Keep your hobbies, jobs, vocations or whatever it that boosts your image. Once you leave, you can’t act it for us. We know. Another set of babes act like they’re already married to the guy when he hasn’t even proposed. That’s a BIG NO!



* MAKING HIM YOUR DREAM. Olayinka Ojo once wrote “I can be the man of your dream, please don’t make your dream. Though I can take away your last aim, I shouldn’t take away your life aim” Unfortunately, many ladies treat their relationships or even dates like their lives depend on it. True, he may hold so much water in your life, his bad decisions shouldn’t water your goal in life.


 (Olaboyede is a writer and founder of Hearts Connect Inc. . Twitter: @OlaboyedePaul)