Oh don’t men just love it when our discussion is about them? But we have to talk about them o! Sometimes they are a pain in the butt and we get frustrated with them. It seems like they are from another planet entirely right? Well I have got some sad news for you. They are from the same planet earth! They are just like you and me. Just wired differently.

Men have been raised differently right from birth. To lead, to provide and protect for others. Women on the other hand are softies. Like you and me, although there are the crazy ones too.

Men are terrified of commitment because they feel it will be the end of their freedom. So how on earth can you get that man you adore to get addicted to you and make him commit to you ?

Well welcome to the new section of My Wedding Nigeria. We will talk about relationships here. No restrictions. You can ask questions and we promise to respond swiftly.

I would also like to introduce a book that I was recently sent by a young Nigerian writer in the US, Brook Taylor. She wrote a book “20 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About Men” and you can download it for free today only on the link below.