Joy and Nkem’s Beautiful Wedding

Joy and Nkem's beautiful wedding

Okay its been a pleasure to see this young couple Joy and Nkem share their love with MWN. I think they are one of the few couples I have seen that look like siblings. So you can imagine how beautiful their kids would be. They also have this ” best friend” fun loving air about them that is not so common in marriages.  We at My Wedding Nigeria wish you a happy and fruitful married life. You are still curious about their love story? Read further:

My name is Joy, my husband is Nkem. I work with Skye bank and Nkem is an Engineer and lives in Vienna Austria.


It was at my friend’s wedding sometime last year, I was the made-of-honor to my friend Adaeze. I was just on my own, doing my thing, never knew that someone was even noticing me.

Sometime after the wedding.


So one evening I got a chat like ‘Hi’, I actually ignored it. So later I replied the chat, soon again I got a phone call, it was a nice tiny voice, but actually smooth. He says ‘my name is Nkem, I got to see you at Solo and Adaeze’s wedding, Solo has been my friend since Uni days back then in Nigeria”

So I was like ‘and so what’. I was also like “this is one of those guys abroad looking for someone to deceive”. So i tried to rebuff him, but he persisted on calling at different times, I decided to give him some attention, after some tim.

One thing I like most was his determination, he never stopped, even when i told him many things to scare him away.

Nkem is just my dreamed man, he’s intelligent, smart and keeps his promises. He came home in June because of me. To my surprise, we went for a date somewhere in GRA Ikeja. He actually planned it out.

He purposely left his wallet in the car, tricked me that he’ll go get it, only to come back, sad down, his emotion changed, I was so shaking, kinda so shy.

Next he stoop to his feet, brought out the ring, it was one of my most beautiful moments in life.

I can describe Nkem with one word “Amazing”



I visited Nigeria in Dec last year, after a long time away from home for studies and Job. I was determined to marry a Nigerian woman, since i’m not really into women here in Vienna.

I met Joy through a friend of mine Solo, of whom she was the made-of-honor to his wife on their wedding.

As I starred at her, I knew something was in here that attracted me, From then on I did not stop staring and figured a way to get her contact.

Finally I got it but still she was very caution of what she called ‘those guys who came from abroad’ but i managed to allay here fears somehow.

I came home again in June, we got engage in June at GRA Ikeja, Now since last month, she’s my beautiful wife, I describe her in one word ‘AWESOME’


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  1. Wow wow wow, this is really amazing! I’m loving this cute couple. They really look alike, and their kids will surely be cuties!! The guy is the kind of man I wish to have:), someone who knows what he wants. He even was determined as soon as he found her.
    Best wishes in your married life.

  2. OMG! what handsome dude! he’s got it, this lady must be so lucky. congrats to them.

  3. Oga ju. Beautiful

  4. Truly beautiful.

  5. Very Awesome n very Amazing…

  6. Yes, they rily look like siblings.

  7. Cute couple,Happy Married life………………please do contact me for Makeup for all occasions and editorials. You can checkout some of my works here

  8. OMG this is such beautiful story, took my time to read. I like this cute guy, biko does he have a another brother like him?…lol, the girl is pretty too.

    Congrats to both

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