10 Stunning Fashion Style For A Pre-Wedding

10 Stunning Fashion Style For A Pre-Wedding

Most couples below  have had their pre-wedding shoot quite recently. These couples were show-stoppers during their pre-wedding session because of the distinct way they stood out . The His and Hers  fashion trend is gaining so much force today. While classy e-shoots are still the top choice for most couples, the informal casual and even trad cloths are becoming the norm for ‘Naija’ couples.

If you are getting married soon and still thinking of what you and your beau would wear then read on to see some stunning beautiful fashion inspiration for you! Tell us what you think!

1, The Chic Classy

For the chic classic couple, a ready – to wear- long evening gown would do just fine. Almost like going for a dinner date, the chic classy couple would look classy and elegant in their style.



2,  All White Couple

As the name suggests, some couples prefer to keep it simple by matching just one color. That color being white! It saves a lot of trouble trying to figure out what

TosinandDami Klalaphotography


3, The Princess and her prince

This colorful dress up is getting us high with excitement. The ruffled yellow skirt is a beautiful combination perfect for an elegant black and white tux. Romantic couple could try this look.




4, Vibrant and Cute

If you wish to have a fun and cute pre-wedding , the couple’s style below fits perfectly well. Her  colored skirt matches wisely with his mocc. This informal and fun way of styling is becoming very popular!



5,  The Jersey Style .

Jersey’s are more popular than any other style for couples so you can try one on too.




6, African Inspired 

Going native is another beautiful way to make your pre-wed complete. Check the gorgeous people below.

MZL4WSON KOFI and modesta



 7,  The Sweet couples

Suspenders just did him right this time. His color’s  matches her dress too.If you must use colors as a groom-to-be, try the suspenders trick.



jgates visuals


8,  The Sophisticat

This style is a truly knockout fashion statement for a cool and classy prewed.

Chiomandmanny ms_chi



9,  The Fancy Couple. 

Wearing same colored attire is another way to pull a fancy look


izehi_ (1)


10, Bright Sparks

Wearing a sunny bright colored attire to catch the eye is another brilliant way to mark a success for your prewed fashion style.

ifedoyin2015 by jidekola


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