Let’s face it, ladies work so hard in the gym, that when it’s time for a night out they want to show it all!  Take Carmen Electra for an example:  At 42 years old she graced the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine, and let me tell you, it was one HOT cover!

Well, she flaunts it, but in a very classy way.  After all a true ‘class act’ is a woman who has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it. 

How does she do it?

Well, she wears customs dresses designed by the amazing Walter Mendez.  He enables her to be beautiful and sexy in her own skin, without being too revealing.


Walter Mendez is one of Los Angeles next top designers, with an eye for texture, silhouettes, and timeless style. His work is regularly featured on celebrities, and red carpets. He has also been featured in many publications such as WWD, Apparel News and has showcased at LA fashion week for the last two years. Walter is a proud recipient of the Designer of the Year award by the World Networks; and has also been one of the featured designers for the Go Red Fashion Show benefiting the American Heart Association.

 Do you have a muse behind today’s haute couture?

My muse for this new collection is the concept of skin, the idea of a creature evolving into a new layer of skin.  I really wanted to play with this concept. Its symbolic to where I am in my career, I am shedding a new layer of creativeness and starting a new chapter of the evolution of the Walter Collection.

How do you handle competition?

I remain humble by surrounding myself with genuine people. I am still very close to my family and friends whom always keep me grounded. Humility is one of the traits that I find most beautiful in people; therefore, I always do my best to stay humble.  I know that I am very blessed to be where I am today and I am always thankful.


Walter’s talent has got our attention over the years on how he continued to inspire us and influence others in the fashion industry. His design and choice of fabric is impeccable, delicate design that is detailed and appealing.

If you love classy design that is unique and not revealing too much, you should check out some of Walter collection 2015 below.