MyWeddingNigeria and Yomi of Mls studio (@yomimlsphotography on IG) presents the engagement session of Joseph and Ibukun. When you see two people in love, you need not be told …you just know. You can’t help but notice the aura of comfort and ease that floated around this cute couple in their Pre-wedding photos captured by MLS studio. The bride seems funny though……the way she narrates their love story.

Cute couple, cute proposal story and a happily ever after!!!

Read their story below…
Their love story (The Bride)
We met in 2005. Though I have heard alot about him due to the fact that his younger sister and my elder sister are best friends. His sister has been showing him my pictures and she just wished we dated. At a point she started calling me her brother’s wife and am like I don’t even know this brother. However, during their new year party like that sha…we said hello to eachother and that was all. it was nice meeting him at last, though both of us were in committed relationship and we didn’t imagine anything could happen between us. Our family got closer due to the close relationship between my sister and his sister. In April 2011, it was my birthday…. I got calls from family and friends then a special surprise call from him wishing me happy birthday. I was wondering how he got my number, he asked if I was on BBM, he collected my pin and we started chatting…wetin una still wan hear?? lol’
The proposal
I left for my masters barely 8 months in the relationship . it was so difficult to believe we will come this far. I wasn’t ready for unnecessary stress. but he kept assuring me of his commitment.. i rounded up and returned to the country. On the 5th of Jan 2014, he got back from work and he came to pick me at work. He said we were going to the beach and am like its already late and am tired but he said something special is about to happen and I said “ok na lets go”. I never thought of it because we do a lot of outings and I felt well, another special one. We got to the beach and then he quoted Proverbs 18:22 and I heard ‘ibukun, will you marry me?” he con be like say I dey dream o.  Na so I say Yes too but he didn’t go on his knees sha…I will make sure dey triple his dobale lol.
He hates surprises but loves surprising me. He wowed me with a proposal outing the following weekend. We had so much fun. We hired his close friend, Chinedu to be our photographer. I have said too much jare, let him tell you about the proposal outing…….”
……and she gushes about her man.
”Hmmn…DJ is a very responsible young man. He is reserved, humble and very intelligent. I see him as a man with a good heart and above all, he fears God. He his always ready to listen to me even when the issue is not important. I am like his kid sister he doesn’t joke with. We have so much in common though he can be  strict atimes ooo chai, and he is an extremist, its either a ‘YES” or a “NO”. I call him my special adviser and mentor. Even as his babe, he tells me “all this yeye guys are deceiving you, none of them can put a ring on it”. He lectures a lot and he wants to be sure you understand him at all times. He brings so much joy to my heart and he makes me smile…..LYTID…my Man, my Icon!”


more photos….

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