We bring you the pre- wedding session of Shine and Seth. Seth is the creative director of VENDRIKA fashion. The couple met at an event which was hosted by Shine, the bride. We love their playfulness and oh yes ..we  love the bride’s hair.

Read their love story below….




By the Bride

We met sometime in February 2013 at an event that i was billed to host in Ikoyi, it was the launch of a beach wear line and Seth produced the design for the upcoming label owned by two ladies and he helped stage managed the event event though it wasn’t his job- now i didn’t know that at the time … so the Event didn’t start on time ,i was pissed because it was obvious that the organizers were not organized , Seth took it upon himself to calm me down and reassured me that everything would be alright, at the end of the show he introduced himself properly that he is a fashion designer and a stylist ,the creative director of VENDRIKAFASHION ,he took my number said he would love to style me for an event, he was such a gentle man ,he walked me out of the venue, got me a cab,opened the door for me to get in and he would call me to see if i was home safe which he did a while later, yeah i didn’t own a car then was still working on it lol, so yes weeks later we had a meet to just hang out and also talk business fashion wise , he showed me pictures of his work for non celebs and celebs that he had made clothes for like Omotola omosexxy ,Uche jumbo,,Kate Henshaw , Mc,Galaxy ,Eldee d don, my colleague mannie and the list goes on ,i was impressed because the clothes on these celebs were awesome, i told him about the kind of things i love to wear and he told me about his futuristic ideas about fashion at this point i was convinced that he was the real deal fashion wise and he has been styling and making clothes for me since June 2013 till date,he changed my wardrobe totally from my clothes to shoes,accessories and all ,he put the sexy in shine and made me hotter ,infact i realized that my fashion sense was not it at all but now its an all improved fashionable Shine thanks to Seth, so somewhere along the line we hit it off and started dating.

Seth proposed twice, the first was on my birthday in 2013, he took me out all night a day to my birthday and when it was 12 midnight we were dancing  arm in arm to a very cool song and while we were dancing he was playing with his phone , typing something in his bb status and he gave it to me to read ..he wrote…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FIGURE 8 BOO,I LOVE YOU MARRY ALREADY.
it was funny and cute at the same time so i said yes but there was no ring, he said he was going to give it to me when it was almost time, so last year in December 2014 before the new year he proposed again this time with a ring, he slid it into my finger and said lets get married and that he couldn’t wait anymore…and so here we are two years later ,getting married on the month we met’


Here are some photos from their pre-wedding shoot by YoungXpress Digital Media……


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Pre-Wedding Vendors
Pre- Wedding Photographer – YoungXpress Digital Media
MakeUp Artist- Mayolooks
Location – Pattaya Oriental Restuarant