Body Lawson Photography Presents The PreWedding Of Moti and Banji

Body Lawson Photography Presents The PreWedding Of Moti and Banji

The first time I set eyes on Moti and Banji’s engagement pictures on facebook, I loved it instanstly. The vintage theme and location for their pre-wedding is pleasantly different. They also looked quite relaxed and cool for the shoot. Body Lawson Studio was on hand to capture this memorable moments and we love their meet up story too.

I am definitely not one to think you could connect to the love of your life through facebook  but it has worked for not one, not two couples featured here on My Wedding Nigeria. It is also good to have good friends who wants the best for you not just by “mouth”.

They made use of The Mercedez Benz Centre in Lekki and the Johnny Rockets Fast Foods in Victoria Island for their pre wedding shoot. Amazing shots! These two lovebirds are well and truly married as at the time of featuring this shoot!

Here is their wonderful story on how they met and how Banji proposed. HML! pray you stay together in love forever!

Moti and Banji Prewed 1 copy


How We Met ( From Moti)

I was in Abuja working and was single at the time. A few years earlier, I’d made a friend on Facebook- Lola Azubike, which is another story on its own, but Lola and I became friends and kept in touch via phone calls and Blackberry messenger (BBM) since she worked in Lagos and I in Abuja. So while in Abuja, I’d had several unsuccessful relationships and was quite put off with men in general. Seeing what I believe was my frustration with relationships, Lola asked me several times “shay you don’t want to marry ni? Why do you hate guys so much?” and proceeded to introduce me to several ‘eligible’ bachelors. The first few were a disaster, and one was actually her younger brother in law! So finally, she asked me if I’d be interested in chatting with one of her colleagues at work in Lagos, a particular Mr. Oyebanji Adurogboye. I liked the name Banji, which meant he was Yoruba and I also liked the fact that he had a stable job, but I was still uninterested in dating at that point, but I agreed to be introduced.


Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria


moti and banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria


Moti and Banji Prewed 1 copy

Lola asked for numerous pictures of me for him to see but unfortunately, he had far less pictures for me to see and the few he did have were not at all flattering! After a while of picture sending back and forth and asking Lola different questions regarding him, I think she got tired and gave Banji my pin and told me to “ask him myself”. I can’t remember if we started chatting on bbm first, or talked over the phone first, but either way he got in touch with me and we started talking soon after. It took a while to warm up to him because I wasn’t particularly interested in dating anyone, but his gentle manner and patient attitude really won me over and I began to warm up to him. He made me see that not all men were terrible and helped me get over my insecurities as well. I started coming to Lagos to see him every now and then and one day, after about a year of dating, he proposed to me at Cold Stone Creamery in Lekki Phase 1. I was stunned. I never even suspected that he was trying to propose, so for me to see him get down on one knee in front of a small crowd of ice-cream lovers was such a surprise to me.

Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria

Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria

Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria


My very close and dear friend Ronke Abejide was in on the proposal plan all along and had been asking me for my ring size off and on. I could be a very clueless person sometimes, because Banji had also at one time, tied a string of rope around my ring finger and I never guessed what they were trying to do. Ronke told me she was in a shop and wanted to buy me a ring like hers and Banji was just well, being Banji. Even my brother, Tobi, had apparently been snooping in my room in Lagos looking for one of my rings! I just didn’t expect a thing! So, after Banji gave a romantic speech about how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, I said yes, and he slipped the beautiful ring unto my ringer and it was a perfect fit! I was honestly numb and didn’t know what to do or say until people started cheering and shouting “say yes! say yes!!”. So I said yes. He got up, kissed me and all the way home, I kept staring at the ring thinking “is this really happening…? I had never even given marriage a serious thought, I had been so focused on jobs and schools, so now that Banji had proposed, I was officially on my way to being a wife.


Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria Moti and Banji pre wedding by Body Lawson Photography for My WeddingNigeria

How We Met ( Oyebanji)

I was working in Lagos, and single at the time and my good friend and colleague, Lola, who had always been on my case to settle down told me she had a friend in Abuja she was sure I would like. One day, Lola was more adamant than usual about introducing me to her friend, so to get Lola off my back, I agreed to be introduced to this friend over the telephone. I wasn’t really keen on meeting anyone because I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship just yet, so I had no plans to take this friend seriously. Lola told me her name is Motilayo and then gave me her phone number and after only a few minutes of speaking with her, I realised Motilayo was quite an unusual girl; her way of thinking was unlike most girls I’d met and she had no airs about her. She was completely down to earth and was very very chatty. I found this interesting because I don’t talk much and Motilayo could just talk on forever. After our first conversation, we exchanged BBM pins and began chatting on a regular basis for about 3 months while I was in Lagos and she was in Abuja. We could talk and chat for hours, and it felt like we had known each other forever. Unfortunately, Motilayo was just getting out of a bad relationship and wasn’t in a state of mind to meet anyone but after talking and chatting for hours, days and months, she began to warm up to me and we got closer.

We finally met after 3 months of phone calls and chatting on bbm, and I remember that day vividly. She flew in from Abuja to meet me, and I went to pick her up from the airport. I was nervous about meeting her for the first time, I knew what it felt like to have butterflies in one’s tummy. I wasn’t sure what she would think about me, or if I’d live up to her expectations. I was actually looking out for her, expecting her to walk towards me from the baggage claim area, but she was her usual mischievous self, and actually snuck up behind me from God knows where and poked me saying, “hello”. I was stunned because for one, she was gorgeous! She looked more beautiful than the pictures she’d sent me! For another, she was quite short (lol). She had looked taller in her pictures. But nevertheless, at that point, I made up my mind that this would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with.

Fast forward to a year later; I knew now without any doubt that Motilayo was everything I would want in a wife and so I prayed about it and decided to ask her to marry me. It honestly took me about 3months to just get the nerve to ask her because we had never discussed proposals, or the kind of ring she’d want. I took a gamble and decided to surprise her but I was lost as to how to even go about it. As they say, “Google is your friend”, so I went online and looked for tips on how to go about proposing to a woman. The most difficult part about the whole thing was getting Moti’s ring size. I asked her brother, Tobi to help check her room for any of her fashion rings, but he didn’t find any because most of her things were in Abuja. I also asked her friend Ronke to stylishly ask her about her ring size, but still no luck because Moti didn’t own any rings that were sized. She was leaving for her Masters in the UK in January, so I knew I had to pop the question fast, so on one my trips to Abuja to see her, I decided to be creative and made a ring shape out of a sting of rope. I put this string on her ring finger without making it look like I was doing anything serious so she had no clue what I was up to. She thought I was just being silly. I took the string off her finger and later put it on my smallest finger and from that, got a rough idea of what her ring size would be.

Finally, in December 2012, on a faithful Wednesday evening on one of our countless trips to Coldstone with her friend Ronke, I went down on my knee, made a speech and popped the question of life. Moti was so stunned, she didn’t even know what to do or say (I had never seen her in such state of confusion). I asked her to marry me, put the ring on her finger and thankfully, it fit! She said yes and 16months after, here we are preparing for our wedding ceremony in August.

One word that best describes my Omoge is ‘Everything’, because that’s what she means to me. Her net worth is far above rubies and pearls (Prov 31:10).

You can see more pictures and read more gist on them on their wedding website: MotiWedsBanji



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