Pre-Wedding Of Vurebari Gborogbosi & Ransome Ayagwung

Pre-Wedding Of Vurebari Gborogbosi & Ransome Ayagwung

Hmmm! I don’t even know what to say. Today’s pre-wedding shoot captured by Solowish & R.I.M.P Photography  nearly got me in tears! I do hope everyone out there gets inspired and for those guys who are cannot let their hearts be free to love, you are missing the best part of what love can offer.  Vure and Ransome are both from Rivers state.

Their love story has produced, built and strengthened other love stories, giving everyone around us a reason to love and to be loved through our effortless sacrificial love we both show to one another, striving and settling for nothing less than the best, Inspiring each other to aspire for the top in Business, career and spiritual life as a team.

I wish Vee and Rammy all the love ever. They deserve each other and am so happy you found ” The One’ Rammy!

Not saying much, here is their little beautiful story as told by Ransome and Vure ! xx


Growing up as a young man all I’ve ever prayed and wished for as a wife and helpmate was someone who will understand my direction, vision and prospects. Be proactive not dormant’ be happy not always the type that would say am not in the mood, I’d always desired someone that will encourage the vision and also play a major not a minor role in the entire process of building lives and effecting positive changes every were we go.

During sojourn in Singapore I was blessed and opportune to work with some very talented men who even with all there busy schedules’ money and affluence they had in the society still had love for family. These noble men taught and showed me a different side to love unlike the conventional way generally acceptable in our society at large more especially amongst the Riverine Men “heehaw lip sealed”.

Our journey started in the fall of 2009 in the university were we both went to study and acquire degree’s from Oxford Brookes University Singapore campus.

When I first saw Vee in person three things came to my mind – one she’s beautiful and again I saw her like a decent girl with a good home bringing. Thirdly – I thought she will make a perfect girl for me. At this stage of my life though I had couple of sweet hearts but I really didn’t see any future with them.Neither was I thinking of slowing down myself with one babe.

Vee was one girlI had a crush on but wasn’t in a haste to go get it, so ignorantly since I was not the cool type that everyone loves I decided to use my flat mate who was quite ‘gentle and loved by many tohelp me go talk to her on my behalf, little did I know that I wasn’t the only man in the hunt. The young man instead of talking on my behalf went ahead to start asking her out and bringing back good will messages to me that she said she likes me but she is not ready at the moment for any relationship. Before my very eyes this guys started becoming un-usually happy, buying her gifts and so on just to win her..heheheheh.. Anytime I ask him in a slang term” Oboy how far my babe nah” he will tell me Rammy “Abeg!! Just remove your mind from that babe… she say she likes you but not interested, she came here to read not to start a relationship ”….Well at this point I had to step in and do what I do best#LoveDoctor# I had to use the do it yourself protocol.

One faithful Saturday, just preparing to go out to the mall for some window shopping, I stayed out in a coffee shop waiting for her to come out and she did as usual, I approached her and I would never forget what I said which was “I know am not the best guy and would never be, neither would I want to forcefully impose my love on you but if we ever fall in-love one thing is certain, I see this relationship someday bringing me a fortune and we will make quite a unique couple” unknown to me I was speaking into the future. Wow!! I will never forget those moments looking into her eyes made me feel like heaven, I just knew even if for nothing I wasn’t in a hurry to lose this one to anybody.

As the days went by after series of date night outs, the passion of seeing each other kept rising, the bond kept growing, other competitors eliminated themselves without any official break-up drama. We became in-separable even though we had our days of fights’ up’s and down’s we scaled through all of these days “we started from the bottom now we are here” one thing is for sure she was an encouragement to me likewise I was to her, we became team mate academically, became group members during our final year project in school and most importantly attended the same church.

Before I knew it; I became (VURE BOND) no longer James bond…hehehehe. At last the big day came like they say, “if you love someone let them go if they come back then its yours” crazy isn’t it? Upon graduation I was working so I had a chance to stay back, but she needed to go; to crown it up I thought to myself this is the end. I went into my room one night and prayed one simple prayer “God if you could just grant me one wish even as she leaves to prove that she was the one for me, let her be the one to ask for it and call me… so it was. She called after returning to Nigeria and we just knew we were going to get married. So here we are 5years later making one of my dreams a reality.


Vure and Rammy pre wedding


Vure and Rammy pre weddingding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding


We met during my sojourn in Singapore, I was studying for my BSc at that time I didn’t hit up on him immediately but he on the other hand was quite drawn to me. I hated his guts and he loved my composure and simplicity.

I would have sworn I will never have anything to do with him but love takes one unawares and when it strikes it changes your whole perception and stand about a particular individual. It opens your eyes to new possibilities, you begin to see one in a different light and your mind is open to try and learn new things. In his words he said to me ‘we match each other quite well and we will look quite good together’ lol what a cheesy phrase.

He will always say that to me any time we meet and a while later we started dating. What really caught my attention about him is his kind nature. I will say Rammy is a parcel I had to unwrap to see the contents and believe you me what I found was amazing. He’s a man a real MAN, he’s sweet, God fearing, sharp, very caring and devoted to a fault. He’s quite committed to me and all that the relationship we built stands for, without him by my side the world would be a cold dark place. Love you Ransome


Oh yeah…..this is the part everyone is waiting for, there wasn’t really a proposal yeah you heard right. Haven’t been together for a while we got to a point where we just started discussing about weddings and it felt natural to just start planning for it. I was specific in what I wanted I said’ for my ring please don’t get me one I don’t like, so I started describing what I wanted and how I wanted it to look with pictures included. (Who does that? Not a big fan of surprises…..).

I was back in Nigeria when he bought the ring, he came back from a trip and while we were together chillaxing he opened the ring box showed me the ring and said its beautiful right? And I said YES and that was it, but not this one; being who he is(perfectionist) he traveled back overseas and returned after like three months with something that has left my eyes rolling ever since.


Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding


Vure and Rammy pre wedding Vure and Rammy pre wedding

Photography – Solowish & R.I.M.P Photography (08071565628)
Makeup by – SOSO (07065790547)



  1. This is what true love is all about. I can't help but be happy for this beautiful couple.Happy Happy Home!

  2. Umezurike Chinwendu : July 28, 2014 at 5:03 pm

    This is what true love is all about. I can’t help but be happy for this couple.Happy Happy Home.

  3. wish you guys all the best in your marriage….

  4. Rebecca Tan : July 29, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    That is so sweet! Wishing a blessed journey together as a couple <3

  5. Congrats VureRammy. When it started I though it is a joke., But God has made it congrats once again

  6. Ransome’s story ‘so funny. Indeed, Ranmsy is a ransome to vure, and Vure a purity to Ransome. Cheers guys

  7. Jennifer Esosa Slick Egware : August 2, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Vure n Rammy,God’s blessing is no doubt upon you.cheers girl.

  8. constance /royalcess : August 5, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    This is a very unusual love story, you guys rock! Congratulations vee darling and rammy. God bless and fortify your union,Amen. Love.

  9. Odi Rukky Marvin : November 19, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    perfect!!! taking this step soon

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