If you are looking for a cool wedding color that is not too shouting or loud then you might want to try using Gray as the main color. Gray is a cool cat that can be paired with almost all colors. Today , we have decided to pair this with Fuchsia pink . Fuchsia pink is a bright and fun loving color that can be used on it’s own for a cheerful feel but to tone things a bit down one could use a  neutral gray color.

In this board, the lady used Gray and Pink for her asoke and the asoebi girls decided to go all gray which is pleasantly cool. A third accent color like white can also stand out from the gray. In the bridesmaids session, one can either use Pink or Gray for the girls  as seen below. You could decide to concentrate on Gray for the traditional and Pink for the white or vice versa.

Groomsmen would not be out of place if they wore Gray suits and Pink ties. If that is too much for them then a neutral gray or silver is fine but should be matched with a pop of  Fuchsia pink as boutonniere.

I hope you like the colors!

Gray and Pink Collage by My WeddingNigeria   {Pics Source; Woman with Gele: Beauty and The Beholder| Bridesmaids in Pink: Akintayotimi Photography |Other pics found on private pages on IG|