5 Wedding Ideas On Your Raining Wedding Day

5 Wedding Ideas On Your Raining Wedding Day

No body wants to get married on a rainy day! God forbid but it’s the season and if for some reasons you cannot wait till August then you might have to prepare for it rather than wish it never comes!  I don’t know who else is loving the rain but I am! ( the downpour yesterday was phwaooar!)

I ‘d rather it rains than the scorching sun and heat but I bet for you chics and bobos out there getting married soon, the opposite is preferred!lol

In this season of rain, events halls are now getting fully booked as tents are usually not very popular. Do you know there are ways you could actually get your guest entertained without the worry of rain on your wedding day? You don’t have to worry about your guests at all even if it rains.

Here are Five Tips to keep guests happy on your rainy wedding day.

1, Provide  Wellies or Wellington Boots

Not a very common one here in Nigeria but am sure people would love to wear cute little boots if it rains. No one likes to get their feet wet in the mud do they? Even the bride and Groom could keep one for themselves just incase.

Rainy wedding

Your bridal party could help pioneer the thoughts of wearing one too.wellies 2

2, Provide Umbrellas as Wedding Favors

Umbrellas are inevitable this season. Since you expect the rains, then you should have umbrellas close by at all time. You could also provide these as wedding gifts to your guests.

rainy wedding 2 umbrellas

You could also use umbrellas as your wedding theme to reflect the season we are now in.

umbrella designs


3,  Warm Your Guests Up With A Hot Delicacy

Excite your guests with a seasoned local delicacy like soft ROASTED CORN. Hot snacks like this could get everyone talking and relaxed. One can have it either by itself or in a simple baked delicacy.



roasted corn


4, MUSIC speaks to the soul they say. Make sure your collection of music is such that your guests would be too happy dancing to worry about the rain outside.

dance time

5, Create Fun activities like photobooth, pool games for the boys, or create a stunning VIP lounge area for chats and interaction.

balloon photobooth

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Have you got more ideas to keep your guests occupied on a rainy wedding day? Let’s hear your thoughts! xx



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