Red Wedding Color

Red Wedding Color

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of trend towards the color red and am loving it!  Red is full of passion and life what better color to use on your wedding day? Normally, I wouldn’t suggest such colors for a very light complexion person but we have seen how lovely it’s been used especially with couples of all complexion.  Best used with camel color, the red can be used as either a primary color or as an accent. Other colors that goes well with color red is lilac, pink, gold, grays and even blues like tiffany blue or turquoise. I have created a color inspiration board for the beauty of color red. I hope you like it!

{thank you :lamp with necklace and accessories below: SpicyInc, Groom top and below: Jide Odukoya, bride and bridemaids: Photonimi}


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