African Ankara Style Inspiration

African Ankara Style Inspiration

Lately, I have been searching for something different in all our beautiful ankara styles. This is because I have dozens of ankara left purposely for me by mum to make ( see what a slacker have been since I left naija) and also partly because a client who happens to be a fashionista is looking out for trendy and fresh ankara styles for her bridesmaids attire. Feeling challenged, I swung into action looking for somewhat unique styles .I have decided to share some that I came across and would love to be seen wearing! Something about these styles caught my attention whether the color/pattern of the fabric, just the style of the top or the “whole nine yards”. Either way! I can’t wait to get my creative juice flowing. Here are some of my favorites and I hope you do like them too!

1, Who would see this and not fall in love with this number?

2, I just love the cuteness of this top and she did carry this style well.

3, Didn’t forget the guys. I love the idea of using ankara buttons on suit cuffs

4, This would have easily passed for a red carpet style. I love the eclectic mix of ankara on top. It’s making her look exotic! I love the side cut too.

5, Something modern, something stylish-I am loving the look and the femininity of this dress. I would wear this anyday as it helps give fake curves!

6, Just the back- I would prefer a lower squared back though

7, I love this dress, it looks sophisticated as If am actually stepping out of Kensington Palace Garden.Touche.

8, I love this beautifully designed dress. Ideal for the hot weather.

{image source: Pics 1,2,3 and 4,5,6,7,8}


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  1. Love it! How can I purshase look number 1?

  2. I LOVE this site! I need them all!

  3. I LOVE this site! I need them all!

  4. same here

  5. wow…they are cool

  6. gorgeous

  7. sharp!

  8. Lovely!

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  10. So lovely.

  11. Beautiful work just amazing.

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