Classy Wedding Invitations We Love

Classy Wedding Invitations We Love

The challenges of planning a wedding starts to unfold the moment you choose a wedding date. Wedding dress, invites, bridesmaids dress, shoes,cake…so much to do in so little time for some.
However, your wedding invitation is as important as the wedding cake or a wedding dress. Hence, It is always recommended to start considering your stationery firsthand.
We all know there are loads of wedding cards out there that don’t just “sit right”. That’s why we are excited to show you something worth looking into from our freshly pressed sponsor.

Wedding invitations that wouldn’t cost you an arm or leg but still give you the international feel of a bespoke card. Our proud sponsor, is an international designer of customizable invitations and stationery with unique designs and bold colors.

All you need to do is make a direct order from the online shop and Olympia herself, who is the creative designer would work with pleasure on your invitations inquiries. Click Here for more inspiration and shopping!

I love the chevron and lace one. Which do you like?”

Here are some of the drool-worthy designs.

1, Floral Swirls and Birds
2, Grape Vine
3, Black-White Damask and Bow Tie
4, Cream Lace
5, White lace Burlap
6, Tandem Bicycle

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