Wedding Color- Peach Inspiration

Wedding Color- Peach Inspiration

 The weather has been playing some hot and cold business but was relatively stable over the weekend with cool lovely breeze and fresh air.  A perfect one for an outdoor or garden wedding. Our color inspiration for the week is Peach and Red. Peach is a pastel color, a pale shade of orange that brings the feeling of refreshment without being too loud.Peach can be combined with loads of colors like red, aubergine/egg plant, Violet blue ( all the shades of violet), lime green and even yellow.  I hope you like the inspirational board on peach as you face the week full of sweet hopes.

{pics credits: upper left: we heart it, below left: smp,Mid-picture: We heart it, upper right: we heart it, bottom right: SMP}

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  1. Dear My Wedding Nigeria,

    My wedding comes up in easter and i have choosen the colours olive green, peach and gold but i have these questions:

    * Do these colours go well with each other?
    * How do I combine them amongst my maid of honour and my bridesmaids because I want their colours alternating.
    * How do we combine the colours for the guys (my hubby and his groomsmen) because i want them to wear at least one of the 3 colours. (their suit is black) but if any of the colours can be used for the suit please let me know.

    Thanks and please continue the good work.

    • Hi Joy,

      I love the idea of Peach, Olive Green and Gold. These three colors create a harmonious balance to the eyes and Olive green is such a sweet color.

      # To combine this well, you need to determine which color is your main color- peach or olive green? I believe the gold is an accent
      1, Allow the BM wear a combination of the two ( You could use a flowery fabric with green and gold in it or you make it two piece of a top and skirt in the two colors of gold and green or peach and gold) alternatively, use your main colors- like the pictures, peach always comes out nice so the Bm could have the peach dress and the MOH could sew a gold inspired lace ( there are so many lovely lacey materials out now) she could go for gold or green.
      2, Olive green would create a pop when set against white shirt and black suit in contrast. GM would look dapper in a black tux, white shirt, olive green bow tie and pocket square in same color while groom would use white tux on black trouser, white shirt. His bow tie in black but he should make sure his handkerchief in peach or green whichever is the main color.His boutonniere should also have the desired color.

      OR: White tux, white shirt, green bow tie, green handkerchief, green trousers. I have seen a pics on this and it is lovely..I have just sent you an email of a nigerian guy in his suit swag.

      Hope this helps,


      Anita Gopaldas

  2. does these colours combination goes together, peach, cream, green,blue. please help me to chose for my chief braids maid, braids maid and maid of honour. Thank u

    • hi rose,

      I don’t see the blue in there Rose. Peach, cream and green is just nice! You can use peach for BM, Chief and maid of honor can be in cream.Bouquet in green and cream. 😉

      Hope that helps!

  3. Hi pls wil this colour combo.go? Peach, gold and a touch of red? I love each colours but hw do I combine them

    • Hi Rukky,

      Oh yes! I love your combo especially with the touch of red. Peach and gold is a predictable color combination but with a touch of red, it brings life into it. You could even add a touch of black too.

      Incorporate the red on your table centerpieces, and possibly on your cake and invite too. Play out the rest of the colors with the bridal party and decor.
      White tux is the latest trend now so having your man in that and a black/silver/white bow tie would be cool. Others in peach and gold. Groomsmen in Black and white with black bowties.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Hi, I want to use red, peach and a splash of gold. How can I work with the combination.

  5. This is for both white and traditional

  6. Hi, please can you help me out? my wedding colours are teal blue and orange for both trad and white. im in a dilema as to what colours i shd use for aso ebi and gele and also what colours the parents can wear for both events without putting on anything teal and orange cos i would really love for them to stand out.

    Thank you

    • Hi Liz,

      Have you thought of green? Apple green is a wonderful combination to Teal and Orange. For your asoebi, you can use teal blue for buba, Iro using plain beige with designs in blue and orange then gele in orange and Ikpele in Orange.

      Parents can use the green and teal blue.. as double color for gele and plain buba and iro you can also add purple to it ..

      Hope this works.


  7. Hi,

    Thanks for this post. Before i go into my question, please do bear in mind that the white wedding and Traditional wedding will be the same day. We are thinking of doing the Church wedding in the morning and reception/engagement to follow.
    Can you please advise me on this colour combo?
    Dark colour suit for the groom and groom’s men and with horse blood red ties.
    Cream dress for bride (has a child) and touch of red with green and maybe peach/gold in bouquet and red shoes (i love) under the dress.
    Red dresses for the Bridesmaids with touch of gold.
    Cream cake for white wedding with touch of mint green.
    I am thinking of mint green and peach for our (bride and groom attire) for the engagement.
    Army green and Champagne gold and touch of red for the deco and cake.
    Aso ebi will be green (mint/olive) and peach.
    Someone said the colours are too much but do you think we can make them work without it looking tacky?

    • Hi Folu,

      Congrats on your soon to be nuptials. I’ll take your enquiries one at a time

      Bouquet: You could concentrate on using a dash of Peach and Red with white or ivory flowers.
      Shoes in Red is Fab
      BM: Red with a touch of Gold is cool.
      Cake color is good.

      I think your colors are not bad because you are playing with same color different shades, Mintgreen, Green and Army green. Peach and Red. These colors are really good together.

      So If am right.. Red is your main color for the white and the decor has a touch of Gold and Mint Green?
      Trad for Couple is Mint Green and Peach which is not bad at all.
      Asoebi could go apple green and coral or deep peach instead
      Army green and Gold with a touch of red for decor is not bad. If you are able to find a good event designer, this could be pulled of easily

      Let us know if you need help with this as we have professional event designers that can help.


  8. does these colours combination goes together, purple,gold & touch of peach. please help me chose for d groom,my maid of honor, bridemaids and maid of honour & groom’s men. Thank u

  9. Does these color combination goes together, peach, red, gold & white. Pls help choose color for maid of honour and trad.

  10. Hi Anita so glad I could ask for help from you. I need help to make up my mind with wedding colours(not traditional). I chose peach,orange and cream. Am not sure how to combine this for the BM, MOH and groom. Thanks.

    • Hi Amy,

      Congrats Amy!

      Peach and Orange is kind of in the same family so yes! your combination is very cool. It now depends on which you prefer as the main color and the secondary color. The main colors should be used for your bridesmaids and bridal party. So if you wish to go for peach for instance, they could have dresses in light peach with all white or orange bouquet. The Maid of Honor can simply put on a cream dress with Orange bouquet while the groom goes all gray suits and white shirt/ white tie/ but boutonniere in peach or white. He can carry the color through his pocket square or boutonniere. He doesn’t have to use the color to match his bow tie. Bow tie can go white.

      Hope this helps.

      Let me know,

  11. Simi Olabowale : December 11, 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Hi Anita, great work! Please my wedding is coming up in March. My wedding colors are olive green, peach and gold. My question is what do u think should be the color of my parents attire and the color of gele and lace for my mum’s friends? Also my asoebi friends gele and lace color?
    For my engagement, our yoruba attire is going to be a mixture of white and red. Then the colours of the day are acqua and champagne gold! Pls what should be my asoebi color and color attire for my parents? Many Thanks ma’am.

  12. just want to know,does purple ,silver and peach blend well,the main color is purple….?

    • Hi Joy,
      Purple is beautiful with peach. If you want to use the three together at the same time then gold is best rather than silver . However, you can use silver and purple for one item and or peach and silver on a separate item.

      I hope this helps,


  13. Hi Anita… I really would appreciate your advice. My trad is in April and my colors are peach, orange and gold. How do I work round this color? Can the groom wear cream with a touch of orange?? Can I use peach n gold for my cake?? Pls help out!!!

    • Hi Nkechi,

      Peach and Gold are pretty colorful combination. Perfect for summer if you live abroad. I would say silence the gold and work around the peach and orange. Add a little bit of green touch here and there.
      I believe you are asking for the traditional combination? If so, White and orange will be the best pull for this.

      Its best you use one color for your cake. You could do an all white with peach and orange designs or all peach . Peach looks a lot better than an orange looking cake to me unless you want your cake maker to do an ombre coloured cake

      I hope this helps.

      Let me know.


    • Hi Nkechi,

      I hope this answer is not coming too late. Your request got lost in the mail trail.

      Peach and orange with gold is a good combination. Peach and orange are of the same family so yes! it’s a good choice.

      Is this for trad? If trad yes! Groom can wear cream with a touch of orange . Yes, you can use Gold and peach for your cake .. I imagine a layer of just glittering gold and another layer of peach and another of white.That would be awesome.

      If your groom is wearing a touch of Orange, then you need to harmonize that color too by using orange in your accessory. If trad then you should be using Gele or ‘Ikpele’ in orange.

      Hope this helps!
      All the best!

  14. Hi Anita, I’m so grateful for this platform. I need your help/advise. I am considering peach, gold, olive green for my white wedding colours. I already chose olive green lace and ox blood head tie for my asoebi but ido not know how to choose and combine the colours for my BM, MOH , groom n groomsmen. Thank u in anticipation.

    • Hi Rosemaria,

      Your color combos are very nice. Peach goes well with Gold and Olive green . Since the Olive green is the main color for the asoebi, consider having peach as the main color for the white wedding. So play with peach and gold or peach and green.
      I can imagine the girls in a peach dress with white bouquet or purses. They can all have signature necklaces like white pearls.
      Maid of Honor can have the same color but different style or she wears white/ cream and accessorize in Olive green.
      Your groom can do a white and black tux. ( white tux, black trousers) He should keep it simple by using an olive green boutonniere or manflower. Groomsmen would look great in Blue black suit or light gray suit. Their handkerchief/ tie in peach. They should consider coordinating this color with the socks .

      I hope this helps.


  15. Hi Anita, you are doing a great job. Am really confused about my traditional wedding colours. Bride and groom to wear champaign gold don’t have a clue on what my aso ebi colours should be. My wedding is in June

    • Hi Tolu,

      Congrats on your wedding! Colors for trad weddings are usually the easiest cos naija trad weddings can be so colorful and beautiful. Champagne Gold is a good color to use. Have you considered using colors that are trending now?

      Greens, White, Gold and Blues

      Green and white is a very simple and neat color to use. You can even add a twist of black in it. So accessories for your asoebi girls can be black, white scarf and green lace. The girls can use Gold too, gold gele and green lace.

      Here are some unique suggestions:
      Tomato red with baby blue
      Dark Purple and Olive green
      Green and Orange
      Emerald green, white and black
      Pepper red with black
      Pink and Gray/ Pink and Purple

      These are just some to get you thinking.

      Hope this helps,


  16. pls how do I combine peach; mint green; fushia pink n gold for traditional n church wedding.also how can I combine these colours for my chief bride maid; brides maid; grooms men; aso ebi n our parents

    • Hello Funke,

      Congrats! Your colors are beautiful.

      Pink and Mint green is a good combo for your white. You can choose either color as your main color. Mint green is such a refreshing color to go with . Green has been trending since January this year in naija. You can have your bridal party wear a lovely green dress with their lovely bouquet just in white.The groomsmen can just keep it simple with a classic black suit. Three piece is better ( Tux coat, Inner jacket and Trousers). A simple lovely lapel with the green mint color can be used with a black bow tie and white pocket square. They do not have to go all green like the girls. Green on their lapel is enough. The MOH can then go pink! Pink and white bouquet. She can go Pink so that people can tell your chosen colors . She can also go all white just like you. The girls can hold a flower bouquet or hand fan or even purse. Just let the accessories take the color.
      Groom: Groom can wear a Navy Blue or Royal Blue, three piece suit . Black Tux, White pocket square and then Lapel flower in Pink.
      You can just use your accessories to carry your color. Your bouquet is the main item that must match your husbands tie or lapel flower.

      For Trad, Fuchsia pink is a nice color and Gold is also trending. Gold can be used as their Gele color and pink their asoebi fabric. I love the idea of your decor in Gold, Pink and Black. Yes! Black. Black can blend in with Gold or Pink. You can use it in your napkin or table accessories. Your event designer should be perfect with that color combo .

      Hope this helps.,


  17. Please would the colors peach and orange go well together?

  18. Goody Munah : May 6, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Thank you very much…….but now I’m looking 4 a 3rd color to balance it all up, to create like a middle ground between the two colors…….so which color do you suggest will do the magic?

  19. my wedding is fix and my colors are Red,peach and purple what do u think

    • Hi Blessing,

      Congrats! I am not sure of the purple. Whichever way, try and use the purple together with the peach and let the red be used alone. Perhaps in the decor .


  20. Please admin. Does peach, navy blue and white goes together? How can I combine it for my traditional and white wedding for myself, my groom, groomsmen, chief and made of honour and bridesmaid. Thanks.

  21. Hi, my wedding is next month and my colors for the day are Teal blue & Red. Picked teal blue and aqua for my friends but so confused on what colour of Aso-ebi to make for myself, my hubby and both parents. Kindly help and respond Asap cos am tired of different opinions.

  22. Hi, please can you help me out? my wedding colours are teal blue and red for both trad and white. im in a dilema as to what colours myself and hubby should use and also what colours the parents can wear for both events without putting on anything teal and red cos i would really love for them to stand out.

    Thank you

  23. my bridsmaid of hornour need a colour to match wit the peach my bridsmaid are wearing.pls what colour will go

    • Hi Gold,
      Peach is perfect with loads of colors. What are the other colors you will be using at your wedding? You can use it with peach. So, if you have to, you can use deep reds, turquoise blue, pink and even light green. YOne of the other weddings can be used.

      Hope this works,


  24. Pls help me out my wedding is coming up soon and the colour of the day is peach and royalblue,and i want to make it three colours because it is outdoor wedding. i need to add another colour. pls help me out.

  25. Pls help me out, should i go for peach, champaign gold and turquoise blue for church wedding? pls which colour will my CBM,MOH &Men of valour use pls, and my cake. Also the combination that will go for my community of friends and my mum community of mothers,and which combination should my parents use pls.Is outdoor wedding. Tnx

    • Hi Nancy,

      The combination of Peach and Champagne gold with Turquoise is great! As mentioned before, the bridesmaids should have the main color. This could be peach or Champagne gold. Your Turq blue can be used as an accent used in your reception design and even the cake.
      CBM: Peach dress
      BM: Champagne Gold is good, maybe try that.
      Grromsmen : A dark gray or navy blue suit can be used with a peach colored tie and pocket square.
      Your community of Friends: Mint green and pink ( light pink) is a good combo
      Mum’s community: Purple and white. Purple is great alonsgide peach/
      Parents: Peach and white

      Hope this help.


  26. Hi Anita, pls help me out i am fed wedding is coming up soon and is out door(church wedin).I was thinking of peach and turquoise blue and one other colour to add that will be fine or peach and royal blue and one beautiful one to add but am confused. pls help me to sort the colours out b/w CBM,MOH,MOS,community of friends, my cake and my parents. pls is urgent, tnx God bless u.

  27. hi Anita,
    am helping a sister to plan her wedding.i chose aqua green and peach for d white wedding and fuschia pink with gold for d trad wedding..d couple will wear champagne gold attire for trad wedding.wats your suggestion on these colours.

    • Hi Lola,

      I think the colors are on point. Aqua Green is such a pretty color with deep peach. A spot of yellow thrown in is not bad too. Fucshia and Gold is a predictably safe but good colors. For the trad, I wouldn’t go for just Champagne Gold except the couple want a really understated color. I feel an accent should be added to the champagne gold however how little. Black is good with Champagne.Any striking color can be used for the asooke designs. How much color they want is determined by the amount of design on the asooke.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  28. Hi, pls help me out my wedding is coming up dis december and our dress code is teal green and champagne. Which colour did u suggest for the couples to wear for engagement, and the colour for Aso Ebi for ladies and their Aso Oke

    • Hello Morenike,
      Teal green and butter yellow is more beautiful than champagne. Turquoise blue and green is an unassuming but very lovely color for your engagement. You can also use white lace and asooke using your gele in monochrome colors( one color but in different shades)

      Your asooke could have some of the monochrome colors designed on it too.

      I always love the idea of using green with blue. Since you are using Teal green and champagne or Turq blue, another color that can stand out is purple. Light purple and Turq blue is ideal and not very popular.

      Hope this helps,


  29. please, my wife have choose champagne gold for wedding gown , i dont know what colour can i choose for my suit, tie and shirt that will blend with her

  30. Hi Anita,
    Keep up the good work. You do an amazing job. Please i need your help. My wedding is 4 months away and i cant still decide on colors. I really love red and gold for trad wedding but its soo common everywhere.Other options are 1: peach/coral +teal and gold 2: coral/peach +red /wine red + gold 3:peach +royal blue+ champagne gold . All these are for traditional igbo wedding colors.
    For the white wedding , i want to use Pink but i want to use different graduating shades of pink like: blush pink+ fuschia pink + magenta . the background of the hall decor will be an all white background and the bridesmaids will be on fushia pink dresses and my bouquet will be fuschia too. Do you think a blush pink dress will be better on them so we will all use fuschia as our bouquet color. ? Am really confused..
    Please can you help me choose the perfect combo out of all these. i ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you so much for all you do.

  31. Hi, pls help me out! How do I combine peach and teal green for my aso ebi? Do the colours blend? Which one should I use as the main dress colour and which one for gele? I really need ur help. Thanks

    • Hi Shekinah,

      Sorry for replying now. I think the stronger/ brighter color should be used for the ikpele and gele. Teal green is an usually lovely color to use for your gele. Peach is a sot color that would be nice for the main dress. If you wish to use “Red” then your Teal Green can be used as the main dress and the Red used as the Gele. I hope you understand the trick there.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  32. Ichile Judith : October 14, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Am so hapi ur doin a great job kip it I am confused on d colours to use nd mix for bth my traditional nd white wedding.I luv purple,red,royal blue and wich do I use for my traditional nd wich for my white wedding and also d bridesmaid,groomsmen,maid of honor and d decorations for Bth d traditional nd white..tanks alot

  33. please how can I combine purple, gold and peach for my groomsmen and bridial train?

  34. Hi,can I combine a red bead,shoe and purse with a peach cloth and aqua green gele.

  35. Hi Anita.
    Pls help me out, my white wedding is in august and our colour of the day is Red, gold and green.
    Pls how do i combine it especially for decoration which of them is best for bridal train, maid of honour, my two asoebi groups & cakes. Tnxs so much & God bless…

    • Hi Viva,
      Red, Gold and Green are good colours together. For the asoebi I see the girls in Green lace and red gele. Some can go with gold too.

      For the decoration, I always advise that you go for a neutral background colour. So I advise an off white base for your deco. You can have some green drapings on both side of the hall. Your stage decor would have flowers in whites and off-whites you can have some greens in there too. Then you can have customized throw -pillows in gold and red on the lovers seat.

      Hope this helps.


  36. please how do I combine peach with army green. also with the colour of the groom suit other than black. thanks

  37. Hi, please how do I combine this colour for my friends, my husband friends and my parents. peach, blue and pink For my traditional and white wedding. But what I plan for my outfit is white and pink (white aso Oke with pink design and fuschial pink iro and buba.

    • Hi Temitayo,

      Peach is good with Blue so I will suggest blue asoebi and peach/blue gele ( you know the type they mix the colour?)

      Husbands friends can do white with blue hat and blue throws… you know the one they throw round the neck. Blue is a manly colour and this will blend with the asoebi for your friends.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  38. Hi,my traditional wedding is holding in sept. please how can i combine teal green,gold and peach together for igbo traditional wedding. If I pick teal green material n combination of gold and peach for d headtie for my ashebi.and gold material with the same head tie for general
    How will that be? For decoration thinking of white, gold n touch of peach be okay? For d couple stage teal,gold n touch of peach be nice? Don’t know how to combine it for the parents. Help me to figure it out. Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks

    • Hi Colette,
      Congrats! I love your colours well done.

      I would do Teal green and gold gele, peach blouse and teal green wrapper. The others can wear gold and teal green/ peach and gold.

      Your decor color is fine but you can do better with peach and gold. then your stage is white and gold with a touch of peach/teal

      Hope this helps. Your event designer can help with the decor but if you need my help, give me a shout out.

      Kind Regards,

  39. Please help! My wedding will be coming up in October and my colours are turquoise blue, coral pink, cream and gold for both engagement and wedding. My hub and I are wearing coral buba and turquoise blue aso oke. But I don’t know which colors will be good for parents and aso ebi.

    Also, my hub insists on wearing cream suit on black trousers/bow tie. My best lady will be wearing coral gown, confetti’s will be wearing turquoise blue. I’m thinking of getting a two-color fascinator for both best lady and confetti – cream and turquoise blue for the best lady and cream and coral for d confetti. The groomsmen will be wearing black suit including d best man. Pls, what colours would be ideal for accessories like their bow ties, boutonnieres, bouquet, parents colour and reception decoration?

    • Hi Ann,

      Congrats! Coral and Turquoise are two beautiful colours. For the Trad your parents can use orange, light brown, royal blue or red. Any of these colours will work well for them.
      You hubby’s colour looks fine. I am not too comfortable with the black suit for the groomsmen. If they can get a dark brown suit or a navy blue suit, with same colour of suspenders, white shirt, then their bow ties can come in turq blue but if they insist on black, lets make this simple- Black suit ( can they forego the suit and just wear the inner jacket?) if they can go with the inner jacket alone, then they can do a turq blue tie. If they want a bow tie then the all black suit , white shirt and black bowtie, they need a pocket square in coral .
      Boutonnieres in coral for groomsmen. Hubby should take a neutral colour or the main colour of the wedding (coral or turq)
      Make your bouquet simple. Just take an all cream bouquet.
      Reception decor can be as colourful or plain as you want it to be. you can start with the main colour on your invitation card then followed by the cake. The overview of the decor should be set in light pink coral or pink.. then your centrepiec can have white, orange, coral and blue mix. your napkin can come in blue.. An event designer can help you with this but if you need our help, be sure to send me an email.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  40. pls how can i conbine peach and white.

  41. Hi my wedding nigeria,i sent u a message yestday and am yet to receive your response.pls I would appreciate you workin on my question. Thanx

  42. Hello MWN. Please I really need your help about colour combination. My wedding colours are Mint green,champagne Gold. Am also thinking of adding Peach to it but The first two is the main That I have chosen. How do I combine them for both the engagement and the wedding Please.

  43. Hi MVN,

    Please I need your advice.
    I intend to use peach, purple and gold for both my white and traditional wedding.
    My bridesmaids will wear peach and gold. I’m not sure how well these colours go.



  44. pls i really need your help asap, does peach and royal blue match or can bride family wear peach headgear and teal green while groom family wear royal blue headgear? My traditional marriage is Feb 11th. Will be very grateful if u can reply me asap because am so confuse .

  45. Omotayo omotola : February 19, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    Hi Anita, please my wedding is coming up soon and i have yellow,olive green,army green, lemon green n gold in mind but am confused on which of those colors will go well on d couple, d parents n guest. Please help out. Thanks in advance

  46. Kemisola Ogunjemilua : March 9, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    My wedding is in June and am considering ash or silver and turquoise blue as d colour of the day, please, how can I combine the colours for the bridesmaids, groomsmen and decoration. Thanks.

    • Hi Kemi,

      Congrats ! Turq Blue and silver grey are two cool colours I love. I would love to see the girls in Blue gowns ( if they can be in different shades of blue? ) and the guys in Gray suits.

      The groom can do an all time classic of Black and white to stand out. Your decoration should come simple with flowery background, Ash. silver table tops and chargers then table top flowers in blue.

      Napkins in blue. Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  47. Pls I need help I want to combine aqua green,peach and white for both trad and white wedding

  48. Hi
    Please what’s your take on peach,silver and red , how do I combine this for the c. Bridesmaid,bridesmaids and groomsmen

    • Hi Elly,
      Your colours are good. Depends on what you would like to use a sthe maain colour. Peach, Silver or red?

      This should guide you
      Bridesmaids: Wear the main colour.
      Invite: Contains the main and secondary colours
      Groomsmen: Gray suit with white shirt and bow ties in red or peach. pocket square to match the bow tie/ bridesmaids.
      Groom: white tux in black pants

      Hope this helps.


  49. Please dear,my white wedding is coming up next month and I have chosen peach,silver, real green.I want my bridesmaid to use silver n teal green,chiefbridesmaid on peach.Hubby n groomsmen are using black tux what colour will go for bow tie…Please help me am so confused

  50. Pls hw do I combine peach, silver and teal green for my wedding?

  51. Pls Can red gele go with peach cloth?

  52. Hi,

    Please can i combine butter color lace with peach gele, then wine shoes and purse. I am a bit confused here with the colors. Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

  53. Please help me out, how do I combine peach and champagne gold for my traditional wedding

  54. Hello wedding Nigeria please my wedding is in November and my colour is peach, gold,and olive green for both traditional and church wedding. I can drop gold for white and make it peach, white and olive green if only I can combine it well but I can’t. Please how do I combine the colours for the bride and maids of honour, the groom and groom’s men, the flower girls and the little bride, the groom’s parent and family, the bride’s parent and family, the asoebi ladies. I would be very happy if you help me out,Thanks so much.

  55. Hello please my wedding is in November and I chose peach,gold and olive green for the traditional and white wedding, I can drop the gold for white if only I can combine it well but I can’t. Please help me on how to combine it for the groom and groom’s men, the bride, Chief bride’s maid and the bride maids, the flower girls and the little bride, the groom’s parent and family, the bride’s parent and family, the asoebi ladies and asoebi men.i will be very glad if you help me out. Thanks so much.

  56. Hello wedding Nigeria,please my wedding is in November and my colour is peach gold and olive green, I can drop the gold for white if only I can combine it well but I can’t. Please help me out on how to OK combine it for the groom and groom’s men, the bride, bride maids and Chief bridesmaid, the groom’s parent and family, the bride’s parent and family, the asoebi ladies and asoebi guys. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  57. hi please help out my wedding is coming up in less than two month time.i wish to use coral peach for my lace but dont know the right color to combine wit it amongst cream,champagne gold and turquoise..what color will my bridal train wear and the color to write in the invitation card,what color will my cake be,decoration and the likes because in dont want a color riot wedding.

    i will be anticipating for your reply

  58. Hi dear, pls how do I combine peach and wine for bridesmaid and groomsmen. Thanks

  59. Please,kindly help me on dis colour the coloour of d day is blue nd fushia pink but we siblings can we use wine lace nd peach aso oke thank u ma I will be expecting ur reply

  60. Hi Anita
    how you doing and thanks for the great work you doing. God bless you
    please my wedding is coming up by April and I don’t know how to combine colors for both my parent, my chief bride maid, my bridal train.
    my colors are mint green, peach and gold. I added gold because my husband said he will love to use gold on his black suit.
    pls reply me as soon as possible.

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