Lemon Zest!

Lemon Zest!

I have been hearing about the many benefits of Lemon and Lime, its powers and overall effect on the body but I wasn’t prepared for what I just found out lately. Its effect on the SKIN! Quite lately, I must confess my skin has been doing really poorly. I had some lemon in the kitchen and just  by pure chance I had one sliced and layered in my tongue. I immediately had some tingling sensation in my skin! I later found out that lemon juice is one great way of smoothing out your skin. It heals the skin, reduce inflammation and fades out any spots; helping to fight off acne. So I decided to try out and guess what…. OMG!  Immediate fade out of my red spots!  I am super excited about this discovery . I feel this is great for any bride or groom-to-be who wants to feel and look EPIC on their wedding day and you know what, it doesn’t matter if you have a great skin already-It makes it even smoooooother!..

Here is what I did..( most people do this overnight but I couldn’t wait to try it on) on a cleansed face,

1, Cut your Lemon or Lime( I had fresh ones)

2, Squeeze out some of its juice in a cotton pad

3, Carefully use on your skin especially if you have very sensitive skin like mine!- It would sting so be prepared for that and just a little is fine as too much could dry out the skin

4,Leave for some minute or until the tingling wears off- I don’t mind the tingling so I let it wait

5, Rinse of by just splashing water on your skin

6, Moisturize your skin using cotton pad- I use glycerine.

Another method I tried is by mixing the lemon juice and some glycerine in a container ( just little enough to last for some days). Transfer into a pump out bottle and use with a cotton pad every morning and evening. The result is amazing!

One thing I can definitely say, you can never go wrong with this.

Lemon Therapy


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  1. awesome!

  2. Hello My Nigeria wedding,

    My wedding is coming up this Easter and I have little stretch marks on around my armpit, a little below my shoulder and i want to wear a tube gown. What can i use?

  3. HIi, I really pray u can help me I hav dis. White spots all over my skin it started yrs back I was usin lightenin skin nd now it looks not even nd my knucles is dark den d white spots my hubby to b tries to make me feel good but I’m very causious of it pls hw can I get an even skin tone back can dis lime help?nd my weddin is june by God’s grace.Thankss

    • Hi Susan,

      I am not a skin specialist, I would advise you go and see one but I can tell you that the white spot is an allergic skin reaction to the cream you used.. have you tried products like funbact-a and skineal? Funbact can help with the dark spots and skin problems..

      + stop using any harsh cream.. i like the effect of olay bathing soap ( white pack) fakes are around so beware! and then nivea cream.. your skin would come back to its natural beauty again.. Or use any cream with SPF15 to help with UV protection.( I am fair skinned by the way)

      Hope this would help. If your hubby loves you just the way you are. I wouldn’t loose sleep over it! 🙂


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