Your wedding cake should be ordered at least 6 weeks before the wedding day.This is essential as this would give the confectioner enough time to make your desired cake without rushing it. It is expected that 50% deposit is paid when the cake is ordered.
Things you should know when ordering for a wedding cake
1, More tier, more money- The higher the number of tier in your cake, the more expensive it is.
2, Handmade decorations on cake takes longer time to finish , hence more expensive than silk flowers.
4, Each tier could have separate flavor.
5,Fruit cake lasts longer than sponge cake.
6, You can preserve a fruit cake by wrapping the cake in a cling film and keep in a freezer for nothing longer than a year any other cake can only be preserved for few months only.

Things to write in your wedding scrap book whilst you ordered:
1, List down the number of tiers and flavor that you ordered for
2, Get a picture of the shape of the cake that you would like to have .
3, Choose your cake topper and get a picture of it.
4, Tell your cake maker  the time , day and location of your wedding reception.List this down in your wedding scrap book.
5, 2 weeks prior to the wedding you have to check that all information provided to the confectioner/ cake maker is correct. Verify the location and time for delivery ( ask that the cake be delivered about 2hrs before the reception starts so that the cake stand is decorated well in advance)
6, List down the entire cost of the cake not forgetting the pillars, cutting knife, delivery charge and set up-(sometimes this comes inclusive of the price)

7, List down the amount of deposit that was paid initially and the amount left to be paid

Make your wedding cake the focal point of your wedding. Make it unique, make it your own.