1. perfect!!i love d usin dis.

  2. I love dis.never tot d combination could be dis beautiful.Nice one!!

  3. wow, wat a lovely combo i lik to v dis as my wedding colour

  4. how does purple with cream and brown look

    • Hi Ego,

      That color combo could work for house decorating!.

      I would suggest using purple and cream with gold rather than brown for a wedding combo to soften the look. Chocolate brown could work with lilac purple. Purple also works well with pink or you could use Purple + light blue + gray for your bouquet.
      Purple +Golden yellow works well too.

      Different shades of purple works with different colors but be careful how you mix and where it sould appear in your wedding theme!


  5. please can u give me an idea of what green, cream and gold will look like for a wedding and purple and lilac for engagement

    • Hi Tuns,
      Purple and Lilac go hand in hand am not sure what you intend to do on your engagement so not sure where to tackle this. Is it a traditional dress your wearing?

      I think that combo depends on what you want to use as your main colour! Am not sure on that one!
      Why don’t you try Cream, Gold and say deep purple or cream , gold and (blueberry or sapphire blue)

      check this out : I made some gold colours and purple and cream colours!

      Let me know, tell me what you think!


  6. please can u give me an idea of what light brown and cream will look like for a wedding

  7. blessing benson : November 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    waoh dats a nice combo, how will it look if cream is brought into the picture…thanks

  8. This combo really looks good! but wat do u have to say about this 3 color combo- lavender, light pink and white? Would n’t mind some images..

    • Hi Sophia,

      3 colour combo is not out of order at all. I would advise that you use ivory instead of white! Okay here goes!

      If Lavender is your main colour, then
      Reception; Chair covers and table linen could come in white or ivory with a purple /pink bow and purple or pink runner on the table, whichever you choose.
      Bridesmaids; Lavender dress with light pink flowers as the main colour in your bouquet
      Groom: Gray or Black suit would go well with lavender tie and buttonhole or vice versa ( I would say lavender for the boys)
      Favors: This could come in light pink colour with lavender ribbons
      Accessories: Scatter pinkish rose and lavender coloured petals on the table
      Draperies: This should either be Ivory and Lavender OR lavender and light pink intertwined.
      Little bridesmaid could wear ivory dress and lavender waistband or bow and with lavender shoes
      She could also carry a little basket with flowers of lavender and pink)!

      Check out the inspiration board!

      Hope you get some inspiration!

      Kind Regards,
      Wedding Team.

  9. Hi,

    Wonderful site… very inspirational, i just stumbled on it. Well…. I would like to know if dis color combo is cool; WHITE, BLACK AND RED(blood red) and if it’s okay, how would it be used for decorations ie reception, cake, groom’s men not the bride’s maids i have a pretty good idea on that one.

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    • Hi Ose,

      Your colour is very classy and you just need too pull this right . Am not sure what colour your bridesmaids are wearing but this should complement the groomsmen.
      GM(Groomsmen): Don,t necessarily have to wear a red tie, they could have black suit ,an ivory waistcoat, shirt and tie but have red handkerchief or buttonhole.
      In the board, i prefer the decor on the top right, where, as you can see you do not need chair covers as the chairs are white in colour! If you must use chair covers, use white and black bow, white table cloth, black table runners( damask would be ideal) let the cutleries, wine glass and napkin come in red. The plates could be arranged in two’s bottom red and white on top( small white plate)

      Of course! this is just for you to have a good idea . If you must use red bow ( on white chair over) and red table cloth, your food plates must come in black and white ( 2 sets arranged for one person) or just white and make sure in your centrepiece flower, incorporate black feathers with the red flowers and if you can get dropping crystals hanging from the flower that would be bliss!

      Let me know what you think:

      Congrats! 🙂


  10. Kindly Assist in blending Burnt Orange and Green. I am still not sure of what shade of green to use and what could be the main colour, especially for the bridal train and the grooms men.
    I would love to have 5 bridesmaids with 5 grooms men, would love the bridesmaids to were different dress styles but around the same colour, but i want same shoes, what colour of shoe would be great and give the elegant effect i desire.
    Also please is there a third colour i could blend in? Dont also know what the grooms men should wear.

    • Hi Nnenna,
      I would suggest that you use Apple green and orange to make it really catchy ! Either colours work well as the main colour so whether you decide to use orange or green as the main colour, it would still come out fine. Don’t get me wrong burnt orange would still work well tho!
      BM: Whether orange or green dress ( You can use different shades of the same colour) . The girls can wear the chosen colour of shoe( orange or neutrals like gold or silver)
      GM: The guys have the choice of using light beige colour suit or black suit with white or cream shirt and coloured tie (green or orange). OR cream tie but use orange or green boutonniere ( men flower on suit)
      Reception decor: You do not have to use chair covers on this one. Use green table cloth
      White plates and orange napkin neatly wrapped on the plate with gold or cream ribbon.
      Your table design centrepiece– if you can get orange vases with orange, green and cream flowers
      If you must use chair covers then use green bow on white chair covers so that you have green bow and green table cloth.

      I made a board for you to check out.

      Hope you get your inspiration



  11. Hi,
    Please keep up the good work.
    Am getting married sometime in April 2011 in Nigeria, with plans on the way as it is, i still do not have a color theme. Personally i love Red, but my friends say that since am not gettin married in Dec or Feb that the color is inappropriate.
    Please what color themes work for the month of April?, bearing in mind the Nigerian weather conditions and stuff plus the fact that Red, Orange, Coffee Brown and Ash grey are my favorite colors.
    Please help and indecisive bride-to-be 🙁

  12. Hello, thanks for all your advices, may God reward you for making other people’s day a joyous day with colour matching and advices.

    My question is, i will be getting married in sept, we are not sure what color to use for either engagement and reception (deco, bridemaids…) here are the colors we are looking into pls advice:

    Brown and peach
    Brown and gold
    Lilac and purple
    Orange and brown
    Sage and clay/gold
    Lavender and peach

    My mum does not really like the orange and brown combo cuz she thinks its not masculine but thats what I LOVE. what do you think? Please if you have pictures of any naija wedding with this combo, that will be fantastic so we can picture things. I have not really seen the orange and brown for naija wedding pic so i dnt know if you can find me a few.
    thanks a lot!

  13. Hi, I can’t say thank u enough for all the wonderful advices and help u give. May God continue to reward u. I have a question and need ur assistance. I am getting married in dec 2011 in Nigeria. Both my trad and white wedding. I had in mind to use purple/lavender with a cream or orange color as the color for my reception decorations, flowers for the bridesmaid and lavender/purple for the bridesmaid dress. I want my wedding to stand out. I am now confused as I see in previous post, red is the new thing in Nigeria around that time. I do not care what is the thing as long as I have my wedding the way I want it. Does it matter? Pls I need ur help and advice. Thanks.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Just go for it if that is what you like. The red colour during Christmas is too cliché! stand out and be different! Except you are looking to have a christmas theme, if not, then please go ahead your colours are okay.
      Use purple/ lavender and cream for the décor , have a bit of orange in napkins or table flowers!

      All the best and congrats!

  14. Hello. I love this site. You’re doing a nice job. Keep it up! Please, I need your help. My wedding is coming up soon and for the engagement, my fiance and I have chosen chocolate brown and cream colour while the bride’s family will wear orange and the groom’s family lemon. Please do these colours go together? Also, for the venue decoration should we use the families’ colour or the couple’s colour?

    • Hi Funmi,
      Chocolate and cream is a nice combination and that goes well with gold!!
      Orange and Lemon- I need to understand what you mean by lemon because lemon colour could range from yellow to greenish yellow but lime green is more greenish.
      I would prefer that you use orange and apple green colour or light green rather than lemon green ( reminds me of traffic warden colours!!!!)
      So please do have orange and green but not lemon green!
      In this case you can have the venue decoration in orange and white to brighten things up. Having it in green and white is plausible as well but it depends on what you both like. If you use green and white as the main colours then make sure that the orange pops out in the flowers ( centrepiece, bouquet) and table napkins and ofcourse. BUT if you use orange and white ( this makes everything really bright and exciting), have the cake designs in green and orange, table napkin could still come in orange and the flowers with loads of green in it.

      Let me know if this helps.

      Kind Regards,



    • Hi Jane,

      If you are undecided about this then play safe and just get a plain white coloured cake that comes with decorations, if using flower decoration,let it be in pink ,purple and green.

      In essence, your cake can either be plain white with your main colour used for the decoration on it OR the cake comes in pink and decorated with purple flowers..

      I will advise you meet up with your cake maker who would advise appropriately on this!

      Hope this works!


  16. Hi,
    My wedding is in february, my colours are burnt orange, coffee and gold. Kindly advice me on the following,
    the colour of suit and tie 4 d groom, groomsmen, maid of honour, bridesmaids and d decoration.

    Awaits ur response.


    • Hello Cindarl,

      Am not sure what your main colour is but lets say the gold is used as the accent colour.
      GM:Black Suit, black waistcoat , white shirt and coffee brown ties. Buttonhole should come in burnt orange( flower pinned to the coat)
      Groom: Black suit, Silver or coffee brown waistcoat, white shirt, coffee brown tie ,brown pocket square and burnt orange buttonhole. He could also decide to use just plain ivory tie but with burnt orange buttonhole.
      BM: They could wear burnt orange gowns with coffee brown waist band or design THE BURNT ORANGE gowndress with coffee brown on it. Gold sandals is appropriate.
      Maid of honor: Coffee brown dress and burnt orange waist band. Just to look different from the others.
      Decoration: I would prefer that you use your coffee brown here to stand out.
      Option 1: White chair covers tied with coffee brown sash and table cloth is white ,Gold crockeries on the table, Glass cups should have the paper napkin neatly arranged in it. Table should then have flowers in burnt orange ( mainly) + greens
      Option 2: White chair covers, no sash, brown table cloth, gold crockeries( plates, cups, spoons) Napkin( burnt orange) should be neatly arranged on the plates and the programme ( coffee brown) on top of the napkin
      Option 3: White chair cloth, brown sash on it, white table cloth-then use a coffee brown table runner across the table, crockeries in gold if you can help it or else you use white plates and normal glasswares, but napkin should be in burnt orange and table decorations like table diamonds e.t.c should be in gold
      If your cake stand is in white table cloth with coffee brown then the cake should definitely be decorated with burnt orange colours..
      Draperies in white and brown is not bad( please you do not have to use all three colours in the venue decor, look at what colour the venue has and see if orange would best suit the background or coffee brown and white) … just make sure that the flower arrangement is in burnt orange.

      I hope this helps…

      Kind Regards,


  17. Hi,
    My hubby said he wants 2 hear white suit, pls wut color of tie and shirt will he use
    wut colour of suit will our groomsmen use.
    Wut colour will i use for my maid of honour, bridesmaid, flowers girls n little bride. I want my maid of honour n bridesmaid 2 wear gold sandals.

    Just sms ealier on. My colours are burnt orange, coffee and gold

    • Okay if he wants to use ( white) I would advise he uses tan coloured suit, tan or light brown waistcoat, white shirt and coffee brown tie. Buttonhole should be in orange OR coffee brown then the GM could wear what I advised earlier.

      Gold colour sandals are fine..



  18. Hi,
    My main colours are burnt orange and coffee.

  19. Yes, i saw ur comments on 17/01.

    Thanks so much.

    God bless you

  20. Hi,
    Pls kindly help in combining dis 4 d groom,am usin blue and silver for d wedding and 4 d traditinal,cream an purple.kindly help out,d weddin is in febuary buh bin so worried abt ma guy combinin it well,I mean d blue and silver and again watz ur opinion on d cream n purple 4 traditional.thks n God bless

    • Hi Helen and Adeola,

      I haven’t forgotten you guys! Am making a long trip out today for a nice holiday so will answer your enquiry later this evening or tomorrow morning!

      I promise!

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Helen,

      Blue and Silver is okay but a bit cold don’t you think? Most times couples use this color during winter season. I would suggest adding a bit of orange or yellow, perhaps in the flower arrangements on the table decor. You can use mainly blue ( Sapphire or navy blue would work well) for the BM , the GM could have a gray suit or navy blue suit , silver waistcoat, white shirt and blue tie, blue pocket squares.
      Your husband could just wear navy blue coat, white waist coat, white shirt, silver or white tie BUT blue button hole ( man flower)

      Am really sorry! The inspiration board i created for you guys is not uploading due to my new location ! I will just have to keep trying so keep checking.

      With the trad, cream and purple is alright but you do need extra colors. i would suggest using different shades of purple and even a bit of pink should be incorporated in this. your wrapper and gele could have the purple( reddish purple), your top in pink!

      I hope this helps! Check soon for your board!

      Kind Regards,


  21. Hope u see my message, please about the colour i sent, i want resend the colour back to you orange, green, cream, blue, brown, silver. please choose for me. thanks

    • Hi Adeola,

      Orange+ Blue perfect color combination as these colors bring out the best from each other
      You can either use orange as the main color or blue ( sapphire blue or turquoise would fit). If blue is the main color then
      BM: Blue inspired dress with orange colored bouquet, shoes in blue ( any shade or silver), the chief bridesmaid could wear orange dress to distinguish her
      GM: Tan colored suit , same tan colored waistcoat ( cream could do) white shirt and blue cravat ( wedding formal ties), blue flower ( man flower)or pocket squares
      Decor:Make the table cloth blue , crockeries in silver or white, table flowers and napkin in orange. IF you must use chair covers , then use same colored blue sash, then use a flower stalk pinned at the back of the bow to give an exotic look!
      Draperies: please use white and blue only for the draperies. The cake should have colors of orange in it.
      Ofcourse in all these, green would come natural with the flower arrangement and thats just where it ends, greens in flowers only.

      So in all you use, Blue as main color, Orange, Silver as accent. Forget brown except you want to use it for trad. It s not a wedding etiquette to use so many colors at the same time it could go really wrong. Use one or two main colors and just use the rest in little torches..

      Have you seen this? Although in orange as main color which is quite nice but hey! Using blue is wicked too!

      Let me know if you have any more questions

      Kind Regards,


  22. Hi my wedding is in july dont really know the colurs to use i need like three colours.i love blue and pink.Please wat other colour should i add and what colur of suit and tie sholud d guy wear.

  23. I my colours are wine-red, pitch and lemon but I was told that wine’s no more vogue, Pls tell me what to do I dont know if am taking the right decition.
    My hubby’s going to wear a silver suite what colour of tie and shirt should he wear?

    • Hi Modupe,

      Can I just say that whilst most couples are going for the popular purple theme colour, the modern bride is determined to personalise their wedding, making it their own. Wine and old with apple green is good, it might not be latest trend but feel free to blaze the old path and make it classy!
      Use Wine as the main colour with gold and grass green as accents ( table flower decorations, cards, favours, napkins) etc
      Your husband should wear deep gray suit, wine coloured waistcoat, white shirt and wine coloured tie or cravat with pocket square in wine.
      He could decide to use gray suit and silver waistcoat, white shirt and wine tie with wine pocket squares.
      I hope this helps!


      Kind Regards,


  24. please am using blue and pink can it match. what colour do you think my husband should wear for his tie

    • Hi Helen,

      As the saying goes, Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys. Please your husband should wear Blue tie and not Pink!!
      Try using deep blue colour like navy blue , blue berry or midnight blue and baby pink colour for you!
      Yes Blue and Pink does go together!


  25. Hello,
    I sent a post on 12th January(Number 24) but you are yet to respond. Hope to read from you soon.

  26. pls can u help me out on this, my fiance loves blue and green and i love purple and lilac, wc will be best for trad and wc for the white wedding and also how best do i do the combination esp for d white wedding including the cake, reception hall,bridesmaid, groomsmen and d bouqet , i need ur input on this. Thanks very much

    • Hi Uju,

      Your Fiancé loves blue and green and this is workable so I would suggest this for the white wedding. Purple and Lilac for the trad wedding.
      I am thinking sapphire blue and lemon green or apple green colour
      BM: Depends on your main colour, BM could wear sapphire blue long dress sleeveless or one shoulder. go to for inspirations on bridesmaids dresses.
      GM: They could have black coloured suits, blue waistcoat, white shirt and blue cravat or tie and blue pocket square or boutonnières
      Groom: Black suits, sapphire waistcoats, white shirt, white cravat or blue cravat. Blue pocket square and blue button hole (boutonnière)
      Reception: Two options
      Option 1: Sapphire Blue table cloth, apple or lemon green chair covers, sapphire blue chair bows or tie, napkins in lemon green or apple
      Option 2: White chair covers,green chair bow, green table cloth, blue napkin or table mats
      Venue hall could be decorated in green and white draperies. Centrepiece table flowers should have tropical colours ( orange, green, blue, purple, yellow) just bits of every colour on the flower arrangements

      check out the inspiration : This is an inspiration for purple and lilac+ pink

      I hope you get your inspiration!

      Kind Regards,


  27. Hi MWN,
    Thanks so much. Your opinion was helpful.

  28. hi pls with this combination , how can i combine the bridesmaid clothes ie with the green and orange

  29. Hi,
    My wedding is in September, both the traditional and the white wedding am so confused about my colour theme. My fiance favourite colour is sea blue. I dont have a favourite colour really. Do you have any suggestion using a sea blue, cream and burgandy. Please help am so so confused.

    • Hi Joke
      What immediately came up my mind is sea blue and chocolate brown
      Sea Blue and Orange + Red or Burgundy
      Sea Blue and Pink
      Sea Blue and Green+ Yellow

      Use white chair covers, self tie is better, sea blue table cloth, napkins in orange, flowers on table should be in orange , red, cream and burgundy mixed.

      Your main colour should be sea blue and perhaps orange for the guys
      If you are using sea blue and pink then the bridesmaids should have the pinks and the guys the blues. Having a dress with pink waistband or pink accessories?

      What do you think?

      Kind Regards


  30. pls help me to chose colour that can really give me a colourful wedding.

    • Hi Blessing,

      If you want bright colours then I suggest these:
      Pink and Blues
      Orange and Blues
      Purple+Hot Pink
      Yellow +Hot Pink
      Green +Yellow
      Yellow+ Blues

      Choose the colours that appeals most to you and then I will work with that telling you how to combine these.

      Hope to hear from you.

      Kind Regards,


  31. Hi,
    Thanks for the wonderful work may God increase you in wisdom.
    My wedding is april 8 , my colours are for the brides family peach and cream,grooms family army green and lemon green,for the traditioanal wedding carton colour and cholcolate(couples only).kindly advice on what the colour of d siut and tie of d groom,groomsmen,maid of honour,braidsmaid, brides flower and d decoration should be.pls note that main colour for the quest is peach and army green headtie.both traditional and white wedding is same day.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Bidemi,
      I must have skipped you somehow and am really sorry about that. I see that your wedding is just round the corner!
      Peach and cream is lovely, army green and lemon GREEN really goes well.
      If the bride is peach and the groom is army green ( am i correct on this?)
      Groomsmen; Black suit, cream waistcoat, white shirt, army green cravats or ties, army green pocket squares.
      Groom: Black suit, cream embroidered waistcoat, white shirt, Ivory coloured cravat, buttonhole(in peach and green) army green pocket square.
      Bridesmaids: Peach coloured dress with cream shoes.OR they could have their top in armygreen and the skirt in peach and shoes in peach colour. They could carry creamy parasols( chinese wedding brollies)
      Maid of Honor: She should just get a different accessory or dress style.She does not have to be massively different from the rest. Just one or two little change would do.
      Bridesflower: Your Bouquet should be mainly in greens and creams, with one or two peach coloured flowers popping.
      Decoration: Your draping should be mainly in cream or ivory coloured and peach. The greens could be found in the flower decorations everywhere else.
      Table decoration: Okay if you can get Chiavari chairs in army green pad and the table cloth in peach, use a gold or creamy lace material as the table overlay.napkin in peach… cream and peachy rose petals scattered on the table .Table centrepiece having flowers in peach,cream and greens.

      Your trad colour of carton colour ( beige) and chocolate is cool. I am not an expert in dress designs (lol) sorry BUT However you wish to use the colours, just so you know that the two colours work you can even use your peach colour to combine in this to make it pop out.

      Gosh! I hope you understand.

      Kind Regards,

  32. i choose purple and hot pink or gold, what do you think?

  33. pls don’t mind me i choose purple and hot pink

  34. please give me the colours in details

    Chairs and tables
    then hall

    please do me like you did other people.
    You are trying, God will bless you.

    • Hi Blessing,
      In your last enquiry, you said you chose purple and hot pink as your wedding colour! This colour combo can also go well with magenta purple. They are all analogous colours on the colour wheel. That basically means they are workable but you need to get the right variations of the colour.
      I would say use magenta purple, red violet and then hot pink. So our two main colours will be the magenta purple and hot pink
      Groom is magenta purple and you are hot pink, decor is mixed with red violet.
      So for the grooms outfit: Black suit, white waistcoat( you can get an embroidered waist coat), white shirt, magenta purple tie and purple handkerchief + Buttonhole
      Groomsmen: Black suit, magenta purple waistcoat, white shirt, magenta purple tie and magenta purple handkerchief
      Bridal Train (Bridesmaids): Hot pink coloured dress. Red violet shoes. Holding bouquet of magenta purple, red violet , green and pinks all mixed.
      Flower Girls: They can wear cream dress with magenta purple waistband and hair accessories. in magenta purple.
      Maid of Honor: She can wear different style of dress in hot pink or she wears a different accessory from the rest of the bridesmaids.

      Table decoration: You can use Chiavari chairs with magenta purple seat pads and magenta purple table cloth, Hot Pink table overlay, napkins in red-violet and your flower centrepiece should be in all colours of vibrant purples, red violet, hot pinks and light pinks. OR use white table cloth, white chair covers with magenta purple tie at the back, red violet napkin and your flower centrepiece should be mostly in pinks and purple with red-violet popping out.
      Table can have flower petals distributed on it.
      Background draping: If you are using white table cloth and white chair covers then your draping should be white and magenta purple mixed with Hot Pink.
      If you are using magenta purple chiavari chairs then you might want to use very light shade of purple and pink in the background. Flowers must come in loads of pink.
      Your invite should have the two main colours that you are using which is the magenta purple and the Hot Pink.

      Your cake can be in white but the design( say flower or any other thing) should be in Hot pink and bit of magenta purple.

      I hope this helps. I would love to create an inspirational board for you to see . Will post back once am done.

      Kind Regards,


  35. Please help me with this colours Blue, Brown and peach

  36. Seen the lovely work you are doing on this site. Please help me with this colour combinations
    1. Torquoise blue, Coffee brown and peach
    2. Green and Gold
    3. Wine, cream and gold.
    Thanks and God Bless you richly

    • Hi Mercy,
      Please let me know where the colours come in. Is the 1st one for the white wedding? Green and Gold for the trad? Or are you asking which option is the best?
      The three options are good to use. I particularly like the idea of Turquoise Blue and Deep Peach, you can have coffee brown as the accent.

      Get back to me and let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  37. please i want know how best green and wine,gold can be combined, for the decorations and outfits for the bridal train, grooms men and the couple for the traditional and the wedding,
    initially i am looking at coffee brown and gold only, now i want green, i have already gotten a carton colour cloth for the engagement. I hope to get the reply soon

    • Hi Adeola,

      I will work with this.
      Groomsmen: Black Suit, Ivory waistcoat, white shirt, emerald green cravat, emerald green pocket squares
      Groom: Black Suit, Ivory waist coat, white shirt, Ivory cravat, green pocket square but let him wear buttonhole( man flower in wine)
      Bridesmaids: I love the idea of a long chiffony dress in emerald green and bouquet in wine and green, gold accessory is appropriate
      Flower girls: I always love the feel of lace on kids ( lacy material in gold sewn as a dress) with a green or wine coloured waistband. Hair band the same colour with waist band.
      Maid of Honor: Same coloured dress as the bridesmaids but with a distinct accessory( hair or cloth) OR with a different dress style.
      Reception Decor: If you can get chiavari chairs then use green seat pads, table cloth should be in DEEP burgundy ( wine). Then use same green colour as table runner. Create a + runner across the table. Get a good flower vase with flowers in green, cream and burgundy.
      If you do not want Chiavari chairs then use cream or gold chair covers (the self tie one) with wine table cloth and then get table centrepieces with green and cream flowers. Your background drapings can be in gold and cream. Just use green and cream flowers as the background flower design in the hall

      Does this help?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

      MWN 😉

  38. please give me the colours in details

    Chairs and tables
    then hall

  39. I love u are doing. God bless u. My weddin wil be comin up in sept,and i not sure of d sister said i use peach and lemon for d traditional attire but i don’t if it’s okay. Also i don’t d colours to use for d whyte weddin. Plz kindly help me out wit d best colours both for traditional and whyte wedding.thank u. Mary

  40. I love wat u are doing. God bless u. My weddin wil be comin up in sept,and i’m not sure of d colours to sister said i use peach and lemon for d traditional attire but i don’t know if it’s okay. Also i don’t know d colours to use for d whyte weddin. Plz kindly help me out wit d best colours both for traditional and whyte wedding.thank u. Mary

    • Hi Mary,

      Peach is definitely a lovely colour, am really not sure how that would work with lemon ( yellow) BUT you can try that with Navy Blue or Teal Blue colour, Peach also goes well with purple and gold. What I think would work with you is Peach and Fuchsia Pink.

      For the white wedding, Burgundy + Pink+ Ivory OR Burgundy+Orange. You could choose apple green and gold a well.
      Does this help?

      Let me know so that I get a board ready for your chosen colour.

      Kind Regards,


  41. Hi, i am stil expectin ur reply.mary

  42. thanks.
    am grateful
    God bless u

  43. Hi,
    I admire your work. My wedding is in April. Do you think the colors olive green and cream will be a good combination for my engagement. I wanted the green to be the main color. You could suggest other colors. I hope to get the reply soon.

    • Hi Dolapo,

      Yes, Cream is a neutral colour and it goes with almost every colour since olive green is your main colour, you could choose to have these combinations with green.
      Olive green + Peach
      Olive green + Red
      Olive Green+ Pale Blue, Sapphire Blue
      Olive Green + Pinks

      You can add cream into all of these. Tell me what colour you would like to see in a board so I can get this done.

      Kind Regards,

      Anita ,

  44. Hi, please am still waiting for your response to 65 above. Thanks and God bless you greatly

  45. Hello,
    I’m still expecting your reply to 75. I hope it comes in soon. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  46. Thank u so much. Apart from using orange and burgundy,is there any other color dat i combine wit orange. I like d orange color and i want it to be my main color.plz i wud love u to give me a breakdown of wat d bridesmaid,groomsmen and bridal train wud use,also my bouquet.

  47. Thank u so much. Apart from using orange and burgundy,is there any other color dat i combine wit orange. I like d orange color and i want it to be my main color.plz i wud love u to give me a breakdown of wat d bridesmaid,groomsmen and bridal train wud use,also my bouquet.mary

    • Hi Mary,

      There’s a lot of colours that can go with orange. BUT its complementary colour is Blue . So try these combinations:
      Any shade of Blue+ Orange
      Apple green + Orange
      Orange+Grass green+ Blue+ Red ( Blue and Red as accents)
      Apple Green+ Reddish magenta+ Blue+ Orange
      Since Blue is the complementary colour of orange, lets see how this works!

      Bridesmaids: Get a lovely orange dress and mix this with blue. Either by accessories or by design
      Groomsmen: Slate grey or carton colour suit, white shirt and Blue tie, Blue pocket squares or button hole.
      Groom: Grey coloured suit, same coloured waistcoat, very pale blue shirt or white shirt, Blue tie and buttonhole in orange and blue. He can also have pocket square in blue.
      Bouquet:Since the bridal train is using mainly orange dress then the bouquet should be in blue and orange. If you can get a bit of purple in the flower bunch, that would be ideal.
      Reception: I love the idea of using Chiavari chairs with blue seat pads and blue table cloth with orange accessories in there but if you cannot get this then use a white chair cover, blue sash, Blue table cloth and then make sure your napkins and gift boxes are in orange. Your flowers in the table ( centrepiece) should be in orange, purple, cream, greens and Blues.
      Hall Reception: Make draperies in white and blue only. Just make sure that oranges pop out every now and then in the decor.
      Cake: Make this with flower designs in orange colour
      Invitation: Your invite should be either in orange background and blue coloured inscriptions or plain white with orange inscriptions.

      I hope this helps.

      Check this board out:

      Kind Regards,


  48. I think am using the Torquiose blue, peach and brown for the white but am confused as to the colour for the Trad ie whether to use Green & Gold or Wine red, cream and gold. what do you think.
    Thanks and God bless and keep you.

  49. Thanks so much for your effort. It’ll really go a long way. I would like to see the colors olive green+pale blue, sapphire blue on the board. Once again, thanks for your contribution.

  50. hi,

    i av gone thru all the post and they are fantastic. my wedding is coming up in october and am yet to conclude on colurs. what i av in mind is using 3 colours, i was thinking 2 shades of blue a(maybe true blue and sky blue) and a 3rd colour which am not sure. i was thinking gold but am not sure it will come out cool. please help me suggest a 3rd color and a breakdown of it in d dressing and decor. i wil be very grateful if i get an inspiration picture also.

    Thanks alot

  51. hi,

    God bless u for the good work and help u are rendering to brides to be. i am one and an yet to pick my colours. my wedding is in october and i av not concluded on the colours yet. i want to use 3 colours. 2 different shade of blue (sky blue and true blue) and a 3rd colour dat i dont know. i was thinking gold but am not sure this will turn our elegantly. pls suggest if the 2 shades of blue is perfect and a 3rd colour that will work perfectly with them. also help me suggest how the colurs should be used in the dressing and reception decor. i will really appreciate an inpirational picture.

    thanks alot

  52. Hi.I have read all your posts and I must say you are doing a good wedding is in october and am still as confused as ever.first of al,is it compulsory to use more than two colours for wedding now?was thinking of using brugundy and gold only.would brugundy go with a grey suit,my finace wants a grey suit badly but he isn’t sure wearing a brugundy waistcoast would do.what colours can I use for the train? want to use peach and chocolate for engagement,what do u think?thanks.

    • Hi Funmi,
      Sorry for the late response. Firstly, it is not compulsory to use more than two colours. Infact my friends wedding I attended over the weekend was of Burgundy and Green and it was beautiful. Burgundy and Gold is a very nice colour combo so go for it. Guess what! Yes! Burgundy colour would go with a grey suit. Let him wear a grey suit, creamy to gold waistcoat, white shirt and cream or gold cravat/wedding tie. The groom had the boutonnière in burgundy carnation flower , he is black and guess this would work even if he is light skinned. It was lovely. Let him try the burgundy waistcoat and the Ivory waistcoat and see what fits well.
      Unfortunately the burgundy and Gold inspiration board doesn’t want to get saved so could not upload it here.

      Peach and chocolate is OMG lovely! Check this out:

      Although not with trad pictures but at least you get an idea.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards and Congrats!


  53. Happy easter to u.I guess the reason you haven’t replied is because of the festive period.pls I need your advice.I ll be waiting.thanksh

  54. i must commend ur efforts in helping brides achieve their color theme. i have love for olive green and probably lavender and gold as my wedding colour. does this three colour match? if it does how can i combine it to achieve what i want. i want a colorful wedding. whatever colour olive green must be there. i don’t know what to use for my trad. pls help

    • Hi Chioma,

      Olive green is best matched with gold. Subtle use of lavender can be used in perhaps flowers and/or seat pad if chiavari chairs are used.
      If not then Olive green chair sash on cream or gold chair cover, cream/gold table cloth and flower centrepiece in cream and very tiny bits of lavender flowers(If you must!)
      Groomsmen could have black suit, white tie and Olive green tie while the groom could wear black suit, cream waistcoat, shirt in ivory, tie in ivory but pocket squares and man flower in olive green.This would make him stand out, he could get wedding embroidered waistcoat and cravats or scrunchies in chosen colour
      Bridesmaids could wear olive green or gold dress Bouquet in creams, pinks ad greens.

      why don’t you try olive green, gold and peach or coral pink for trad?

      Tell me if that would work.You would need to see yourself in the dress to envisage this.

      Kind Regards,


  55. hi i need help in choosing my colours would love cream,red and gold. or alternatively cream,orange and green.what do you think

  56. Hi,
    My man will be using an ash colored suit, i want green to be part of my colors but i dont really know what shade of green yet. Please i need u to help me with color combinations both for my trad and white wedding. groom’s men, bride’s maids, flowers and others. please help.

    • Hi Blessing,

      Apple green, office green or even grass green would definitely go with this. There are several colour combos that you can choose from Blessing.
      Perhaps lemon green cream and gold
      Melon and orange
      Melon and Peach
      Purple and Light Gray
      Cream Gold and Orange

      The list can go on. I would suggest that you check the enquiries for colours to get your inspiration on colours. Or what colours have you noticed that brings your beauty out well ?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  57. Dear,
    I love this good work you are doing. Please can you tell me the groom colours that could go well with these combination ( at least two):

    Bride + Groom traditional attire = Royal blue + ocean blue
    Brides family = Deep purple + Fussia pink

    Groom family = ?????

  58. Dear Anita,
    Thanks for the response. The orange and green sounds great.. but which one shall be the main base colour? What shade of green? Does Lemon green goes with orange? What do you see to lemon green and yellow gold?
    Does Peach goes with any of it. kindly assist to arrange a combo for all party for a Nigerian traditional wedding.

    • Hi Topeade,

      Apple green would do with this.
      Lemon is yellow! Did you mean Lime green? This can go with orange but lime green is just too bright a colour for orange except you want really loud colours!
      Green-yellow colour is okay so use that or apple green colour with orange
      Lime green and yellow gold works! Peach is better matched with true green colour rather than lime green and peach can blend well in gold as well.
      If you have to throw in peach then just use gold and true green or very light green colour BUT not lime green.

      This would work.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  59. Hi Anita,
    I have read most of your post and response and you what? You are doing a great Job and I have learnt a lot from all your post.
    Like some other people have posted I am getting marry in Oct 11 but I am still confused for the colours to use for both traditional and white wedding. Let me take them one by one:
    For Traditional: My man likes to use blue colour but I do not know other colour to combine with it. Please advice on other colour to combine with blue, bride shoe colour and top i.e. lace colour.
    • Colour combinations for bride family?
    • Colour combinations for groom’s family?
    • Colour combinations for brides friends
    • Colour combinations to use for and how to decorate the traditional wedding venue?

    White Wedding: I am thinking of using,
    • Apple green + orange + Ivory My Man Love the combination but my fear is if the colour combination will go well in October. Please advise and help in colour combination of the following:
    o Bride made; dress, shoes and other accessories
    o Groom men: Attire and other accessories
    o Groom: Attire (U know he needs to be unique):
    o Little Bride maid: colour combinations
    o Hall decoration : colour combinations
    o Bride and grooms car decoration: colour combinations
    o The colour combinations of bride and bride maids flower
    o And colour combinations of flower for decoration of the hall

    Colour to use for Invitation card design.
    Last what are needed accessories for the couples for both their traditional and white wedding.
    Thanks, eagerly waiting for your reply as am about to order for the things to use.

    • Hi Adebola,

      Tough Call was answering your enquiry when my laptop suddenly froze. Anyways, Blue is a lovely colour that complements well with orange.
      If you looking to have triads or three combination with blue then try blue, orange and yellow-orange but when you are looking for four colours then you could use a rectangular colour combo- blue, purple, yellow and orange. Now you do not have to use all colours as main colours as you need to balance the hot and cold colours.
      Brides family: Another shade of blue with amber ( orange yellow) :
      Grooms family: Purple and Gold
      Brides friends: Let them have peach orange. scroll down to see this:
      Combo for trad: Use one main colour- powder blue( very pale blue) and let your table decor be in yellow or orange. So if you can get the table top in pale blue, using chiavari chairs with cream or pale blue seat pad or ( chair covers in pale blue or ccream)

      White wedding: colour combo is fine and not bad for october -( thing is you have to use deep orange if you care about seasons which is not very obvious in Nigeria)
      Bridesmaids could go green dress with orange bouquet and silver or nude shoes.
      Groomsmen: 3 Piece suit in black, white shirt, Green ties, green pocket squares
      Groom: I know he needs to be unique dearie . 3 piece suit or tux if he likes, cream waistcoat, cream or white shirt, cream or white tie, pocket square in green and manflower or boutonniere in orange. (
      Lil BM: Cream dress and waistband of your colour choice .. either orange or green
      Bride should go for orange or green shoe depends on what colour you lie but prefer a colour that matches the manflower of your fiance.
      Table decor: Use ivory in table cloth and chair cover, use sash in pale green like mint green then let the napkins be in orange neatly arranged in the wine glass. Flower table decor in orange and green
      Hall: Just make sure your background drapins are in cream any sort of colour would be seen in the flower arrangements, petals and cushions ( if a mandap is used like this simple one:
      Car: You could both use all three colours of blue, orange and cream or make one colour more dominant than others.

      Invite: Use green card and orange ribbon..
      Accessories: Use gold or orange beads. Blue top, orange gele, orange beads, orange shoes and blue wrap round. Guy would use blue attire, orange OR BLUE cap, orange beads… black shoe.

      Gotta run now..
      Hope this helps.

      k Regards,


  60. Hi anita,
    I am still awaiting your response

  61. Thanks! thanks!! thanks!!! Anita you have save me a lot of headache. How about your laptop now hope it is work fine now.
    i just need some clarifications:
    Bride should go for orange or green shoe depends on what colour you lie but prefer a colour that matches the manflower of your fiance.: I guess bride shoes for the white wedding use to be white or cream, can i use cream shoe.
    For the Traditional: Can i use white lace that has white background with blue design, because my man insist in wearing something white or cream under his Agbada(flowing gown).
    Thanks again you really make my day.


    • Hi Adebola,

      Laptop acting so funny these days needs an upgrade. anyways yes you can wear cream or white but these days brides don’t do that anymore. Most brides now wear coloured shoes that matches the tie or the man flower of their husband.

      For the trad, I am sure it would come out fine , you can never go wrong on traditional attires.
      Have a nice day.

      Kind Regards,


  62. thanks a lot. You really save my life.


  63. am so grateful for this site. plesase my wedding is next month september, am so confused about this colours; green,peach and gold or purple peach and gold or peach brown and cream. help me choose de colour and how will would it be used for decor, brides maid, chief bm, grooms men, pin up and flower girls. please help me out am confused about dis colour if it will work out well. thank you.

  64. hi MWN, i really love the color combinations i’ve seen on ur site. my wedding is coming up in december and i would like to know if blue, red and white goes or should i use red,pink and white
    thanx and i hope to get a reply very soon

  65. welldone,my wedding is coming up soon n i need ur advise on colour combo,for my traditional am using ocean blue n royal blue which i dont ve problem but my white i had love to use orange n gold bt my friends n family re opposing it, what do u think i shd do cos ve always love ds colours

    • Hi Titi,

      There’s nothing wrong with range and gold but it could be better with Green or Blue added to it. Let the orange be in the normal shade of orange and the blue in dark blue.then green could be in the background used at the venue decor.
      These colours should come out lovely..



  66. Hi Anita,
    Welldone. My wedding is coming up in April,2012. I have chose Olive green and Burgundy with a touch of cream as my wedding colours,but don’t know how to combine the for the groom, chiefbridesmaid, groomsmen n bridesmaid. There would be no flower girls. Also would like my sisters to be included ind colour arrangement. The groom is dark skinned and he would want to wear a suit. Please help. Thank you

  67. i love the way you handle each question. My wedding is coming up next year (date not fixed yet) but am having serious problems choosing a perfect color. a color for both my bouquet, flower girls, cake, decorations, maid of honor, and also for the groom. i would really love the groom to put on a cream color suit but i don’t know what color of tie and waistcoat he can use that will fit perfectly. i have this color in mind but don’t know if it goes at all. what do you think about lilac purple with safety orange color?and if its ok, how do i combine it for the groom’s wear,cake,decorations and others mentioned above. i really need your help here. thanks

    • Hi Lilian.

      There’s nothing safe about lilac and orange but one can pull it off because its lilac.
      It is safer when you use yellow orange rather than pure orange colour. Yellow is the complementary colour to purple so using yellow-orange is better.
      BM can wear lilac dress and gold or silver accessories with cream and yellow-orange bouquet.
      H2B having cream coloured suit, silver and white embroidered jacket,white shirt, lilac tie, let the manflower be in lilac and yellow-orange. OR else he wears silver gray suits, three piece, white shirt and lilac bow tie with yellow-orange pocket square.
      GM could have grey suit, waistcoat in dark brown or black, lilac shirt, yellow -orange bow tie, manflower in yellow-orange, pocket square in yellow-orange.
      Cake: I saw a cake somewhere: check this out.. This might not be your style but at least you get the idea:
      Decoration: I prefer you have your table top in lilac, white crockeries, table napkin in yellow-orange and flowers arrangements in yellow-orange, chair covers in white and sash in lilac but if you can get chivari chairs with seat pad in purple then even better .Your background drapins should be in white and and lilac, let the fruitdrinks, drink table or food table be in yellow-orange. Cake table could come in yellow- orange too.
      Reception card could also come in yellow-orange.

      Hope it helps.

      All the best,


  68. hi

  69. i love and appreciate d way u answer questions,God bless u real good for being a helping hand to many.
    my wedding is coming up soon,i have these colors in mind but how will it be combined for the maid of honor,bridesmaids,what color of shoe will colors are:army green,lemon green and gold…what shade of gold can go with the shades of green i have in mind.what will be the main color.
    Then how will the decoration color be,also the cake.

    thank you so dearly,i look forward to ur answers.

  70. I appreciate ur works. Pls i need ur advice concernin my weddin colours. I’m thinking of combinin orange and gold; what do u think? I’ll really appreciate it if u could also advise me on the cake colours, bridal train, groom shirt, flowers and traditional attires (wt aso oke).

  71. Hello anita,
    My wedding is comning up in july and am still battling with colours. My trad attire is champaigne+red and red and silver as colour of the day. But I have no idea what to choose as the colour for the wedding. And how to combine it as per what the groom.bridesmaid and groomsmen will wear. Kindly advise on this as it is urgent!!!

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Your colours are not bad at all.

      For your white wedding why dont you do something different by mixing a shade of red to pink and then use gold as your accent?

      Your background drapins in white so that bridesmaids and groomsmen carry the colour.
      Bridesmaids: to give you an idea check this out: . Can they combine the two colours together with gold belt?
      Groomsmen: Silver gray suit and light pink shirts with silver ties.
      Groom: Slate gray( very dark gray) wedding waistcoat in silver and tie in dark red. buttonhole in dark red..
      You: Red or Pink shoe if not nude.

      Hope this helps,


  72. Hi Anita,
    my wedding is coming up soon, but am still battling on Ђδω to combine my colours. I choose mint Green, burnt Orange and champyne gold. Pls Ђδω D̶̲̥̅̊Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ I combine them for d groom, bride,bouquet, bridesmaid, decoration, asoebi and all. Thanks as I await ur reply

    • Hi Oyin,
      I must have skipped your comment. will come back to you on this tomorrow.


    • Hi Oyin,
      A simple way to help you in using your colors is by knowing your main colors, secondary and then tertiary colors. In this case, would you prefer to use burnt orange as your main color? Then this is one way to use it.
      Groom: I love the color petrol blue or very light blue suit being used. His waistcoat, shirt and neckwear( tie) in white or silver then his pocket square or manflower in orange and green
      Bride: Are you interested in having a colored shoe? Thats one great way to color code your attire without being too non-traditional. The color of your shoes should match up your husbands manflower and your bouquet. I saw this bouquet somewhere ( the second pics), you might have an idea:
      Decoration: I love the idea of having mint green table linen with an overlay in champagne gold lace. then your tie backs for chair in gold or champ too. Use a different darker shade of green for your program and napkin and then the table flowers, if you are having one in ivory and pop of orange. Your cake could come in mintgreen color rather than the normal white. Have flower designs in gold and orange too.
      With the asoebi you can play around using different shades of green to comine with mint green and gold. For you and hubby, how about using champagne color as the background aso-oke color then use a dash of orange and green as your colors? An aso oke expert would be able to give you good options ( if you need one to be recommended then do get in touch- 08037770150)

      I hope this helps, but if you are still not clear on some aspect then do get in touch!


  73. Hi, please Anita, what colour is in season for febuary? am thinking deep orange and champayne gold for trado and mint green and orange for white. do u think its okay or its out of season? Thanks a mill

    • Hi Franca,
      Firstly, I must ask are you in Nigeria? Cause choosing your wedding colors based on seasons abroad is not practical. We only have wet, dry and harmattan seasons here. Having said that tho, in february, you see fresh blossoms here in Nigeria. Going for deep orange and champagne is very appropriate for fall- ember periods( sept, oct, november). Instead of deep orange why not get another shade of orange. check this out: You can have a second color like sapphire as the second color and then neutrals like champagne.

      For the trado, I do like the idea of mint green and orange.Feel free to also use another shade of green maybe leafy green or apple green. I saw a pic somewhere the lady made use of mint green / light olive and then the hubby used a dark army green color, it was a beautiful combo! So try and use another shade of green to support the mint green.

      Hope this helps,


  74. wedding colour green,orange,gold ok? traditional wedding: yellow and blue.Pls how do i use the colours to case of bridal train and asebi as the case maybe

    • Hi Josephine,

      Green and orange with gold is lovely, a very optimistic colors full of hope and progress. The bridal train should concentrate on using orange for their attire with the GM in light blue suit, then groom in dark silver suit with white shirt, wasitcoat and neck wear then his handkerchief in orange.

      Aso ebi – Purple is a good color that runs well with yellow so while you use yellow and blue, pple could have purple and yellow. these three colors complement each other. Alternatively, just allow them use one main color say blue and then with silver.

      Hope this helps,



    • Hi Josephine,
      Thanks for the lil prayer. I like the color blue, infact it’s one of my favorites.
      Is your sister fair in complexion, sky blue and peach would be a good one. How about peach and green like mint green or even peach and turquoise blue.

      I think the combination of sky and royal blue would come out well or you try sky blue and sapphire blue. You could add silver to it so maybe your gele in silver and blue then iro with same color of silver and blue. Your buba in skyblue hand cut and then ikpele in royal or sapphire blue whichever you choose .

      BM could wear a skyblue colored dress and bouquet in cream or in peach. Your decor could come with white and skyblue so table linen in white, chair covers in white and swags in peach and blue or I would say.. just take the color peach for the decor so that you make use of peach and white for the decor alone with accents of blue then the bridal attire using blue.

      For Trad, aso ebi , I love the idea of coral set against blue so let ur asoebi’s be in colors of coral- deep corals and silver.

      I hope this helps, check this board :

      Hope you get inspired,


  76. My wedding is coming up in April. I love purple and would also like to have green. Do u think I could use one for traditional and the other for white wedding? Or is there a way to combine the two? would it produce a beautiful effect? I look forward to your prompt response. Thanks

  77. Hello Anita, My traditional marriage is coming up in July. I am frm Delta and thought of waering lilac blouse on purple wrapper but my sister made fun of me and said it’s old fashioned. I love purple. What other colour can i use with purple and i need ideas for the decor pls. Thks.

    • Hi Debbie,
      Lilac is a good color used with purple.lilac is light purple. Maybe what she is trying to say is that most brides do not color code that way anymore. Brides from the south tend to use cream color or cream beige for the blouse or gold color blouse and then colored wrapper..with head cap in red beads
      Purple for your traditional attire is good with gold, soft pink, white, peach color, Silver gray ( all these colors are good to use as blouse color) you can even wear both top and blouse in purple then your scarf in a different color like in silver or white. I think what matters is the material you use for the top.

      You can get a transparent lace on top of the colored blouse. If you see latest blouse style you will understand. If I do get fresh pictures on this will make a post on this.

      As per decor, is that the trad or white? what colors do you intend to use?


  78. my marriage is coming up in november and i dont wat colour to use,am tinking of apple green and gold but man does not like it,he said he want blue,i dnt knw wat to do,pls if u can help me out,tnx

    • Hi Eju,

      Apple green and gold is a very nice color palette. Maybe incorporate his color palette for your white and use the other for the trad?
      Blue is beautiful with silver gray, pinks, reds or orange.


  79. hi,pls my wedding is coming up in november and i dnt knw wat colour to use,but am tinkin of using apple green and gold,but my man does nt like it,pls can u help me out wit colour combination

  80. Hi,
    i’m planning for my wedding. I have three colours in mind peach, army green and gold bt don’t knw hw to combine it, pls help me out.

  81. pls can one combine green and blue together.

  82. Hello, God will continue to take u higher and you will forever be the best.
    Orange and sea blue is my favorite. Please give me in details on how to combine the following. And also aside sea blue what other blue can I combine wt orange.


    Chairs and tables.
    then hall

    God bless you.

    • Hello Onadipe,

      Congrats and thanks for the prayer! Sea blue and orange is a lovely color combo but you can also use Navy blue and even Teal blue if you wish to use other blue shades or tones.

      The idea of using orange as the main color appeals much but its getting really cliche so why not use blue for your bridal party?

      I like giving real time example of how this would look in pics do pls take a look at this link and imagine you using orange instead of the purple.

      I would only suggest that the groomsmen use gray-blueish suits, white shirt with silver ties and allow their manflower or pocket square in sea blue. Groom in Navy Blue suit, white shirt, silver waistcoat and tie in same colored blue so that his boutonniere comes in orange.
      Bridesmaids in lovely blue dress and white and orange bouquet or just orange bouquet.
      The maid of honor could just have a different shade of blue and style of dress too. You could also different her with the color of bouquet she is using. Maybe the rest using mostly orange forage and she uses green or ivory.

      For decoration, I love orange to be the main color so let the event planner swag with orange and the gazebo or chuppah in orange and white so that your program, cake decorations and table flower centrepiece, all come in mostly orange, your gift favor in orange too!

      I hope this helps,

      Let me know,



  84. pls how can combine ash colour suit with army green and gold for the groom

  85. You won do wedding??

  86. Hi. Tnx for d gud job u guys ar doing. Pls culd sea green and pink alright? Or wat color wuld u suggest? Ma wedding is in april.

  87. goodafternoon. pls can one combine green, orange and red? if yes, which colour can the man use for shirt and which one will be for the tie?

  88. hello

  89. My wedding color is red green and white, am asking if I could still combine orange to it

  90. hi, which colour can one mix with cream

  91. blessing adesina : October 22, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    Hi,my wedding is December pls how can I combine this three colours green,gold nd peach for my traditional nd white wedding nd how combine it for bride nd groom,bridal train nd both family.thanks

    • Hi Blessing,

      I love bold colours for trads. Green and Gold/ Peach and Gold are both good colours you could combine for the trad. If you have a dark complexion, then go for the green and gold. Your buba could be of beige/ cream and iro in green. Gele in green and beige (you could do the double coloured gele, where the first head wrap is green and the outer is beige or gold)

      For the white, let your Bridal Train colour take the main colour- Peach and green? Orange and Green? Family could go with other complementary colours like Bubble Pink colour and a touch of green.

      Hope that helps.

      Kind Regards,
      Anita Gopaldas

  92. hi, my traditional marriage is coming up soon, but am confused with the family colour,am using orange and teal,asoebi champagne gold and burnt orange

    • Hi Tgirl,
      You should not be confused with the colours. Your colours are perfect. Family can do mustard yellow (google it) and teal green.

      Your asoebi colours are cool. Send us your wedding pictures for a feature.

      Kind Regards,
      Anita Gopaldas

  93. hi, my traditional marriage is coming up soon, but am confused with the family colour,am using orange and teal,asoebi champagne gold and burnt orange

  94. God bless u for d gud job …… Pls my sister weding is coming up vry soon and she want me to choose d colour and d combination for her to use both d tradition white and engament party, pls what colour can go she is vry fair in complextion….. Ur help is need thanks alot will b waiting.

    • Hi Annabel,

      Pastels are good with fair skin people. Pastel colours in pink, lilac,sea blue etc, However other colours like Burgundy or wine, royal blue and Fuchsia are colours that she can use. For her trad, give her thre options of wine colour, royal blue or Pink. Keep it monotone ( one colour, diferent shades if possible) for her white wedding, she can keep it simple with peach colour. Peach goes with red, blue, even yellow for the decor. I imagine a colour combination of peacch, royal blue and white.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,
      ANita Gopaldas

    • Hi Annabel,
      A fair skinned lady can go for greens and blues.. with atouch of Gold.
      Dark reds are also quite good on a fair complexioned.

      She has a choice of
      Red and cream with gold
      Blue and Gold
      Light purple and gold
      Greens and Gold

      Sometimes yellow comes out quite good on fair skinned too. Whatever colour she chooses, alternate with a base colour like cream. Avoid grays.
      Hope this helps.

  95. Hi,my brother’s wedding is really close and chose lemon green and chose orange, gold or coffee brown to combine….I don’t know which will be best. please help me out……

    • Hi Magdalene,
      Lemon green and Orange are two bright colours. It could work if you love very bright colours. I love the idea of LEMON GREEN and GOLD or ORANGE and GOLD. COFFEE BROWN and ORANGE is a good combo too.

      Hope that helps.

      Kind Regards,

  96. Good day!please I really need your help.My wedding comes up December and I really love brown;green and cream or beige;but my fiance loves sky blue and white.How do I marry this together.And also I learnt some colours are not in vogue again.plsssssss I need your help.Thanks in anticipation.

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