Colours and their meaning

Red – Love & Passion
Green – Fertility, Peace & Nature
Blue – Truth, Clarity & Dignity
Yellow – Joy & Energy
Orange – Masculinity & Stability
Indigo – Tranquillity
Purple – Royalty, Wealth
White – Purity & Lightness
Pink – Romance
Brown – Friendship
Silver – Encouragement
Gold – Attraction
Grey – Neutrality
Black – Rebellion & Elegance


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  1. yellow and chocolate, is it nice

  2. Navy blue and sky blue, is it nice? can you show me the picture of these colour?

  3. please i really need to know if these colours match and what their meanings are; lime green/cream and sky blue/toffee brown. thank you.

    • Hi Darlene,

      Lime- Excitement, Power, Anticipation, Growth
      Brown- Reliability, earthly, stability, foundation
      Sky Blue- Peace, tranquillity, faith, intuition,inspiration, responsibility

      Lime green and cream is good but if you use a bit of orange (or chocolate) as accent so that it pops out? perhaps seen in your table accessories like napkins?

      You can even use chocolate brown instead of toffee brown with sky blue!

      For more on meaning of colours:

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,



      • I’m using it to a Wedding. I’m wearing a milky gown with a black jacket, black shoe. Can it go with red scarf, red rose and red bag? I’ll also use jewelries but I don’t know what colour again. Thanks.

  4. Pls could you help me decide on a colour for my wedding. i am contemplating on lilac with ivory or sea blue with white. I am very confused.

    • Hi Joke,

      These colours that you have chosen an still work, Ivory is like cream colour and this can go with lilac but if you could add a bit of red or pink to it? This would make it pop out.
      Then try Sea Blue +White + Red

      It depends on what mood you what to reflect on you wedding day( calm, boys,trueness, ice, water) while red ( passion, fire, leadership, beauty).
      I like the idea of using blue because all the tints and shades of purple have become increasingly popular!

      When I have more time to my hands I will create a board on this.

      Kind Regards,


  5. Thank you for your help and I look forward to the colour combinations soon. God bless.

  6. hello there. very confused about a wedding combination for my wedding holding later this year. need something unique and trendy( every colour combination around semms recycled!). the problem is that he is dark-skinned and i am fair. would appreciate any advice you could give! thank you so much!

  7. Hello,
    Can you please help out.I am trying to decide a theme for my dec weddings.I have seen pictures of lilac and purple in some places and they looked good.In other places,they looked horrible. I was thinking of going for lilac and purple but I don’t know if this is a good combination. What colors can I use with lilac, or with purple for decoration.
    Also for my engagement, do you think chocolate and cream is a good color or wine and cream. Please help.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Tare,

      As regards lilac and purple, it is a nice combo and it really depends on the event designer.

      Check out this board on lilac, purples and pinks let me know if this you like this look!

      You might also like this:

      Chocolate and cream is not bad, the colour is rich but almost everybody is using brown and cream its as if people have run out of colours!Wine or Burgundy with cream is also very good. It then now depends on what colour would suit your skin tone. I suggest you go for a trial dress section, you and your partner.Check the colours that would suit your skin and choose that colour.

      Kind Regards,


  8. Hi Anita,

    I’m contemplating on burgundy wine & baby pink for my engagement.My man is dark while I’m chocolate. Kindly advice

    • Hi Remi,

      Burgundy wine and pink is a lovely combo. What do you wish to have as the main colour? Pink looks great when worn with gray suit and it complements black complexion.
      You can use chiavari chairs with pink seat pads and table cloths in burgundy wine. Then centrepiece models in pink flower. If you use gold as accent then let your crockeries be in gold and silver. You can have pink petals scattered on the table.
      BM: Can wear the main colour of their choice so whether in pink or burgundy dress
      Groomsmen can have black suit with pink tie or burgundy depending on what BM’s are wearing.
      Cake: Have wine coloured decoration scheme around the cake.
      Invite card should come in your main colour say Burgundy and then have pink designs or writings in it/ you can have pink ribbons tied around it.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  9. Good day,
    We are considering purple and cream as our wedding colours. Do u think purple and cream is a good combination for a white wedding?


  10. Hi, Anita, i appreciate the nice job you guys are doing. Pls how will these colours apple green, cream and gold match i and my man we are both chocolate in complexion. Thanks

  11. pls its really urgent am shoping now.wanted to know if lemon,cofee brown and golden yellow follows pls. cloths for the train and decoration.thks

    • Hi Omoye,

      Lemon yellow or lemon green? Brown and Gold is a classic combination. Let me know whether its lemon green or lemon yellow. Because naturally lemon is yellow and lime is green but we have lemony green..
      Green and Browns are earthy colours meaning they go with almost all colours as base colours. Even with Lemon yellow, it would work just pick one as the main colour and then use the rest as accent.

      What is your main colour?


  12. My mum and fiance are freaking me out with their bickering over what colours to use. Mom wants Yellow and pink but I just can’t figure out how that will work.
    Kindly advise me.

    • Hi Yetunde,

      Let me come back to you on this in the afternoon!


    • Hi Yetunde,
      Yellow and Pink can only work when the pink used is hot pink or fuchsia pink or any other stronger pink colour.
      Your mum must be a very fiery and cheerful woman because it does the bring the idea of loads of fun! 🙂
      It can work because because on the color wheel you can see that the split complementary of yellow is magenta( which could be in the group of hot pink) and Royal Blue. Having these colors with yellow can be interesting. You just need to make one the major color.
      Like the BM: COULD wear different shades of pink to tone it down.
      GM: Dark Blue coat, Fuchsia Pink ties, white shirt or baby pink shirt,( blue coat on white trousers maybe?)
      Groom: Black or dark blue suit in three piece , white shirt and pink tie. Silver or gray suit would work very well too. His manflower should carry yellow to yellow golden flower+ Fuchsia Pink.
      YOU: You can decide to go with pink or golden yellow whichever it is you decide. Make your shoes colored and let the shoe color match the color of your grooms tie. Yellow works with gray suit too so do not fret!
      Decor: Now because its a very lively color you want to tone down the decor so I suggest using white chair covers and white table linen. Crockeries in white but maybe flower bottles in golden yellow ( if you can lay your hands on that) your background drapins should of course be in white or butter yellow with flower arrangements of pinks popping out in some areas and just plain cream and green in most areas
      Use Yellow sash in some tables and then pinks in others. Let the napkin come in the same colour with the sash but let the flower arrangements on the table no matter how small it is be in the opposite colors ( different shades of color allowed) e.g pink sash, pink napkin, pink flowers. white table linen, white chair covers. do you get?
      Your cake could be designed using one main color or even the two colors. What i have noticed is the color blocking method people used in fashion with yellow by combining it with other brighter colors like orange e.t.c.
      Anyways do not despair! There are loads you could do with yellow see this:
      Gives you color palettes that you can use with yellow or shades of yellow.

      Imagine what fun it could be if you pull this combo right!

      Hope you pull this through. Cant wait to see pics.

      Hope you get inspired.

      Kind Regards,


  13. Thanks Anita, God bless. Will keep u posted

  14. Please i am planning for my white wedding, and i need to know what colours go with blue

  15. hello,
    My sister’s wedding is around the corner and needs your help. For the engagement, Groom’s family would be using blue (yet to decide the shade). Please what colour can the bride’s family use that will blend with blue (with the shade recommended by you)? Finally what colour can the couples use on that day? Thank you.

  16. Hello ma,
    For the engagement, the groom’s family has decided to use sky blue, please what colour can the bride’s family use on that day. The couples are also waiting for your counsel on their colour. They urgently want to know the colours of the day.
    Patiently waiting for your response ma.

    • Hi Bunmi,

      Sorry for the late response.
      Brides family could go for tea rose or rose + bits of Red- this comes out well with the skyblue
      Sky blue could also be very good with orange as there are complementary.

      Can couples go for Navy Blue + Hot Pink?
      Green + Peach colour?
      Lemon green+ Royal Blue?
      There are loads of options but let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  17. hELLO,


    • Hi Namdi,

      Dark olive green can go with mustard yellow, Gold, Golden Yellow, Cream, Apple green,White, Purple, Baby Pink, Chocolate brown, Hot pink…

      These are just some colours that would work well with dark olive green.

      Hope you get inspired.

      Best Regards,


  18. HI

  19. Hello,
    Thank you for your response. Can the bride’s family use burgundy i.e wine or lilac while the couples use navy blue and pink.

    Thank you ma

    • Hi Bunmi,

      Lilac or Lavender ( floral) can work with Navy Blue and Pink. Not Burgundy. It creates soft tones and ease the eye. Purple lies very close to Blue on the colour wheel so using any hues or saturation values of Blues or Purple is workable.

      I like the idea of having apple green as an alternative to lilac.

      Kind Regards,


  20. My wedding Ȋ̝̊̅§ coming up and am planning on having the white and trad both weddin the same day. how do I go about my choice of colour really need ur help

  21. Good day,

    Thank you for the response. You are simply wonderful. The bride’s family have decided to use lilac while the groom’s family, sky blue. The couple decided to use olive green with gold.

    You are the best.

  22. Hi Bunmi,

    You’re doing a great job. I love your page and the articles published. My wedding is coming up in December and i seem to be having a little trouble deciding wat colour combinations to use. I intend using shades or purple (basically lilac and purple) with silver. I was wondering how to bring out the best in it.

    I excitedly await your advise.

    Thank you so much

    • Hi Sophia,

      We thank God Sophia! Congrats!
      Using different shades of same colour is very workable. Lilac+ Purple + Orchid ( more pinkish lilac) would be best
      Girls and guys could use the orchid colour or lilac. Boys could wear that with petrol blue coloured suit and white shirt. pocket square in orchid
      Groom could wear same coloured suit, wedding embroidered waistcoat in silver, white shirt, silver tie and manflower in orchid and purple. pocket squares in purple or orchid.
      The boys can match this with same coloured socks, in orchid too.
      Groom could wear same coloured suit, but ivory embroidered wedding waistcoat, white shirt , ivory coloured tie( , pocket square in orchid and manflower in maybe purple itself.

      Decor: You want to use white as the drapins for the backdrop. If you want, you can also have your drapins in shiny silver gray colour.
      Let the chair covers be in white and if you are not using chair covers use chivari chairs in white seat pad, let your table cloth be in silver gray. Let the table cloth drop to the floor. and crockeries in white, then let the table napkin be in a different purple( use deeper purple). Let the flowers used in decorating the table be in cream, and different purple shades
      Your reception programme be in silver colour!
      On the high table, if you would be using one, let the table cloth be in white. . Create a flower line at the edge of the table and let your backdrop at the back be in white too with three flower points?

      Your cake table could come in a different shade of purple and then the cake could come in purple colour and silver.
      Hope this board helps. This is just an inspiration!

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  23. Queen ekpoinam : August 15, 2011 at 11:38 am

    also i am new at this for the traditional marriage,does it mean that the two families will have to use one of the theme colours i have picked or how does it work.
    also need help,pls
    thanks a zillion

  24. Plz does cream and wine colours goes together or wat colour best goes with cream.

  25. HI,
    Am planning my wedding and am trying to make a choice of colours like:
    coffee brown + gold
    chocolate brown + cream
    army green + cream
    Pls advise me on what to use and if possible let me know the price for decorating a wedding reception hall and samples i might choose from.

  26. Hello, my wedding is coming up and i dnt knw hw 2 go abt d colour combo, wat do u think about orange and brown 4 d trads? Any idea on wat 2 use 4 d reception?

  27. Hi bunmi, plz my weddin wil be comin up in dec and i really want to know colors dat can go wit red. Also the tradition wil be the same day wit the white weddin.plz help wit d colors for bridal train. Thanks

  28. Hi,
    I just wanted to find-out if Aqua and Champagne are good combination and also if it is proper for both family to wear the same color for traditional since there is no white wedding

    • Hi Ola,

      Both families can wear different shades of blue so maybe Aqua+Royal Blue. Champagne is a good mix but in the table flower arrangement, you can add a bit of colour to make it pop, maybe like hot pink or amaranth pink.

      Thanks and all the best!


  29. Hi,
    Pls, my wedding is coming up soon and I intend using lemon and lime colors. Is this wise? Really confused need help as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Lolade,

      Yes lime and lemon is a very happy combo!
      Very sharp colours which screams excitement. Set this against white and voila ! You are done!
      let the table cloth and chair covers be in white and table flower arrangement in lime and lemon.



  30. good morning
    i really would say that you guys are doing a wonderful job,as this site is helpful and resourceful.
    i know how busy you and your team must be,but i plead that you please attend to my request.
    i have sent two or three mails to you,please,please and please attend to my mail.
    i am supposed to know the theme color for my wedding by now,but seriously i am confused by now.please help me,
    also i am confused as to whether the theme color for the wedding is the same for the traditional.this color thing is driving me nuts,please help me now.
    and also as regards the groom’s family and mine,how do i go about the color for the two families,do i choose color for the groom’s family.
    my wedding is coming up in october,and i am to go shopping for the aso-ebi next week tuesday(23 august).i am on a short leash as regards time.
    lastly,the colors i have in mind are blue,purple,red etc.if you have any better choice and good combination of colors,please let me know.i have approximately 3days to know my unique colors for my wedding.
    please i really your help and would appreciate any help.please come to my aid and rescue.
    thanks a zillion

  31. also sorry for bombarding you with my mails.
    i forgot to ask you what color do i and the groom use.
    thank you very much

  32. Thank you so much, God bless u.

  33. this site is absolutely cool. It has broadened my horizon

  34. Hello
    i just stumbled on this site. please i need help. my wedding is coming up in dec. i don’t have a color, i don’t particularly have a favourite color. my fiance is wearing an ash suit, and its a garden wedding with a lovely scene. i want something sweet, unique and different. thank u.

    • Hi Linda,

      I do not remember answering you! Apologies.
      Why don’t you use coral pink and gray as your wedding colour? The thoughts of having coral pink with lemon green and bits of teal for the floral arrangements could work really well! see this:
      GM can have their choice coloured suit ,maybe black or dark navy blue, white shirt and coral pink ties with man flower and pocket square in coral pink colour. The look should be informal since its a garden.Maybe thin stripy ties and coloured polka dot socks could do the trick. Whatever it is they choose, they should go smart casual
      Hubby should go for his ash coloured suit, three piece, white shirt , coral pink or silver white tie. His manflower should be in coral and lemon green. Pocket square in coral pink.
      BM should go for coral pink dress and if they can incorporate lemon green colour to it then even better . shoes in same colour of pink or nude.
      Decor: Am seeing ivory coloured chair covers and table top, with chair sash in coral pink tied to the side not at the back. And if you can use ribbon corsage as your theme This can be attached to the sash or you can just use flower, just like this:
      For ribbon corsage check out this site:
      Table top should have your reception programme in lemon green and coral, then the flower arrangements on the table top should be arranged in low heights and this should be in coral Pink, lemon green and cream. You can have diamonds or star glitters on your table top. Use wedding votives on the table .
      see example of votives:

      I love the colours and i think it would go beautifully well if done properly!

      All the best and hope this works.

      Kind Regards,


  35. i am in love with purple and cream. i love my suit to be cream, and if my tie is purple what colour should be my inner shirt or if inner shirt is purple wat colour should be the tie or wats ur openion. thanks in anticipation

  36. Hello MWN, wow….. just came across your site now. Please my wedding is coming up by the middle of this year, am quite confused about the colour combination. i want my engagement to be chocolate and orange or gold and orange, which is ok? what should be the groom’s family’s colour and also the bride’s family. The church wedding colour is gold and red,how do i combine it,the grooms suit,cravet,tie, groom’s men, the reception decor, please i need your help. Thank you.

  37. HELLO pls i need ur help, my wedding is coming up and my colours are peach and coffee brown/chocolate,my fiance wants to put on ash colour suit, white shirt pls can he use a peach colour tie and peach colour pocket square,now i’m confused on what the GROOM MEN will wear and also my CHIEF BRIDES MAID.

    Kidly advise.

    Thank you

  38. hi! i’ve done alot of thinking about my wedding colours n i decided on purple and blue….what do u think?

    • Hi Lye,

      Purple and Blue is a very good mix. Plum colour would work best with violet-blue or indigo.. Your accent colours could be in silver.. A little dash of yellow could make a huge difference.

      All the best,

  39. pls i choose lilac and fuchsia pink for my wedding, what can u say about it, is it good to go.

  40. Hi Anita,

    You are doing a great job here. Please what do you think of combining turquoise and brown with peach, for yoruba engagement attire. then a combination of gold, brown, and orane for the decor. I dont want us to wear the exact same colors as the decor. Please let me know if either or both of these combinations work.

    Thank you

    • Hi Dami,

      Turq blue, white and Dark chocolate would come out better off. Peach can still be used as a colour for your families.

      For the decor, use white as the background and props in orange and gold.. Other accent colour that could be used is lemon green.

      Hope this helps,


  41. Hi, pls i need ur help, my wedding is coming up november, i hve chosen my colors, RED,Cream/Gold…the problem is that i dont knw the shade of red that will be fine but i knw the BM will be cream taffeta…Pls i need ur advise for d decor, BM,GM and the even d aso- ebi…
    Urgent Pls.

    • Hi Mabel,

      You can use wine or burgundy if you like, it comes out better with cream/gold.

      Decor: Using white or cream drapery could fit in well with your decor. If you are using any table centrepiece decoration, then let it come in red. You could even have the chair covers and tables in white or table cover in red and chair covers in white. Your cake in white or gold with decoration in red.
      BM: Could wear a cream/ gold dress with red accessories and red bouquet.
      GM: Light gray suits, white shirts and silver waistcoats with bow tie in wine.
      Groom: All grays or all white suit. with boutonniere in red, tie in white ( if white suit)
      Aso-oke: Go cream with dash of red on wrapper. Gele and ikpele in red . You can add an accent color like green or gold to it.

      Hope this works.


  42. I feel good reading these, it sure ease my fright

  43. Am proposing to use golden,Red & White how do I combine them

  44. hi pls i need your help with colors. my BM is futsha pink, my BT is sea green what other colours can i use for the cake,hall decor,family, thanks.

    • Hi UK,

      I would advise that you stick to using a different shade of the same color. Sapphire blue or Navyy blue is another color you can add on light pink for your decor. Your cake could be in pink or neutral white with designs in your main or secondary color.

      Seagreen is beautiful with all shades of pink so you can use rose pink OR green and gold as colors for the family.

      Hope this helps,Let me know.


  45. Mercy Danjuma : March 1, 2014 at 11:18 am

    hi my wedding is coming up in june and i have choosen orange and silver as my wedding colors. are they ok? pls i need ur reply now and u are doing a good job here.

  46. Olufunmilola Okunlola : April 21, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    Add a comment..hello
    i just stumbled on this site.pls my wedding is coming up in colour is burgundy with bronze.pls advise on this combination.

    • Hi OluFunmilola,

      Burgundy is a nice color for fall. Perfect for a wedding abroad. Nevertheless, once can still incorporate this beautifully well in Nigeria. Since Bronzy gold ( am assuming ) is also a deep color. I would suggest the use of whites, butter yellow and a dash of red to combine in the palette.

      For the White: Bridal party girls be on Burgundy ( as the main color) . Groomsmen on gray suit, two or three piece, white shirt and bowtie in burgundy.
      Bride: White gown and bouquet having greens, butter yelloow,whites, Burgundy, reds e.t.c
      Groom: White on black Tux or Petrol Blue double breasted suit, white shirt and bow tie in burgundy, pocket square in butter yellow

      I like the idea of the Bronzy gold for the traditional attire. White is big bang on trend now so you can use that as your top and gele. Your iro can be bronzy with designs in burgundy.
      It would be nice to know if this color is an all rounder for both your trad and white.

      Let me know,


  47. Hi Mandy my wedding is coming up soon and my colour is coffee brown and pink. Please advice me on how to combine it.

  48. Hi MWN my wedding is coming up soon and my colour is coffee brown and pink. Please advice me on how to combine it.

  49. Hello MWN, My wedding is coming up October this year and am so disturb about my wedding colour both for white wedding and Yoruba traditional. I tot of Mint green, Orange and peach or Yellow and blue. Which best combo shd I go with and how will I combine it for GM, BM, décor, Cake and any oda thing dt will need my color combo.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Omowunmi.

      I love the idea of mint green and orange. Although Orange and Peach is very cool to the eyes. Both color combos are very good.

      Whatever color combo you want, make one the main color and the other secondary. So that your bridal party makes use of one and the reception makes use of the other. In other words, using the mint green and the orange, Your bridal party could use mint green for their dress and neckwear, then orange for the decor, invite, cake and some props. Your bouquet could come in orange or a mix of orange, white and a dash of green.
      Your groom could just go all black in black tux and bowtie in black or black tux and all white inner including the necktie.

      I hope this helps.. but if anything do let me know.


  50. Hi MWN my wedding is coming up soon and i nid ur help on what colour I can use to combine coral colour. Please advice me on how to go abt it. Fenks

    • Hi Yemisi,

      Congratulations o!

      Coral + Peach
      Coral+ Cobalt Blue
      Coral + Apple Green
      Coral +Purple
      Coral + Red
      Coral + Aqua green/ mint green/ sea green

      Hope this helps,

      Do let me know.


  51. want to choose ash suite and white shirt with violet tie for my client

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  53. hi my wedding is nxt month want to use ash suit,white shirt and peach tie. how is it

    • Hi Akinloye,
      Congrats to you! Your ash suit and white shirt is nice. I would say go for a black bowtie then get a DEEP PEACH Handkerchief to stand you out!

      I hope this helps,


  54. please i want you help with a color that goes well with ashes

  55. my wedding is by november 21 and i want u to help me cover my wedding wats the cost please?

  56. Pls my wedding is in two months time I choose lemon green but I don’t knw what to combine wit it,pls help me

    • Hi Lydia,

      Gold is so on trend so why dont you consider that? Green is also good with yellow. Then I have seen Green and violet blue. This gives the peacock color theme.

      Hope this helps,


  57. Wows am in love with this site. Please keep it up

  58. pls I would like to use purple, lilac and white for my wedding. I need suggestion of colour combination for the groom, Bridesmaids, groom men and aso ebi .thanks

  59. Does it go when a groom mixes ash colour suit, and gold coloured waistcoat together? what should be the colour of the shirt?

    • Hi Bukola,

      Please allow the groom to use a waistcoat in ash gray too then shirt be in white always. His tie might be used to coordinate the wedding colors. Follow us on Instagram for more inspiration on grooms.

      Kind Regards,

    • White please. May I suggest a cream beige to mustard colored waistcoat? Either ways please white is a classic color for a wedding in two or three piece.

      Hope this helps.


  60. My wedding comes up october and my chosen colours are wine, silver and torquoise. What do you think about this combination?

    • Hi Sunny,

      I don’t know about wine and turquoise blue. Turq and Silver is a nice choice but you can add orange to this color because Turq blue and silver gives a cold feeling so you need to pair it up with a very hot color by the side. Red,Orange, Purple and Chocolate brown are samples of colors to use. The only way to really use these colors is when used separately. So perhaps wine and gold in the trad then Turq and Silver for the white with a third hot color as suggested.


    • Hi Sunny,

      I think your colors are quite cool for October. The wine makes it perfect but I would suggest more use of light blue with Turqiouse. If you wish to throw in an accent, then very light pink can do.



  61. pls I would like to use purple,white and lilac or yellow for my wedding. I need suggestion of colour combination for the groom, Bridesmaids, groom men and aso ebi .thanks

  62. My wedding is coming up by second week of November.My groom wants a milk suit and trouser and i don’t have any colour in mind to combinate it with. I’m just confused…pls what would be the colours of his shirt,bowtie, shoe,groom men,the bridesmaid,mothers of the day,and decoration???…. Please help me out.Thanks and God bless….

    • Hi Olivia,

      What colors have you chosen to use for your white wedding? I want to believe by milk suit you actually mean off white color? He can get an off white tux, a black trouser, and all white inner- white shirt,black bow tie ( Keep it simple) black shoes. His groomsmen can wear two piece suit- that is suit and trouser. Their tie and pocket square should be the color of the day. Your bridesmaids should also have that color

      What colors have you chosen
      Let me know.


  63. Pls my Engagement colours are chocolate and burgundy
    White wedding colours are mint green and peach. Do they match? Is there a blend with cream,peach,mint green and chocolate? Can i combine it for the cake or should i just use two colours for each?

    • Hi Jayne,

      Congrats on your engagement! Have you tried beige color with burgundy rather than chocolate? Burgundy is great with Navy blue or Pink instead of Chocolate.
      For the white wedding, mint green and peach is a sweet color. White, Peach, Mint Green would blend better and brighter. The trick is to have one main color which should be used for the main items like Bridesmaids, Cake, Invites, program, Table napkin e.t.c then your secondary color should be used to complement the main color. You cake can just come in one color or decorated with the main color.

      Let me know if this works.

      Kind Regards,

  64. thanks a lot…. I have chosen royal blue and yellow. what about that??

  65. hi pls, my wedding is for December. am thinking of blue pink and white as my theme color and this is based on the meaning. will appreciate u assistance in this regard. my fiance and I have blue as our favourite colour. wud appreciate a timely response. God bless u.

  66. My wedding is comng up in nov dis year,my colors re green,butter yellow and baby family ll b wearing army green and gold,grooms family is green and yellow while my ashoebi is yellow.wot do u tink?

  67. please, my wedding is coming up by June next year please I need your advise on which color to use.

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  69. Hello MWN, for a wedding, Ash suit with black touch on the pockets, with fushia pink waist coat and a pink tie. Does it work well? I mean the color combination.

  70. i really need help on colour making concisning purple

  71. pls I need ur help. my fience wanted to use a ash bow tie but didn’t know the colour of suit to add and shirt. thanks

  72. please my traditional marriage an white is same day an i want to use lemon green an future pink. is it good?

  73. Hi what colours can I combine with milk colour for my sisters wedding

  74. my wedding is up coming next year and my colors are lemon green, purple and grey. pls what’s Ur advise? and pls sent me some photos of blining these colors.

    • Hi Angelyn,

      Lemon green is fantastic with a bit of yellow and purple complements yellow too. The colours can work in trad wedding but for white, you need a bit of yellow or orange thrown in the combo!

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  75. Hello Anita,my wedding is coming up in Nov this year and I’m confused about the colours to use.i like peach&mint green while my fiance likes red or burgundy.i need ur help 2 choose wisely.Thanks Nengi

    • Hello Nengi,

      Your colours are quite okay but for November, you go for darker colours so why don’t you meet in the middle?

      Peach+ Burgundy + greens ( Peach- Primary colour, Burgundy- Secondary colour, Green- Background colour)

      Use Peach and Burgundy for Invites, Cak, Bridesmaids dress and napkin. Mix the rest of the colours for your decor and flowers.

      Other colours – Peach and Deep orange
      Peach, Red and Gold
      Burgundy, Gold and mustard Yellow
      Burgundy, Fuchsia and Grass green
      Burgundy, Red, Pale Pink, Army green
      Burgundy, Peach, Light gray and Coral Pink

      So many to choose from.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      Kind Regards,
      Anita Gopaldas

  76. Hello Anita, my wedding is in december and am seriously confused on colours to go choose for the white wedding. These are the colours i v in mind. Orange,peach and emerald green. Or white,blue and pink. What do you think my parents n grooms family can wear. Say with friends, bridesmaid n decoration. Pls help me

    • Hi Gloria,

      Your wedding colours for the white wedding is not bad. Orange and peach are in the same family of colours. Emerald Green is a great colour with peach!

      I say go with the first colour choice for you and your hubby, then for family, they can go with mustard yellow and olive greens.

      Bridesmaids can use orange and a tocuh of green and white. In your decoration, go with beige or white as the background colour and use a touch of orange, gold and green for the decor.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,
      Anita Gopaldas

  77. Hi Anita.
    I am so confused on colours pls help out
    My wedding is coming up in Jan. I like burgundy, fiance wants to mix with grey and I’m thinking my Brides maid should have gold.
    Also, can I use the same colours for engagement

  78. Hello Anita, my wedding is May 2017 , im so much confused about d colours to use. but im thinking of olive green and biege or olive green and army green. pls what do u think cos im terribly confused. Thanks as I await ur response

  79. Greetings Anita,

    My wedding is coming up this year. We’ve chosen for traditional: royal blue with rich gold and salmon/coral accent and white: rich gold with royal blue and coral/salmon accent. Our theme is African Royalty. Can you send ideas for royal backdrop? God bless

  80. I love dis site, pls my wedding is coming soon I want to use coral peach and mint green pls what colour of suit can my husband use. tanks

    • Hi Abimbola,

      Congrats on your wedding Coral and mint green are great colours together. You husband can stick to a Black three piece suit of a white and black tux. He could do an all balck suit and pants with all white inner ( shirt and Jacket|) his bowtie will be black.

      If he wears black for suit and pant then you can get him to wear a lapel flower in peach or coral to match with the main colour of the day. If he wears the black and white tuxedo- pls keep it classy. let it remain as balck and white no other colours.

      Hope you understand. Let me know

      Kind Regards,

  81. my name is Titilayo. my wedding is coming up on may 13 2017. I choose emerald green, peach, and carton gold as my wedding code. pls how can I use it with my hubby suit, decoration, cake, aso ebi and my dress ? pls urgent reply ma.

    • Hi Titi,

      Your colours are good but you only need one or two as the main colours.

      Is this wedding white or trad? Am asuuming this white with the question on hubby’s suit.

      Emerald green is a very beautiful colour so I would suggest using the green and peach together.

      The girls can be on peach, your hubby can wear a good emerald green. green tux on black pants
      Cake can be an all white cake with decorations in green and peach.
      You can accessorize with your husband by having your shoes or bouquet match with his suits/ tux.

      Hope this helps,


  82. What colorof suit can I put on my wedding the color for the occasion is chocolate, cream and gold.

  83. Hello Anita
    My wedding is in October and I am so confused about colors for the traditional and white wedding.These are the colors I have in mind peach, silver, wine and gold…hubby wants a blue suit. Really need your help,thanks.

    • Hi Victoria,

      For the trad- Go for Peach and Wine you can accessorize in gold or silver if you wish but preferably Gold.

      White wedding- Gold and Peach is a lovely combination. If hubby wants a blue suit that is fine. He can do a matching suit and pant trouser with wite shirt and bow tie in Blue, hankerchief in white.

      Hope this helps. Remember to share your wedding pictures with us!

      Kind Regards,
      Anita Gopaldas

  84. Please my traditional marriage is coming up soon,so as the white hubby wants to be on a senators cloth for the trad,but we are confused on the colour to choose so as the white.please help me.Thanks

    • Hi Ijeoma,
      Congrats on your trad wedding, What colours do you have in mind? what colours do you like?

      Get back to me on this so that we narrow down the options.

      Kind Regards,

  85. Does royal blue and coral goes together. Thanks

  86. My trad and white wedding coming up by December.

    Green and Cream for the trad.

    Black suit, white shirt,black tie and black trousers .

    Men in suit will be on cream or black dinner jacket with black trousers ,black tie and white shirt .

    Chief bride on Red

    Bridals on Cream/Yellow .
    Are the combo OK?
    What can the colour of the day be? any advice please and what of Aso Ebi colour. Thanks

    • Hi Sammy congrats!

      It seems you already have a clue what colour to choose. Whatever colour you bridal party decided to put on, that should be your major color of the day. Since the Chief bride is on RED, then let the bridesmaids be on cream with red accessories. The groomsmen and groom combo is fine. Your colours could be
      Cream and Red with a touch of apple or light green
      Cream and Red with a touch of sea blue
      Purple and Pink with a touch of lilac
      Light green and Pink with a touch of red
      mustard yellow and light blue.

      Hope you draw your inspiration from this.

      Kind Regards,

  87. Hi Anita
    Please I really need your help on this ASAP.
    I am so confused choosing my colours. I have some ideas though: burgundy, coral and gold. I had an idea on using Burgundy, teal and gold but a friend of mine told me the shades were dark.
    Please I need ideas on what colours to use for my Cake, asoebi, my husband’s suit, the bridesmaids. Please its really urgent.

    • Hi Vera,

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Your first colour of peach, teal and gold is a preferred combo to the burgundy and teal. I love the idea of teal so stick with that colour. For a bright pluck-up colour try Teal and Orange. Another combo you can do is mix teal with light greens and then a touch of fuchsia pink. Throw in some white and you are done.
      The trend for asoebi’s these days make it simple. Just one colour would do. You could do all teal for your trad or light purple to pink asooke. Aso ebi’s can have teal/ purple headscarf on pink lace.
      Colour of the day depends on you. Choose one of the colours mentioned above.
      Bridesmaids and invititation gets the major colour. Cake and table napkins carry secondary colour. Your planner can play around with the rest of other colours- White, Gold or Silver base.
      Groom wears a white tux or black tux. Just ensure that his boutonniere/ handkerchief carries a hint of the wedding colour. His bow tie could be black or white.
      Hope this helps.

  88. Good day
    Do you think A teal, peach and gold colour theme would do?
    Please I need ideas on the colour of cake, groom’s outfit bridesmaids and bouquet

  89. Hello,pls i want use mint green fabric wit lemon green aso oke dat has touches of orange stones nd wear orange shoe nd purse for my traditional wedding.pls does the combination matches.

  90. Hi Olivia I have chosen turquoise blue and red for my upcoming wedding.Turquoise blue blue frees and red flowers for the Bridesmaid and Grey coat for the guys and red boutonnière for the guys but as it relates to the bow and shirt I’m still confused. Was thinking Turquoise blue bow and an off blue shirt, what do you think?

  91. Hello, I want to use peach and wine for my trad I don’t know if it’s OK. My hubby want us to use same peach n wine for white wedding. I’m so confused,really need ur help

  92. Hello.. Good evening.. My wedding is coming up soon, next year… And my Groom color is green while mine is coral… I am from delta state isoko to be precise.. Am very confused about what color to pick for my friends n what his friends would also where.. Pls i need help I don’t even av idea.. Thanks

  93. Good day how do you see white, custard yellow and grey/black as wedding colours. My confusion here is what bow tie and waist coat should the groom wear
    If his jacket is ash trimmed black with black trouser.

  94. Hi Olivia please my wedding/traditional is cuming up on February 2018 and I choose periwinkle and golden for my traditional is frayouz and coral pls he will I combine the colour

  95. Good morning please my wedding is in March and I have chosen peach, grey and white as my colour. But the problem is.. I don’t know which of the colour my Bride’s maid should go with and grooms men. Please I your help

    • Hi Deborah,

      I would prefer that the bridal party make use of the gray colour while the peach is used for the decor and all other wedding items- like invite and flower centrepieces.

      Hope this helps,

  96. pls help me my colours are mint green,pink and white, which one will go with the bridals. just help me

  97. pls, help me with my colours, they are sky blue, fucial pink and grey. how should i mix it for my bridaland groom men? thanks

  98. hello, please i need the meaning of these colours maroon and milk, i will be using for a wedding cake.

  99. Hello

    Please help me with my colors not sure exactly which colour to go for, I want bridesmaid to wear white with black mixed on the same dress.

    • Am assuming this is for a white wedding, well just get a white dress and accessorize with a classic black fascinator, black purse and black shoes, even their earings can have a signature look with black. That way you keep it classy. Another way you can pull this through is to get a white and black fabric. These days we have the white and black fabric with strips all over the market. Just get a simple design and get your tailor to sew something classy with the fabric. They sell the white and black stripe fabric in Balogun or Yaba.

      A third way is get a white dress and accessorize with black purse and black shoe. Hope this helps. Anita, MWN

  100. I’m using it to a Wedding. I’m wearing a milky gown with a black jacket, black shoe. Can it go with red scarf, red rose and red bag? I’ll also use jewelries but I don’t know what colour again. Thanks.

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