Couple of days ago, me and friends had a little argument about the number of people to invite for weddings. Personally, I feel the best way to satisfy all guests and make everyone happy is to have  a strict invite ( my personal choice by the way) . Knowing the number of people coming for your wedding and the reception will go a long way in helping one to curb the expense and keep to within budget .

Of course, friend B did not take that funny at all feeling weddings should be a happy moment for everyone and anyone; come one come all  party. Fair enough- if you have a blank cheque, you can invite the whole community!

Friend F feels controlling number is rude.My point is, if you invite a friend and that friend invites 5 other friends how does that work? Assuming you invite 100 friends and family in essence be ready to cater for 500 people?  Would the venue hall  be big enough to accommodate all the guests and extra people you never met in your life?  If you are on a budget is that wise? Do you really want to see people standing and not well fed at your wedding? If you feel it would be rude to be strict about who attends your wedding then at least when sending the invite you could add something like  +2 other friends permitted. Then one is able to have an idea of the number of people coming and how best to cater for them. This of-course depends on whether you like  a carnival style wedding or a proper sit-down meal wedding where everyone go home happy with a little thank you gift!

However, don’t forget everything depends on agreement from both families and if you have a need for a budget wedding

What do you think? Which would you prefer?