My Wedding Decor!

Your colour is Pink and his colour is Blue, so you want the style and theme of your wedding to resonate these chosen colours then you or your wedding planner come up with pink napkins, pink and blue flowers, pink clothes for the bridesmaids, pink sashes for the chair covers, pink and blue drapery… everything all matching!
It is quite easy to get caught up in the matching game. Although it’s your choice and seem like everyone is doing it,however be careful not to INSIST on doing the same  and honestly, your wedding planner should know better than drown the venue hall with one particular colour. Choose to be distinct!
Colours should be used strategically and creatively without being overly loud and harassing to the eyes. For example if the colour theme is pink and blue

  • Your bridesmaids can go full-on with pink.
  • The bouquet does not need to have pink. Some moments of blue could be on it otherwise choose a fresh and exotic look.
  • The sashes in the chair covers could have either pink or blue; in that case, the serving plates and napkins do not necessarily need to be the in the same colours. If the napkins, serving plates and drapery is pink and blue, then keep the chair covers plain white including the sashes.

Layering your main colour with another is also a great way to get your theme across without painting everything pink. Here is a simple use of pink in the decor.

This wedding is a “Gold and White” wedding. Notice the colour of the table cloth as against the gold napkin and sashes.

Sometimes the centrepiece is just enough to carry the story or the theme of the wedding like this below. This is a red, blue and black wedding theme.

This decor below is simple and refreshing without overly the top!



  1. These r lovely designs, they make me feel like becoming a bride soon. Keep up the good works!

  2. how much does it cost to get this kind of decor

  3. my name is efe. i want to use orange as my wedding theme but i am confuse about what other colors i can add. i am thinking royal blue or turquoise blue. what would u advise and again what shade of green was used in the orange and green color combo in ur blog

    • Hi Efe,
      Getting to use orange and tourq blue is a bold move as the two colours are quite loud.No doubt very beautiful and not for the faint hearted. You might need to tone it down with another neutral colour.

      I would say Orange and Fairway green or grass green as seen in the pics would be Woow..

  4. Hi, my name is Olamide I am planning to do my wedding in Nigeria. I came across your website and I love what I see. One thing that caught my eyes is one out of the four of the pictures above. The picture with the chandeliers is really really nice. My Fiance and I Love it. What we want to know is, is it in Nigeria and if yes where? We are actually looking for something like that in Lagos for example Lekki Island. Thank you in advance. Also we would like to know what is your price when it comes to wedding planning or to look for a hall like the one I mentioned.

    • Hi Olamide,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      I am not based in Lagos as yet but as regards the venue, you need to confirm the number of guest you are looking to have and possible ease of car park e.t.c.
      I have listed some venues not necessarily in Lekki but its worth checking them out. I hope this helps as this was culled from


      3, VGC RECREATION PARK: Located inside Victoria Garden City on Lekki-Epe Expressway, the place is nice and quiet. The ambience of the Estate makes it quite attractive for anyone that wants to have an exclusive party-come-traditional wedding.

      4, FEDERAL PALACE HOTEL ATLANTIC GARDENS: Located in Victoria Island, the gardens of the Federal Palace Hotel, are quite popular for those who want an enclosed space, for their parties. you may need to check out other associated costs like corkage etc. The beauty is that the Hotel offers catering services & an in-house band, for those who wish to have a one-stop, all-inclusive service for their parties.

      5, THE CIVIC CENTRE: Located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, in Victoria Island, this location has about three halls within the complex. Word has it costs about 350,000 per day to hire each hall. Parking is a MAJOR problem, at this location as space is in such short supply within the premises. Most guests park on the road. But the mother of all parties have been held in this location, since it opened. One writer actually described it as the latest entrant in this group, built on prime property facing the water incorporating a boat club with facilities for holding parties, receptions and company events. It is rumoured to have been built by a top banker after his application for the prestigious Boat Club was turned down!
      6, PEARL GARDEN is situated in Ocean View, at the beginning of Adetokubo Ademola Street, in Victoria Island, is a complex owned by Eko Hotels consisting of three different restaurants and a large expanse of land facing the Atlantic Ocean where shows and mini concerts are held. This is such a lovely up-market location, and would do fine for a wedding reception or party. Parking space is available.

      7, LAGOS MOTOR BOAT CLUB on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi as well as POLO CLUB off Ribadu Road in South-West, Ikoyi are other places where one can hold a traditional wedding or after-wedding party. But you need to be a member to qualify, or get recommendations from a member, in order to get a permit to hold your party, there.

      Then there is Protea hotel very close to chevron, very nice atmosphere really, quotes as follows, 180k for the ball room and 4,400 per person for a dinner buffet ( This is not the recent price list)

      Unfortunately my coordinating and planning service does not extend beyond the UK but will be very soon. As regards the chandelier, I can come back to you on that. One thing you can do is hire one if the venue hall does not have in its venue. They are quite expensive effects for your wedding. If you do not have a limited budget then am happy to discuss my services further.

  5. Am 4rm Jos,Nigeria.i am a beginner in wedding decor.and am trusting God for a job soon.i have a work by next month and am confuse of how much to charge for the job.which is an outdoor event,i will appreciate if you guys will guide me through of how much to charge them.thanks

  6. And here is my e-mail

  7. hi,ur decors r wonderful keep it up.i have a little problem with choosing my wedding color and the color for my bridesmaids.can you help me with that.i naturally like purple and pink and i want a grand color combo but dont seem to come out with any.tnks and awaits ur reply

    • Hi Emen,

      Purple and pink is a very good colour combo . You would want that colour mix in your bouquet, cake, wedding invitation and wedding table decoration. Ease with a background in white and other earthly . I have a great sample to inspire you and will email you on this. Thanks

  8. Hi, I m just going thru ur site. I saw dresses by vera wang pls what are d ranges of d dresses. Ur halls do u have any in Festac. My wedding is Jan. I don’t even know what 2 do as per colours…. Pls reply desperate bride

    • Hi Lynn,
      Vera Wang is one of the most reputable wedding gown designer and her gowns ranges from about $2,000 to $7,000 . You can visit the site
      or designated shops in America like Neiman Marcus, Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. You can also get some good bargains when you shop online, just be careful and make sure that the site is a secured site before purchase. Unfortunately, I do not operate in lagos at the moment but working on that.
      With colours, why don’t you search for the wedding colour combo or wedding colours in this site and get your inspiration from that? Let me know if you need more info.

  9. Am greatly inspired by your website…..Am a beginner and really crazy about decorations and i will be glad to have you as my email address is and am based in Nigeria.
    I will be glad if you can tutor me on the rudiments of decoration,how to combine colours and every other thing that i need to know about decoration.
    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you,

  10. hi
    Your site is really beautiful. I want to go into event planning and your site is such an inspiration. I would love you to assist me and put me through on how to select colours and mix them, and also the decisions one needs to make when planning an event. My email address is I will be waiting for your reply. Thanks and please keep up the good work.

  11. Hi
    Your site is so inspiring, your work is also flawless and beautiful. I Would want to go into event planning and I would need your assistance on how to mix up the colours and also the decisions one needs to make while planning an event. My email address is Thanks and keep up d good work

  12. I am starting my wedding decor & event management business soon. Kindly advise on prices as i don’t even have a clue on pricing . Thanking you in advance for your help

  13. i really love ur jobs,am actually new in the event business pls i dnt knw if u could give me some tits abt the business?i will really want u to be a mentor,hope to hear from u.tanks

  14. hi,how do i combine pink and light blue choosen for my aso-ebi into my theme colour of gold and wine(burgundy) in the decoration of the reception hall and the church for the wedding ceremony and my siblings are wearing a apple green lace with gold and dotted wine gele for d wedding.they said its nice coz its december.what do u think.dont know wat colour to give my brides maids and maid of honour.tanks……..cheye

    • Hi Cheye,

      The apple green lace with gold and wine gele looks very good. September- November reflects dark colours to show the fallen leaves in the UK ( usually brown, burgundy and burnt orange) On the other hand, December is always icy cold here so whites ( snow) and pale blue is the norm.

      In Nigeria, I know around December, the leaves fall off and the colours are usually burnt orange, dark brown e.t.c so wine can work for this.

      This board is just an inspiration for you.

      Kind Regards,



  15. Hi, i love the way you go out of your way to assist people. Im currently into wedding planning but still learning the ropes and hope you could put me thru especially on charges for client, the complete process in planning and how to help my clients budget, already have some clients to work with thank you.

  16. Adaobi Nwafor : March 12, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Hi, I love wht I saw in your web site. Please I am getting married in thd month of June and I want to use gold as one of my colors. I don’t know wht color to mix with it(gold) to make it lovely. I am dark. Hope to get a reply from u soon. Thks. Dobis. Reply via my mail addy:

  17. Adaobi Nwafor : March 12, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Hi, I love wht I saw in your web site. Please I am getting married in thd month of June and I want to use gold as one of my colors. I don’t know wht color to mix with it(gold) to make it lovely I thought of gold and burgundy den gold n leaf green cos I am dark.pls I need suggestions. Hope to get a reply from u soon. Thks. Dobis. Reply via my mail addy:

  18. Hi,
    I love ur wedding is later in the year n i am not sure of what colours to use, i thought of Beige wrapper with wine or red accessories for the traditional but my fiance would prefer darker shades any suggestions of what colours to use For the white, i lovee your white and gold decor but was thinking of orange or apple green with gold and ivory.

  19. hello,
    My name is sarah, i love your site. pls my event is later on in the year,i am looking at beige colour wrapper with wine or red accessories but my fiance would prefer darker colours, what would you sugest. For the white i love your gold and white decor, i have apple green or orange with gold and ivory. Pls What do you suggest

    Thank you

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thank you!
      Beige goes with Red or Wine. It is a really cool combo! But I would think that wine is a bit darker! However, If he is looking for other dark colours then perhaps try
      Brown and Peach
      Navy Blue and Red
      Chocolate brown and Peach/ Cream
      Teal Blue +Wine

      For the white wedding, apple green and orange is workable but if you must choose one colour with gold then go for orange and gold.
      With that you can have green table cloth , white chair covers and green sash or you get chiavari gold chairs with green seat pads and green table cloths to go with it. I just like the class it brings when you use green.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  20. Hi,your site is wonderful…my wedding is coming up in may and i am choosing pink and blue as my wedding colors, i have a problem with what shade of blue to mix with hot pink or shocking pink, and if possible ,a third color to go with…thanks in anticipation of your reply

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thanks for the complement! Hot pink or shocking pink can go with sapphire blue or royal blue.
      Hot pink can also go with an apple green colour.If you need a third colour that is harmonious with this choose bits of yellow OR purple.
      Blue+Purple+Hot Pink
      Hot Pink, Blue+Yellow
      Hot Pink+ Green+White/Cream.

      I hope this helps.:)

      Kind Regards,


  21. Thanks for your help. How would you suggest white and gold be used for a white wedding, how would the groom and the bridal party fit in.

    • Hi Sarah,

      White and Gold? this would not work in itself. There must be another colour to it to spark it up!
      As said in my earlier response. Green and gold could fit well but if you want the setting in the picture, as you can see there is another colour that was used as an overlay on the table? So the colour you would choose should be the second main colour for the wedding and that is the colour that the groomsmen could us as their colour code.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  22. Thanks Anita,
    Will let u know

  23. Hi Anita,
    trust the weekend was fine,
    could you please assist with how to blend the colors as regards what the bridal party(ladies & gents) would wear if i settle for (option 1)apple green, gold &white/ivory or (option 2) orange, gold & white/ivory with the decoration, please the groom as well.

    Or if i seetle for the 2 as in your earlier post you said** For the white wedding, apple green and orange is workable but if you must choose one color with gold then go for orange and gold.**

    how wd the bridal party dress if the 2 colors are used
    Thanks a bunch

    • Hi Sara,

      I haven’t forgotten you ! Will reply soon.

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Sara,

      For Apple green, gold and white or Ivory
      Bridesmaids: Dress in Green or Ivory colour and gold accessories
      Groomsmen: Wear black suit and waistcoat white shirt and green tie or cravats. Green pocket squares
      Groom: Wear Black Suit, wedding waist coat in creamy gold and then use a wedding cravat or scrunchie as you might call it
      Decor: You can get chiavari chairs in cream or gold and use table cloth in green then your napkin in gold . flowers in cream, gold and whites ;you can add a touch of orange here and there in the flowers or in other places. Or get chair covers in Ivory or gold and then use green sash or use self tie chair covers without sash, table cloth in green and serving plates in Gold napkin can come in cream or gold.

      For the orange, gold and white or ivory: Use the same method as described above.

      If you settle for orange and green. then mix with gold

      Bridesmaids could either go for the orange or green colour using bouquet flowers of the other colour( orange dress green bouquet , green dress and orange bouquet)
      Decor: Cream chair covers and table cloth in cream or gold, make the napkins in orange neatly arranged on the wine glass and the centrepiece in green and whites with bits of orange is appropriate.

      Sarah, am sure you would find some dress styles inspiration with your stylist and it really depends on what style the girls are comfortable with. So throw it to the girls to bother about that just give them the colour you want them to use!

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  24. WOW!!!!
    I just saw this……breath taking, anyone wd love this as long as the venue is decent enough to spark it up…but what wd the party wear..

  25. Thank you Anita, looking forward to your reply my

  26. This definitely over helps!!!! it knocks of the option of my groom wearing ash suit as seen in one of your dessy board…..White wedding settled.

    For trad he settled for powder blue and i decided to use a royal or Saphire blue wrapper, haven’t tot of decor yet.

    Best regards

  27. Just to add, is there a board for the way you combined the colors for me? he may want to have a look

    Thanks again

  28. please anita, reali love ur site, my wedding is coming up soon, and my fiance is dark skined while am light skinned, please i need good colour combination for my white and traditional wedding… was tinking of using purple green ivory gold and peach combination. because my fiance family colour is pink and blue… please help
    and also he is thinking of wearing a grey suit with a burgardy waist coat… thanks…

    • Hi Teresa!,

      Thanks am sure I did reply you twice. Here below was the latest response.

      “I was able to make an inspiration board on green and purple. It was quite difficult to get pictures for mint green so just decided to do a green. I also noticed that you can use the normal purple instead of lavendar, either colours would work!
      check this out!

      Hope you get your inspiration!”

      Kind Regards,

  29. Hi Anita,
    I trust you r doing well.
    Pls is there a board for the way you combined the colors(gold,white/ivory and orange or green)for me? he may want to have a look

  30. Hello

    I am happy to come across this page on the net. I have done wedding events in nigeria for many years especially creating the traditional proposal and acceptance letter, I now live in the U.K and would like to take it up again as I enjoy the uniqueness that is involved in making them and the joy and surprise it brings to both families, apart from the usual ad on the net how else can create awareness.

    Thank you


    • Hi Josephine,

      Don’t give up on your dreams ! It might be really stressful specially if you have a Job to keep! Network and Network!
      I will email you! we should hook up soon!

      Kind Regards,


  31. Hi Anita, trust u r keeping well,

    Pls wht do you think of a garden wedding ,there is a garden close to the international airport i am looking at..what would be the best way to get the best of the decor as i was thinking of little or no decor as it is already beautiful and do u think of my choice of green wd look gd in an outdoor wedding cos i think your earlier combo is for a hall.Thank you

    • Hi Sara,

      A garden wedding is lovely and yes green can still go but you need to get a different shade of green so that you do not get drowned in the same shade of the grass green.

      Would you be having chairs in the garden, then use pomanders ( flower balls) in your other colour or just tie ribbons at the side of the chairs using a different colour if you don’t want to use sash. The only difference is that you do not have to worry about the hall decor and better still you have the natural flowers in the background . Make sure you take into consideration the colours of the flowers that they go with YOUR chosen colours.

      I think I know that Garden. Attended a wedding there very long time ago.

      Kind Regards,


  32. Thanks Anita,

    Yes there would be chairs but with chair covers i think, will keep you posted

  33. Hi, lovely decoration pictures. i need your help, my best friend is getting married and she wants me to plan the wedding. Her best colour is pink, and she was thinking on making her wedding pink and navy blue. i want to know if that is good colour combination, and how to use that colour for the reception decor. pls help.

    • Hi Ify,
      Pink and Navy Blue can work. It looks really classy. Light pink or hot pink can go with this
      Just get the table cloth in navy blue and napkins on the table in pink. centrepiece flowers in varying shades of light pink, pink and hot pinks.
      You could get chiavari chairs with seat pad in pink. If you do not want to use chiavari then get normal white chair covers with sash in pink.
      Get swags on the high table in shades of blue and light pink on white table cloth. Make sure everything else on the table is pink, pink gift box, whatever you want to use on the table as decoration, get in pinks.

      What does she like? You could get some paper lantern in pinks of varying shades hanging. The flower vases could have jelly fillers in pink or blue.

      Does this work?

      Let me know what you think.

      Kind Regards,


  34. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your quick response, i think you would like the idea of flower vases with jelly fillers in pink. Could you also help me with a board for the colour combination of pink and blue. With the few pointers you gave on the decor, i know how to go about that now. But i will also need to know how else to use the colour for the weddingin general. I think if you can a board will help in that. Another thing is I’m also thinking of another colour combination, just incase she changes her mind from the Pink and Blue. I would appreciate it if you can help me with that as well. she loves loud colours.

  35. hi,

    How u doing? my wedding colours are sky and royal blue with champainge. i really want a simple and very nice decoration. kindly advice how i can put these colours together to come out simple and sweet in the decoration. like in the table covers, center pieces, drapings, chair covers and sash, etc. sky blue is my main colour. your comment on the colour combination is also welcome.
    Thanks very much for your help.

    • Hi Emoshioke,

      Am hanging there o! Thanks for asking! The colour combo is good. Any shades of colour(blue in your case) thrown together would work as they are said to be monochromatic.Additionally, colours like gold or champagne, brown and green, which are earthy colours, could act as base in any colour combos and are said to be okay.
      Since champagne is just like ivory in colour, use your chair cover in ivory, get sky blue sash on it.
      Table top in royal blue but also if you can get an overlay of gold lace on the top of the blue linen. or else just use an ivory table linen
      Get napkin in royal blue and you could have Martini glass centrepiece in blue or gold fillers. Flowers on top in greens, cream and some blues.(any shade of blues on a flower vase would do)
      Drapings in cream or just white but make sure your swags are in royal blue and gold/ champagne
      You can get a blue cake with gold designs on it. or white with blue ribbon and gold designs.

      I hope this works for you.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  36. i have my wedding coming up in august. my colour is green + orange but am confused on what my groommen, bridesmaid are going to wear. and also the decoration of the reception hall. pls advice

    • Hi Delight,

      Just a quick one here , check this out for inspiration For lime green and orange!

      Will give details later

      Take care.

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi Delight,

      Green and Orange is a very lovely combo.I have worked on that before. I would like the guys to go with green and the girls with orange.
      BM: Orange coloured dress or make it the two colours like a colour block theme.
      GM: Black suit would work well on green ties
      Groom: Ash gray suit, same coloured waistcoat or wedding waistcoat in silver and green embroidered design, white shirt and green cravat, green pocket squares.
      Decor: Because I want the decor to stand out simple and beautiful, I would suggest getting your normal white chair covers- make it self tie OR use orange chair sash, white table cloth, on this make sure your napkin and favours are in orange. Make sure your table centrepiece is in green. so if you are using flowers make sure there is loads of green leaves and green flowers in there. You could add bits of whites to it.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind Regards,


  37. Hello,
    I read through your site and i am very impress by what i saw and read.
    My wedding is in about 3months time and some of the advice i saw here are really handy. Well done.
    I have been thinking of going into wedding planning and event management business after my youth service and ur site has really been inspirational. I won’t mind if i can be tutored by you.
    Looking forward to your response. Thanks

  38. Hi, I’d like to use purple and green as my colours but his favourite colour is sky blue and I don’t want to be selfish. How can I arrange this? Also, what colours can the bridal train wear?
    We hope to get married in January but want to start making plans because of funds and we dont plan to use a wedding planner.
    I’d be very grateful for your input.

  39. Hi, never knew a site like yours are doing a great job.i just finished school and i’ve been interested in wedding(events) planning since forever(actually,since i watched jennifer lopez’s ‘wedding planner’).i started with a couple of friends just before we finished school.i really like the way you help people without collecting anything.that really tells me the kind of person you are.i would really love to have you as my mentor.we have a wedding to plan for next month and its the first.we actually planned and managed the bride’s birthday earlier this year and she’s trusting us with her wedding.pls kindly help with all i need to know about planning and all i can do to make the wedding(and others) unique and not just an everyday wedding.mind you,the wedding is taking place in a village cos thats where the brides parents are.also,i need your help as per how to charge for events.thanks a billion times,here’s my email, to here from you.God bless you plenty.

    • Hi Bukola,

      Thanks! You need to start with a simple check list of the main things that are needed then get a timeline for achieving it.
      Am assuming it traditional? Chat up the bride’s parent or the bride to see what their traditional customs and values are then think of a simple theme that can run through the wedding so for instance, if they use calabash… you might want to use that as a theme. Just simple things really . Choose one simple thing than can run through as a theme for the wedding and use that in the decor. It might be raff tress, or coconuts? Run this through with the bride first before you make any decision.
      Your charges would include the expenses you incur for getting the materials, food,transport cost, and time for running around. Get all the expenses calculated and then add fees for your time in sourcing it out. If you want to charge for setting the place up or for decorating as well? So it really depends on what you have to do for the bride.
      This is just a tip. I cant really help much more as I wont know what you would have to spend to get all these sorted out.

      Hope this helps anyways.

      Kind Regards,

  40. hello u hav wonderful work there.i’m also into wedding and home interior but need someone to explore me. i will like it if i work with u. hope i’m not demanding email

  41. hi

  42. You’re really doing a good job; pls my wedding is in October11, i need ur help. Am thinking of using Royal purple lilac and gray colours…….

    • Hi Kate,

      I dont think I have replied to your enquiry. Thank you!

      Any shades of purple is fine. So royal purple and lilac or lavendar would work. You could try shiny silver and bits of coral pink showing up in the flower arrangements on the table decor.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  43. ojurongbe toyin : June 27, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Hi dear,
    Just stumble on your website. i’m into decoration too. pls how do i charge and combine colour beautifully

    • Hi Toyin,

      I cant tell you how to charge really. You have to look at your expenses and cost of materials and time put into it. As per colours, you would need to get certified

      Kind Regards,


  44. Hi,
    Am planning my wedding on August and would really want you to help me out with my colour combo. My favourite colour is purple but dont really know a colour that go along with it to give me a rich, classy but quiet combo.

    Anticipatinng your favourable response.

    • Hi Monique,

      Purple can go with silver, white, gold, blue,lilac, lavendar, even with sangria red. Pink,cream, and ofcourse the complementary colour is yellow.

      All these can come out really beautiful.. try purple and pink.. that is really nice one. Purple and cream is good too!

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  45. I just came across your website. Fantastic work u are doing. Am also just starting an event decor and management outfit. I would love your help with guiding me on how to price my jobs. My mail is Thank you.

  46. Hi dear,
    I stumbled on your website and am impressed so far. My wedding comes up next april and we intend using apple green+ gold +pink for the day. Pls advice on how to incoporate all 3 colour : decoration, bridesmaids gown colour etc. Thanks

  47. Pls reply through a mail sent to Thanks

  48. Hi,i love your site,u’re doing a good job.i’m getting married in dec and i love apple green and it a nice combo and if it is,how can i combine it for my girls,the decorations,etc.Also,my husband and his groomsmen are thinking of wearing a black suit and white shirt but he wants 2 look different from them.pls what colour of tie,etc will be nice on them.

  49. I can cream, gold yellow go well as a good color combo in a church decoration

    • Hi Akan,

      Am not sure what you are asking but golden yellow and cream is more or less like one colour because cream is just a base colour that can go with any colour.

      Why not choose golden yellow with a second main colour like bits of purple or blue? so that for instance, you have golden yellow, purple and then cream…


  50. Hi, i really love ur site, ur zeal to make others stand, ur passion nd care for others to achieve their dreamed event. I’m also an event planner kind of new in the industry, i really want you to put me through. nd i would’nt mind working with you inother to get more experience nd ideas about event planning, mixing of colors to get a perfect job done. Pls what kind of decor can you advice for a client who has just 70 to 100 thousand. To end my disscursion i think you are God sent or Jesus christ on earth.
    Thanking you with the antipation of early reply my email address is or my tweeter acct (http// i will be glad to ear from you.

  51. Hi,this page is really educative and mind blowing, a novice will immediately have an idea of what she wants her wedding to look like after going through comments and feed back here…nice job ,keep it up…Mean while,will like to use this medium to tell up coming brides to buzz my digits if they require the services of a makeup artiste, or hook up with me on face book…Thanks.

  52. hi. u’re really doing a great job God bless u. my wedding comes up in jan. i chosen pink n gold but am not sure how 2 go about it. i dont even know if d are d best combo. wat other colours works well with n how do i combine 4 groom.groomsmen n bridesmaid. reply here n also forward 2 my email ad give me a hint on d shade of colours u think best. thanks

  53. Also give me a clue on how combine such colours 4 d decorations.

  54. hi, lovely site. what do u think about fusia pink and silver?

  55. Hey, I enjoy reading your’s so fascinating. Although my wedding is in July 2013, I’m still thinking a color. My favorite color is blue and my hubby states he wants me to choose another color. He’s saying he prefers white with any shades of blue i choose whether it’ll be royal blue, sapphire, etc. He’s from Togo and being that I was born here (Nigerian-American) our wedding would be more of a white wedding. Any ideas? I just want something what would make the guest jaw drop lol. Please email me back at

  56. Dear Anita,
    Thumbs up for a job well done…your work’s most appreciated!!! I’m new in the venue decor business but I have quite alot of questions I’d like to ask as regards setting up (a guide on what decor items to focus on as acquired assets), preparation of reasonable job quotations for clients, advice on appropriate color combinations for etc…… Is there a mailing address I could reach you on for more explicit details on my inquiry? I’d really appreciate your help.

    Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response.

  57. Hello
    can you please assist me with how to blend the colours as regards what the bridal party (ladies and gents) would wear with the decoration. Please the groom as well. The wedding is next year march and my wedding colour is wine and gold

  58. hello,
    my wedding is coming up jan 2012, am having in mind cream and wine colour for brides maid, the groom and grooms men white shirt and wine tie on a black suit, for my traditional which is same day apple green and lemon for my friends, chocolate and cream for mothers of the day. my cake will be cream colour with touch of wine roses and apple green. my decoration lines of apple green, cream , wine or chocolate colour. please advice me on these combo.

    • Hi Vinda,

      Your colours are fine why not use gold for the bridesmaids rather than cream. Let mothers have peach and chocolate. Your cake is fine with the apple green and wine roses maybe a touch of gold studs included?
      You said apple green and lemon ( as in lemon yellow or lemon green)? am not sure about that combo Apple green and Gold is a lot better.These would look more coordinated .
      So we have Gold running through , wine or maroon, Chocolate for mothers and Apple green for friends. Beacuse you have so many colours going through your decor shoud be very simple.
      You have to choose one or two main colours that you would like to use. maybe wine and gold and a touch of apple green for the decor.
      That should be good.

      Kind Regards,


  59. Hi Anita, am really impressed by your creative designs and color combinations. Am an undergraduate that loves experimenting with colors and designing and that pushed me into wedding decorations for now. Am an apprentice under a lady in my state but i want to start up my own to aid myself in school. So i need you help, Please… Here is my

  60. Anita dear, i need your help in coaching. I want you to help coach me. I hope am not asking much?

    • Hi Fine,

      Not at al just that am not based in Nigeria as yet and not offering any classes for now.
      When I start I will definitely let you know in the meantime, they are plenty of resources on the internet for you to go through in understanding Event management.

      All the best and hope to speak to you soon!

      Kind Regards,


  61. First,i love this site.M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ wedding is coming up soon aand M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ wedding theme is fuschia pink n cream though i hvnt concluded yet on the colour theme,i need U̶̲̥̅̊ to suggest other colours that could go wiv fuschia give ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ useful ideas for M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ hall decor.thanks

    • Hello Mma,

      Fuchsia Pink is a lovely colour that matches well with green- apple green or lemon green and then cream or white as the base colour. It would also work well with purple.Dark purple or just pay around with lighter shade of pinks.
      You can just make the napkin to be in fuchsia pink so that the table top and the chair cover be in white. Your drapins an be in white and pink.
      Flower arrangements in greens, pinks and white. Play around with pink petals as well.
      Check out these paper lanterns, you could get some with pink, white and green.

      Hope this helps,

      Congrats : )

      Best Regards,


  62. Please, can we talk more through your mail ie your email?

  63. Hie, your website is the best and is really helpful. My dilema though is that initially l had chosen the purple, lilac and silver colour combo but when my hubby saw the gold chiavari chairs he just loved them. i want to keep the purple(grape) but am not sure how to match it with the gold. Will the purple bridesmaid dresses do? please help!

    • Hi Maka,

      Purple and Gold is a favourite amongst many bride. You could have that as the two main colours or you add yellow to it. Just a bit of it in the floral arrangements.
      The bridesmaids can go purple with bouquet of creams alone or with bits of yellow.
      Gold chivari chair is good but if it can go with purple seat pad even better but if not then use a cream seat pad. You could also have chair covers or sash (purple) around the gold chivari.
      Let the charger plates be in gold, table top in purple or cream would do and then allow the floral arrangements carry off with creams and yellow or just yellow. Either that OR let the floral arrangements be in cream, lilac and purples but make sure the gift boxes and or reception card come in yellow to give it a lift.

      Its not a hard to pull off. Remember the gold can just be an accent so you can still have your lilac in the whole arrangement, maybe seen in your table napkin placed against the gold crockeries.
      But I would just like the addition of a little yellow popping up here and there.

      This board is for purple and gold alone. Just so you get the picture so as to make a good decision.

      Let me know.

      Congrats and Best Regards,


  64. pls i nid ur help, my wedding is approaching and i tend using using blue, red and gold colour. pls i just want to know if d colours ars ok.
    thanks, await for ur reply

    • Hi Ify,
      Blue, Red and Gold is tricky depending on how you intend to use the colours. You should use one main colour and the rest sparingly so if red is the main colour then just ensure that some blues will appear in the flower bouquet or flower centrepiece arrangement in the decor. Additionally you want your decor to be very minimal in the display of colours because these are strong colours that are not mostly used. So I will say go with white in the decor and let everything be white except the flowers which will carry the colours that you want.
      The bridesmaids and the groomsmen should carry off the main colour you intend to use.

      Hope this helps.

      All the best and Congrats !


  65. i would really love your work and i would also love to be a part of the team,so i really want to know if by any chance i can be trained by your company…please…here’s my email……i will be awaiting your reply

  66. please i have a colour combo i like, but i’m not sure what it will come out like practically. the colours are royal blue, lemon green and peach. i want it to be for a traditional marriage.
    please where do i get ideas of decorations with traditional materials like george, raffia, et al. thank you for your response

  67. Hi Anita

    I love your work and ideas. I am not getting married soon but I have a thing for wedding planning and decoration. I don’t mind having you as a tutor. I live in london. Where do you reside (Father please let it be be london, lol)
    I would love to hear from you


  68. I like ur website ,it has been of help to people.i will getting married next year,my wedding colour combo is olive green and orange,engagement attire colour for me and my fiance is orange and coffee brown,are d colours okay,what should be the background decor for d engagement/colours for d two families.thanks

    • Thanks Lizzy!
      Olive green and orange is a very good combo you can throw in white and also gold as the accent colour. So your table cloth could be in either olive green or orange, crockeries in white, flower vases in gold colour so that your flowers be in greens and creams.. chair covers in white.
      Coffee brown and orange is popular too but why not spike it up with tomato red colour? So if your attire is in chocolate brown and orange then arrange the decor with brown and tomato red in addition to cream and gold. chair covers in ivory, table cloth in ivory or brown, all other things on top is tomato red (reddish-orange) so napkins and floral arrangement is in tomato red and creams.
      Grooms family can use green and gold as green is also an earthy colour like brown and this goes with almost all colours
      Brides family could have golden yellow with hints of tomato red maybe in gele..

      Hope this helps,


  69. Hello Anita,
    Am looking at a wedding in April next year. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from that its confusing. Am thinking of doing either of these colour combos;
    1. Orange, Yellow, Green.
    2. Orange, Yellow , brown.
    3. Black, white with hints of red.
    4. Hot pink, Purple, yellow, orange, lime but I need advice on how to combine these colours in the decor, IV, bridesmaids dress/groomsmen’s wear, cake, aso-ebi e.t.c

    • Hi Chydee,
      I cant advise you on all the colours.. Black, White and hints of red seemed more appealing to me than the other colours as this is not a very popular colour choice amongst Nigerians;but I must say very classy especially if your black is introduced as damask. check this out : your flowers can then be in red.
      If you must use orange and yellow with green , it is better to use golden yellow instead of normal yellow and the green should be lemony green to tie well with the golden yellow colour.
      Yellow, orange and brown is a fall colour and usually used around October to December period ( you know when the leaves fall from the trees) normally I would pefer your colour choice to tie in with what you see mostly around you.
      I also like the idea of hot pink, purple, lime and orange… it looks like having a peacock themed wedding where the orange can be an accent or background colour.
      check this blog for simple peacock themed wedding: and the main colours used.

      Am not sure exactly on what you might prefer but am willing to help with one choice of colour combination.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  70. Hello Anita,
    Thank you for your response. The peacock theme (hot pink, purple, lime and orange) seems interesting but can be a disaster if not well moderated. Please advise on the best way to combine them. Thank you.

    • Hi Chydee,

      Rightly so, you need to introduce teal in there so these three colours or Teal, lime and purple make up the main colours for peacock theme orange can be used as an accent.

      check this out: this could give you an idea and this:

      Hope this helps,



  71. I love ur advice,but am having problem with colour combination,my colour is royal blue ,pls can u give some colour that can go it apart from sliver

    • Hi Gloria,
      Try Royal Blue+ Turquoise+ Gold rust + mintgreen or olive green.
      Royal Blue can be a good boost with orange especially when mixed with turq blue.

      What do you think?

      let me know.



  72. Hi. this is really mind blowing and helpful. my wedding is coming up in 3months lagos precisely. my colours are blue and pink. we are both chocolate in colour. please help with the best shades of both colours and how to combine them. groom n grooms men, bridesmaid and bridal train. the decorations and flowers. would also want you to handle the decoration. pls inbox me on how much it would cost. a picture board would be deeply appreciated. waiting anxiously for your quick response. thanks and God bless

  73. Hello Anita,
    Am planning a wedding in March/April 2012. Am thinking of using clementine orange and gold with a touch of green. Do you think it would come out well? Also, what shade of green do you think would be fine?

    • Hi Dede,
      Clementine orange or tangerine colour is very good with most green but not really with dark greens like olive or sage so from teal green,lawn green, I would say ask the couple on what mood they intend to give, with lemon green, this would bring a very exciting and colourful feel. Apple green is perfect with gold too but if they want to tone it down then the use of pale green or even mintgreen can be used.

      I think this would work well and if the gold can be incorporated in the crockery, chivari chairs in gold and maybe gift boxes cake stand in gold.

      Hope this helps,

      All the best and let me know how it goes,


  74. Keep up the good white weddings colours are apple green and orange while the engagement attire i want to use for me and my husband is chocolate brown and orange what colour combo would be good for the engagement decor?i’m thinking of pink and brown or gold.tanks

    • Hi Liz,
      well for the decor, you could go white on chair covers and table linen then use brown as napkins and little gift boxes… or if you wish to introduce another colour I would say go green so maybe lime green with brown or mintgreen with brown. You can either use the mintgreen as the table top and browns for the napkins or the other way round.. here check this pics out: scroll down for brown and greens..

      Hope this helps,


  75. Hi dear,
    your website is helpful and am impressed so far. My wedding comes up next april and we intend using green (apple or olive)+ gold +pink for the day. Pls advice on how to incoporate all 3 colours for decoration, bridesmaids gown colour.
    thank you

    • Hi Wande,
      Olive is best used with gold and a third lovely accent colour could be chocolate brown . But if you must use pink then its best to incoporate white into the whole picture. It would be easier to use Chivari chairs in this if you want the best result.
      if using chivari chairs, then use the one with white seat pad and gold sides. your table top can then be in green so that the crockeries can be in gold or white. I would suggest that the flower vase be filled with pink ( hot pink or fuchsia is better with apple green) and the floral arrangements itself in Pinks and whites.. Your napkin can be in pink or white. your love nest(high table or mandap if you like) should be in white in this let the floral arrangements carry your colours of your main colours so that your decoration accessories can come in gold.
      BM can have Pinks while the guys go for green ties on white shirt and Black suit.
      Your chief BM can go ivory or go green.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  76. Hi Anita
    My wedding is coming up march 2012, my colour is wine and gold but am confused on what my groomsmen, bridesmaid, flower girls and my aso ebi are going to wear. Pls i am seriously in need of ur advice. God bless

    • Hi Precious,

      I like this colour but you can also add pink and leafy green on this.
      Bridesmaids can wear dress in wine and bouquet in creams and greens
      Groomsmen in light gray suits, light pink shirt, burgundy or wine coloured tie, green with wine coloured boutonniere and pocket square.
      Groom– Slate gray suit, three piece with jacket of same colour or just cream , white shirt, wine or silver tie, pocket square in cream and wine
      check this blog for inspiration:
      On the asoebi, I would say use green or gold gele.
      Hope this helps..

      Flower girls can just go Gold in dress and wine sash or a dress with those two colours in them.

  77. Hi anita, I really love your website,please keep up the good work.I am just a starter in the interior-exterior decoration business,based in nigeria..please can u help with pointers towards how much I could charge? I feel really lost. Would look forward to your reply,perhaps to my mail address.thank you

  78. Hi dear,

    Thanks for the great job u are doing on this site may the lord continue to bless u more and more.
    Pls my wedding is coming up april this year but am not yet sure of my colours which is lilac and gold i dont know if the combination is ok and if yes how would i combine it on my chief brides maid, my coffetti ladies and also how would it go on the groom and the groom men also the decorations.
    Pls if the colour combination is not ok, i would welcome your suggestion.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Yemisi,
      Thanks so much. God bless you too!
      Lilac and gold is good but you could add a shade of purple like eggplant or plum and sky blue or green to the whole combo.
      So you could use lilac, egg plant and green and with the gold in it.

      Let me know if you like this combo.

      Kind Regards,


  79. I just came across your website & am greatly inspired by your colour combinations,your creative works…..Am a
    beginner and really crazy about decorations and
    i will be glad to have you as my mentor & to be your apprentice.
    email address is and
    am based in Lagos Nigeria.
    I will be glad if you can tutor me on the
    rudiments of decoration,how to combine colours, how to attracts clients &every other thing that i need to know about
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you,

    • Hello Itunoluwa,

      Thanks.. its a good thing that you want to develop your creative talent..

      Unfortunately, I am based outside Nigeria but when am back to country, I will be in touch.

      All the best,


  80. Hi,
    Thanks for the reply, i think i would go for lilac, egg plum and gold, hope the combination would be ok. And also how would i combine it on d groom , grooms men, chief brides maid, and the coffetti ladies. Thanks a lot

  81. hi,
    i stumbled upon this site by luck and am so glad i did.i am an event designer and i was so happy i came upon this site because it feels as if am just begining.i wont say i know anything because i love learning a lot and i have been looking for more ways to learn other than the things i think i know(lol).because i found out that the only way for you to be at the top is to be original and have a signature and that been known to make your clients happy.i would be so happy and honoured if i can be tutoured and mentored by you.i need to know more about event styling,designing,venue decorations,colour matching and some other things i dont know about it and the business side of this craft.i love it and have been praying to god to give me the resources to go out of the country and learn more but am so happy that i dont have to bother myself anymore cos have seen what am looking for right so inspired by your ideas.i would be honored if i get a reply from you.thank you so are a email address is

    • Hi Olayinka,

      I do not see myself as an expert either. The beautiful thing about event designs and all is that originality is always constant so there cannot be a certain way of doing things but you need to understand certain bits and ofcourse with experience you slowly get confident.

      When I do get to Nigeria, I will be in touch..meanwhile, they ae e-books you could get on line to help you develop your career and another thing is network, network, network..

      Kind Regards,


  82. Your site is a very nice one, I always go through it to see the latest colour theme. My wedding is coming up by Easter I was thinking of lemon green,cream and peach I dnt know if it will be a good combination.

    • Hello Roseline,
      Yes, that would be a good combination green and peach is a good match because peach is a shade of orange. its best you use peach-orange which is a bit darker than peach.. this combination is good with gold..

      All the best,


  83. pls i nid ur help. My wedding comes up on 3rd of march by God’s grace. My husbnd is in d army n will b wearin army green, both families will wear royal blue n sky blue while my frnds will wear pink. How shld i resonate my colors for the decor? Pls hlp me. Tnx.

    • Hello Zahrah,

      There are several ways you could do this but what came to my mind is using pink( blush or carnation pink) and green for the decor. You could go all pink for the table cloths with chair in white/ pink sash or
      you could use white for the chair and table cloth and allow decorations and flowers to be in green and pink. So use pink chair sash and napkin in pink and allow the flower arrangement be in green,white and just bits of pink.The high table could have pink table cloth to differentiate it with the rest.The drapins at the background could then be white with swags in pink. Just make sure that the floral decoration is mostly in greens, you can add a bit of warm olive-colour to it- )
      You can have drapins similar to this: and crockery be in white, gold plated or copper colour.
      Cake in green and Pink with gold if you wish..

      Hope this helps,

      Kind Regards,


  84. Tnx so much. Ur advice really helped. God bless u.s. Precious

  85. Hi MWN,
    Please my wedding is coming up in April by the grace of God, I have chosen orange, apple green and azure(a shade of blue)colours for the wedding please what should my chief brides maid wear?

  86. Hi, thnk u so much 4 al d help uv bin offering…. Pls i have a wedding 4 may and d colour is royal blue & white, how do i combine this as per bridesmaids, groomsmen, bouquet and deco. Thanks

  87. Hello,

    I like ur work and advice u give to pple. Thumbs up. My wedding is arnd the corner. The colors 8 av in mind is Fuschia pink. Problem is I dnt know wut other to combine. I have fuschia pink, silver n purple/lilac/hot pink. I just can’t seem to make up my mind. Pls help! Tnxx

    • Hello Udee,
      Thanks! Fuchsia can go with any shade of purple. Why don’t you try using eggplant with the fuchsia adding warm gray to it.
      You can have it with lavender blush and ivory.

      Hope this helps,


  88. Hello Anita,
    I came across this site today and im so excited, please keep up the good work. My wedding is coming up may this year, my colours are navy blue and fuschia pink. i would like you to advice me on how to combine my colours with regards to the groom, groomsmen, decorations, cake, bouquet and other accessories. The parents are wearing fuschia pink asooke and bridesmaids are wearing navy blue but i dont have any colour for the groom and his men. thanks a lot.

    • Hi Shade,
      Its better the BM wear Champagne or Blush coloured dress holding bouquet in fuchsia pink.So that the GM wear NavyBlue or Airrforce Blue with a pale pink or light pink shirt, fuchsia pink tie. Groom and bestman wear slate gray and/or graphite gray suit, whilst best man could wear waistcoat in silver, shirt in light pink and tie in pink. Groom also wears waistcoat either of the same colour with the suit or just a wedding waistcoat that comes with a cravat either in silver or ivory- he can then have his pocket square in pink adding manflower in cream.
      If the BM insist on having Navy Blue dress, they can have their bouquet in fuchsia and shoes in same colour of pink. Alternatively, they can carry bouquet in ivory and shoes in same colour too, then the GM should wear suit in gray- light gray sits well with fuchsia, their shirt in white and tie in fuchsia( or pink and blue stripes) and if they wish, they can have their waistcoat in gray, same with the suit. The bestman and groom can then wear navy blue or slate gray suit( shiny dark gray or thistle gray) the groom can have this with his waistcoat in same colour, white shirt with pocket handkerchief in flowery pink. man flower in ivory.

      Hope this helps,



  89. Hi, i love your site; but i will like you to paste a wedding train & decor with Blue, Pink and Silver/Gold, i also want to know from you if the colours are ok.
    Please reply soonest.

  90. Hello Anita i do appreciate your work.
    I would be getting married very soon and i ahve choosen purple, blue and gold was wondering what to do from here?

    • Hi Essy,

      Thanks Essy..
      I like the idea of purple and Blue.. Use Pansy purple and indigo Blue then add mustard yellow with a touch of gold.
      Your main colours should be worn by the train..holding bouquet in rich mix like this… add deep plum to it.

      Use the other colours for the decor. check this out( you have to scroll down) I like this too. although the chairs are in lavender. Hope you get inspired.


  91. hi my wedding is coming up by july i intend using blue and pink.i want your advice if i can add gold or cream to it.wanting for ur reply

  92. thanks.but can cream, or gold colour be added to the blue and pink

  93. Hello, really want to appreciate you for ur good works.. It’s been helpful… Pls am looking at using champagne gold, peach and white for my colours…. I don’t know if it’s a good one… Pls can u enlighten me more on how to combine the colours. Tnx

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