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Okay you found your wedding dress; now it’s time to accessorize. The first rule in wedding jewellery is never to overdo it. It’s tempting to load up on baubles and bling, but you don’t want all those precious metals to outshine you on the big day. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll look like royalty without looking like you’ve raided the queen’s closet.

Show your true colour:
Knowing what type of metal will work with your wedding gown’s shade of white is a good way to begin choosing your jewellery.

White Gown: Gold accessories may clash with this bright white hue. We suggest sticking to pearl and platinum.

Diamond-white Gown: This barely off-white colour works with gold and silver (and rose gold, and pearl — you get the idea).

Ivory Gown: This candlelight shade is a soft, light white, and some versions even have yellow undertones. You can adorn yourself with gold jewellery to highlight the creamy tint of the fabric.

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