Choosing Your Wedding Attire – Colours That Match

Choosing Your Wedding Attire - Colours That Match

The bride’s gown doesn’t have to be solid white, especially since color accents are increasingly more available. A blue or red sash around the waist is striking and still very bridal.

The groom and his guys can also sport colour in their ties or on their cuff links. But colour will be most prominently displayed throughout the day in the bridesmaid dresses.

Some fervent folks might want to match the dresses to the invitation ribbons, the favour tags, and the bouquets but this is not the only way to define a style.

Mixing and matching dresses in varying shades — pink and orange, or pale green and yellow — can sometimes make a statement stronger than uniformity.




  1. The tips here are great and the site is very luvly.

  2. Tugbiyele Edward : January 16, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    The wedding dresses are very beautiful. Could someone please tell me who the designer is?

  3. the dress is excellent, the designer is great.

  4. olaolu olatona : January 24, 2008 at 11:49 am

    the combinations,are quite fabulous but l would very much want you to make this site more developed where u can give a picture or list of must dos or dont for a wedding,wedding attire combinations,colours that match and all those other things one must know or have for a wedding to be superb…..

  5. d site is great! d brain behind dis is now ma friend. d site needs to be developed cos lots of nigerians will luv it. cheers

  6. the atire is too much
    the combination is so sweet
    i love it

  7. I have just been proposed to ‘finally’ and we have decided that it will be held in Nigeria
    I stumbled over this site in excitement of planning for my wedding and I am really impressed by the information and the pictures.

    Well done to you all.

  8. Congratulations to the both of you!!

    You will have a very exciting time ahead of you as you plan for your special day. All the best!

  9. this is so sweet i wish i can view more to plan 4 mine

  10. i feel so impressed with this site. wow!! never seen any like it, in a month’s time i will become a ‘Mrs’ and now this site i bumped into came in handy……………God bless the brain behind this site. wishing her all the best! muah

  11. i feel so impressed with this site. wow! never seen any like it, in a month’s time i will become a ‘Mrs’ and now this lovely site i bumped into came in handy……………..god bless the brains behind this site. wishing them all the best and success in their endevour……………..muah!!!!!!!!!

  12. Juli Collections : March 12, 2010 at 2:17 pm


    This is a lovely combinations, Juli Collections also combine Grooms n his men SUits, shirts, Ties, Cravats, Bow Ties n Cummerbund to match with that of the Bridesmaid dresses.

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  13. plz giv me a nice matching colour for my wedding dress

  14. pls my wedding is in october kindly help me with matching colors

  15. wot of yellow and chocolate, my wedding is in nov and av still not decided on the colour

  16. This site is great!!!
    The ingenuity cannot be over emphasized….creativity is off the hook. Planning for my wedding but no date yet. I know I will have a hard time choosing colours but with this site, I don’t think so anymore

  17. This is a lovely site. If powder blue and coffee is the fabric,what color will be suitable for the decor?

    • Hi Kaffy,

      I will say white or cream would be suitable because powder blue is a bold colour and you need a lighter colour to tone it down. So say in bouquet, you could have mixtures of darker blue, light blue with green and pale cream or yellow flowers. Your flower centre piece could be just white or creamy a touch of blue. If the flowers are white then make the table wares be white or cream whichever you choose.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Let me know.

  18. Hi You are doing a very lovely work with this site. My wedding is coming up by Feb 2011 and am having a really tough time choosing my colours. I love chocolate, Cream and army green but i have no idea on which/what to combine for my brides maids. Please help!

    • Hello Nma,

      You will be happy to learn that your choice of colour is amongst the few that qualify as the hottest wedding combo for 2011.
      For your bridesmaids, they could have army green colour with a cream coloured waist band or bow! Alternatively they could have a cream dress with green waistband. The colour you use for the bridesmaids should be your main or base colour and the rest just as accent, like hair flower could have either chocolate or cream . So if chocolate is the main or base colour you like to see, then make the bridesmaids wear chocolate colour dress with cream or khaki green accent on it. Your groom should be happy to wear a deep chocolate suit with the khaki green tie! Do not forget to put the your accents on your wedding invites, flowers and cake!!
      Let us know when you decide!

  19. hello, work,well done and gud wedding
    is in feb 2011,my colours are army green n aqua green with a
    touch of the combo okay.

  20. so pls advice me hw do i combine it on my girls.i want to make use of aqua color of dry lace and army green moskino or tafiata fabric to make straight short gowns.wat do u think.

    • Hi Seunfumi,

      I must stress that I am not a stylist but will make a suggestion.

      You can have the aqua colour as the main gown and the army green for the belt for a nice bow at the side or at the back.

      What do you have in mind?

  21. Hi, I’m getting married in Jan 2011 and my wedding colours are burnt orange and lim green but I can’t decide how to mix the bridal train into these colours……bearing in mind tht i have bridesmaids, junior brides maids as well.

    Please help!!


    • Hi Tope,

      I like the softness of the lime green.Personally, I would love to use the lime green for the dress( no extra colour) and the bouquet flowers mainly in burnt orange. This is because if the dress is in burnt orange, your bouquet would fade off with the lime green.
      The burnt orange would look beautiful as a bouquet, as it is mixed with other colours like chocolate brown, cream and a bit of green . I, personally think, lime green works well with dark skin tone.

      Junior bridesmaids could go on all white with a lime green waist band and burnt orange flowers OR have a gown with a cream top and lime green bottom.
      Most often, the bridesmaids dress colour is the main colour of the wedding so it really depends on which of the two colour you wish to use as your main.

      Let us know what you will decide to do.

  22. my colour is cream and chocolate,my bridal trail is pink and blue,but dnt knw wat colour my bridesmiad and bestman kud use and how the hall deco will be pls help.thanks.

    • Hi Rasheeda,

      Why are you having such different colours? cream and chocolate is fantastic so is pink and blue. You really do not want to use different colours of the rainbow in your wedding? (joking)
      Seriously now, choose one main colour and use another colour as accent or the background colour .

      In choosing Pink and blue ( say navy blue). Make your bridesmaids wear pink dress and blue flowers or vice versa but different dress style for the maid of honour. Your main colour will determine what your hall decoration will be. If you choose pink as the main colour, for example, the white table cloth could have pink runners, pink bow on a white chair cover or pink chair cover with blue bow then your gift box, napkins and cutleries will be in blue.
      Your flowers will come with mixtures of blue and mainly Pink roses or just plain pink with a blue ribbon tied to it.

      Your invite should also carry your colour theme- Pink card with blue bow e.t.c.

      I hope this helps. Let us know.

  23. Hi,
    my wedding is coming up in march 2011 and my colour is purple and yellow,i really dont know how to combine it for my girls pls help me out!and thinking of how to combine the colours for my traditional attire as a delta girl it is blouse and wrapper what do you think will go better as blouse and wrapper.

    • Hi Ejiro,
      Sorry for the late response. Yellow and Purple is good as it brings life to the event. When you see yellow, you want to smile. However, you want to stay courteous in the use of these combo. Bridesmaids may wear yellow dress and hold bouquet that is just purple. Little girl could wear a white dress and yellow waist band holding same purple bouquet wrapped with yellow ribbon. you should be wearing your white gown and yellow accessories like shoe and bag in yellow!
      As per the traditional cloth, why don’t you tie purple wrapper and plain blouse with a hint of yellow or get a golden yellow blouse.

      It would be nice to see you in your traditional attires.


  24. hi, my wedding is in feb and i have a prob with choosing colours, i dont want regular colours but i want burgundy to be on my wedding gown and my bouquet pls i need some colours that wld flow with burgundy. thanks

    • Hi Tolu,

      I love burgundy and so many colours go with this, to be unique, why don’t you put 3 colours together or the conventional two combo – Burgundy and Burnt orange, Burgundy and Cream, Burgundy and primrose ( like a pale pink), Burgundy and Flamingo with primrose , Burgundy with rose and pink – 3 colours..
      In your bouquet you could add a mixture of all colours- Burgundy with flamingo and grass green
      Wedding Invite could have main colour of burgundy(for example) with the accent colours which could be burnt orange, cream or rose
      Bridesmaids need to wear main colour
      Your napkin, cutleries and other table accessories should have contrasting colour to the table cloth draped on the table. The main colour used for the table should be used as the chair bow. e. t.c
      The draperies could have cool colours to complement the burgundy like cream with a hint of rose.
      Let us know how you get along..

  25. hi,
    my wedding is coming up April 2011 and my colour is green and gold could u pls tell me if i have made the right choice and what else can i mix with it to bring out something nice for my wedding also colour for my cake is another problem can you suggest something good for me?

  26. Hi,
    Just stumble on your site and love what I see. My wedding is in early Feb 2011, I am working within a tight budget but really appreciate something beautiful and perfect (good looking). My girl had selected Cream and Lemon as her colour, what do you see about the colour? Which colour would the chief bridesmaid wear? How would the combination fits others in the bridal train, the little bride and even the men on suit? I have also choosen ash suit and lemon shirt to go with it and black suit for the guys on suit. Please advise if the combination is ok to go together? Also advise a colour for the men’s tie that will match up.
    I will also appreciate if I could get good shops in Lagos where I can get an affordable wedding gown and chief bridesmaid dress and other accesories (shoes, rings, suit, flowers, etc) that atleast a bank trainee like me who just started work can pay for.
    I will apreciate your kind response.
    Thank you

  27. Hi,
    Sent a mail yesterday and still expecting a response. Thanks for your good work in this site. Again, like i said, our colour is Lemon and cream. What combination will be perfect for bridal train, men on suit, grooms suit and tie colour match. And where will I get cheap and affordable wedding gowns, Chief brides maid dresss and groom suit in lagos, also wedding accesories, rings and do a wonderful invitation card. Please assist me. My wedding comes up early feb 2011 and your assistance will help me a lot.

    • Hi Moses,

      Am sorry, I have been away from my laptop that is, I will get back to you soonest with every detailed inspiration for your wedding.

      Kind Regards,

    • Hi Moses,

      Lemon and cream is a little boring, don’t you think? What you can do is inject a little bit of fun colour and brightness into it.
      Say for instance lemon+tangerine+cream? lemon and lime+ cream go well together too!
      Here are some few tips:
      Groomsmen: Black suite with Tangerine tie and tangerine boutonnière (flower pinned on suit) , Black suite with cream tie and lemon boutonnière
      Bridesmaids: Cream dress with lemon Bouquet, lemon dress with tangerine Bouquet
      Bride: White or cream wedding dress with yellow or tangerine bouquet
      Decor: White table cloth with lemon centrepiece design or lemon and tangerine centrepiece ( flowers mixed with lemon and tangerine colour)
      Cake: Cream cake with tangerine and lemon rose flowers round it
      Favors and gift boxes: Play around with tangerine, lemon and cream ribbons round the box which could come in different colours!
      Napkins and cutleries: Lemon napkin on white plates or tangerine napkin tied with lemon ribbon
      Click on link:

      I hope you find your inspiration!

      Kind Regards,

  28. Hi,u’r doin a great job here.My wedding is in March and my colours are yellow&royal blue.I need help on how to combine these colours for my bridesmaids.Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Dupe,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Yellow and Royal blue is an indication of a destination/ beach wedding ! If you are not having a beach wedding then choosing this colour to create a breezy and fresh feeling is impressive! well done!
      I have created a board for you. Click on this to get the inspiration. The colours might not be all royal blue but you do get the gist of the idea!

      I hope this helps! 🙂

  29. Hello
    Thank you for the good work, my wedding is next year and my colour combo is purple, lillac and gold.. what do you think about the colour? and again what colour of dress lace should i use for my girl?

    • Hello Afonso,
      Purple and lilac is royalty bliss but aside gold why not try it with a bright colour like Papaya (pinkish-orangey colour) injected into it?
      Main colours: Purple and Papaya and then the sides colours: gold, lilac and cream

      Reception: This could have purple, gold and cream ; flowery centrepiece in papaya and lilac
      Chairs could be just plain but table covered in purple. Cutleries in gold and napkins in lilac!
      Bridesmaids: Purple dress with bouquet filled with the varieties of lilac,purple, cream, green and papaya. You could have half of the girls wear one colour while the others wear another colour:
      Groom : Main colour tie and papaya coloured buttonhole
      Groomsmen: some could wear purple or lilac tie while others could have the papaya

      Don’t be afraid to play with the colours but please do not overdo the purple and lilac effect just have one main colour and brighten it with something else!

      Check this Inspiration, not much but will give you an hint!

      All the best!


  30. I so much enjoy this site,my wedding is up come Feb 2011 and i want to use purple,gold and cream for a lighter shade.PLease can you kndly advise me on how these colours could play in the bridal train,grooms men and the little bride.And how the combo could be perfect on the reception decoration.Will really appreciate your quick response.Keep the good work going.

    • Hi Valerie ,
      This combo should be a winner! Lets see!

      Bridesmaids: Purple dress . The bouquet would have the combination of cream/ ivory and purple flowers
      Groom: Purple tie with purple and gold buttonhole
      Groomsmen: Gold/ cream tie
      Reception: Light Purple draperies/ curtains with purple table cloth and gold cutleries, napkin
      Table Centrepiece; Cream and purple flowers

      OR You could make Gold your main colour

      Bridesmaids: Gold dress and shoe with purple/cream bouquet
      Groom: Gold Tie , Gold and purple Buttonhole
      Groomsmen; Gold Tie
      Reception: Gold Draperies, white table cloth and chair cover using purple bow and purple table runner. Cutleries and napkin should be in Gold/ Cream.
      Table centrepiece; Decorated in cream, purple and green

      Gold and purple stars should be scattered on the table to give a sparkly look!

      Check this out!

      Click on this;

      Hope this helps!


      Wedding Team

  31. I want to have an idea on colour of the suit that will be good on purple waist jacket with a little touch of gold or cream.

  32. Hello, how are you doing? i am really thrilled at this site and the job you are doing. i think u have a fantastic tast. Is all this consultation FOC….lol! this is probably the first comment i would ever place on a website, simply cos iy makes SENSE!
    Okay, please i wouldlove your advice. my wedding comes up about last week in January, 2011 and i chose my wedding colours. the main colour i chose is a shade of purple. it was called “dahlia” on however, i would be having pale yellow (creamish) and turquoise blue (subtle) as the 2 family colours, one for each side. these are the colours the family were able to conclude on and i don’t want a clash in decorations and overall outlook though i want my colour (purple) to be predominant, my bridesmaids will be wearing that too. please give ur professional advice.

    Thanks alot and have a great day

    • Hi Bimby,

      Thanks for the compliment!. I will get back to you shortly being down with cold so a bit slow. lol

    • Hi Abimbola,

      Thanks for your patience. I could not quite get inspirational pictures on the exact colours that you would like ( Dahlia in dessy) but I was able to come up with ideas you could use without being overly the top. Your colour is vibrant and very fun loving! With the right colour combination, you could have a very joyful wedding!
      The bridesmaids: Your colour choice of purple dress; holding bouquet flowers of a mixture of your turquoise blue and purple. The girls should carry the traditional chinese wedding umbrella of turquoise blue ( Parasols)
      Groomsmen;Half of them could wear the turquoise blue suit jacket ( on a black or cream suit) , tie and buttonhole while the other half wear purple jacket, tie and buttonhole
      Reception; If you using white or cream linen, lets say white linen and white chair covers
      With white table covers and chair cover; In a table of say 6 people, use purple bow and turq blue bow respectively, one chair purple bow, the other blue and then purple again…
      b) Your table would have turq blue runner across and then a flourishing purple flower as centre piece. Your napkin could come in cream and turq blue placed on top of the cream napkin or in the glass wine! Your favors could come in cream and bits of blue in there ( blue ribbon tie) or blue favor box in cream ribbon… e.t.c

      With white chair covers, you could use just purple table linen and make sure all the cutleries, wine glass are in turq blue. This goes for the napkin as well. With this you could also wear a bow of purple and blue on each white chair cover as previously explained. Centrepiece flower could come in cream, purple, green and blue all mixed.. very bold!

      Draperies: White or cream as the background and purple designed on it. Please dont mix with turq blue. Unless you have an expert wedding decor to do this ( Quite tricky)

      Cake: White cake with purple and blue flowers round it

      Accessories: You could have a turq blue BIG flower on you head and carry a purple chinese umbrella! That contrast will bring a fresh colour out.

      Church: Have an aisle runner in purple and then have your lantern pew hanging from the chair in turq blue. or get a white aisle runner and purple and blue petals scattered in a designed curve format on the aisle and then have your pews in blue and purple!

      Would love to see your wedding pictures when out!

      I hope this helps. Check out the inspiration board to have an idea of what i mentioned.

      Click here:

      All the best!!!:)

      Wedding Team.

  33. So glad i got this site. My wedding is coming up April 2011, and sincerely i don’t have a color. Don’t want something common. I mean i need a color i could use for my traditional attire at least two different color combination. Also i need colors i could use as my main color, hall decoration, cake , brides maid, and chief brides maid. My sisters are suggesting i go with army green and cream for the grooms family, while wine and cream for the bride. Don’t know if this would work? I actually want one colour for both families. Please advice me. Thanks.

  34. Hi,
    i just want a piece of advice on how to combine these colors for my wedding :Fushia pink,silver,burnt orange and olive green.Thanks

  35. This site is too lovely,you are too wedding is march next year, i want to know if Pink and slate gray is okay cos that is the combination i choose. Thanks.

  36. Hi,
    My wedding is January and ma colors are cream, brown and peach. I’m finding it difficult to arrange the colors for ma trains, halls etc. Pls help out! Not to forgot, U guys are the BOMB! U’re doing a great job. The sky is the beginning for you.

    • Hi Feyi,

      Good choice ! Am loving the peach which is more of a neutral/ warm colour. Although, rather than brown, why don’t you go for chocolate brown ( deeper brown) this is to bring out some colours to create excitement!.

      Not a boring colour combo I tell you! Well done Feyi!

      Check out the inspiration board for this combo and hoping you get something out of it!

      And Yes!


      Kind Regards,

      Wedding Team.

  37. Hi,
    I found this site so lovely, my wedding is comming up in september 2011 and am finding it had with colours. I love blue and want to you it as one of my colours. Please help with colour comb with blue.

    • Hi Smith,

      Blue is my favourite colour as well! And there are loads of lovely combinations that you can use with this:

      Blue and Yellow
      Blue and Pink
      Blue and Burnt Orange
      Blue and Orange
      Blue , Gold and Cream

      I have tried something on Blue and Orange ( my favourite)!
      Check this out:

      Blue and Hot pink could also set a pace!

      check this out:

      Whichever you choose, always take into consideration, your venue- the type of decor it already has; your skin tone ( what works best with your colour) and then think the mood you want to send across to your guests ( Exciting and Fun , Breezy and Fresh or Classy and Hot) ( Blue and Orange, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Hot Pink)

      I hope this works for you.

      All the very best and congratulations!


  38. my wedding comes up in march 2011, my colours are Red, Green n Gold kindly advise me on the distribution of these colors all round.

    Thank u

    • Hi Grace,

      Quite Bold and Lively colours! I would suggest that you choose a very light green ( apple slice) and dark red colour for this combo!
      Bridesmaids: Wear the light green chiffony dress with mainly red flowers bouquet
      Groomsmen: Wear Green ties and buttonhole or some wear red ties and others green
      Reception: decorate with just the light green colour and light gold or plain white drapery
      Table: Use light gold or plain white table linen and use light green table runner across this! Scatter red petals on table and use red favor box and gifts
      Table centrepiece: This should be in red ( red and green flowers on a vase e.t.c)
      Chair: white or light gold chair cover with a light green bow
      Bride: You wear your ivory gown with red shoes and red bouquet or vice versa ( light green shoes and red bouquet)
      Groom: Wear red or green tie to complement your colour. I think this colour will come out better in gray or ash coloured suits!

      Will give you and inspiration board on this soon! Some technical error occured in the sysem whilst making yours bear with me.

      Kind Regards,


  39. My wedding come up in march 2011, my colors re red, green n gold. knidly advise me on the distribution on d cake, decor, bridesmaids n groomsmen.

    Thank u

  40. Thanks a whole lot….you rock!!!

  41. hello please i,d like to know if you are in lagos now.i need a decorator for my wedding

  42. my colors are royal purple and baby pink.pls i would like your take on this two colors

  43. Yeah, its great but the Gold colour is missing out. should take it off.
    Kindly advise as apporpriate.
    Thank u

    • Hi Grace,
      The pictures are just as inspiration to give an idea. As advised, the gold can be incorporated in little details for instance in the plates and cutleries, napkins, serviette, and favors or just add gold stars on the table!
      Make sure you concentrate on one colour and the rest act as an accent incorporating it in tiny details.
      Let me know what you think.


  44. ok, thanks a million

  45. Titi
    You are donig a great job. pls my wedding will comes up july 2011, and i dont know the colour to choose. the colours i have in mind are blue and orange or burnt orange. peach and chocolate.groom suit is dark blue or black but the shirt and tie colour i dont have an idea of that.

    • Hi Titi,
      Are you using the four colours?
      Blue and Orange is a definitely beautiful combo! And for this combo, dark blue suit would be brilliant for the groom and his men!
      Okay lets work this out;
      Groom: Dark blue suit with cream jacket, shirt could be white but tie needs to be bright so orange would make do . This will contrast beautifully with the dark blue suit. The boutonnière( breast flower) should be burnt orange as well!
      He could also wear black suit, black jacket , white shirt and orange tie with orange buttonhole.
      This inspiration board is for blue and orange combo!

      I have also included peach and chocolate brown for you!

      In this case, the groom could wear the peach tie on white shirt with black suit and black jacket or could wear gray suit and jacket with peachcoloured tie.

      Hope this works! Let me know.



  46. U are wonderful,pls my wedding is coming up next month,i want to use orange,green&burgundy.what do u think&i need ur advise on what to wear by Bridesmaids,junior maids,groomsmen,chief bridesmaid&groom.looking forward to your response.thanks.

    • Hi Comfort,

      Lovely chic colours! I like the combination of the exciting mixed with warm and earthy colours( green). So you could actually play around with this combo.
      I would suggest that the main colour is burgundy and the other colours used as accent. This is what i mean.
      Bridesmaids: Burgundy dress with bouquet flowers of orange,burnt orange, green and burgundy
      Bride( You): Have a lovely bouquet as the girls and tie a long burgundy coloured ribbon by your waist( depending on the style of your wedding dress)
      Reception: Table is covered with burgundy table linen ONLY or white linen with burgundy strip runner, all accessories on it should be orange and green- Plates should come in neutral silver or orange and napkin should be in orange. You could tie a green ribbon round the napkin etc
      Centrepiece: Table centrepiece should have flower decorations of mostly orange coloured and green.
      Little bridesmaid: Ivory coloured dress with burgundy ribbon tied on her waist holding basket of flowers or petals rich with orange and burgundy.
      Groom: Black suit, silver coloured jacket, white shirt and burgundy coloured tie with orange buttonhole.
      Groomsmen: Black suit, black jacket, white shirt, Burgundy tie and burgundy handkerchief

      Check out this board:

      Hope you get your inspiration.:)


    • Hi Comfort,

      Lovely chic colours! I like the combination of the exciting mixed with warm and earthy colours( green). So you could actually play around with this combo.
      I would suggest that the main colour is burgundy and the other colours used as accent. This is what i mean.
      Bridesmaids: Burgundy dress with bouquet flowers of orange,burnt orange, green and burgundy
      Bride( You): Have a lovely bouquet as the girls and tie a long burgundy coloured ribbon by your waist( depending on the style of your wedding dress)
      Reception:Table is covered with burgundy table linen ONLY or white linen with burgundy strip runner, all accessories on it should be orange and green- Plates should come in neutral silver or orange and napkin should be in green. You could tie an orange ribbon round the napkin etc and vice versa. I will prefer orange napkin and green ribbon tie
      Centrepiece: Table centrepiece should have flower decorations of mostly orange coloured and green.
      Little bridesmaid: Ivory coloured dress with burgundy ribbon tied on her waist holding basket of flowers or petals rich with orange and burgundy.
      Groom: Black suit, silver coloured jacket, white shirt and burgundy coloured tie with orange buttonhole.
      Groomsmen: Black suit, black jacket, white shirt, Burgundy tie and burgundy handkerchief

      Check out this board:

      Hope you get your inspiration.:)


  47. Lade

    Thanks alot for bring in this type of site, God will bless you ma.
    Pls ma, my wedding is next year and i need a perfect colour that i can use and the colour of suit, shirt and tie that my guy can use.
    like blue colour but i dont know other colour that i can use with it

    • Hello Victoria,

      Thanks for your enquiry! Blue is a beautiful colour and you can use either sapphire blue or turquoise blue . I have copied the reply sent to Smith who wanted to use blue as well. You might find this helpful too!

      Blue and Yellow
      Blue and Pink
      Blue and Burnt Orange
      Blue and Orange
      Blue , Gold and Cream

      I have tried something on Blue and Orange ( my favourite)!
      Check this out:

      Blue and Hot pink could also set a pace!

      check this out:

      Whichever you choose, always take into consideration, your venue- the type of decor it already has; your skin tone ( what works best with your colour) and then think the mood you want to send across to your guests ( Exciting and Fun , Breezy and Fresh or Classy and Hot) ( Blue and Orange, Blue and Yellow, Blue and Hot Pink)

      I hope this works for you.

  48. Hello,

    After being married for 11 years we have decided to finally have the church wedding. We plan to do it in May 2011 and I would like you suggestions for a bride with children and colours

    • Hello,
      I must firstly, congratulate you for staying put to make this work all through the years! 11 years still going on strong is no JOKE!
      Wedding dress for your fiancé( lol) is, i must say often not discussed so quite excited on getting your enquiry.
      These days, etiquettes for wedding gowns no longer exists and most people are now making their personal decisions as to what gown to wear. As a mature bride, easy,comfortable wear and age appropriate design is most sought after. Think style, colour and fabric of the gown. Some say its wrong to have a train ( long sweeping gown) for mature brides. As mentioned, its entirely up to her! Most mature brides would prefer not to show too much flesh. She could get an off shoulder gown and add sleeves (lacy sleeves; removable jacket) – you could get a dress maker to add all these to the gown or even shorten the tail of the gown to your choice.
      Whatever she chooses to wear, she should not wear a gown that would call attention to her waist line or tummy area and chest!
      Choose gowns with fabric that breathes- satin,chiffon, lacy, crepe silk. Gowns with a bit of polyester lessen the wrinkle factor.
      Choose colour that goes with her skin colour. Ivory or cream can be used with a sash of her choice of colour. Black and white damask is always a very classy pattern design to use in the wedding decoration! Use the damask as table runner!
      Black and white damask with light green( table linen) and red as seen in ( bouquet, napkin and flower table centrepiece).

      Kids could also wear cotton designed gown with sash!

      Colour will therefore be very light green or apple green with black and white damask and hues of red!.

      Hope you like this inspiration board to get an idea!

      All the best ! 🙂


  49. Victoria

    Thanks very much am very grateful.
    I will like to use turquiose blue and burnt orange. but please, help me to analysis it well. i mean for bridemaid wedding gown is cream but i still need more explanation.
    thank you

  50. Victoria

    Thank you very much. i can now use torquiose blue and orange. pls, can i use orange as a bowl on my gown (my gown colour is cream). what of my bridemaid what colour she use and other pls.

    • Hi Victoria,
      Cream is a neutral colour and can go with any colour so using an orange or burnt orange sash is fine! Bridesmaids could wear orange dress
      Little bridesmaids could wear white or cream dress with the orange sash too!
      Groomsmen and Groom:They could have black suit with black waist coat and cream shirt and tie and then orange buttonhole ( little flower pinned to the suit)
      OR they could wear an orange or blue tie

      Have you seen this?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards


  51. i’m so glad i found this site. I want my main color to be red but i’m having trouble analysing it. like what my bridesmaids will wear and my bouquet and so on. what other colors will be good with red? Thank you,

    • Hello Twalisha,

      Red energizes! it conveys the idea of passion, intimacy!!In using red as the main colour, you want to tone it down with other accents or neutrals. Red can go well with lime green or green ( preferably lime green or apple green)- as the two main colours
      You can also add neutrals like honey dew (very light bluish gray). Colours that go with red are:
      Red+ Burgundy+Light Pink
      Red+Very Light Lavendar
      Red+Aqua blue+ White
      Red+ Sandy colour background

      Say red and lavendar which is a really cool combo, the bridesmaids could wear the lavendar coloured dress with red shoes and accessories, red sash, red head flowers. e.t.c
      Groomsmen could wear gray suit with red tie and/or black suit, black waist coat ( silver waistcoat), white shirt and ivory tie but red buttonhole( flowers or handkerchief) . Same should go for groomsmen.

      Reception: table cloth in light lavendar ( you can use a different type of chair so you dont have to use chair covers) have your centrepiece flowers in red and napkins in red, your plates could be white or golden coloured. Sprinkle red flowers on table top and have gift box in lavendar and tie with red ribbon

      Little bridemaids: lavendar dress with red sash and bouquet.

      I will get an inspiration board out for you later today! Check again.

  52. came across dis site and am more than impressed. I must really commend u 4 doing a great job and helping many. My wedding is coming up end of february and am still a ‘wee’ bit confused about my wedding colours, i thot of purple, lilac and silver and my mum totally got me confused by insisting on how outdated it is. Now, am thinking of sage green with gold and ivory. Pls hw do u think i can incorporate these colours..i am equally open to suggestions about other colours but i must say dat am not daring. I love elegance and simplicity at same time. Pweeeeese help! 🙁 cos d day is fast approaching and i have till second week of january to finalise

    • Hi Chinazo,

      Please check again later this evening for an answer to your enquiry.



    • Hi Chinazo,

      Your colour is not bad at all but am afraid to say your mum is right about sage green being current. Most wedding colour experts have revealed that earthy, vintage and sunwashed colors would be popular in 2011. Sage green goes well with gold with ivory as the neutral color but the colors are very cool, you might want to pop it up with a fourth colour and i would suggest using fuschia and light pink as these could be in the bouquet and table flower centerpiece.
      OR you could have sage green , gold, chocolate brown and a tint of light yellow. Okay dont want to confuse you.. lets see how this work
      BM( Bridesmaids): Sage green dress and bouquet flowers of light fuschia, light pink and ivory. Shoes should be in fuschia
      GM( Groomsmen) and Groom: Black suit, ivory waistcoat and sage green tie and buttonhole
      Flower girl: Ivory dress with Sage green sash
      Reception: White chair covers with sage green bow, sage green table cloth or cover top with sage green
      Plates and cutleries should come in Gold, sage green napkin wrapped in gold ribbon.
      Fuschia pink petals sprinkled on the table and your centre piece flower should be mainly in fuschia but also combined with light pink flowers, ivory and apple green or grass green
      Drapings should come in ivory and sage green mixed.

      I do hope these colour matches the venue colour cause that is another thing you need to consider before choosing a colour theme. If you are having the wedding outdoor then that is fine, you do not need to worry

      The inspiration board for this :

      Hope this helps in the meantime , let me know!


  53. your site has being very helpful and informative. am getting married in few weeks time (Jan 2011)and my colors are sky blue and wine. my bridesmaids dress is wine with blue highlights. i really need help on the combination to use for my groom and groomsmen.

  54. helo.compliments of the really impressed with d advice u have given to people and i think u r doing a wonxerful job.My wedding is in april 2011 and i would want an evening wedding.i chose purple,lilac,pink and ivory/silver.Pls wat do u think abt the combination and any ideas on what shades of pink and purple to use?would want tge colours to be eye catching.can the groom wear an ivory waistcoat,lilac tie with a grey suit?thanks.

  55. awww…thanks a lot. U r such a blessing! Just checked d board..The fuschia really did make it pop…i like it! And its unique. Thanks a bunch and stay blessed as am now looking foward to shopping for d wedding dis january..:-)

  56. Hi,

    I just got engaged a couple of weeks ago and am hoping to get married next year in London. My favourite colour is purple and my fiance’s favourite colour is sky blue, so want to incorporate both colours in the wedding theme as well as silver as a third colour. My fiance is worried that we wont be able to find suitable gele and other traditional wear with both purple and sky blue on it. What do you think?

    • Hi Tayo,

      Congrats! Tayo Your choice colour is harmonious as in cool to the eyes if you get the correct shades. Your sky blue ( turq)would go well with red violet purple. Using a mixture of violet purple and and a lighter shade of purple ( in the bouquet for instance would work well). The silver could still come in as accents ( popping out here and there in the decor).
      Remember Tayo, choose one main colour and then work with the rest. You don’t have to necessarily kill yourself trying to get gele with all the colours you like! The colour of your gele used should be your main colour ( say purple for instance)and the sky blue could be seen in the blouse or even your fan or accessories! when you have two or more colours, use the main colour in like (60%) second colour like (30%) and other colour (10%).

      Let me know.



  57. hi, you are jst the bomb. I bless God the day i found this site. My wedding is February n have not made my choice of colour. Pls help me combine any of these colours:white,grey,purple,gold,green.pls jst do any of husband’s suit is grey.its urgent,thank you.

  58. I just got engaged about 2 months ago and I’m planning My wedding for May.I really don’t know d best colours to use and how to combine them.I’m really thinking of Gold,peach,purple.I’m so worried,please help me out.

    • Hi Mercy,
      I like the combination of gold and purple. I was thinking if you could do this then your wedding decor will be WOW!
      I thought of gold lace combined with purple linen.
      Reception table: Get gold lace ( with glitter) and place on the top of the purple table cloth. Your chair could have white/creamy chair covers with purple bow. ( I would mix the purple material with the gold lace together for the bow)
      Table; On your table , have gold plates but peach napkin smartly folded on the plate. You could also have gold diamonds or crystals on your table
      Table centrepiece– Your flower vase could be in peach colour if you like, get flowers in combination of peach, purple,cream and light pink. If you could get your table glass cups in peach? am not asking for too much am i? lol but if you are able to get this combo right.. it would be brilliant
      GM: They could have purple tie (on a black or ivory coloured suit )and pocket square handkerchief or just purple buttonhole.
      BM: Purple dress with peach waist band and bouquet flowers of peach, purple ,cream and greens.

      On your trad. attire, you could have peach and gold gele, ivory top and purple wrapper ( with gold designs). OR Gold gele ( just plain), ivory to creamy top with purple wrapper. The colours go on so well, you can have it both ways. You could even get a purple and gold gele and peach with gold wrapper. Am not sure what state you from but am sure whichever way you decide to choose, would work well cause the colours are harmonious.

      I have an inspiration board for you and I hope you like it.



  59. hi,
    please do you have an idea of an event centre, around okota isolo axis.
    and do you know of fashion outlets that deal in muslim wediing gowns.

  60. Hi dear. I need some quick advice. My wedding colours are pale pink and lipstick red. What do u think the groomsmen should wear. And what colours would be good for the hall decor?

    • Hi Deema,

      I am not sure what colour the venue hall has at the moment but I would prefer that your main colour be the light pink with ivory and red as accent
      GM: They could wear deep or navy blue suit with pink ties and buttonhole. Your hubby could just wear same coloured suit but red pocket square instead of pink.
      BM: The chics could wear pale pink flowy chiffon dress with red waist band and bouquet. You have some wear red dress and vice versa.
      Reception: With this, quite tricky, you could have an ivory coloured table linen and chair covers with red bow
      Table: Red Plates, red glass cups and red crystal scattered on the table
      Centrepiece: Tall vase with rich flower combination of different shades of pink, red, ivory and greens

      You could also decide to use light pink chair covers and table covers with red bow. Your red bow could be tied with diamante ( diamond ring)

      I hope this helps.

      Check out this board! Remember, this is just to give you the inspiration! 🙂



  61. hello, this site is simply fantastic! keep up the good work!
    I am planning my wedding for April 2011 and i am thinking of purple and fuschia pink as my wedding colors. Also thinking of burnt orange and chocolate brown for the traditional wedding. Please what do u think of these combinations thanks.

    • Hi Enny,

      These combo are not bad at all. Purple and fuchsia goes well. Most bride tend to use purple as the main colour.
      Reception: You could use fuchsia table cloth and purple chair covers( without a bow), crockeries in silver and napkin in purple.
      Table centrepiece – Flowers in deep purple, light purple, fuchsia, pink and cream.
      BM: Purple dress with bouquet flowers mainly composed of fuchsia pink and other shades of pink with purple.

      Your chosen trad colour is lovely but not ideal for April if you are having the wedding say in the UK.In the western world , April is spring time and that evokes greeneries, yellows, blues, Pink. e.t.c. Bright colours, as this gives the sense of flowers and animals springing to life! Burnt orange and browns are colours normally attached to Autumn- when the leaves have dried out and fallen off as seen in September to November periods.
      So dear- Your choice really. if I am having the wedding in Nigeria, I will not personally bother about what colour fits what season as we only have two seasons – sunny season ( yellow, red, orange) and rainy season( blue, aqua, green,pink) e.t.c

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards and all the best!


  62. Hi,

    I am quite confused on how to combine colours for my wedding although i want burgundy to be in the colour chosen for wedding and i dont know how to use this colour for my bridesmaid and also the combination for traditional wedding though we want our outfit to be turquoise blue and something. what colour among these can be combined together to make it look nice for a wedding and engagement, gold,cream,burgundy,fuschia pink,turquoise blue,royal blue,hunter green,orange,chocolate, any other suggestion?? thanks

    • Hi Temi,

      You can mix your Burgundy with Gold
      Burgundy with burnt orange
      Bugundy and ivory with bits of blue and red.
      Turquoise blue and orange
      Turquoise blue and chocolate brown
      Turquoise blue and pink
      Turquoise blue and Fuchsia pink
      Turquoise blue and Red
      Turquoise blue and dark purple
      Hunter green and cream

      You’ve got loads of choice to choose from. Check the burgundy and gold board I made for your inspiration.
      If you check other boards I made in dessy, you will find that of turquoise and orange!

      Hope you like this! If you do make sure you tick Love!


  63. Hi.i wanna commend u 4 d gud work u are doing and i know that God will reward u wedding is in may and am thinkin of the colours lavender,purple,pink and silver.any ideas on how to combine these colours and which shade of pink and purple to use?thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Ogoo,
      Your colours are really good! I would suggest that you use either purple or lavendar as the main colour and use pink( more fuchsia) and silver as accents.
      Use either deep purple ( blue violet) or magenta ( red purple) but I would prefer using lavendar as the main colour for the Bridesmaids.
      Your colours should all come together in the flower arrangements.-( pink, deep purple and lavendar with greens and creams)
      Groomsmen should be upbeat with lavendar tie and buttonhole either with deep purple or same lavendar colour.
      You need to play around with the two colours of purple and lavendar.
      OR if use purple for the bridesmaids dress, they could use pinky waist bands and their flowers should be more pinky.
      For the reception, if you see the board i made for you, I very much like the layout where the table cloth is purple and the flower centerpiece is in fucshia pink , lavendar and purple.
      If you can get purple and pink parasols as venue designs? If you having the reception indoors then you want to get the lighting right. Pinkish or purple lights would create a beautiful romantic feel.
      If you must use chair covers then have chair covers in purple with lavendar bows- satin fabric would be lovely too!

      Check this out:

      Hope you get you inspiration.

      Regards and Congratulations! 🙂


  64. pls what can i mix with purple for my traditional wedding decoration of the hall and all thnx

  65. this is very inspiring….more power 2ur elbow…
    Pls i have two different colour combo for my wedding coming up dis yr.pls chose d best combination out of the two listed below
    red and blue
    purple n pink
    pls which of them do u tink is d best
    also let me know how i can use it for my bridesmaid as well as d groom n bestman waistcoast suit n ties
    pls i also need ur help on how i can combine d colours for my blouse n wrapper for my traditional wedding.

    • Hulloooo,
      Red and Blue is well complementary!- All shades of blue will work with this one. To use shades like sapphire you need to be quite bold!
      Purple and pink also goes well. I mean it depends on what colour you like. I would like the effect of purple and pink during the trad cos then you can use purple gele and lace with pink and purple on it. Anyhow you wish to wear the combo, it would work!
      In using Red and Blue, would you like Blue as the main colour?
      Check out the board on blue and red and let me know what you think.

      Check other boards to see purple and pinkish inspiration.

      Hope this helps!!

      Let me know!!! 🙂

      Kind Regards,


  66. hi,
    am writing this on behalf of my aunt getting married in kaduna later dis year. her chosen colors are green, pink and gold. can u help her precisely with d exact sheds of these color that would be best combination.
    what color would be best for the groom’s tie and shirt, the groom’s men tie and shirts and the chief maid’s gown and maids gown.
    thanks in anticipation of your prompt reply

    • Hello Joy!

      Sorry for the late reply, its been a rollercoaster! Its a vibrant and fun colour- the green , gold and pink.
      I suggest, apple slice green and fuschia pink. She can accessorize with Gold!
      If you are using hot or fuschia pink then green should be the main colour; If very light pink then that should be the main colour!
      Assuming that she chooses Fuschia Pink then
      BM: Green dress with fuschia pink bouquet- colours of flower could have hot pink light pink, cream and greens
      GM:Green ties and pocket squares or buttonholes this should be worn in black suits and black waistcoat, white shirt or very pale pink shirt
      Reception; Okay, with this you can chair covers in white but table cloth in green, napkins in pink and crockeries in gold. The chair covers could have either green or mixture of green and pink bow neatly tied at the back
      Venue: Use white and light green drapries with the high table decorated with pink and green on white table cloth
      See the inspiration board and let me know what you think.



  67. You are doing a wonderful job. Please keep it up.

  68. Hi, I just want to commend you on doing a marvelous job. This site is awesome. I just have a few questions. My wedding is coming up at the end of the year. Still deciding on what colors to choose and how to work with them. The colors I’ve in mind are Royal or navy blue (favorite color), pink, green and gray or silver. How do I incorporate these colors? Bridemaids attire, decor, grooms men attire? Your response will be greatly appreciated. If u can create a style board as well, that’ll be great. Have a blessed day

  69. hi
    i really love what you are doing out there,keep it up.i have a wedding by febuary,but until now i dont know what colour to really confused.please help me out.

  70. My BFF’s wedding is coming up sometimes in March . She’s confused as per what color to choose. But the Groom’s has a tradition that Gold must be a part of their wedding color. We are thinking about
    1. Tiffany Blue + Orange and a touch of Gold. ( But we r worried about the decors , who wears what ) as the grooms side must have Gold.
    2. Teal/Aqua + Gold.
    She also likes —–
    (Orange, Yellow,Torqouise blue ,and green)
    .. Please is there a way u can come up with 3 colors for us that has a touch of Gold in it… Thank you Thank you ! ( Something Elegant and different) . Also considering colors that will look good on dark skinned people. Thank you so very much.

    • Hi Kiksy,

      I love the idea of Teal Blue which is not as sharp as aqua and blends well with dark tones. This would work well with gold and orange.

      You could get the teal blue table cloth, no chair covers!- Can you get the transparent types of chairs or wooden chairs in gold colour? ( am i asking for too much) am sure you can get this in nigeria!
      On the table cloth use, Gold crockeries ( Plate, glass cups, spoons.. all in gold colour)
      Make sure the table napkin comes in Orange. Then on the table centrepiece use bunch of orange flowers. Tall or short vase of flowers would do!!
      The BM should wear gold accessories on their blue dress say shoes in gold but bouquet should come in both colours of orange and teal blue.
      GM: I actually saw a picture of the groom having buttonhole and pocket square at the same time. So they could have their black suit, teal or black jacket , white shirt , gold tie , gold pocket square and teal boutonnière ( flowers).
      Reception: Draperies in white and teal blue or teal and gold.

      Its all in the detail I tell you Jut use one or two main colours and use the rest as accents!

      Will get a board for you to get an inspiration soon!



  71. Hi,
    I must say am very impressed at the good job you are doing. My wedding is coming up shortly and am having a tough time choosing a colour both as the wedding theme and one that would match the traditional wedding dresses. I really don’t want a regular colour, the colours am looking at are peach, purple and turquoise blue. I want to know what best to incorporate these colours as decoration and for the brides made and grooms men. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks

  72. Hello, thanks for all your advices, may God reward you for making other people’s day a joyous day with colour matching and advices.

    My question is, i will be getting married in sept, we are not sure what color to use for either engagement and reception (deco, bridemaids…) here are the colors we are looking into pls advice:

    Brown and peach
    Brown and gold
    Lilac and purple
    Orange and brown
    Sage and clay/gold
    Lavender and peach

    My mum does not really like the orange and brown combo cuz she thinks its not masculine but thats what I LOVE. what do you think? Please if you have pictures of any naija wedding with this combo, that will be fantastic so we can picture things. I have not really seen the orange and brown for naija wedding pic so i dnt know if you can find me a few. i want a colour not very common and nice.
    thanks a lot!

    • Hi Dupe,

      I know it took this long please bear with me. My cold did really get me down and out for a while.
      Brown and Orange is not very common and a very lovely combination at that! A lot of Nigerian bride will go for purple and lavendar but i know this colour combo will stand you out for real!

      Additionally, I suggest that you use sage green / green ( preferable) + clay colour ( not terracota clay) for your wedding or engagement
      Use accents colours: Chocolate brown and orange
      BM: Sage green bridesmaid dress with brown belt, bouquet flowers will have mix of browns, orange, cream and greens
      GM: Clay coloured suit with green and orange buttonhole.
      Reception decor: make table cloth and chair covers in clay or cream then have the sage green sash on the chairs.
      Table will have gold crockeries and glass cups, napkins and favor boxes in greens, flower centrepiece should have lots of greens and bits of orange on it

      Trad: Chocolate brown and orange
      see board pls:

      I hope you like it.

  73. i will be having my wedding in october can u please help me. my colour are purple, lilac and silver. Help me the colour of the suit my man can wear and the colour of shirt and tie. Also the colour of dresses and shoes the bridesmaid will wear

  74. my wedding is in october and my colours are purple, lilac and silver
    can u please help me to choose the colour of suits for my husband and groomsmen. Also the dresses and shoes for the bridesmaid. thanks

    • Hi Franca,

      Since you choose shades of violet , your GM could wear a black suit, silver waistcoats and purple or lilac ties ( whichever colour is the main colour)
      Your man should wear a plain white tie( black suit or tailcoat( dress coat) and silver waistcoat) but should have purple or lilac buttonhole( flower on suit)

      For your bridesmaids, purple or silver shoes will do on purple dresses ( make it chiffon long flowing gown with one shoulder)!

      Let me know what you decide.



    • Hi Jane,

      You where not very clear on your colour choice ( shonke Pink ?) instead of baby pink why don’t you use fuchsia pink as your main pink with purple and a bit of baby pink? So say the BM is wearing fuchsia with purple sash, they could wear either fuchsia coloured shoes or purple shoes and their bouquet will be a mixture of purple and all the pinks you want!
      Your man should stand out different and wear a cream waistcoat and tie without any colour while the grooms men could share purple and fuchsia ties

      If the GM are wearing black blazers on jeans then t-shirt is a NO NO!( this is your wedding we talking about-a formal occasion) Let them wear shirts without the tie, the shirts should be in pink or purple or could be shared.They can still pull this off with ties, in this case the shirts needs to be in white or cream and the ties come in fuchsia and purple ( 50-50 amongst the guys)

      I hope this helps.

      All the best! 😉

  76. still waiting

  77. u’re doing a great job, pls my weddin is coming up in june,
    i love the colours purple and yellow, just want to know if they actually blend cos my chief brides maid to be said it does not

    • Hi Tola,

      Purple and Yellow go! Infact they are complementary colours in the colour wheel that means they complement each other. You just need to use the shades that work well. So I will advise that you use mild purple and golden yellow colour. The yellow gives a very happy and sunny feeling

      You can use purple and white in the decor and the GM wear tan suits with purple tie ( man flowers should have yellow in it)
      BM wear purple dress, nude shoe colour or golden yellow shoe colour. Yellow designs on the dress!

      It is a nice combo for June!!


  78. Hi,
    well done with the good job. I did my introduction in Dec 18 and my wedding is in May, the color mix i’m looking at is Burnt Orange, lime green and gold, but i just don’t know how to mix it to get the perfect match. help out.

    • Hello Ayobami,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      What colours do you wish to have as the main colour? Actually you could use the lime green or the burnt orange as the main colour
      Lime green goes well with Gold and if you want the BM could have lime green dress and gold accessories and shoes.
      The GM could have black or navy blue suit with gold ties and green/ burnt orange buttonhole.
      DECOR: Make table cloth lime green and then use table accessories( napkin, gift box, ribbons) in burnt orange, you do not need to use chair covers( depending on the type of chair you using) see inspiration board
      Background decor: Use white and lime green mixed in draperies, your cake should have burnt orange coloured design. the contrast will come out lovely.
      On the table you can scatter gold stars or diamonds, your crockeries should be in gold and your table centrepiece in Burnt orange!

      IF you decide to use burnt orange as the main colour

      BM: Burnt orange and gold designed dress( gold could come in as waist band or you an have skirt in gold and top in burnt orange?) am no designer here but am sure the fashion design could come up with something
      GM: Navy Blue suit will go better with burnt orange ties and waistcoat, shirt should be in white or cream. the guys could all wear ties and pocket squares but the groom should be different by having not just tie but buttonhole ( man flower)
      Decor: Have cream/ white + burnt orange draperies
      Table cloth should come in orange, if you must use chair covers, I would prefer to have it just white no sash tied.
      On the table you have your gold plates and all other accessories should scream lime green to contrast this colour.. your flower holder should be in green and the flowers should have a lot of green and YELLOW yes yellow as this is in the same family with burnt orange.

      Your wedding card design could come in lime green with perhaps burnt orange ribbon on the card.

      I will send you an inspiration board for you to get an idea. Check later today.

      Kind Regards,


  79. Hi, i just want to appreciate u on doing great job. the site is marvelous. i have questions. my wedding is coming up very soon. i still deciding on what colours to choose and how to work with them. The colours i have in mind are orange, blue, green, sliver,pink. How do i incorporate these colours? Bride, groom, Bridal train, decoration? please choose the meaningful colour for me. Your response will greatly appreciated. if u can create a style board as well, that will be great. Thanks and God bless.

  80. hi,
    Am glad i found this site, been checking this combination but really dont no if its ok, i want to use purple ,sliver and teal blue,
    the groom’s suit is navy blue and a white shirt nd the caravat is purple nd silver
    the brides maid cloth is purple nd the train teal blue nd silver .pls help me fix this properly.thanks

    • Hi Jackie,
      I would suggest using violet purple color to go with sapphire blue or else you use reddish purple and the teal blue. The silver is okay, it can go with almost every colour, use silver as accessories on BM.

      Grooms suit as navy blue is appropriate, am not sure about purple and silver cravat but you could use pale silver pattern silk waistcoat and purple cravat/scrunchy tie.
      Then pocket square of same color with cravat.

      This would work.

      Let me know what you think.

      Kind Regards,


  81. hi,
    pls my wedding is coming up in march and am thinking of using purple with silver and teal blue or a dark turquiose blue.
    the grooms suite is navy blue nd his caravat is purple nd silver
    bridesmaid is urple nd silver,the bridal train is turquiose blue nd silver but i dont av an idea on what the grooms men should wear

  82. Hi,my wedding is coming up by april and I have chosen sky blue and peach as my husband will be wearing an ash colour suit,sky blue shirt that is plain with a mixture of grey and skye blue colour as tie.hope this colour combination is ok.I will like you to show me pictures of this combination if it is really ok.waiting for your response

    • Hi Oge,

      Instead of sky- blue and gray tie use a darker shade of blue and silver tie! The gray suit is fine with this. OR Use gray suit, white shirt and blue / silver cravat using silver and light blue embroidered waistcoat.

      I can’t find a perfect picture for this am afraid but if i see something close to this , I will email you with it. In the meantime, get to suit shop and get him to try these, take pictures and see how it comes out.

      Kind Regards,


  83. Kindly let me know the colours that will go with olive green or leaf green

  84. hi,
    thank u so much, i will work with this , ure the best.

  85. I love what am seeing, I think this is the first of its kind. My wedding is coming up in August, I have two colors in mind purple and lilac, or amry green and lemon, don’t know the one that will come out well. Please me and also how to use it. Thanks.

    • Hi Endy,

      Have I replied you at all? The two colours go together whether army green and yellow or purple and lilac . I would like to see Purple+Lilac+Yellow

      You can make Purple or Lilac as the main color and then use the rest as accents.
      It would be lovely to have BM( bridesmaids) in lilac or lavendar dress with a touch of yellow in bouquet.
      The GM – Black suit, waistcoat in (silver or cream ), white shirt, the tie in lilac and then pocket squares in lilac.
      Your husband should wear black suit, waistcoat in ivory embroidered lilac colour ,Cravats( special wedding ties) should be in lilac too. Let your man wear pocket square in lilac but also with Boutonniere ( man flower in purple and bit of yellow touch)
      Reception: The table cloth should be in purple, you can use lilac as sash for the chair covers if you must use chair covers. Napkin in lilac and if you like use gold crockeries or white plates would do.
      Your table decorations should have mixtures of deep purple, lavendar and touches of yellow in them.
      The draperies should be in lovely lavendar/lilac and silver.

      This board is for Purple, Lilac and Pink but imagine if you add yellow to it instead of the pink

      This is Purple and Gold Other purple alternatives

      This is Lavender and Pink just in case

      Hope you find your inspiration! I hope you like it!

      Kind Regards,

  86. hello dear,
    thanks for the idea. you are God sent. i checked later as you said for the inspiration board but didn’t see any. the color is lime/apple green and burnt orange with a touch of gold. i love your ideas and i will follow it, i just want to have a picture of how it will look.

  87. Hi.
    hope you are enjoying your holiday? I tried to open both links but they didn’t work. The site opened but the board was not on it. Thanks for the effort, maybe we can try it again when you get back home.

  88. thank God for you, my wedding is coming up by september, nd i am worried bout my colours, i love chocolate, cream, nd pink, he loves purple, lilac, nd blue. how do we combine.

    • Hi Funmi,

      Make purple or lilac as the main colour and then use pink as the secondary colour ( these colours should come out in the venue decorations, BM and GM)
      Use Electric blue, purple, pink, lilac and cream combination in your venue flowers, make the pink colours in the flowers stand out.
      Your table ( very light cream table cloth, very light cream chair covers ,purple or lavendar chair bows; use pink rose flowers at the back of each bow)
      Napkins in pink. Reception programmes in Pink and purple(writings) tied with purple or lavendar ribbon tie.
      Draperies should be in purple and pink!

      If you get confused, let me know! 🙂

      I hope his works!

      Kind Regards,


  89. Hello
    My wedding will be coming up by God’s grace in april this yr, but i am totally confused on the theme of color to be used, for d reception, bridal train, bride’s maid, d groom, the best man, and d groom’s man. i was actually looking at fushia pink, grey/silver and a touch of black, i also love burnt orange and coffe brown,but my decorator said NO to black, and my man too suported that. what other color can you suggest instead, yr response is urgently needed pls. i will prefer u get back to me on my email add thank you

  90. Hi, u r really doing a great job! A frnd of mine is getting married in july and we hv gone back an d forth on colour combos for bridesmaids, decor, bouquet, grooms men and groom and also the aso ebi. We settled for 2 sets of colours but we r nt sure which to pick!
    The first set of colors- chocolate, burnt orange as d main colors and lime or apple green
    The 2nd- royal purple, lilac as d main and pink.
    The problem is we don’t know how to mix these colors. One set will be for the trad, d other for d white wedding. She doesn’t want too many colors too. Pls could u help us out so we can start planning in earnest. I will be really grateful! Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Your colours match but for July having burnt orange and chocolate as the main colour is a no no! ( mostly used in winter) Use Orange instead of burnt orange and then use that with apple green as the main colours chocolate could be used as the accent ( seen in cake or favors)
      BM: Make a cute dress design with orange colours for bridesmaids, let bouquet come in orange, white and green( let the white flowers pop out more) if no bouquet then get green parasols!
      GM: White shirt,Black suit, black waistcoat, green ties and green pocket squares
      Groom: Black suit, cream or silver embroidered waistcoat, white shirt, green cravat( special wedding tie or scrunchie) then use green with orange as man flower( boutonnière)
      Decor: Use orange draperies on white background or orange mixed with green draperies but also in white background.
      Table cloth and chair covers in white; use chair bows tied in GREEN AND ORANGE! ( if you are using both colours for the hall decoration ONLY) if not, use just orange bows to match the orange and white hall decor!
      On the Table: Get orange table runners and napkin in orange . can you get your crockeries in green colour then?
      if not don’t sweat it use white crockeries and green napkin instead neatly tucked in the wine glass
      Flower centrepiece should come in mostly orange, green, chocolate brown and cream flowers. If you can have diamond drops from the centrepiece flowers . This should coincide with the main flower decor for the hall as well.
      In all, using orange and green as the main colours with white and chocolate as accents for white wedding! (DONT forget wedding card should come with the main colours)
      Use the purple , lilac and pink for the trad!
      Aso Ebi: Gele in royal purple, blouse in Pink and wrapper should be in purple, lilac and a bit of gold.
      Red beads used.
      Husband can get purple hat and purple attire mixed with pink if he likes it!

      Gosh ! I Hope this helps!

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards


  91. Thanks a lot for your help! but she’s now insisting dt the purple lilac pink and now ivory theme for the white wedding as her husband does not really like green as one of the main colors! I’m so sorry but could u help as to how to combine these colors as she wants her chief bridesmaid to use something different from the other bridesmaids. Pls how do we combine this purple theme for d groom, groomsmen, bouquet,decor etc? She has settled purple, lilac and gold/ivory aso ebi; and d cake wd hv a cream with lilac, pink and a bit of purple designs is dt okay?or do u think d purple theme is boring?
    I like the orange green chocolate combo but its her day so she has chosen to use dt for the trad! I will really be grateful if u help us out ….again! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Purple is getting increasingly popular amongst most brides! Nevertheless, what is more important is having colours that works! Colours that are harmonious not just jumble mumble five different colours making your wedding look like a carnival or circus ring!
      I have been able to make some inspirations on purple.
      Check this out for inspiration: This is for Purple+ Lilac+ Pink This is for Purple, Gold and Peach For Purple and Gold For Purple+ Pink + Gold

      ChiefBM: Assuming BM are wearing purple coloured designed dress then she could wear something in lilac with purple perhaps using purple as a waist belt? See for inspirations on BM Designs
      GM: Black suit, black waistcoat, white shirt, purple tie, purple pocket squares
      Groom: Black Suit, Black or ivory embroidered waistcoat, purple cravat or scrunchie ( special wedding tie) pocket square in purple and boutonnière in purple and pink
      Decor: Have purple table cloth, pink chair covers , purple chair bow, napkin in hot pink
      Option 2: Have Pink chair covers, lilac chair bow, purple table cloth, pink napkin
      Option 3: White chair covers, lilac chair bow or sash, purple table cloth, pink napkin
      Draperies in purple and lilac and white.
      Your description of the cake design is lovely! Well done!

      Hope you get your inspiration! Let me know!

      Kind Regards,

      Anita 🙂

  92. *sorry i meant the cake wd hv a cream background with lilac, pink and a bit of purple designs. Pardon any other errors, I’m a little stressed!!

  93. hi,
    my wedding is in december 2011,precisely 1st week.i have in mind wine and gold,blueor pink,blue,gold and peach.kindly advise on how to combine these colours and which of it do u think is best.expecting your reply.thanks

    • Hello Oluwacheye,

      You could have Blue and Pink,
      Burgundy, Gold and Peach
      Burgundy and Peach

      I would suggest using Burgundy wine, Gold and then cream and peach as accents
      Check the inspiration:

      You could have something similar like what is seen on the board OR
      Gold / cream chair covers, burgundy chair bow, burgundy table cloth, napkin in cream- centrepiece flowers should have the peach colour mixed with burgundy, red and cream . Your draperies could be in gold/ cream and burgundy colour
      BM: Wine coloured dress design with peach waistband? I leave the design for you to choose. Try for inspiration on bridesmaids dress.
      GM and Groom: Tan or black coloured suit, same coloured waistcoat, or use the embroidered waistcoat for the groom, white or ivory shirt and burgundy tie.
      Groom could get cravat ( special wedding ties)

      Let me know if this works for you!

      Kind Regards,


  94. I am really impressed with yr site. I love the combination of colours I saw in the site. But I want you to help me out, my wedding is coming up very soon and I loved gold and cream colour bcos I am light in complexion. pls reply me if is will go with my complexion. you are really doing a great work, keep it up.

  95. Hello,
    Kindly let know colours that will go with Purple and how to use them perfectly.

  96. Hi, kudos for the great work on this site. I am thinking of pink and green for my wedding. Pls could you give me ideas on how to combine these colours especially coordinating grooms men and brides maids? Thanks.

    • Hi Ayo,
      Yes, Pink and green is lovely but a lot of people find it hard to pull this off ! I suggest using hot pink and apple green.

      Option 1: Get white table cloth and white chair cover. Your chair cover could have two bows! Pink and Gray mixed( this would create a beautiful effect)
      table should have pink and green napkins alternated.
      Option 2: Use both colours that is a pink table and then green table. I mean, get a pink table cloth on one hand and a green on the other- this would beautifully work if you use Chiavari chairs using green and pink chair pads.

      Your BM would have green dresses with pink flowers and the GM would wear their green ties using black suits and green pocket squares

      I hope this works!

      Kind Regards,


  97. Hello,
    How would the combo of royal blue and red with champagne/ivory/silver look? We both love blue, and want a touch of red to brighten things up. Also, would it be okay to have my shoes and purse in royal blue or is white/silver a must if my gown is white? Thanks.

    • Hi Lily,

      It depends on what you want to use as the main colour. Using blue accessories is not bad at all or you could use your silver shoes and bag but earrings and/or hair flower in royal blue. The champagne colour could be used in the chair cover and table linen. Red can be used in the flower decoration and table napkin, the royal blue seen in the crockeries,draping and BM’s dress.
      This is acceptable Lily. check this out

      Kind Regards,


  98. Great job dear,
    My wedding is in may and i am considering Brown and Peach.I will appreciate if you can create a style board for this color combo.

  99. sorry i forgot to inform you that the Brown and Peach combo is for the traditional wedding.Inspiration board will be very helpful

    • Hi Shola,

      I was able to create a nice inspiration board but unfortunately it is not loading as expected.

      Using chocolate coloured gele or peach colour would work either ways!

      Let me know if this works.

      Kind Regards,


  100. I love wat u doing. My weddin wil be coming up soon and i’m confused abt colors for traditional and white wedding. My sister suggested peach and lemon. I don’t knw if dis combo are okay but i wouldn’t mind if u give me some tips.

  101. thanks a lot! toatally awesome!!!!!!!!!! wd let u know how it goes…

  102. i must say am impressed.kip it wedding is in december and my theme colours are wine(burgundy) and gold but choose aso ebi as pink(hot or fushcia and light blue ).do advise if its ok and advise on how to mix it for the groom and the train .thank u

  103. the engagement is wine and gold(traditional ceremony).tanks

  104. Am glad I stumbled on ur site. Am really having problem chosing my wedding color. Am planning to use Army green, light pink and little of sky blue. The main color is Army green. Am thinking my chief bride maids wod wear Green, Junior brides maid wod wear navy blue, flower girl wod wear Pink why my maid of honor wod wear Pink or blue. The Groom men wod wear sky blue shirt and army green tie or bow. Am also confuse about the deco. Pls help me out my wedding is coming up in September and am also writing an exam in sept dats why am planning it early. Thank you

    • Hi Busola,

      Army green, pink and blue is a tricky one. If Army or Sage green, the main colour, then I suggest you use hot Pink to go along with this.
      If the bridesmaid wear sage green dress, using a lovely pink sash around the waist; this would come out beautifully well. The chief bridesmaids can wear a pink dress and green accessories.( hair flower, bouquet)
      Groom should wear navy blue suit, sky blue shirt and the sage tie. If he is wearing a waistcoat, then it should be same colour with the suit.

      Reception should be in white and sage green. Chair covers in white, table cloth can be in white or in sage green, napkin in pink and the cutleries and wine glass can be in blue.

      This would work.

      I hope this helps,

      Kind Regards,



  105. Thanks I think its gonna work or atleast uve given me an idea. I really appreciate. And also thnks for the quick response.

  106. hi love your site doing a great wedding is coming up in july love blue but dont know the colour to combine cos i want blue for both the grooms family and brides family.want my wedding to be colourful and unique please assist

  107. hi,
    my colors r lilac,purple and gold or silver…i’m still trying to decide. what do u think my family members shld wear,i’m worried everyone wuld end up wearing the same colors and u myt not be able to differntiate btw the groom and brides family. help me out on wat the grooms men,brides maids shld wear and the entire decoration of the hall. the hall has square tables,i’m told that round tables r better,but i really dont want to spend unnecessary money hiring round tables. My traditional wedding colors r deep peach and cream…help!!

    • Hi Nikky,

      Square tables are in too you know!! Don’t feel funny using them. Wise choice I must say! I mean think about it round tables are so annoyingly popular, it really is refreshing to use square or rectangular tables!
      Your colours are okay I like the idea of Lilac and purple with Gold. Your family could have that colour or use Yellow and Silver as these directly complements Purple.
      Or you could use Pale Pink and Red Magenta( reddish purple)

      BM could wear purple with gold accessories like shoe or (lilac coloured dress with pink added to the design)
      GM: Reddish Purple tie or cravat on a black or gray coloured suit
      Reception: A good mix of purple, lilac, pinks and whites sprawled across the room.Background decor in purple and pinks
      Table cloth and chair covers in purple, chair bows in lilac and napkins in lilac and pink mixed. Let your flower designs be mainly in pink and white
      Actually, you could have some tables in purple and others in pink colour ( purple napkin, purple chair covers and lilac bows)

      For the trad, why don’t you inject orange to your deep peach and cream? If you do not like orange you could use very light green (grass green), peach and cream with gold as accent. This is lilac, purple and Pink designs This is Purple and Gold theme Purple themed

      I hope you do find your inspiration.


      Kind Regards,


  108. hi i must say this site is really helpful. my wedding is comming up in july i’m thinking of using orange, cofee brown and gold what do you think? and also i’m wondering if yu can suggest nice bride’s maid hair styles. thanks a whole lot love, yu’re the best.

  109. Hi,
    I kinda need help with colors I combine with red. I want a red themed wedding but can’t think of with any other color I can combine it with except blue. Tying the knot in Dec, really excited!!!
    Pls help!!

    • Hi Bose,

      Woooohhh! She is getting married in December!!! CONGRATS BABES!

      check out these colours to go with Red.

      Green and Red
      Red, Cream and Green
      Red and Pink
      Red and White
      Red, Blue Violet, Orange and Green
      Red, Turquoise blue and Grass green
      Red, Blue and Yellow
      Red, Reddish Purple and Red Orange

      Just don’t forget to use just one or two main colours and the rest can be seen sparingly like in the flower arrangement, napkins or gift items.



  110. Hi Anita

    i appreciate your response but dont really know wat the grooms family should wear but i want blue to be the main colour cos blue is i and my fiance’s favourite please help me out with three beautiful colours.Also what should the chiefbridesmaid wear and colour of suit and tie for the groom

    • O dear Natasha,

      Okay, but know that its only a suggestion! Your wedding is all about you and am just here to give you a guide.

      In my last response, I did point out that Blue and Orange complements each other just as you complement your partner!

      So I suggest that one family wears orange and the other wears mainly blue and you can have a bit of gold in there.

      So choose amongst the both of you who is wearing orange and who is wearing blue.
      Assuming you are Blue and hubby is Orange
      BM: Blue coloured dress designed with a bit of orange colour bits and bobs on it
      GM: Gray Suit (white, silver or gray waistcoat), white shirt, orange ties, orange pocket squares / Navy Blue coloured suit can also suffix for this – waistcoat should be same with suit colour, white shirt and orange ties, orange pocket square
      Your Hubby: same with GM but should wear ivory coloured tie or cravat( say navy blue suit, navy blue waistcoat, white shirt and then white tie), Orange and green flowers, Orange pocket squares.
      ChiefBridesmaid: If the girls are wearing Blue dress then the CFB can wear an orange dress accessorizing with hair flower perhaps in green or blue. The BM could wear gold shoes and accessories, mainly orange coloured bouquet.

      Does this help? Have you seen my inspiration board?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  111. Thanx for your contribution but i will still appreciate if i can get the inspiration board. The one you did isn’t working.

  112. Hi deariee,
    My wedding is coming up middle this year. Av decided to use Brown, cream and gold for my Engagement which is no problem, thank God. But for my wedding am really confuse I want to use 3 colors Green, purple and any other color (which I don’t knw). I wod like you to PLS help me wit that and also how I will dress my bridesmaids, flower gals, chief bridesmaid, grooms men and including the grom. Wod also nid assistance on the decoration of my hall. I also want to commend you on ur site. Well down and keep it up. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

    • Hi Baby,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      Your colours are beautiful as regards the white wedding, to get a triad, your three colours should be Purple, Green and Orange.
      I would love to see apple green as the main colour , orange as the second main colour and the purple as the accent.
      BM: Green coloured dress with orange bouquet
      CBM: Doesn’t have to be completely different from the others, perhaps she wears a flower hairpiece? or different dress design?
      Flower girls: White or ivory coloured dress, green waistband, holding white wedding baskets with orange flowers.
      GM: Should wear navy blue suit, white shirt and green ties with green pocket squares
      Groom: Navy Blue suit, white waistcoat, white shirt, green tie, green and orange man flower, green pocket square
      Reception: White chair covers, green bows, green table cloth,orange napkin, white crockeries,purple,green and orange centrepiece
      Recption2: White chair covers, green bows, white table cloth, orange napkins, purple and orange flower centrepiece
      Venue backdrops:White draperies decorated in green and orange, use strong lights to create an intimate look
      Cake: Cake can have flower designs in green, orange and bits of purple.

      I did a board for you, I hope you like it. Green(60%), Orange(30%), purple(10%) theme.

      You might like this: This is orange and green wedding.

      Congratulations and hope you find your inspiration

      Kind Regards,


  113. Pls also advice on the Aso ebi. And also wod like to ask if Green, Purple and sky blue will go. I really am confuse wen it comes to colors, don’t even knw how I will do the decorations for reception. I jst want my wedding to be colorful. Thanks. Pls advice, I await a quick response. Well done and thanks for ur help.

    • Hi Baby,

      For Trad,

      Purple( Blue Violet shade) and DEEP BLUE ( Sapphire or Navy Blue) + Green(10%) = This would work

      In decorating just make sure you use one main colour and then a little bit of the second main colour, the green can just be seen in the flower arrangements,

      Personally, I like the idea of orange gele. This would work well with the purple blouse ( depending on your culture, you an wear same coloured wrapper or orange wrapper) really depends on culture but this shouldn’t be a problem as the elders will help you out here.



  114. You are WONDERFUL!! I really need your help! my wedding is in august and I’m very confused about the wedding colours because…
    1 I’m light skinned and my fiance is dark skinned-what colour combination would work best on both of us?
    2 I don’t have a venue yet so what ever i pick should be able to go with any background
    3 I wanted something VERY unique and classy
    please any assistance would be appreciated :bride’smaids, groom and groomsmen, bouquets ,reception venue table decorations,centerpieces, lighting,favours, d whole works!!
    thank you for giving such valueable information to so many brides -at no cost!God bless!!

    • Hi Edoro,
      Thanks for the compliment!
      You have not chosen a venue yet so it might be a tough call choosing colours except ofcourse if you would be needing to use a marquee or drape the venue background!
      Rich colours like Navy Blue or Sapphire Blue would work well with your colour and soft colours like plum, lavender or beige would go with his black skin colour
      So using colours like Navy Blue, Plum ,Pinks and Violet will be harmonious.
      BM: Dress in Blues using Plum coloured bouquet or hair flowers.
      Groom: Beige coloured suit, ivory waistcoat, white shirt, plum coloured tie and pocket square with man flower in plum and blue
      Groomsmen can have navy blue suit and plum ties with pocket squares
      Reception: Ivory coloured chair covers, plum coloured bow or ( you can get a lacy material in ivory colour and use as chair bow) ivory coloured table cloth.Plum napkin or if you can get your wine glasses in plum coloured so that the napkin and crockery is white.
      Reception2: If you like to use the bentwood chairs( wooden chairs) then use chair pads in plum, table cloth in plum, wine glasses in violet, napkin in violet or blues.
      Gift boxes wrapped in violet blue ribbon, table centrepiece should be in pinks, loads of violets, plums and greens.
      Venue Background: Whites or ivory draping,shiny backdrop lights, LED lights should come in blues, draperies in navy blue and plum colour
      Bouquets should have loads of blues and plums with cream, pinks and bits of greens.
      Get gift boxes in any colour, maybe pink and tie them in violet or blue doesn’t matter. Can you get a personalised ribbon?

      To make it really different, get a photo booth( in a corner of the venue hall)- leave a table with costumes accessories like funny hat, wigs,Big eye glasses
      Make men’s corner where you can have a mini pool board or dart game! If you like, you can also have a chill out zone!
      Think babes, its about what you want1 as long as you have the money make sure you spend within your budget. Thing is your wedding can be truly unique without all the expense.

      Kind Regards,

      p.s: Pick a venue, then let all other things follow

  115. hi,

    i am so glad i found this wedding is coming up in May.I am so confused about colour combinations but i eventually choose BURGUNDY and GOLD.What do u think abt d combnation?

    Can u pls help me with d grooms attire,d bridemaid,d little bride, d hall decor,my bouquoet and my cake?i mean d colour combinations.

    My family’s attire is a challenge9colours ) n my hubby’s family.

    thanx.i am so confused.

  116. hi,
    pls kindly suggest to me colours that can match with gold for my wedding attire and decoration.
    i will be glad to receive your feedback.

  117. Hi,
    I still await ur reply.i would appreciate if u suggest another colour combo asides 4rm d burgundy n gold i choose earlier.thanx

    my fiance and i are chocolately in colour.
    pls i need suggestions with regards 2 the hall decor, our attire n all possible suggestions.
    i am actually confused’cos i am not a colour person.

    • Hi Aghogho,

      You could try Blue and Orange OR cream, magenta purple( reddish purple) and Burgundy
      Reception: If you could get the chiavari chairs with cream seat pads, cream table cloth, magenta purple table runners and have your table centrepiece with flowers in purple, Burgundy and creams. Let your napkins be in magenta purple, white crockeries.
      BM: The girls can wear cream coloured dress with burgundy or purple sash.
      Groomsmen: Can they wear a beige (tan)coloured suit, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt and purple ties with purple pocket squares
      Groom: Navy Blue suit, same coloured waistcoat white or ivory coloured shirt and magenta purple tie, boutonnière and pocket square.
      Cake: White three tiered cake with flower decoration of purple, blue and burgundy
      Bouquet: Make this very colourful as its May! So a good mix of burgundy, creams and purple
      Littlebridesmaids: Ivory or white dress, magenta purple waistband and basket full of purple petals.
      Venue Hall: Ivory coloured background with magenta purple. Flowers should be colourful and bright. A touch of yellow will do wonders in the flowers.

      I hope this helps

      Kind Regards,


  118. Hi, love your creativity in choosing colours. i will be getting married very soon and i will like you to help me combine this colour, for my traditional attire and white wedding. chocolate brown + Turquoise blue and touch of red/pink. How can i combine this colour for myself, groom, flower girls, Chief bride, groom men and venue decoration. I shall be looking forward to ur responses. God bless

    • Hi Temitope,

      I like the combo of chocy, Turq blue and a touch of red/pink. I could just imagine the venue hall now.
      Reception1: Turq blue chair covers, brown tie backs, chocy table cloths, Turq Blue table runner, turq blue napkins on white crockeries. Flower centrepiece with red, pinks and turq blues.
      Reception2: White table cloths, white chair covers, Turq Blue and brown tie backs( You can tie the two together; Blue first and then brown on top) white crockeries, Brown place-mats and/or napkins and centrepiece in reds, pinks, turq Blues e.t.c very colourful
      BM: Turq Blue long chiffony dress, red waistband or any other design input in chocy brown ( red nail-polish)
      Groom: Choco brown suit, ivory embroidered waistcoat, ivory cravat( wedding tie), pocket squares in chocolate and ivory.( together)
      GM: Brown suit, cream waistcoat, cream shirt and cream tie with brown pocket square
      Bride: Ivory or white dress, silver shoes and accessories, Turq Blue purse, Blue coloured dropping earring.
      Chiefbridesmaid: Can still wear same coloured Turq Blue but use a different coloured waistband or accessorize differently perhaps?

      I should get an inspiration board on this later on so you get an idea in picture. Check later

      For your trads I love the idea of Turq Blue, Blue and Reds! Perhaps Turq Blue Gele? Play with Blues- dark blues, Turq and Reds.

      I hope this helps for now.

      Kid Regards,


  119. hi,

    thanx.i think i would prefer blue n orange.

    • Hi Aghogho,

      If that is the case then with the reception, you could have white chair covers with blue ( sapphire) tie backs, white table cloths and make sure the napkin is in orange.
      If the napkin is neatly arranged in the wine glass, and then you can have a table runner in blue!
      The groom and groomsmen can choose to wear orange ties with a navy blue suit and waistoat ( you can use gray suit here)
      Bridesmaids can wear a lovely design dress in orange.

      check out this board:

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  120. my wedding is pink and purple

  121. hi’ my name is afolake the atire for my wedding is olive green and lilac what colour should i give to d bride’s n groom’s family n how can i combine d hall decoration.

    • Hi Afolake,
      I am not sure about to the colour olive green and lilac( a bit tricky). You might want to change the shade. Why not use apple green instead of olive green and purple with lilac?
      Check out the combination that you can use.
      Lilac+Pink+Purple+ light green
      Grass Green+ Deep chocolate +red
      Olive green + Yellowish green+ Beige
      Olive green+light blue+ bits of pale yellow
      Apple green +Beige+Pink

      If you want to still use olive green and lilac then you need to add cream and some pinks to it.

      You can use chiavari chairs with the seat pad in cream and the table cloth in olive green then just make sure that the flowers decoration is in soft pastels of pink + lilac+ one or two red flowers popping out!

      You can get similar look by using white chair covers and olive green table cloth. Use olive green tie on the chairs. The flower decorations can then be in lilac, purples and pinks.

      I would suggest that you use apple green bengaline color ( greenish yellow ) for this.

      Groom’s family should go for the green colour bride’s family should mix lilac and red for their colour.

      The hall venue background should just be in cream colour, your wedding colour do not have to be incorporated in the background all the time.
      Use a neutral colour or with green for the drapings

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  122. Hi,u’r doin a great job here.Keep it up.II’m gettin married in december.I need ur opinion on d colours I’ve chosen.Trad-pink&burgundi for decor&both families while couple wears blue
    white weddin-orange,chocolate,cream&green.I love all 4colours,need ur advice on hw to combine for d bridal train&decor.My main colour is orange.Thanks in anticipation

    • Stephanie!
      I must say, your colour combos are very nice! I like the thought of pink and burgundy together for the hall you can use just use self tie chair covers in ivory and same coloured table cloth. The flowers in the table centrepiece should then pop out with the burgundy colour and pinks!!.

      I love the thought of orange and chocolate although orange and green still complements themselves.

      If your main colour is orange then let your BM wear orange based colour in their dress design. The little BM could have cream dress with orange and brown sash!
      Your hubby could use either chocolate or green ( grass green) as his colour
      Reception: You could have an all white self tie chair covers and white table cloth ( with chocolate brown table overlay) then let your napkin come in orange
      OR you could use the chiavari chairs with brown seat pads then have your table in choco brown make the flowers and the napkin in orange.

      IF YOU LIKE YOU CAN GET PAPER LANTERN in choco and orange colours hung ( if you using a marquee)

      If you want greens showing, have that in the flower arrangements so you could have orange and greens. Leave the hall drapings in white and chocolate brown!

      Hope this helps,

      Congrats and kind regards,


  123. Thanks so much.God bless

  124. Hi,
    I must say you are doing a great job here. I actually stumbled on this site, and I’m impressed.
    My traditional wedding is coming up in May. I’m from the southern part of Nigeria. I would love purple, gold or cream, and green in my wedding, but it appears puple is all over the place.
    However I’m open to fresh ideas. I’ld like you to suggest suitable colors for the month of may, and their possible combos.

    • Hi Ellen,
      You are right, purple is so popular but it is a refreshing colour! Month of May is usually the rainy season in Nigeria and that brings out vibrant greens and booming flowers! Colours of Gold, Browns and Creams are base colours that can go with almost all colours.Why not consider
      Blue + Green+ Gold
      Grass green +Red
      Grass green+Orange + bits of violet colour
      Peach+ Pink+ Chocolate Brown
      Chocolate Brown +Orange
      Yellow+ Sapphire Blue + Magenta (purple)

      There are several colour combinations that would work well as long as you use one or two main colours then the rest as accents.

      I hope this helps,

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  125. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m eagerly awaiting your response.

  126. Hi, Tanks for always been der!
    Please i would like u to help me combine dis colours for my forthcoming wedding, powder blue, coffee brown and red. You can also assist with the colour of beads to use for my traditional as per dos colours stated. i shall be awaiting ur respones.


    • Hi Bukky!
      That’s just some super colour combo! Your two main colours should be either Powder Blue and Red with brown as accent OR you can have Powder Blue and Brown with Red as accent. If we go for the first option then:
      Bridesmaids: They can go for blue coloured dress with red shoes and hair flowers. Bouquet in Red
      Groomsmen: Dark grey silk suit and waist coat of same colour, white shite, red tie and red pocket squares
      Groom: Dark grey silk suit, waist coat in same colours, powder blue shirt with red tie and red pocket square
      Maid of Honor: She can wear a red dress and a blue shoe!!! She is holding a bouquet with loads of blues( if you cannot find this then just tie the bouquet in powder blue ribbon-showing a big bow),greens and a bit of reds.
      Reception: Spectacular Spectacular!! (lol) Okay you need to make this come out right! If you are using chair covers just use a self tie one in white, let the table cloth be in powder blue , if you can get place-mats in red and napkins in red? the centerpiece must be in red. Now you can use your reception programme in coffee brown ( make a hole in top left or right part of the card and attach a red or blue ribbon) this programme should be placed in the napkin or on each plate.
      Background hall design: Because there’s so many eye popping colours involved, just go ivory and a bit of blues draping then let your flowers be red.

      With trad beads nothing beats your normal red beads as that could go with anything. I have a friend that make this here in London.She makes different lovely ones.

      Let me know if you are interested in seeing some pictures but i do hope you get the inspiration.

      I remember having a board on this.

      Kind Regards,


  127. thank you SO MUCH for the help you gave me earlier but I’ve run into some problems. navy blue and plum seem a little too dark for my fiance’s skin . the combination is great but could you give me one that has a brighter colour?! also, i hope you wouldn’t mind communicating via emails with me concerning my wedding planning. I’m virtually alone in this and i would really appreciate your advice. if only your services were available in Nigeria , i would choose you in a heartbeat!!! take care and thank you again!
    email address=

    • Hi Edoro,

      I will get back to you shortly on plausible combinations BUT if the tie is worn on a white shirt and ivory waistcoat, this would work out beautifully well.
      Let me get back to you on other colours.
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope I do give you your inspiration.

      Kind Regards,


  128. HI,
    I really appreciate ur work here,pls my wedding is comin up in june, i need your help to combine my colours, for the trad. i have gotten a cotton colour lace and i am looking at chocolate brown or wine for the aso ofi. my colours are burgundy wine,gold, apple green,cream and orange. please i need how to combine it for the groom men, bridal train and the flower girls.

    • Hi Adeola,

      Right, lets pick out your main colours that I think would be appropriate.
      Burgundy wine goes well with emerald green, gold can always be in your accessories and in the background. Of the colours that you have mentioned, you need to get two main colours that you would love to use for the white wedding. Options are
      Burgundy + Gold
      Burgundy+Emerald green
      Apple Green + Orange- this would be fun to use especially during June!

      Gold and cream can always be used as an accent colour( something in the background so don’t worry this will always be there) But you need to tell me what two main colours you would like then we will work with that.

      Get back to me!

      Kind Regards,


  129. Hi, stumbled on this site, am impressed, inshort it is da bomb. Please am getting married in May and I sincerly and desperately need your help as to how to combine the colours for my white wedding which is wine, gold and cream. Thank you

  130. hello dear! I hope you are not too fagged out with all your work. I can tell you enjoy what you do and I really appreciate all the advice you give here. I hope you haven’t forgotten my request(just kidding!!). Eagerly awaiting your response. Thanks alot!!

  131. Hi ur site has been of great help 2 me and i need ur help concernin my choice of colours, bridesmaid dresses & all others. My chosen colours, yellow, maron, cream, gold. Lookin forward 2 ur reply. Tnx.

    • Hi Momo,

      Thanks for the complement!
      Yellow and maroon is not a nice combo on its own you will have to mix it with a shade of blue. Try
      Yellow+ Light green+ a darker shade of green( not sage)
      Yellow+ Purple
      Yellow+Light orange+Apple green
      Yellow+ Green+Red+ Purple
      Yellow+Turq Blue+ Orange +Purple
      Maroon or Burgundy+Green
      Burgundy+ Orange+ Magenta
      Burgundy+Apple Green+ Turq Blue
      Burgundy+ Gold

      Momo, you can use almost all colours with gold and/or cream. Choose one or two main colours and use the rest as accents.

      To use yellow and maroon without a bit of blue is not harmonious so you need to choose between Maroon+Gold+Cream
      OR Yellow+ Gold + Cream as your colours.

      Let me know what you have in mind then I will work with this.

      Kind Regards,


  132. i’m confused on colours to use. i love purple , lilac, army green and oxblood, my plan is to have 8 brides maids, two with same colours so they can all wear the 4 colours but i dont know how to combine it with that of the grooms men and what the chief bridesmaid will wear. and what the groom will wear even. what do u think i should do?

    • Hi Kate,

      What a colourful wedding you must have! Of all the colours, you missing one colour out, yellow! Your colours are like rectangular colour chords..
      which are purple, yellow,red and green. So any shades of these colours can be used.
      Yellow goes with purple
      Red/oxblood goes with green ( use grass green )

      You would need to choose two main colours on this one. Either yellow and purple as the two main colours OR oxblood and green ( the other colours will be as accent, background colours)
      Then with the two main colours, the groom can choose to have one colour.
      Which would you prefer?
      Let me know

      Kind Regards,


  133. This is too interesting: that i can actually get a solution to my headache. I really appreciate every bit of your effort. Please i need your assistance. I really likes the following colours<Gold, Sky blue and Navy Blue. Kindly assist me with colour that i will pick for my families, friends, maids, decorations, cake, tie.

    • Thanks Funke,
      I like the thought of Blue and Gold. Using different shades of a colour also works so you on the right track with that.
      If you must use navy blue then use this combo
      Navy Blue+ Gold+ Yellow
      Navy Blue+ Orange
      Navy Blue+Purple+ White

      For Sky blue
      Sky Blue+ Orange
      Sky Blue+ Lavendar+ Grass Green
      Sky Blue+Green
      Sky Blue+ Orange + Red
      Sky Blue+ Yellow+ Gold

      For the brides family you can choose the Sky Blue, Yellow and Gold
      For the grooms family you might like Lavendar and Sapphire Blue.

      Bridesmaids: They have light blue dress( I see chiffony blue here) and gold designs.
      Flower girls: Ivory coloured dress with light purple or blue waist band
      Maid of Honor: She can wear purple dress or cream dress with lavender coloured waist band and gold accessories.
      Groomsmen:Navy Blue suit with waist coat same colour, white shirt,lavender coloured tie, sapphire blue and yellow man flower
      Groom: Grey or Ash coloured suit, same coloured waist coat, white shirt, lavender purple cravats,Lavendar and yellow button hole (man flower)
      Cake: You can use Sapphire Blue and Gold designs on this
      Reception: If you are able to use chiavari chairs then use gold chairs or cream coloured seat pad you can also use lavender seat pads
      Table centrepiece: Sky Blue table cloth, napkin in sapphire blue, let the flower centrepiece be flowers rich in lavendar, whites, sapphire blue and bits of green popping out.

      Check this board:

      I hope you get your inspirations.

      Kind Regards,


  134. hi, jst stumbled into this site and realized u are doing a great job here. pls my wedding is coming up later this year, my colors are wine, peach and gold. pls can u help me wit the combinaton and also for the decorations as well. thank you

  135. hi dear, thumbs up2u for ur great work,am really elated and dis has definately gone a long way in meeting many couples wedding preparation”WAHALA”.pls my wedding is coming up in a couple of months and i need ur sense of jugdement.I am very light skinned and my fiance is in between light and not too dark skinned.He is from a royal family and i intend to add unique royalty to the whole event while adding my favourite colour2(blue).i intend to use royal blue and silver(i nid nice options2mix with blue aside silver) for the engagement then purple,lilac and peach for the wedding.i also need o gud colour for the grooms family that will compliment purple,lilac&peach.Help me out here,my maid of honour,best man,littlebride&ring bearer,bridesmaids, decor(indoor)&myself,how do we get the look.thanks and look4ward to ur response.

    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for that! You know what, when Prince Harry announced his engagement with Miss Kate Middleton, I thought of the Blue coloured dress that she wore, although a bit boring to say the least but the both of them where wearing royal colours- Purple and Blue.
      So I suggest the grooms family could wear a different shade of blue say sapphire or teal and orange? for the white wedding since you are already using Royal blue for the trad.
      Other colours that goes with Blue
      Blue + Orange
      Blue+ Gold
      Blue+ Red/ Wine
      Blue+ Tangerine
      Blue+ Hot Pink
      Blue+ Champagne colour

      Yellow complements purple directly but that would be too bright? He should go for sapphire blue and bits of coral pink or hot pink instead of orange( although orange is the complementary colour to blue)
      Groom: could wear something like this or

      OR just wear a navy coloured suit, champagne coloured waist coat, white shirt, champagne coloured pocket square or handkerchief and then man flower in purple or coral ( whichever colour you would be using for the bouquet)

      Groomsmen: Black or grey coloured suit and waist coat of same colour, white or very baby pink shirt( very faint pink), Blue tie and blue pocket squares
      Bridesmaids: I love the idea of light purple flowy chiffony dress with bouquet in peach or coral pink
      Reception hall: Okay lets say the main colours you are using is blue and purple, get the chair covers and table cloth in champagne colour, if you could get the gold or cream coloured chiavari chairs( seat pad in cream) table cloth should be in cream or champagne colour.

      As you get everything in nude, MAKE SURE THE flower centrepiece in each table have a mixture of purple, bits of blue, coral flowers all mixed.
      If you could use a tall vase then better. The hall drapings should be same colour with chair and table, your mandap ( the love nest) could be used with purple designs.
      If you are giving gift box as favour then it should be wrapped in peach/ coral or even lilac

      Cake: I see a huge cake with beautiful flower decorations of mostly purple, lilac and peach

      Invite: A nice combo of blue with coral or peach ribbon on it.

      The trick is to use one or two main colours in the hall decor and the other colour for little details.

      I hope this works! I would love to see pics!

      I will create an inspiration board on this just so you get the idea.

      Kind Regards,


      p.s: Congrats! 🙂

  136. Hi,
    I must commend ur effort,u are doing a wonderful job.
    Am getting married in few months and my wedding colors are Burgundy,Gold and Cream.
    Can u help me the best way 2 combine this colours to bring out the best.

    • Hi Ozi,
      Burgundy and gold is a favorite and it complements so well.
      Burgundy colored flowers on the cake.
      Decor: Let the chair covers and the table cloth be in cream
      Let the table centre piece be flowers in burgundy. If you must use chair sash then let it be in burgundy.
      Let your serving plates be in gold or plain and the napkin in burgundy.
      Make sure the background draping are in cream and your decor details in burgundy.
      Bridesmaids are wearing cream dress and burgundy accessories
      Groomsmen: Black suit, same colored waistcoat , white shirt , burgundy tie and burgundy pocket square.
      Groom: Black suit, cream waist coat,white shirt and cream tie, get pocket squares in cream and you can have the button hole in burgundy and green.
      I like the touch of green in the whole picture so this could come in the flower arrangement and or green ribbon in your invite.

      Another way you could decorate the hall is use gold chair covers( self tie) and burgundy table cloth.

      I hope this helps.


      Kind Regards,


  137. Hi, i’ll be getting married in Sept. and i still dont know the colours i want to use, could you please help me out.

    • Hi Tayo,
      If you are based in Nigeria, or having the wedding there , then I guess you wouldn’t really have to worry about the colors to match the season.
      Am assuming you are having this is Naija? Tell me what are your favorite colors? Perhaps we could work round that? Have you got a theme in mind?
      If you are not big on any particular colors then for the trad try:
      Fuchsia Pink and Teal Blue + Gold

      For your white wedding, why not try coral pink with peach and green wedding where the main colors are peach and green and the grooms family have sapphire blue (or a different mix of blues) + Gold + Cappuccino( very light brown)

      You have to make one or two colors as the main colors for the white wedding.

      Let me know if this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  138. Hi.I totally am grateful to have stumbled on this site and I think you are doing a good wedding is coming up in october and am confused at colour combinations.for starters,I didn’t know u can use more than two colours for the wedding and I would like you to please educate me on this new trend.for traditional,I was thinking of peach and chocolate bt am loving the orange and chocolate combination a dark skinned plump lady n am wondering which would suit me better.for the weddin,had only thought of burgundy and gold,which other colours can I use and what should the decoration,bouquet and train look lik. Thanks.

    • Hi Ifeolu,

      Peach and chocolate, orange and chocolate are both good combos because, chocolate or say brown is like a base colour that can go with practically anything just like green colour.
      Peach and chocolate brown is a bit subdued Orange is good for your skin tone but experts would say that chocolate colour is not advisable for a dark skin person.

      I would prefer the orange and make it espresso which is darker than chocolate used with this.

      Using more than two colours can only work when you have one or two main colours and then the rest stays in the background and pops out in few places like the cake, invite, favor box, ribbons or even in the flowers. Most times, as you know Nigerians like different colours for the bride and the groom’s parent, hence most often than not, the rectangular , triads or squarish colour combo is needed( meaning 3-4 colours) But do not worry , you can also use just one colour in different shades and tones as that works beautifully well too.

      Burgundy and gold is a favourite for most of my brides here in MWN. I always advise that they use another colour to the burgundy. In fact my friend is having burgundy and gold wedding and we are mixing this with emerald green. Burgundy can also work well with pinks , orange, creams and a bit of midnight blues.

      Just as advised to Ozi who would like to use burgundy and gold as well,
      Try this:

      Burgundy colored flowers on the cake.
      Decor:Let the chair covers and the table cloth be in cream
      Let the table centre piece be flowers in burgundy. If you must use chair sash then let it be in burgundy.
      Let your serving plates be in gold or plain and the napkin in burgundy.
      Make sure the background draping are in cream and your decor details in burgundy.
      Bridesmaids are wearing cream dress and burgundy accessories or burgundy dress and gold accessories or emerald green dress and gold accessories
      Groomsmen: Black suit, same colored waistcoat , white shirt , burgundy tie and burgundy pocket square.
      Groom: Black suit, cream waist coat,white shirt and cream tie, get pocket squares in cream and you can have the button hole in burgundy and green.
      I like the touch of green in the whole picture so this could come in the flower arrangement and or green ribbon in your invite.

      Another way you could decorate the hall is use gold chair covers( self tie) and burgundy table cloth.

      Check this decor out:

      For the green dress check this green dress: scroll down

      I love the contrast of the emerald green on a red carpet!


      Unfortunately, I just cannot get an inspiration board on Burgundy and Gold as it just would not save! I will keep trying!

      Let me know if that would work.

      Kind Regards,


  139. Hi Anita,
    Yeah it does help.thank you so much.
    I was actually picturing
    Groom-cream suit and a burgundy shirt
    Groomsmen-not sure
    Maid of honour-Gold dress
    Bridesmaid-Burgundy dress with golden accessories
    and a burgundy coloured flower for the bride.

    What do you think?

    • Hi Ozi,

      Groom wearing cream suit and a burgundy shirt is a very tricky one. I cannot even picture it in my head! I can see grey suit, white shirt and burgundy tie!
      I still prefer the suggested black suit and cream waitcoat as mentioned earlier the nude colours contrasting the with the black suit would come out lovely and then using buttonhole in burgundy colour would do the cool trick.
      Bridesmaids wearing burgundy dress and gold accessories is fine and bride wearing the flower is even better, bride wearing wine or burgundy coloured shoe would be swell.
      Why cant the groomsmen wear black suit as advised? They could also use gray suit, gray waistcoat, white shirt and burgundy tie!
      That should work!

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  140. hi Anita,
    i wrote some days back, pls i need your advice on the colour combination (wine, peach & gold), i’ll really appreciate it. God bless you.

    • Hi Bennie,

      Sorry for that! Peach and Burgundy or wine and gold can still work.
      Bridesmaids: They can have a bugundy dress with peach waistband and peach bouquet can be in gold
      Groomsmen: Black suit, black wait coat, white shirt and burgundy or wine tie and wine pocket squares
      Groom:Black suit cream waistcoat, cream or white shirt, creamy tie, pocket squares in burgundy, manflower in burgundy and green
      decor: Get chiavari chairs with seat pads in peach, table cloths in burgundy and flowers centrepiece in peach and burgundy
      your serving plates and cutleries in gold. napkin in peach.
      Cake:I would like to see this in peach and gold designs with very little bit of burgundy flower decor
      Invite:This could come plain but with ribbon in peach or purple.
      I like the idea of the hall in peach and cream draping

      What do you think?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  141. Good day,

    Can I get a colour combination for wine. tHANKS.

  142. Hi Babe,u are doing a great work.Well done.Pls i need your advice,my wedding is coming up in August this year and i have not yet decide on color though i like green(leave) and gold.Pls advice me. Thanks.

  143. Thanks dear4ur responce, i appreciate it a lot.Godbless u.will definately get back2 u!cheers!

  144. i love ur site a lot…. plss my wedding is coming on soon, pls can you tell me how i can combine these colours, purple, mint green, ivory and some shades of gold. thanks

    • Hi Terese,

      Since you are using mintgreen why not use lavendar purple then because in the colour wheel, purple,green and yellow-orange are said to be in harmony.
      If you are using mintgreen which is like very faint apple green colour then use the light purple colour too!
      Get chiavari chairs in gold or seats pad in cream colours. Your table cloth would come in lavendar purple, napkins in mintgreen neatly arranged in wine glasses or on the serving plates which might come in gold or plain white. Get your centrepiece flowers in ivory, purples and creams. Make sure your background drapins come in cream or ivory. On the head table, you have ivory table cloth but let the swags be in purple and green with flowers of mainly cream and purple in-between the swags.

      The bridesmaids can choose purple dress with green bouquet or green dress with purple bouquet. Whichever one, use gold accessories.
      Groomsmen: I like the idea of the guys with green so black suit, black waistcoat, white shirt and green tie, green pocket squares
      Groom: Black suit, green waist coat, white shirt, green tie , green pocket squares and let him wear button holes( man flower) in purple and green

      Another way you can create a nice decor is: make some table cloths in purple and others in green, the table with purple table cloth should have white chair covers and purple sash, napkin in green and flower centerpiece a mixture of every colour including ivory.
      The table with green table cloth, should have white chair covers, green sash, purple napkins and flower centrepiece the same with other tables.
      This would bring life into it!

      Invite can come in mint green background and purple writings or purple ribbon tied to it! You could do cupcakes in purple and mintgreen with little butterfly decorations

      check later for an inspirational board on this.

      Congrats babes!

      k Regards,


  145. pls i do i combine these colours, purple mintgreen, ivory and shades of gold on my wedding day

  146. Thanks for the combination, but can i have a sample of those colours because i cant imagine how they look like. Thanks for your concern.

  147. Lovely site.My traditional wedding is coming up in Nov this year and I intend to use gold blouse and purple wrapper.Pls I need advice on the decor and cake colour to use.Thanks.

  148. hi, am comfort and i stumbled across this website and it has help me alot . my wedding is 2months and i want to no if my colour combinatins are okay. fushia pink, olive green and butter yellow sort of like gold

    • Hi Comfort,

      Yes the colours are workable just use olive green as table cloth, chair covers in cream, sash in olive green,centrepiece flowers and napkin in fuchsia pink.

      If you want to, use chiavari chairs with seat pads in cream and tie backs in olive green or fuchsia pink!

      Hope you get your inspiration.

      Kind Regards,


  149. Nice job u re doing wedding is coming up in july, i have choosen green and gold,pls wat kind or shade of green will be suitable ƒσr the gold and please advise him on how to distribute the colours with regards to the decor,the groom,chief bride’s maid etc. Thanks. I await ur response

  150. Hi Angel,
    I really apreciate ur help and d great work u re doing on this trend.Pray ur labour of love will NOT go unrewarded.

    Please i also need ur urgent advice/sugestions on the colours for the grooms family,my family and friends that will compliment my colours,am open 2 whateva u sugest.

    Thanks 4 ur urgent response.

  151. Thanks! am anxiously waitn.
    Wishing U a stressfree day!

    • Hi Ozi,

      How are you doing! Yes the wedding season is here and am getting excited and weary at the same time!
      Now, we said burgundy and gold for you and groom!
      You can try these combos:
      Burgundy+ Green+Purple+ Yellow
      Burgundy+ Yellow-Orange+Sapphire blue + Green
      Burgundy+ Orange+ Blue+ Green

      And ofcourse, gold goes well with these colours.
      So Grooms family could choose to go with green and gold and your family purple and gold or vice versa
      Friends could decide to go for creamy to yellow gold to blend in.

      What do you think?

      Kind Regards,


    • Hey Ozi, have you seen my response?


  152. Dear Anita,
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.They will help me a lot.God Bless you.


  153. please, i want a very nice and classy wedding color combination for my wedding, my fiance is dark and am light, pls i want a colour that wil be very sophicated for the white wedding and the traditional wedding, please something with purple

  154. Hello ma pple am preparing 4 ma weddin as well bt am seill confused abt d colour combinatn am 2 go 4 pls kindly advise nd suggest 9ce colours tanks will b waitin 2 read 4rm u….. also all d pple getin married b4 i do i reali wish dem d best of it lik i wnt 4 ma self…lol

    • Hi Lanre,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      There are so many colours you can choose from. I will advise that you check the comments and the inspiration boards to get your inspirations on some colours that have been discussed.

      Any more concerns then let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  155. TaNx for the great work u are doing,I appreciate.pls my wedding is coming aug 2011,my colours pink & gray.I want to know if I should add any other colour to this combination.

    • Hi Nkechi,

      Instead of adding another colour, get different shades of Pink.. from baby blue, fuchsia, peach, coral pink, rose pink, dark pink.. all the shades you an think of.

      In the flower arrangements like bouquet or the table centrepiece flowers, make room for specs of blue here and there ( anyshade would do)

      If you make this variation, you wedding would stand out as being different.

      Kind Regards,


  156. hi,

    God bless u for the help u are rendering to brides to be. My wedding is coming up in october nd am yet to decide on the color combination i want. i want to use 2 different shades of blue, (true blue and sky blue). i hope this turns out great. i was thinking the 3rd color t be gold but i am not sure it will turn out elegant. please help me choose a 3rd colour and also hw these colours should be used for all the dressings and hall decorations. i will really appreciate if u make aan inspirational picture also so i can see hw it will turn out.

    thanks a lot

  157. Thanks for ur response. Have decided to go by the Olive green and gold but then i was advised tọ̥ mix the 2 colours with a̶̲̥̅ touch of another colour, wat do u think? And wat colour do u think can be appropriate tọ̥ mix it, am considering cream/beige. Unable tọ̥ open the links , will stil continue tọ̥ try. Thanks for your response. I await ur advice

  158. Goodmorn Angel,
    Hope u had a wonderful n stressless wkend?
    Just read ur response now and am so so greatful,u re d best.
    I like d combos.
    Wishing u a splendid week!

  159. Would love 2 have u as a friend ie if it is ok by u.

  160. hi,
    hw hs ur day been?so taken with your site,got some lovly tips 4m it. ur doing a gr8 job,more grease to ur elbow .my colours are purple,lilac and silver,my bridals are using purple on silver shoes and their flowers have a variety of the both colours that is purple and lilac,the groom is using a grey suit with a lilac shirt and purple tie,while the groomsmen black suit,white shirt and a lilac tie. what do u think about kia.

    • Wow Sandra!
      You’ve go a monochromatic colour combo and that is very nice.( same colour in different shades and hues).

      As regards the silver, this is nice, the maid of honour could wear gold accessories. Groom should wear a darker grey suit and same colour waistcoat. The lilac coloured shirt with purple tie would work out well.His pocket square in purple or lilac and if he likes get the man flower( lilac)
      I like the idea of the Bouquet in purple and lilac mixed. You could even add bits of light pinks and whites to it.

      Generally, beautiful, we should get more monochromatic color combos for weddings!

      Well done!

      Kind Regards,


  161. hi,
    u gguys are doing a very great job.
    pls my wedding is coming up in september 2011, i love pink and gray, can u advice me better on these colours and guide me on how to select which colours for which. thanks

    • Hi Genny,
      I love the idea of pink and gray. Pink is said to be the colour of Love. Add this with gray and you get a classy colour combo!You could still add bits of gold or silver to it. What I suggest you do is make use of different shades of pink. Say for instance the groomsmen use baby pink as shirt colour and fuchsia as wedding tie.Black or Gray suit would do!
      Groom could wear gray suit, gray waist coat, baby or pale pink shirt and same coloured wedding tie but with Hot Pink man flower.
      Bridesmaids: Am looking at a lovely styled dress with gold or silver mixed with gray in the dress. OR they could all wear a fuchsia pink dress and silver accessories.
      Reception decor: Use your chosen colour of pink and you could use chiavari chairs with pink seat pads, gray table cloth , cockeries and plates in Gold or Silver and centrepiece flowers in arrays of light pink, hot pinks and greens. You could add some green props designs on the table or in the hall.
      I see the background drapins to be in cream with swags in different shades of light pink and grays.

      Check out this board and let me know. Pink and Gray Pink and Silver

      Hope you get inspired!

      Kind Regards


  162. sorry i forgot to add, could you pls also suggest colours for my traditional marriage. my fiance is dark and i am chocolate in complexion, we were looking at cream and gold. wat do u think.. but pls help us with the choice of colours for the white wedding as pink is our main colour.



    • Hi Genny,

      Cream and Gold for trad- is that not to cliche? Why not try orange as the main colour then add your gold and cream to it? Grooms family could wear apple green colour and gold and the brides family could have purple and gold. These three colours are triads in the colour scheme- orange, green and purple.

      If you want to add your fave colours then choose to use magenta ( its like shocking pink) , light blue,green and light orange( yellowish orange).

      Grooms and brides family can choose to have any of these colours!

      I hope this works and you get your inspiration.Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  163. how about blue, orange and pink? wat do you think?

  164. How about pink, grey and orange?

    • Hi Genny,

      Hot pink and orange is so 21st century. If you pull this out, then I will take my hat out. With this though, purple would work best instead of gray.
      Bridesmaids: orange dress and hot pink waist band( hot pink dress and orange waist band) OR orange top, hot pink skirt, belt/sash in gold, accessories in gold or silver.
      Groomsmen: Black suit, black waistcoat, white shirt and purple tie.
      Groom: Black or grey suit, grey waistcoat, white shirt and hot pink or purple tie, man flower in orange and pinks.
      Decor: OHHH THE DECOR: you could do white self tie chair covers, orange table cloth or hot pink table cloth, napkin in opposite colours and crockeries in gold or even white would do. flower centrepiece in purple and pinks.
      OR you could have a section of hot pinks chair tie on a white chair cover with hot pink table cloth and then orange napkins, flowers in purple, white and pinks.
      Another section in orange chair tie on white chair covers and orange table cloth with hot pink napkin and purple, white flowers and pinks

      Your swags should be in beautiful orange and hot pink together in a white background.

      Gosh I really do hope you can pull this up if you want to use these colours!

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


      This wedding colour combo is ideal on an outdoor wedding in the sunshine…

  165. hi,

    i sent a question on 15th of april, i needed your advice on colour theme. just wondering if u have seen it, i made up my mind on blue and white. hope this will come out elegant. please advise on the shade of blue that will do well on white.


    • Hi Fidelia,
      I did reply you on the 18th April . See my response.

      Hi Fidelia,

      Gold comes out beautifully well with most colours so you can never be wrong with that. Green also complements blue and if you want an eye popping colour then also try a bit of orange and whites.
      These combos are fine
      All different shades of Blues
      Blues and Greens( different shades)
      Blues and Purples and White
      Blues and Gold
      Blues and Yellow- Orange
      Blues and Yellow
      Sky Blue+ Red

      For october, blue and dark orange is okay

      Check this: for orange and blue Blue and Pinks Turq Blue and Red
      I created a board for gold and blue but this is not uploading. You can use all three colours- blue, orange and gold but you need to have like to or one main colours.
      Tell me which you would prefer so that I describe the decor for you!

      Kind Regards,


  166. Hi Fidelia, i really think that baby blue or sky blue will match white perfectly well.Turquoise blue is always is an option but the contrast may be a little too striking on the eye.Good luck

  167. hi
    hw did ur day go?hp gr8,thz 4 d advice on the colour combination.really kia cheers.

  168. hi,
    my wedding is coming up by sept and am kind of confuse about my colour combination:for my traditional weddin i intend using(bungungry with sapphire blue).then for my white wedding i think i should use turqoise blue with fuchsia pink also with a touch of silver.
    for my bridesmaid:i will be having six of them n i ll like them to wear(deep pink down with a turqoise blue accessories)
    for the groomsmen:they will be wearing a black suit,blue shirt, pink tie,pink pocket squared.pls i want to know if the colur combination make sense to u.i will like to play with several colour that will match my pink n blue because i n my financee have wanted these 2 colours

    • Hi Bukola,

      I never would think that Burgundy and Blue would complement each other. The colours would do well when combined with bits of orange and greens.
      Colours that complements are Burgundy and Emerald Green , Burgundy and Gold or even burgundy and deep Orange( yes) but it is quite tricky using burgundy and blue , the one way you can pull that off ( blue and burgundy) is by using the blue in the floral arrangements ( bouquet, table centrepiece)
      In this case, in the decor, why not try using cream coloured chair covers with sash of same colour , get table cloth in cream as well but let the centrepiece have colours of burgundy, Sapphire Blue and some cream or white flowers. OR you could get chair covers in gold and table cloth in burgundy, napkins in blue and your flower centrepiece in burgundy, blue and white.

      The White wedding colour of Blue and Pink is a combo that is always used in destination or seaside theme wedding. Perhaps why not use a cool blue or baby blue shirt and then use tie in stripes of blue and pink adding the pocket squares of pink to it?
      Your groom could just wear black suit black, black waistcoat, light pink shirt, blue tie and blue pocket square. Wearing that with navy blue suit would also do the trick.
      I hope this helps.

      Hope you get inspired

      Kind Regards


  169. Hello, I really appreciate the great work you are doing, Pls my wedding comes up in August and i really don’t know what colour to use but my guy wants to wear navy blue suit and i want the GM to wear black. i really don’t know what colour of shirt he can combine with navy blue suit and that of the GM. Though my best colour is pink and army green. kindly combine it and that of the bridemaid and the bridal train. Thanks

    • Hi Lori,
      I have just advised Bukky about Blue and Pinks.I would suggest you keep the army green to the background in little details like flowers only as pink and army green don’t complement each other. I would suggest sticking to Blue and Pinks with a touch of whites.
      Bridesmaids: Royal Blue dress and Pink waist bands holding pink flowers, blue shoes.
      Groomsmen: Navy Blue suits and waistcoat, White shirt, let some wear blue tie and others Pink with the matching pocketsquares.
      Groom: Groom could have the Navy Blue suit, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt for contrast and Pink tie with pink pocket OR mostly they just use nude / cream colour waistcoats , cream shirt and tie, Pink flowers and pink pocket squares. Yes you can combine the both together!.

      Check this board out I did for bukky.

      Just so you have an idea.

      Kind Regards and Congratulations.

  170. Hello, thanks for the great job.
    Please my wedding will be coming up in August. for my traditional, i would have love to use army green and any colour that can go with it. For white i don’t really know how to combine. I love army green, cream lilac and navy blue, and he wants to wear navy blue suit and white shirt but i don’t know the tie that can go with it. The Groom men will use black suit but what will be the colour of shirt and tie, bridesmaid, briadal girls and decor. thanks.

    • Hi Onolume,

      For the trad, army green and gold? OR SAGE GREEN and pale yellow? SAGE GREEN AND coral Pink? You could even try that with Peach.
      For the white, you could go with light blue and lilac and cream/white. The army green can’t do in this arrangement. It could only come in the flower arrangements( greens)
      groom could wear navy blue, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt, navy blue tie and bouttonniere in creamy/white flower. OR he could wear black suit, black waistcoat , white shirt, lilac tie and lilac pocket squares.
      Bridesmaids could have dress colours in light blue and holding bouquet in Lilac and Blues.

      Decor: White self tie chaircovers or lilac seat pads if you get to use chiavari chairs, table cloth in light blue, crockeries in white, flowers in light blue and lilac with whites and greens.

      I hope you do get your inspiration.

      Kind Regards,


  171. hi,

    how u doing? in response to your reply posted on 26th april, i have decided to use 2 different shades of blue (sea blue and sky blue or normal blue) with champapne colour. please advice which of the shade of blue will come out best with the sea blue been the main colour. hope this is cool. your advice is needed on this if its ok. please let me what the decor should be like.


    • Hi Fidelia,

      All shades of blue when used together can work out well. These are called monochromatic colours. Same colours of different shades can be used together.
      I love the idea of this and champagne colour which is more like ivory anyways. In this respect, make sure your background drapins are in the champagne colour and the swags in the two different shades of blue that you intend to use ( I would suggest sky blue and like navy blue or even royal blue)

      If you are using chair covers (in champagne)and sash then let the sash be in one shade of blue so that the napkin on the table cloth ( champagne or pale gold)
      would be in the other shade of blue. If you could get blue crockeries or just the wine glasses in Blue? Let the flower decorations be a nice mix of blue in the different shades and cream colour.

      One other thing you could do is get the chair covers in champagne colour, sash in blue, table cloth in same shade of blue with the sash. Napkin in different shade of blue OR in cream. Crockeries could be in gold colour or white. Flowers in different shades of blue, creams and white.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  172. Hi
    thanks for your response.
    Please will it be nice if I use cream and army green for my white wedding? Please advice. Thanks for the good work.

    • Hi Onolume,

      Army green and cream for the white wedding is a bit boring don’t you think! It works don’t get me wrong,but its like you not putting any effort at all.
      Why not throw in light peach or other colours to it?
      What colour would you like to use for the trad then?

      Kind Regards,


  173. Thanks for your response.
    i intend using purple and gold for the trad. Pls I don’t mind adding peach or other colours that can go with it and how it will blend with the bridesmaid, flowers girls, groom, the groomsmen and decor.
    I really appreciate your effort.
    I like lilac

  174. Please ignore the first one.
    Let me go with army green and gold for the trad. as you earlier stated. Then for white, i could go with lilac and any other colour that will go with it though i don’t like light blue. Pls also blend it with bridesmaid, flower girls, groom, the groomsmen and decor. Thanks alot.

    • Hi Onolume,

      Lilac with Peach
      Lilac and Purple
      Lilac and Light Pink or even fuchsia ( picture your bridesmaids in different shades of pink and lilac)

      Tell me which would you think would come out best before I go on?

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  175. Hi, thanks for the great job. My wedding is coming up early september and am still confuse wit colors to use. Wnt to use Brown and cream for trad but that’s bcus I don’t have any color in mind. But for my wedding I wnt to use Apple green as the main color then with purple and Ivory. Don’t knw how to combine the colors wit the event of the day n how my train will also dress. Pls advise on wat to do. Thanks. Pls keep up wit the good job. Cheers and hope to hear from u soon.

  176. Thanks alot.
    I think lilac and light pink or fuchsia will come out best or what do you think.
    my fiance’ wants to wear navy blue suit with white shirt while the groomsmen wear black suit.
    Have a nice day.

  177. Hi,
    Its me again,how is it going?
    pls i need ur advice,i dont like dis idea of d groom n best man wearing exactly d same thing,what do u sugest? wrt to my colour combo.
    Thanks n have a splendid day

    • Hi Ozi,

      How you doing with the preparation?
      I agree with you on that one. I rechecked the earlier post and it must have been a miss . I had suggested the groom wear gray suit so lets make the groomsmen wear black as earlier suggested the best man can also wear black suit just like the groomsmen but could decide to have the manflower AND pocket squares to differentiate him out of the rest. The groom would have the manflower and pocket square too!

      I hope this helps?


  178. hello, thanks for the great job and help u r rendering to us.
    please i need to know if blue will go well with green and gold. i want to use this colours for my wedding in october and i need to know if they will come out very nice. blue is my main colour. please explain hw this should fit into the decorations and bridal wears. appreciate if u can create a board with these colours dor me.
    i will really


    • Hi Uche,
      Yes, although popularly used for a seaside theme, this could still work. If you incorporate white to it?
      Bridesmaids could have blue dress with green waistbands or any lovely style with green. Alternatively they could just wear blue and bouquet in green and whites.
      Groomsmen: Black suit on green ties, white shirt.
      Groom: Navy Blue suit, cream waistcoat, cream tie OR BLUE tie, white shirt, pocket square in green, manflower in green
      Decor; If you are using chair covers get the in gold/cream or white, use blue sash , make table cloth be in blue colour and the napkins and crockeries in gold. Flower centrepiece in green and whites.
      High table: Get swags of cream and blue only
      Your green and gold can come in the Invitation( use blue coloured fonts)
      Cake can have white and blue ribbons( green flowers)

      As your main colour is blue let your green only show up in the decor in details like floral arrangements, ribbons on invites, cake decor e.t.c and in other secondary details but I like the idea of green ties on the groomsmen( apple green would come out lovely)

      Hope this helps. Will try and create a board soon so watch the space.



  179. Hi,
    Please my wedding is coming up before the end of the year and i dont have any color in mind yet, i will like you to kindly assist me with colors and combinations both for my trad and white wedding. I will like green to be part of it. Thanks, you are really doin a great job here.

    • Hi Blessing,
      Green is an earthy colour that can go with almost any colour. But if you want this as your main colour then maybe try that with:
      Red- direct complementary colour to green
      magenta colour

      With trad you could try green, yellow, purple and red ( rectangular combo)
      Green, Blue, Orange and Red ( rectangular)
      Green, orange and magenta purple ( triad)

      These colours would work when combined beautifully well together and in the trad, the each of the four colours can be chosen by the family members.
      Let me know!

      Kind Regards,


    • Blessing,

      A quick one . check the previous post for plausible colour combo..


      Kind Regards,


  180. Hi,
    Please i my wedding is coming up at the end of the year. I am getting confused with my colour. i have chose to use ivory(champagne) and a shade of Voilet called the sangaria. i am getting confused how am going to blend this colours to for my brides maid and groomsmen. could you please advise me on how to blend this two colours for my decoration and my brides maid and grooms men. Also my dress is in ivory is it alrite for my fiance to use the same coloured suit with me since we are both dark in complexion. I will be grateful if you can help me.

    • Hi Joke,
      Sangria is a bit of like burgundy or light wine colour?. Yes its okay with ivory but you can create a better touch with green or yellow orange added to it.
      Ivory suit and sangria violet tie is not bad on the groom, he could also have manflower in the suit of same colour as the tie.( alternatively use yellowish orange flower)
      Groomsmen: Can go with Black or Gray suit with the sangria coloured tie (Although, I would say let groom try the gray suit first and see how that goes)
      Bridesmaids: Dress in sangria colour holding green /light yellow bouquet
      decor: Get your chair covers and the table cloth in ivory. chair sash in sangria, let the napkins be in sangria. If you can get the flower centrepiece vase in wine colour or tell the event designer to get fillers for the vase in red then let the flowers be mainly in greens and light yellow ( or yellow orange)
      High table: In Ivory and sangria coloured swags if that can be mixed with green, that would be lovely!

      You can incorporate gold to the whole combo- bridesmaids accessories, little bridesmaids dress,crockeries, invites, e.t.c

      Hope this helps.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  181. Thank you very much for your help. May Almighty God reward you for your good work.

  182. Hi dear,
    This is a great great site, am getting married to the love of my life in August and I so want it to be perfect but am kinda having a hard time deciding on the colors, I have finally decided to use turqoise blue,peach, gray and ash, is this a good combo, I also love lilac but i don’t know how this can go because my GM are wearing ash suit, (see what I mean, confused gurl here, whoops)can you kindly help me combine them, looking forward to hearing from real soon.

    • Hi Christabelle,

      Thanks and congrats for finding your true love!
      Turq Blue + Peach is workable if you add gold to it.
      The Lilac can be seen in the Bouquet for the girls so you have Lilac+ Blue flowers
      Really depends on what your main colour is; you could put a twist to this. The GM wear their ash suit, same coloured waistcoats, very light blue shirt and royal blue tie. You cannot use turq blue tie on a black suit or even gray its just too light a colour and because they are already wearing a FAINT blue /WHITE shirt, its best to contrast this with a stronger blue colour. Don’t worry about using any other shade of blue here and there. manflowers in peachy gold
      Groom can wear a bluish gray suit or navy blue suit, waistcoat in same colour or even in ivory, shirt in white or ivory, tie in gold and cream stripes. you could even find blue and gold stripe tie, make sure his flower is in peachy colour ( if you find a tie in peach and gold then he can use that too)
      I see your cake in ivory with decorations in Turq blue and bits of lilac. IV could have your two main colours, let the writings be in peach colour and the cover in turq blue, inside background of the card could be in shimmery ivory ( choose whats best)
      DECOR: table covers and chair covers can be in ivory/gold. Chair sash in turq blue, napkins on table in turq blue,crockeries and all could be in gold. If you will be wrapping favours, wrap in LILAC. Flowers decoration either on the table or anywhere else must have a combination of lilac+ Blue ( use different shades of blue say turq blue and royal blue+ lilac) OR
      Why not try this: if you are using round tables, get some table covers in peach and others in turq blue. table with turq blue table top will have chair covers in ivory, chair sash in turq blue and napkin in peach.. in short table with blue colour will have blue sash on ivory chair covers with peach decors on the table and the tablecloth with peach, will have peach sash for the chairs in ivory too and the blue napkins e.t.c do you get?
      Bridesmaids: some wear peach coloured dress and others turq blue, the bouquet could have the opposing colours.

      I hope you do understand will try on some inspiration board .

      Use a stronger peach colour.

      Remind me if I forget about the inspiration board! 9-5 ain’t doing any good!

      Let me know if this works.

      Kind Regards,


  183. Compliments!
    You are God sent to us all,i visited this site and i must say you are doing a wonderful job.
    Please assist me to distribute this colours(Wine,Cream and gold),seen the post for those with the same colour combo i love them but help me with that of the MAID OF HONOUR AND THE BESTMAN,can the maid of honour wear cream with wine accessories like the bridesmaids,since the groom is using a cream waistcoat and tie,what about the bestman?
    Thank u.

    • Hi UD,

      Thank God for everything!
      Yes, if the bride is not wearing ivory coloured dress then she could wear ivory or cream dress ( actually there is no hard and fast rule to that anymore as you can see Pippa Middleton-Prince Williams wife’s sister wore a white dress like her sister)
      Look! The maid of honour doesn’t necessarily have to look so different, even if it is the bouquet that differentiates her from the rest then that’s fine. It could be her own dress design being different but same colour with Bridesmaids. So don’t fret about this much.
      Can the best man not use black suit on black waistcoat? or even wine waist coat and wine tie but shirt must be white in this.

      You know what let your man get a wedding waistcoat, you know the type that is embroidered? He could get that in wine and cream or wine and silver embroidery and then wear both manflower+ pocket square both at the same time. Best man can just go with either pocket square or man flower.

      Hope this helps,


  184. Hi, u r doin a great job. kudos. my wedding comes up in november, i dont have an idea of the colors i wud use for both my traditional and white wedding. my fiance likes blue but am not a fan of that, Kindly hlp me with colors.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Gbemi,
      Thank God.
      They are several colours you could get with blues. I would advise that you read other enquiries on colour combo to get an idea of what you might like and then get back to me? Deal?

      Chat soon!


  185. Hi, I still await ur reply. Thanks

  186. Hi
    Please i am still awaiting reply. Thanks, have a great day.

  187. Hi.
    Kudos on d great work! Pls i need ur help.. my weddin is in July and in Nigeria.I need colour combos for Royal purple,gold,lilac and fuschia. My fiance and i ar both dark and he wants to wear a grey suit wit lilac waistcoat and purple bowtie…wht do u think? Pls give an idea of wht colour combo d train cud use and wht colour shud d aso ebi and gele be in? Also wht colour shud we use for only d gele for engagemnt/traditional wedding cos its not on d same day.Thanx in anticipation.

    • Hi Seyi,
      Will get back to you soon.


    • Hi Oluwaseyi,

      Well done on your combo, for July, this is appropriate as well.
      Royal Purple + Gold
      Lilac+ Fuchsia

      These colour combos works because gold can go with almost everything. The three colours Blue+ Purple+Fuchsia or magenta , all lie close to each other on the colour chart and their type of harmony is analogous creating comfortable designs and atmosphere. You have to choose one or two main colour to dominate while the rest in the background.
      Why not use purple, lilac and fucshia for your white and the royal blue, purple and gold for the trad?
      Fiance wearing gray suit, lilac waistcoat, white shirt and purple tie is spot on! He could get manflower in fuchsia and purple.
      Bridesmaids always looks great on fuchsia, let the boys go with the purple
      GM could wear navy blue suit and waistcoat of same colour, very light blue shirt and purple tie with pocket squares in purple , black suit could work with this as well as long as they wear white shirts
      DECOR: Am loving this part. get while chair covers, you will alternate between purple and fuchsia here! get some table with fuchsia sash and fuchsia table cloth, you can have a table overlay of lace on top of the table if you want napkin in purple. Get another set of table with chair covers in white, purple sash, purple table cloth and napkin in fuchsia. Your crockeries in gold or white, let your table centrepiece flower for the fuchsia table be in purple, lilac and whites. For the purple table make the flowers in fucshia, whites and lilac.
      You can have petals and diamond stones scattered on the table.

      For the trad:
      Gold would come out beautiful as colour for the gele, you could use colour royal blue and gold for the trad so your top could be in blue.
      Your total trad colour could be royal blue, purple(use the dark shade of this like byzantium shade), gold and bits of yellow-orange
      Throw in bits of yellow- orange to the whole combo and you are good to go

      Would that work for you?

      Let me know,

      Congrats Seyi,

      Kind Regards,


  188. Pls suggest other colours dat can be added…and in wht combos? GOD BLESS U

  189. Hello, u guys are really doing a great job ere! I do appreciate.
    My wedding is by Nov 2011, am having issues with the colour combination. The colours i have in mind are BURNT ORANGE and BLUE(dont know the shade of blue). But, can i include red?cuz i will love my wedding gown and pair of shoes to av a touch of red. Pls advise me on how to combine dese 3colours considering Orange as my main colour. Am confused!! Thanks.

    • Hi Ore,
      One thing you are right in orange and blue definitely complements each other ( use royal blue or sapphire blue)
      Yes you can add bits of red because orange colour occurs between red and yellow! But know that its best you use either blue or red as the second main colour.
      Bridesmaids on orange dress and bouquet in blue and orange coloured flower- the girls can have a dress with blue as designs on it
      GM: Blck suit, black waistcoat, white shirt and orange tie. pocket squares in orange. The best man could decide to wear orange waistcoat instead of black like the rest of the guys.
      Groom could wear Navy blue suit, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt and then orange tie OR wear GRAY SUIT, gray waistcoat, white shirt blue tie, manflower in orange
      decor: get a white chair cover( self tie) table cloth in orange , napkins come in blue and flowers in orange, red , white and blues.
      OR get the self tie chair covers in white and the tablecloth in blue then create a fantastic flower decor in burnt orange and red. If you where to use chiavari chairs then seat pad in blue, table cloth in orange, napkins in blue and flowers in white, orange and red, you can also use paper lanterns hung from the wall in white, reds and blues

      Hope this works,



  190. Hello, thanks for the great work.
    I have decided to use lilac & light pink. Please is there a way i can add another colour like cream or gray. Kindly match the colours with the Bridesmaid, the train, the groom and Groommen, bouquet and decor. The groom would wear navy blue suit & white shirt but what colour of tie can he use. The GM wear black suit. what colour of shirt can they put on. Can my main colour be lilac. Thanks

  191. Hello, thanks for the good work.
    I have decided to use lilac & Light pink. Pls is it possible to add gray or cream to it? My fiance’ wants to use navy blue & white shirt but i don’t know the colour of tie to use. The GM would be wearing black suit but the shirt i don’t know the colour yet. Kindly advice on how to combine these colours with the Groom, GM, Bridesmaid, the Train, bouquet and the decor. Thanks.

    • Hiya how you doing?

      Cream works best with lilac+ Pink. Your fiance could use either pink or lilac colour in his tie( this would work), get him manflower in lilac+ cream also.
      The GM: can they not wear white shirts ( they don’t always have to wear coloured shirts) your main or secondary colours can come out in their pocket squares and ties. or even waistcoat. So on black suit, if you decide to use pink then they could wear black waistcoat, white shirt or light pink shirts, pink ties and pink pocket squares.( really depends on what they want to wear most guys might not like the idea of too much pink)
      On the BM: Allow some to wear lilac dress and others pink holding on to bouquet flowers of the opposing colours ( pink dress, lilac+ cream flowers e.t.c)
      Decor: Get chair covers in ivory, if your main colour is Lilac then use chair sash in lilac, table cloth could come in ivory too so that the table centrepiece flowers would be mainly in pinks and lilac. Napkins on table can come in lilac colour.
      You could even mix two sash together- I mean mix lilac and pink chair sash and tie them together then get the table cloth in lilac or pink.
      Your bouquet should have pinks, lilac, cream and some lavendar colour.

      Hope this works.

      Kind Regards,


  192. Hi dearie,
    am totallly not a gold person, so am thinking of using green instead of turq blue with the peach, pls what shade of green do u think will go with the bright gray/ash suit the GM will wear because I think I’d like green to be my main color, the shades I have in mind, is lime or apple> what do you think.
    tthanks gurl.

    • Hi Christabelle,
      The gold mentioned was just going to be in the background of the whole colour combo. Would be seen perhaps only in the crockeries or cake and IV , BM’s accessories?
      If you want to go for green that’s still good with peach. mint green, grass green and even emerald green would work with this. Apple green would go well with turq blue though.. just a side comment.

      Let me know what you think



  193. Hello ma,
    Pls i’m still waiting for ur response…thanx

  194. Thanks alot.
    It works. May God increase you more and more.
    Have a great day.

  195. This certainly is a nice site and i love what you’re doing with it. My wedding is coming up in july but as the groom am a bit confused about the colours to wear. Our wedding colour involves royal bue and sky blue.Some friends have suggested an ash coloured suit but honestly i dont even know how to combine the colours.I do know ill prefer using a bow tie doe.Please could you kindly assist in suggesting the suit,shirt and bow tie colour combinations that will go with royal bule or sky blue for me and my grooms men?A great many thanks.

  196. hello,
    i really need help …
    pls what other colours can i add to blue and pink and what shade of blue and pink go best.
    also, plsss advice on the combination of bridal train including bride,groom and general decor and what combination with brown do you suggest for the traditional …..
    keep up ur gud work!

    • Hi Tope,
      You can throw in yellow(custard) or just throw in white.
      Let your blue be Royal blue and hot pink. Throw in white and you are all good. You could have light yellow or purple to it as well.
      Let me know which you would like me to expand on.
      White, cream yellow or purple as the third colour

      Hope to hear from you soon.



  197. Hello,
    Your doing a great job in this site.
    I am wedding in December and still confused about the colour for my bridal train, The Groom and Myself. My colours are purpul and Brown.

  198. Thanks so much.You’ve been most helpful and am really impressed. I’ll certainly send the pics to ya.cheers.

  199. hi anita,
    plss u left out the combi 4 the bridal train,bride and groom and the colour to combine with chocolate brown for the traditional attitire.
    tankssss so much.

    • Hi Tope,

      Which would you want me to explain in details? Would you want white, cream, yellow or purple to be used as the third colour for Royal Blue Hot Pink.

      Any of these colours can go as the third colour so let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  200. hi.
    u r doing a wonderful job wedding is coming up by november.i would like to use pink and wine.hp the color will match

  201. kindly.advice me on hw to mix the color up 4 my maids of honour and my bouquet.with wat will go well on the grooms men

    • Hi Tee,

      Bridesmaids can go for the pink and the guys can settle for the wine/sangria.
      BM: Wear lace based dusty pink dress
      GM: Tan coloured suit, waistcoat in wine, white or very light pink shirt, wine tie and wine pocket square OR Black suit, black waistcoat, light pink shirt, winish tie and pocketsquare and in wine.
      Groom: Silver Gray suit, waistcoat in same colour, light pink shirt, wine tie and wine pocket square.
      Decor: Get ivory chair covers with wine sash, wine table cloth, napkins on the table in pink, centrepiece flowers in pink and green, pink petals scattered around at the table.
      Cake table: swags of pink and wine on top of table cloth in ivory.
      Invitation: Get this in wine colour and use pink ribbons.

      Hope this helps.

      I would like to have a board on this.

      Would have to do this on Wednesday.

      Check out.

      Kind Regards,


  202. my wedding is in november, my huubys colour is lilac i like pink and chocolate, pls how can we combine this colours and which colour can we add, tanx

  203. hi anita
    its tope again o
    an so sorry … its definately purple.
    tanks for the assistance.

    • Hi Tope,

      Will give you details this evening.



    • Hi Tope,

      Sorry, haven’t come back to you . Now we say Royal Blue+ Hot Pink+ Purple.

      Decor: You could use the chiavari chairs with hot pink seat pad and use purple table cloth, let the table napkins be in hot pink and then if you using gift boxes let it be wrapped with blue ribbons. High table swags be in either purple or pink whichever colour you would want to use as the main colour use on white background. If you dont want to use chiavari chairs then use white chair covers with hot pink sash and purple table cloth. Also have some tables with hot pink table cloth.
      BM: Wear blue royal blue dress holding pink flowers or you know what they could do a colour block where they have hot pink top and purple or blue skirt to go with it. Hot pink flowers used as hair accessories and shoes in silver or pink.
      GM: Choose to have hot pink colour or purple, Hot pink would be different as most guys go for purple. Let the guys have Navy Blue or black suit, same coloured waistcoat, light pink /white shirt and hot pink tie and pocketsquares.
      Groom: Wear gray suit same coloured waistcoat, light pink shirt, wedding cravat in hot pink, pocket square in hot pink and he can have manflower in just bits of purple.
      If you are having little girls then make them wear bright pink or even purple coloured dress.

      Hope this helps.


  204. Dear,
    I love this good work you are doing. Please can you tell me the groom colours that could go well with these combination ( at least two):

    Bride + Groom traditional attire = Royal blue + ocean blue
    Brides family = Deep purple + Fussia pink

    Groom family = ?????

  205. Hi, there’s a slight color adjustment.we are using navy blue rather than royal blue.would your earlier advise of light gray suit still go wit the navy blue vest?thanks

  206. Hi, U’re really blessed, welldone. my wedding is coming up by sept. i like to use purple, lilac and gold, how do i combine these colors to match my groom,groom’s men, brides maid.

    • Hi Meseel,

      Your colours are workable as gold goes with almost all colours. Guys and girls should go with purple as main colour
      Groomsmen would be better off with Navy Blue/ black pinstrip suit, lilac shirt and purple tie. Purple pocketsquare:
      Bridesmaids: Wear purple dress and gold accessories. Bouquet in lilac, pink and whites.
      Groom: Wear dark chocolate suit or silver gray suit, shirt in white or lilac and purple tie, pocket squares in purple and manflower in green and lilac.

      Check this out for inspiration

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  207. Thanks a lot….i love d detailed description… will sure work for me! BLESS YOU LOADS!!!!!

  208. you re doing a great job. weldone. pls my wedding color is baby pink n wine, d ladies will be wearing a wine gown with a touch of pink at d sleeve of d gown n at the bottom of d gown, my hubby ll be wearing a wine bow tie, pls cn d groomsmen use baby pink bowtie?
    secondly, my hall is alrdy painted pink, i dnt knw d color of the design 2 use 4 d hall, should i use just use wine n white? can my cake be pink n white?

    • Well done Bami!

      The guys can wear gray suit, white shirt and pink bow tie.
      Wine and white is just perfect, bits of green is good in addition. Your white cake should have decorations in pink and wine or just pink and white as you suggest.
      Good Job Bami!

      Kind Regard,


  209. i must say that u are doing a very good job. my wedding is coming up in september and i want to know if i can combine purple, lilac,gold and cream. can i get a picture of what it will look like. and what can i put on for traditional wedding i am from the eastern part of nigeria. thanks.

  210. Dear,
    Please you have not said a word regarding my question?

    I love this good work you are doing. Please can you tell me the groom colours that could go well with these combination ( at least two):

    Bride + Groom traditional attire = Royal blue + ocean blue
    Brides family = Deep purple + Fussia pink

    Groom family = ?????

  211. Thanx Anita i am greatful. I appreciate so much. God bless u.

  212. Hi anita,
    plsss remember me?
    thanks o

  213. Hi, u re really doing a great job. Well done. please could you show me a board on cream, lilac and fushia pink or pupple, lilac and pink.
    thank you


  215. U are too much anita,
    am grateful.

  216. I like this site, pls my wedding is coming up by september and i like to use these colours lilac, purple, lemon and cream. Pls how do i combine them if the colours are okay to match my groom, groom’s men and brides maids. Thanks

    • Hi Angela,
      You know lemon is just yellow and this goes with purple as they complement each other. Your two main colours could be yellow and purple and then lilac could stay in the background OR you could have lilac and purple with yellow in the background.

      Tell me what colours would you prefer as your two main colours then I would explain further on this.

      Kind Regards,


  217. u are doing a great job. Please,i would like you to help me combine this colours orange,dark blue and cream for the groom, chiefbrides maid, little bride, flower girls, sweet maids, maids of honor,groom’smen, cake and reception. But i would want my maids of honor to be in native. Dark blue and orange are my main colours. Thanks.

    • Hi Nike,

      Wow, what long train you have there! lol
      Blue and orange are complementary colours so thats fine to use these colours. I see the girls in orange and the guys using navy blue suit with orange ties.
      BM: Wears orange dress and blue accessories, let their bouquet be in cream.
      GM: They could go for navy blue suits, white shirts and orange ties and the groom could wear an ash gray suit and orange tie if he is not comfortable with that he could go for Navy Blue suit as well difference would be in his use of man flower as opposed to the groomsmen.
      Little maids: Use cream dress , orange waistband and if you can get like orange hair flowers, shoes in cream and their little bouquet in orange
      Maid of Honor- maid of honor just only needs to stand out from the BM .it doent necessarily always have to be massively different from the other girls so if she is wearing native let an orange theme be in the fabric she would be using.
      Cake: You can give it one colour , or even use the three colours, if you scroll down home page, you would see an example of a cake in orange. I wonder how that would come out though!( thought of having a blue cake-nah!) okay you could go for normal white cake with blue ribbons around and then flowers of orange and blue decorated on it.
      Reception: Use cream chair covers and table cloths, use orange sash on the chairs and orange napkins ( you could use blue if you want depends on what colour you want to base the reception hall) Can you get coloured crockeries? You can get that in blue as seen in the picture on the home page , then you can get orange and cream flowers on the table top. If you like you can get a table runner of orange or blue on the table top. depending on what colour you wish to use.

      Hope this works.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  218. Anita tnx, i’ll have prefered lilac and cream as my main two colours

    • Okay Angela,

      Lilac and cream is not bad. Pretty easy to match up.
      BM: Let them have dress in lilac and bouquet in cream, shoes and accessories in pearls or silver and daimond stones ( fashion earrings of course)
      GM: Black suit, black waistcoat, cream shirts, lilac ties and pocket squares in lilac
      Groom: Black suit but he could wear black in stripes, his waistcoat and shirt, in cream even his tie should be in cream so as to make him stand out then he could have manflower and pocket square in lilac colour .
      Reception: Get cream chair covers and sash could be in cream too or lilac colour. You could use lilac or cream table cloth and get a simple flower centrepiece in cream and lilac.

      For Yellow and purple:
      Boys should wear same but purple tie
      Groom should have same as above BUT use yellow manflower or boutonnière. purple pocket square
      Girls wear purple dress with accessories in gold or silver OR yellow long dress with silver or gold accessories
      Reception: You could have same design as above just add yellow flowers to the flower centrepiece and make sure they stand out. You could even have one yellow flower on the programme on each plate.
      You could get chiavari chairs in cream seat pad then use purple table cloth and then just let the flowers be in yellow only- that would be lovely!

      Hope this works for you.

      God Bless!


  219. Anita tnx, i would have prefered lilac and cream as my main two colours. Pls check these two and also your own suggestion, i mean yellow and purple, i really need your good responds.

  220. Hi Anita, pls am still waiting for reply. Thank you and God bless.

  221. Thanks alot. Please could you help me out with the combinations: grooms tie, groomsmen, the maid of honour, flower girls, decor, manflower and the bridesmaid.
    Thanks for your good work.

  222. Thanks alot. Please could you help me out with the combinations, Lilac, Fushia Pink and cream. Lilac is my main colour: the maid of honour, flower girls, decor, bouquet, their colour of shoes and Accessories. I want my bridesmaid to use fushia pink dress.
    Thanks for the good work.

    • Hi Lo,

      Lilac goes better with light pink and lavendar with fuschia pink.
      If the bridesmaids wear fuchsia then let the guys wear three piece ash gray suit or black suit on a white shirt and lilac tie. pocket squares in lilac
      Groom: Wears ( you need to check this) tan or beige three piece suits, light pink shirt and lilac tie, manflowers in pink.
      Maid of honor: She could wear a dress style in cream colour and then use pink accents on it perhaps as hair flower and waistband?.
      Bridesmaids should wear nude colour shoes( creamish or tan) or any shade of pink shoes, bouquet in lavendar, cream and fuchsia. accessories in diamond or silver fashion.
      DECOR :Can you get a very light pink table cloth and chair covers? chair sash in hot pink and flower centrepiece in hot pink, lilac and cream. OR get chiavari chairs with seat pads in cream, lilac table cloth, and table flowers in hot pink, lilac, lavendar and cream. OR chair covers in ivory, hot pink sash, hot pink table cloth and flowers in lilac + cream.

      Does this help?

      Kind Regards,

  223. i must commend the great work you are doing on this site. please keep it up. please help me out. my wedding is in a few mths time i.e my traditional. my husband and I are using deep blue and gold. while my parents are using ash and faushia pink. what do u think the groom’s family should use. expecting your prompt response please……………

  224. hi Anita,
    pls its urgent, id like for u to advise on colours for family and friends of the bride for the following:

    Trad:any light shade of blue and gold accessories attire for the couple

    White:Gold/ivory/white and apple green

    The family of the groom chose Wine and gold for trad and Purple or Lilac and gold for the white.


    • Hi Sara,
      Blue and Gold is always a classic especially turquoise blue. In short any blue colour would go with gold. But beacuse its trad, go with a lighter shade of blue.
      For the white wedding make apple green and gold the main colours then make ivory or cream as background colours. Having said that its really refreshing to see apple green and white as this colour combo is not really popular. so choosing this colour over gold would be good. Parents family can go with the gold.
      See this:
      GM:Black suit, black waist coat, white shirt and green tie while the groom wears a silver gray suit, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt and green tie. Make him get green flower with very tiny yellow in his boutonniere or just green and white boutonniere. Let them get matching socks in green and white
      BM:Green dress or if you can make it use white top and green skirt.. something different. their bouquet should be wrapped in white ribbon and flowers should be in green and white or JUST green. Accessories in silver.
      Reception: Two ways:
      White chair covers, no sash, green table cloth , white plates, centrepiece flowers in white and green. On high table get green swags on white table cloth.
      White chair covers, green sash ( tie this to the side rather than to the back as everybody does), white table cloth, green cutleries if you can get some. Then the centrepiece flowers be in loads of greens and some white but very few.
      Invite: White card and green ribbons on it.

      If you decide to use gold instead of white then use ivory colour for the chair covers and table cloth( get stardust table confetti in gold) and if you want to make a statement then I suggest you look for a black and white damask design fabric and use that as a table top.So get a white chair cover, black and white damask table top and green flower centrepiece.

      Guess this would work perfectly.

      Almost all colours go with gold. For the grooms family:
      I would say use deep orange and gold for the family rather than wine and gold because orange is the complementary of blue. If you where using green for the trad then family using wine would work well. You want to make sure that the colours used by the couples also be in harmony with other colours around them.

      Lilac and gold for white for white wedding would work well rather than purple as lilac set against green is better to the eyes than purple set against green.

      Hope this helps.
      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  225. my frnd’s weddingnisnin Dec 2011,she needs suggestion on colors of the day and hw she could nuse them! well done you’re doing a great job.

    • Hi Hilly,

      She could have one main colour shared between her and hyubby and then some accents or background colours, these accent colours can be seen on the cake, invite or gift favours left at the table and the main colours seen on bridesmaids and gromsmen.
      If two or three colours are used then you could decide to have one colour and the groom , another colour. Groomsmen can wear grooms colour while the groom tries to match up his colour with the wife so he might even have to use the same colour of bouquet or same shoe colour of the bride.
      Decor: Does not need to have all colours showing on the table decor… you could have one main colour follow through for the table and chairs and then use the other colour mainly in the cake or other things. Flower centrepieces on table or high table should have all your colours or the other main colour showing.

      Hope this helps.


  226. Thanks so much Anita, i really appreciate. Pls can you also check these colours for me: apple green, cream and lilac. Pls i actually need to use 3 colours. Thanks and God bless.

  227. Hi Anita, i’m still waiting for your response on 6th june. please help me

  228. Thank you Anita.

    U r such a darling, pls how about same blue and red accessories

    Warm regard

  229. Thanks alot for your help God bless you. Pls, i would like you to make me a board with the colours. Thanks.

  230. Hi Anita,

    thanks a lot for that. God bless you.

  231. hi dear,a job well done!!pls my wedding will be coming up in october,i intend to use blue and gold for the engagement and want to use purple and silver for the white wedding, is purple and silver classic?or do i need to add a 3rd color to it?? i am very light skinned while my man is dark skinned(not2dark though,more like light chocolate)and how do i play out these colors for the groom, best man,groomsmen,my maid of honour, bridesmaid, cake, reception and invite?what colour would complement purple/silver/? to be worn by the grooms family? i look forward to ur response as soon as it is convinient4u, thanks annd God bless u real good.

    • Hi Megan,

      Let me get back to you later this evening.

      Your colours are lovely you could let family use fuchsia colour not fuchsia pink which is lighter in colour. Say like deep fuchsia colour, that can be used with apple or grass green colour.


  232. Hi, Anita am still waiting for your response to my request of 8th june 2011. Thanks and lots of love

  233. Yes for trad, using a light shade of blue , say torquoise attire and red accessories

  234. hi,

    you guys are doing a wonderful job here.
    my wedding is coming up in Sept. and we want to use Gold and green colour.( not sure of the shade of green)
    i need your advise on this.
    also advise on how to blend these colours among the mambers of the train and deco.

    thanks a million.

    • Hi Victor,
      Gold and Apple green is best with this. You can add tiny bits of colour like yellow or even purple to the whole combo.
      BM: Use Apple green dress, accessories in gold, Bouquet in cream and bits of yellow ( or whatever colour you want to use as an accent)
      GM: Black three piece suit goes beautifully well with green ties and green pocket square, shirt must be in white
      Groom: Same Black suit ( could get stripey suit) waistcoat in cream, shirt in white, tie in cream and pocket square or manflower in green and chosen accent colour. He could get bow tie in green on three piece tux.
      Best Man:Three piece black suit, green tie and manflower.( should have green and bits of chosen colour say yellow in the flower)
      Lil flower girls: lovely dress in cream and green dress ( maybe cream down and green up?) holding flower balls in green and cream.
      Decor: Get your chair covers in cream or ivory. use a self tie one or if you can get chiavari chairs? in cream seat pad. Table cloth in green and then crockeries in gold. table flower centrepiece in cream, green and bits of accent colour say yellow
      Cake: You could have a green themed cake with an accent colour on it as decoration.

      Hope you like this.

      Promise to send the pics to us after the wedding.

      Kind Regards and Congrats!

  235. Hi,

    Well done for the good job. Please my wedding is coming up in August 2011. I have wine red and cream in mind. What do you think? What do i use for my bridesmaid?


    • Hi Stella,

      Wine, Red and Cream is not bad but you need to use one main colour and the rest as background colours..
      BM could wear lovely Red dress with flowers in cream and shoes in silver
      Grooms an Groomsmen are better with balck suit and red ties. The groom should have his waistcoat in cream, shirt in white and tie in cream. Then he could have his manflower in red.
      Decor should have cream or white table cloth and cream or white chair covers. Sash in red or wine, your reception programme in red or wine, crockeries in white ( white plates) flower centrepiece should be red and wine flowers IN A WHITE VASE.
      Flower petals can be scattered on the table.
      Personally I would prefer having a white background set against the red rather than cream or ivory. In the high table you dont necessarily need to have red swags, you could just have a lovely flower arrangement in the middle of the table


      Kind Regards,

  236. Good day,thanks ƒσя being,u re doing a̶̲̥̅ nice job.pls kindly help Τ̲̅ђe colours ƒσя my wedding in a̶̲̥̅ couple of weeks ago are olive gree,gold and a̶̲̥̅ touch of cream. †ђξ groom ȋ̝̊̅ڪ wearing dark grey suit wit olive green bow tie,A̶̲̥̅♏ wearing ivory wedding dress,pls kindly advise on suitable colour i.e.olive green or gold ƒσя Τ̲̅ђe chief brides maid.i await ur response as soon as it can be.thank you

    • Hi Gbonju,
      What colour are the bridesmaids wearing? The chief bridemaids can go for gold and cream assuming the BM are wearing olive green coloured dress. They could go olive green and gold themed dress.

      Does this work.

      Kind Regards,

  237. Hi Anita,

    I am still waiting for your response (request 417)
    Thank you.

  238. Hi kemi,
    i need your advice. my wedding will be coming middle of nov.11. the colours have in mind is cream and leaf green. but my husband like any red or black. i want a touch of his colour in it too. what should to do?
    secondly, how i mine going to started the planning, things to get and so on.

  239. hi Anita,
    pls still anticipating ur response.thanks.

  240. Thanks Anita

  241. Anita,

    That is great! thank you so much.
    please can you mail me your contact ( so we can talk possibility of you playing a role in the planning


  242. ok dear, but can the grooms family go with deep fuchsia colour and purple ?or it should be deep fuchsia colour and apple or grass green colour. thanks.

    • Hi Megan,

      Either purple or Apple green would do very well. Purple colour is not too far off from the fuchsia inshort they are just different shades of VIOLET. Green on the other hand, is a lovely colour that brings life to the combo and it goes with all colour because its earthy.
      Hope this helps.


  243. Hello, thx for ur help, my wedding is coming up in august.
    My in-law wants lilarch while I want turquoise blue or aqua green, please how can I combine this colors and hope it’s not odd,please note, am not using bridal train nor groom’s men, just myself, my groom, chief bridesmaid, little bridemaid and the ring bearer,
    What color combo should i use for my cake and hall decor too

    • Hi Adebimpe,
      I would suggest that you bring out these colours in your bouquet, let your bouquet be in combination of lilac, turquoise and violet blue.
      For Groom: Using a black or navy blue coloured three piece suit and turquoise tie. He could wear a white shirt.
      Bride: Ivory wedding dress, bouquet in colours as advised above
      Decor: Ivory chair covers and table cloth.Use centrepiece with flower vase with colours of lilac, violet and turq blue
      High Table: Use swags of lilac and purple if you do not want to use swags jut use a lovely flower arrangement in the middle of the table. Table top in ivory.
      Get little gift box in turq blue. Cake can be in ivory but decorated with turq blue flower design or ribbons.
      Lil bridesmaids: Ivory dress, turq blue waistband, turq blue flower hairpiece

      Congrats babes!


  244. Anita,
    Thank you. I appreciate.
    Could you please help me with the colour for the chief BM.



  245. Hi Anita,

    Please am still expecting revert as regards colour for my BM.

    Thank you.


  246. hi,
    i am getting married, next summer and i have just two colours in mind for both engagement and wedding
    engagement– royal blue and light purple
    wedding ——- royal purple /deep purple and turqs blue
    my problem is how to merge this colours into the Grooms, Grooms men, maid of honour and bride maids clothing. can u pls help??

    • Hi Kehinde,
      Let the boys have the deep purple and girls the turq blue.
      GM: Plain balck three piece suit, white shirt and purple ties with pocket squares. socsk in light purple.
      Groom: Black three piece suit, light purple shirt and deep purple tie with pocket square
      Bridesmaids: Wear dress with turq blue and deep purple designs like waistbands in deep purple and acessories in silver or deep purple.
      Decor: Make this plain, preferrably self tie chair covers and table cloth both in ivory. Flower centrepiece in mixtures of purple, turq blue an white flowers. Your drapins with starlight background in ivory and swags of turqs and deep purple. The high table should be in ivory and then have a huge flower piece in the middle of each table.
      Groomsmen and groom should have matching socks, bridesmaids can get parasols in cream or white.
      You could add magenta

      Hope this helps.
      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  247. thank you so much just 1 more question, is it possible to use white suit instead of the black..

    • Hi Kehinde,

      I am more confident to suggest grayish silver three piece suit and a white shirt instead of white suit as better. If you really wish to then use Ivory instead of white suit.


  248. pls, i’ve problem fixing in my colours are peach,gold and lemon do i match it for the bride’smaid,train,bestman,men in suit nd groom.i’m running short of time pls help me.thanks.

    • Hi Amanda,
      I hope its not too late!

      I like the girls in peach and the guys in Lemon green. Cake in cream and lemon green designs.
      BM: Peach dress using transparent gold lace for dress design, carry lemon green bouquet.
      GM: Black suit, white shirt and lemon green tie and pocket square in green
      Groom: Black suit, three piece, cream waistcoat, white shirt, tie in ivory and boutonniere or manflower in lemon green .
      Bestman: while the groomsmen wear black suit and white shirt alone let the bestman use three piece suit in black, lemon green tie and lemon green pocket square
      Decor: Chiavari chairs in cream seat pad, peach table top, use gold lace as overlay on the table. Flower decor on the table in lemon green.
      Crockeries in gold and invite using lemon green as background colour.

      Hope this helps.

      Congrats and Kind Regards,


  249. then how do i make these colors blend with my decoration.i’m using an open space.

  250. Hi Anita,
    Thank you so much. God bless you.


  251. thank you so much

  252. Hi, my wedding comes up in nov. i have finally decided on the color to use for my white wedding , thou not sure about the combination and the color combination for my bridal train. Am thinking of using all shades of pink and another color which am not sure of. may be wine or grey. pls give me more details about it. tanx.

    • Hi Gbemisola,
      I like the idea of using monochromatic colours( different shades of same colours) Pink is fine with wine or grey as you say but is grey and pink not very common?
      Go for wine and pink that would be different and unique.
      You can use wine table cloth and pink napkin. You can use chiavari chairs with pink seat pads or even chair covers in white and pink sash!
      Girls could go for pink dress whilst the chief bridesmaid wear wine dress.
      Boys: Black suit always looks good with wine or sangria. and that ofcourse can go with pink shirt or white shirt. Inshort they can use white shirt while bestman use pink shirt
      Groom: Gray suit looks good on wine tie. He should use three piece suit or cream waistcoat, white shirt, cream tie and pocket square in wine. He can also add boutonniere in wine.
      Cake stand: Cake table in pink whilst cake in cream, wine and pink designs.

      Hope this helps.


  253. hello My wedding,i love dis site so much and my wedding is coming up in october next year but i chose a colour but i want to know if it is a good combination.Lemon and Orange for my guests but i have not chosen the colour i want to use for my aso oke,so i want your discretion on the colour i as the bride can use.

    • Hi Jumoke,

      Did you mean to say lemon green or lime green? Anyways lemon green is very tricky with orange. I would not suggest that you go with that! Try Orange and white so that in your trad you could go for lemon green and gold.

      Let me know what you think.


  254. thanks so much

  255. Anita,I must first of al apologise for not responding to your advive since I last wrote to you.thanks for your advice.its has been of great help.right now,am having difficulty making decision on colours for my cake and little bridesmaids.also,can’t the groom use a burgundy tie with cream waistcoat n burgundy pocket squares especially since my fiance wants gray suit.would appreciate a quick respond cause am at a loss here.thank you. P.s my colours are burgundy and gold.av a lovely day..

    • Hi Ifeolu,

      Did you mean the groomsmen? If your fiance is having gray suit then let it be three piece.That is suit, waistcoat and trousers same gray colour, and then white shirt and burgundy tie and pocket squares.
      The combo using burgundy tie with cream waistcoat, burgundy pocket squares would come out better with black suit.
      He could wear the morning suit( with a tail) letting the coat be in black and the trouser in gray then he could use the cream waistcoat and burgundy tie.
      See this picture:

      If he definitely wants the gray suit then don’t use cream waistcoat use a colour like shiny silver waistcoat.
      Littlebridesmaids: They could wear a burgundy coloured dress or just use ivory dress with burgundy waistband and hair flower in burgundy.
      Cake could come in burgundy colour and gold designs on it or you could use plain ccoloured cake in wite and then gold ribbon in each tier. Then the decorator should use flower designs inn burgundy coloured.

      Hope this makes sense.

      Let me know.


  256. hello,i have gotten a reply from you please,thank you.

  257. hi Anita,thanks for you reply,u mean i should try orange and white for my white wedding and lemon green and gold for the trad,then what ll be the decors and colours for the guests. if i pick orange and gold,will it not be too odd for my,aw will it blend.Thanks.

    • Hi Jumoke,

      Orange is not odd at all. He would wear gray suit, three piece with white shirt and orange tie, pocket square and man flower in orange and white.
      Groomsmen could wear black suit, white shirt and orange tie. Best man could wear three piece black suit and orange tie with pocket square!
      Make decor simple with using chiavari chairs in white seat pad, table cloth in white and everything else on the table is orange( napkin, flower centrepiece, invites should also have the orange colour too)
      OR: Use chair covers in white and sash in orange, orange table cloth, napkin in white, plates and crockeries in white, flower on the table orange, you could have cream petals on the table.

      I dont understand what you mean colours for the guest? But orange goes well with blue colour, golden yellow, Green, purple..Any of these colours would work with your orange theme.

      Let your Bridesmaids wear orange themed dress with white flowers. accessories in cream( pearls) or silver. don’t matter.
      You should wear a lovely orange shoe for your wedding. People wear coloured shoes now no more cream or white anymore! And this would match your grooms tie!

      Imagine a white cake with orange ribbons and flower designs on it?

      Hope you get inspired!



  258. thanks Anita,but the problem is dat my man does not want to use a white shirt.i don’t know if u can help with any other combination for his shirt.thanks once again nd God bless

  259. weldone to this great work!
    My wedding coming up this year december, i intend using Blue and yello, could u pls help in the combination; aspa train, cake, background decor.
    anticipating ur response

    • Hi Joy,

      Although blue and yellow is not a complementary colour but it still works! Why not try dark blue/ sapphire blue or even cobalt blue with yellow-orange?
      Cobalt blue would be nice with yellow itself.
      I got this board made for you and you can get the inspiration;
      So just the like the board, let the girls wear blue dress with yellow bouquet
      GM: Wear Navy Blue three piece suit on yellow tie/ pocket Squares and white shirt. OR the guys could have black suit so that best man wears Navy Blue suit while your man wears grey suit, white shirt, yellow tie and yellow boutonnière. Your man can have grey suit and have the waistcoat in ivory with ivory tie and then just wear the pocket square AND boutonnière flower all in yellow and blue.
      DECOR: As in the picture, table cloth in blue and flower centrepiece in yellow, let your crockeries be in white and your napkin in yellow. Make the gift items be in yellow and the programme for the reception in yellow
      Cake could come in white and then blue/ yellow flower design or have blue coloured cake with yellow design!
      Little girls could wear a lovely blue dress or ivory coloured dress with blue waistband.

      Hope this works.

      Kind Regards,

  260. Hi.I love your ideas and inspiration.pls my wedding is coming up in dec.for the trads iv chosen wine
    And this a good combination?what other color goes well with wine?for my white wedding I chooae purple and gold. Brides
    maids,purple dress with a touch of gold,maid of honour,gold dress with a touch of purple,groom gold tie,cream waist coat,grooms men purple does this look,
    What other colour apart from pink can I add as a background colour+flowers,decor etc.

    • Hi Debby,
      Sorry for the wait.. I do easily tend to skip one or two enquiries. Wine and cream is a good combination used by many brides. But wine can go with Gold, Green, Pink,Deep Orange,Peach e.t.c

      For the white wedding purple and gold is fine. Remember, your don’t have to use all your colours in all areas of the wedding planning. If you would add pink then gold needs to go. Pink, purple, lilac, lavendar… all in the same pot but if you must use purple and gold then just use cream draping as your background , let the chair sash be in gold on an ivory chair cover and table cloth in ivory too.
      Play with purple, greens and even white on the table flower piece. You could even scatter gold petals on the table, your invite could come in gold.
      check this board:

      Hope this helps with your inspiration.


  261. Hello Anita,please i am still expecting you reply on my previous mail.
    Thanks so much.

  262. stellamaris : July 1, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Pls my wedding is coming up and my colours are red, silver and tangerine. Wat do u guys think, would it come out well. Thanks

    • Hi Stellamaris,
      Your colours are quite bright and that what they call colour blocking! Make sure the guys are with grey suit and your groom could go silver grey suit with a red tie and red pocket square.
      Bridesmaids could go all fun with the two colours in a beautiful skirt and top design.
      Decor: Add white to it. Make chivari chairs in white seat pad, white table cloth and let centrepiece on table be in red and tangerine. White crockeries but let napkin be in tangerine or red. Your programme in tangerine

      Hope you get inspired.

      Kind Regards,

  263. hello anita,very good job u doing. pls my wedding is in september and i av chosen blue and my lady picked purple. just being thinking of the colour combination and how its going to work for the traditional aso ebi and the church stuff,the reception and all stuffs like that.pls help with ur professional advice. really confused and need to start making preparings.pls what shade of blue and purple will go together perfectly.tks and God bless u

    • Hello Omooba,
      Thanks for the compliment. Blue and Purple are analogous colours meaning that they lie side by side to each other. The shade of blue to use is sapphire / Navy Bue of even Royal Blue. With purple use the normal shade. With the traditional wedding why don’t you use a different shade of purple say Tyrian purple, lavendar and light pink!
      Since your wife likes purple then let the girls use this colour. Your wife could wear her purple shoe for her white wedding while you could match that up with your tie or pocket square.
      Your groomsmen could go with the blue colour in their tie and pocket squares.
      Reception: If you must use chair covers, use ivory or white ( self tie covers) and table cloth in same colour. You must let the flower in the table centrepiece do the trick of colours for you. So get purple, blue and YELLOW ( bits of it) on the table. Your napkin could come in purple or blue whichever colour you choose to have. You could even use white napkin and white crockeries but your reception programme needs to be in purple and blue designs.
      If you are having a little mandap for the both of you( sugar hut) then just use ivory drapins in the background let the swags come in blue and purple OR let the event designers use flowers in purple, Blue and bits of yellow or white around it.
      Cake table: Cake in white and designs and ribbons in blue and purple colour, get table cloth in ivory but use and overlay ( top cloth on top of the ivory) in purple.
      Let the event designer clip the side of the purple overlay intermittently.

      I did an inspirational board on this so check out :

      Hope this works.

      Kind Regards,

  264. Hi, Anita. My wedding is coming up in a few months and it will be outdoors. My colors are silver, fushcia and lately I’ve been playing around with adding black too. Is it ok?

  265. Hi Anita,thnks so much for the advise,i ll make use of the advise and start preps on it as soon as i can

  266. Hello,pls i’m still expecting ur reply from my last question. thanks and God bless.

    • Hi Amanda,
      If you man does not like the classic white shirt then he can match up using dark gray suit in three piece, peachy or very light pink shirt more like tea rose pink.tie in lemon green and then accessorize with man flower in lemon green. pocket square in green.

      Hope this helps.


  267. Hi Anita tanx 4 d wonderful work u are doin here.pls my weddin is in oct and i ve not been able 2 choose d colours yet.i want a cool, classy &trendy outdoor chocolate& his dark skinned.he wantd pink & white bt friends said its outdated.we dont want red or so confuse pls help me out.tanx

    • Hi Sophie,
      No colour is outdated, Pink is a classy and cool colour and for dark skin, it goes right too. He could wear a pink shirt and gray suit ( three piece)
      Bridesmaids could have Lilac or lavender dress and pink flowers.Normal Pink or Fuchsia Pink would do here.
      What about using Orange, normal orange and Blue like Turq?
      Royal Blue + Yellow-Orange
      Purple is everyone’s favourite but so predictable : You could have different shades of Purple all thrown together + whites+ bits of yellow.
      Salmon colour+ Yellow-green or cream : check the colour:
      mustard yellow + Royal Blue is another cool combo.

      Check the colours out and see which brings out your tone best.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  268. Sory,pls i need your advice on colours that is suitable 4 weddings in oct.for white and traditional outdoor weddings.

  269. Hi all, My wedding is coming up in February 2012 and my colour combo is Honeysuckle and Grey. I’m thinking of adding another colour and i don’t know which one to add. I need help with the combination as regards groom’s tie, cake, bridal train, and groomsmen’s shirt & tie.

  270. Hi Anita,
    My wedding is coming up in February 2012 and my colour combo is Honeysuckle Pink and Grey. I’m thinking of adding another colour and i don’t know which one to add. I need help with the combination as regards groom’s tie, cake, bridal train, and groomsmen’s shirt & tie.

    • Hi Busola,

      I like the idea of Honeysuckle but why dont you try Taupe instead of Gray? Taupe is like sandy colour and this would make the honeysuckle pink pop out more. Gray is still good but loads of people use that combo.
      If you insist on using another color then try Green like lemon green, emerald green or even mint green.
      You could also try Chocolate brown color and white with this.
      Let me know which you would prefer then I will advise on the combo.

      Kind Regards,

  271. thank you very much anita,i appreciate God bless u!

  272. Hi Anita. I’m still waiting for your reply.
    Thanks. Deb

  273. hello,
    i just stumbled on this site now and i must confess its wao. my wedding is coming up on the 2&3rd of september and we are just recruiting the services of a planner. i guess we also like many others really do need help with our colours.
    for the traditional we tought orange and lemon green and tought as couples we could add gold to our own outfit combination. but we are confussed on what colours to pick for the main wedding and how to combine it on the train as we want a royal colour to be present, and wish to walk on red carpet too. i would be so so grateful for combinations for consideraion. God bless you

    • Thanks Blessed.
      Orange and Lemon green are very bright colors. Why dont you use just green rather than lemon green?
      Gold added is not bad for accessories.
      If you want Royal colors go for Royal blue and Purple. You could add just bits of Yellow ( tiny winy bits maybe in the flower arrangements)
      Girls could go for the Blue and Guys the Purple.
      Your man could wear gray suit, white or ivory shirt and purple tie, he could wear his waistcoat in black or same gray color. On his manflower allow him to have Blue, bit of yellow popping out and more green.He could just go plain on nude color tie so that only the boutonniere and the pocket square comes out with the color
      BM: Blue dress and bouquet in whites, Blue and purple or just plain ivory color.
      GM: Black suits, white shirts and Purple tie
      Decor: Get Chivari chairs in white seat pad, table cloth in ivory, Flower centerpiece in blues,whites, yellows and purple, Get Chinese lanterns in purple and blues and whites hanging in the ceiling if indoors, let your napkin be in blue or purple. If you cant use chivari chairs then get your normal chair covers in white or ivory. If you use chair sash of blue then let purple dominate the flower arrangements and vice versa. In the flowers add bits of yellow and whites to it.

      Hope this works , let me know.

      Thanks and Congrats!

      Best Regards,


  274. Pls Anita, am stil watin for ur reply.tanx

  275. Hi Anita, I’m still waiting for your reply pls.

  276. Hi Anita,
    Please my wedding is coming up in October 2011 and am having difficulty with colors. Kindly help me with color combo of blue, gold and cream and what i can combine with Wine also.

    • Hi Esther,
      Blue, Gold and Cream can work.
      For the Decor: Get Chivari gold chairs with ivory seat pad, get table cloths in ivory, crockeries in Gold, Napkins in Blue and your flower centrepiece in mixtures of Blue, Green and bits of orange flowers.
      BM: Let the girls use Blue colour for their dress design and bouquet in ivory and greens
      GM: Matching ties in darker blue, Dark gray suit, lighter shade of blue shirt or white shirt, matching socks in blue.
      Groom: I see him wearing three piece dark brown suit, wedding jacket in cream or blue , white shirt and Cravat ( wedding tie) with pocket squares in Blue.

      Wine can be used with Gold, Emerald green, Cream or Ivory, dark orange, dusty pink, mauve taupe,coral pink, e.t.c

      Hope this works.

      Kind Regards and Congrats,


  277. allo dearie, pls my colors are turqoiuse blue and silver(wedding coming up next month)my GM are wearing ash suit and ash/silver waist coat and turqoiuse ties, my problem is that i cant get a silver flower, only got cream and turqoiuse, pls can you advise on any other flower color that can go as well.
    thanks dear

  278. Hi Anita.
    I need your opinion of what the decor should like if the couple are wearing a light shade of blue with red accessories. Th famil chose to wear orange and gold what colour do you suggest for aso ebi for friends.
    Thank you

  279. hello anita,
    i and my partner are really longing to hear from you too on my enquiries. thanks

  280. Hi Anita,

    Thanks for all your advise.

    Pls, with Turq Blue with Red Accessories is good. A touch of orange/ orange red accessories. Realy do not know what orange red looks like.
    A lot of people are asking for aso ebi…what color do you suggest for this and how should the decor be done,tho i am thinking of our traditional fabric(plain george) and gold.

    For white wedding using: apple green/gold/ivory what color do u suggest for aso ebi.Grooms family is settled, they would wear Lilac and gold i think.

  281. Hi Anita, I’m getting married by the end of the yearand my colours are gold and green. My fiance says he loves yellow. Please can u give us ur expert advice on how to combine the colours and the shade of green that we should go for.

    • Hi June,
      Congrats! Gold and Green is just swell. Make use of Golden Yellow colour ( with normal green colour.

      Pls check back in the evening for decor and all.. Will do my best to answer all queries as much as I can.

      Bear with me

      Kind Regards,


    • Hi June,

      As said earlier Golden Yellow and Normal green is ideal. Let the girls have golden yellow touch and the guys with the green.
      BM; Wear Golden Yellow dress holding bouquet of yellow and white
      GM: Wears Black suit, white shirt and green ties. This could be a three piece suit if they want. Pocket squares in green
      Groom: Wears Gray suit, three piece, white shirt, yellow tie and yellow man flower OR Black tux, white shrt, golden yellow bow tie and golden yellow manflower
      Decor: Get white chair cover, self tie and white table linen. Let the napkin come in yellow and the flower vase covered in green with flowers in whites, green and yellow or just make the flowers on the table top be in green and yellow.( if you are using transparent vase) Scatter yellow petals just around the flower vase. You could add bits of diamonds stones as well on the petals.
      If the napkin come in yellow then make the programme come in green ( with fonts in yellow) or vice versa. The hgh table could come in green or Yellow table linen, if using yellow table linen then make the flower arrangement be in green and if you using green table linen then make the flower and votives on the table be in mostly yellow.

      Hope you get your inspiration. Look out for an inspiration board

      Kind Regards,


  282. Im getting married in nov and i have about three colours in mind i.e wine, green, and cream for my white wedding help me blend it 4 my bridal trains. My trad orange&gold.

  283. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for the advice.
    I think I’d settle for Honeysuckle + taupe and maybe chocolate and white as you suggested. I don’t want to use any shade of green because my sister got married in April and she used emerald green.
    So, please advise on the combo. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Busola,
      Sorry for the late reply,
      Let BM: Wear honeysuckle pink dress and hold bouquet in cream, honeysuckle pink, pink, blush pink, e.t.c ( your BM could wear different shades of pink)
      GM: They can wear Dark chocolate suit with white trousers, white shirt and chocolate brown ties. Pocket squares in honeysuckle pink
      Groom: Wears taupe coloured suit, three piece if he likes, white shirt, Honeysuckle pink tie and manflower in same pink.
      DECOR: Saw a picture that is siilar to what I want you to do . check this: Now you can have the table linen in taupe and then the napkin comes in honeysukle pink. Do you notice the programme is in blue well, let your programme be in chocolate brown , then let the crockeries be in white and your gift boxes if you want to have some, be in brown boxes and maybe wrapped in honeysuckle pink ribbon placed neatly on each plate.
      Let the chairs be chivari in white seat pad.
      Table centrepiece should have flowers in whites, pinks,and bits of green
      Little girls should have cream coloured dress and chocolate design. maybe in the form of the waistband

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  284. Hi Anita,

    pls assist
    Pls, with Turq Blue with Red Accessories is good. A touch of orange/ orange red accessories. Realy do not know what orange red looks like.
    A lot of people are asking for aso ebi…what color do you suggest for this and how should the decor be done,tho i am thinking of our traditional fabric(plain george) and gold.
    For white wedding using: apple green/gold/ivory what color do u suggest for aso ebi.Grooms family is settled, they would wear Lilac and gold i think.

  285. I’m geting married in nov and i need ur reply as soon as possible. For white wedding i intend to use wine,cream,green,&pink. PLS blend it among the bridal train. For trad orange,gold.Help me choose colour for the two families.Thanks.

    • Hi Tola,

      The wine colour goes with the Pink and the Green so you are safe with that but you would need to choose one main or two main colours and the rest in the background.
      I suggest using pale pink colour and then wine. Green should be in the background seen in flower arrangements, you could have whites as well to bring a sharp look.
      BM: Have pale pink dress and wine shoes, earrings could be in silver. Bouquet in whites, cream, greens and bits of wine in it.
      GM: Wear Black tuxedo( matching jacket and trouser) white shirt, bow tie in wine.
      Groom: Gray suit, three piece, white shirt, wine tie and wine pocket square OR Black suit , cream jacket, white shirt, cream tie, manflower in wine and green. Pocket square in wine.
      You: Ivory or white wedding dress, wine shoes to match your hubby’s tie/ manflower/ pocket square. Bouquet in whites, wine and pink.
      DECOR: Get Ivory chair covers, table linen in ivory, napkin in wine, reception programme in green and wine design. Flower arrangements in white, green,wine and bits of pink..Let the background flower decor be in pinks of different shades,bits of green and little bits of wine.
      Cake table: Ivory table linen with overlay or swags of pink linen, cake could come in pink ( yup)

      Orange and Gold is lovely.
      Brides family: Should choose Royal Blue themed dress any shade would blend perfectly well with the orange
      Grooms family: Should choose normal green colour / lighter green.
      Families should have that with gold as well.

      This should come out beautiful. In your trad make the main colour used for decor ivory and touch of orange in the flower arrangements. Bits of blues here and there would do wonders too!

      Hope you are inspired.

      Send me pics after 🙂



  286. Hello, thx for the inspirations and help, it’s really helpful.My wedding is coming up next month, 20th and am a bit confused about my combination. The bride’s family(my) color is turquoise blue while that of my fiance is lilac, pls, how can I combine this colors, especially for the groom, the hall decoration, the bridesmaid and the maid of honour. Also, what colour of cake should I use. Please, can u create an inspiration board for me? Thank you

    • Hi Adebimpe,
      This could be quite tricky.
      Let the girls use turq blue colour and let their bouquet be in lilac, white and blues.
      Groomsmen can wear Black suit, white shirt and ties in lilac, pocket squares in lilac as well.
      Groom: Dark gray suit in three piece, white shirt and lilac tie or he could have nude tie and lilac+ white boutonniere.
      Decor: Chivari chairs in cream seat pad, ivory table cloth, then let the flower arrangement come out with the colours of blue, lilac and whites.

      Hope this helps for now


  287. Am grateful to u guys ure doing a great job,i need advice on this colours for wedding i love chocolate brown/and orange is it possible for me to use the same colour for engagement and tradtional attire is orange/chocolate brown(asoke)

    • Hi Lizzy,
      I have tried answering you twice and the system just keeps acting funny. Anyways..
      Like I said, there is no rule of law saying you cant use the same colours on both occasion.
      BM; Orange dress and bouquet in whites and ivory with some greens
      GM: Chocolate brown suit or black suit, white shirt and orange ties with pocket squares
      Groom: Dark brown suit, three piece or cream waist coat, white shirt, cream tie, pocket square in orange and manflower in orange.
      DECOR: White or ivory chair covers, self tie, table linen in brown, flower centrepiece in orange, orange napkin and crockeries in white.
      Cake stand : white table linen , swags or tulle in chocolate brown and orange mixed. Cake designs in orange on white cake.

      Hope you get inspired.

      Kind Regards,

  288. Hello Anita

    Thanks a bunch.
    plain george is our local eastern nigeria wrapper, nothing plain about it, just the name, usually comes in wine color but ive seen a lot of different shades lately.
    This means i will be having turq blue, orange red and peach for trad.

  289. The plain geoge is seen here

  290. kindly chose colours for my white weddding in Dec.. am so so confused.

    • Hi Princess,
      You have the choice of teal blues, browns, dark orange, greens, light pink, burgundy. cream and wine. You need to take into consideration the venue hall so that the colour you eventually choose would not be completely off colour to the whole assemble
      To get an idea of the best colours for you is simply to choose colours that you get the most complements on.

      Start from there.



  291. Tanx so much Anita, u have brought smiles back 2 my face.i choose royal blue and orange.can i add chocolate?pls how can i use them for d groom, train, decorations and d trad.pls can i get a picture of what 2 expect? D salmon board created 4 me was so beautiful. Tanx again.want 2 go for shoping this month.

  292. Hi anita,pls my wedding coming up in september and i ve not been able 2 conclude on colours 2 use. I love blue and want it as part of my colours.pls help me am desperate.

    • Hi Kizzy,

      You have the choice of blue and orange, Blue and white, Blue and Chocolate brown, Blue and Purples..
      Most blues will go with shades of yellow , gold.
      Make your pick.

      Kind Regards,


  293. Hi Anita. I’m still waiting for your reply.

  294. Hi,anita i will love u to help me concening my wedding that is coming up in dec just few month ahead.Hw can i combine everything together my engagement we picked orange and chocolate colour and for the wedding i love to have purple ,mint green or sage green.Am worried on wat the Groom, BM,GM,little brides maid will wear and the colours of the family will be.i will appreciate it if u can quickly help me.

    • Hi Semi,

      Orange and chocolate brown is ideal for the season. However you wish to combine this it would come out beautifully well.Cos its trad! Make the background decor in cream and let the flower arrangements, invte and gift box come in our colour of browns or orange.

      For white wedding add a bit of coral pink to the whole combo to create a bit of a pop out . I would choose mintgreen with the purple
      BM: Wear Purple dress and bouquet in cream, coral pink and mint green
      GM: Wear Black suit, two piece, white shirt, purple tie and purple pocket squares
      Groom: Wear Black suit, three piece, white shirt, mintgreen tie and pocket square in mintgreen, manflower should have mintgreen and coral pink
      Decor: white chair covers, self tie, mintgreen table linen, make the flower centrepieces be in purple and coral pink, napkin in mintgreen and crockeries in white. You can have petals of coral pink colour scattered on the table.
      Littlebridesmaids can have dresses in cream and purple design on it.
      Chiefbridesmaid: mintgreen dress.

      Bridesfamily: Could go on coral pink or peach to complement the whole ensemble

      Groomsfamily: Royal Blue colour as this would go well with Purple, Coral Pink

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  295. Hi Anita,
    I’m still waiting for your advice on the Honeysuckle + Taupe combination.

  296. Thank uuu ,i like the combination and the arrangement and my parent love it too.God bless u

  297. Tanx a lot.i tink i would go for blue and chocolate.pls how can i used this combination 4 d Groom,BM,GM and decoration.pls i need ur advice urgently.

  298. Pls anita am still expecting ur reply.

  299. Thanks so much Anita. You are a lifesaver.

  300. keep the good work. Pls help me and check these colours apple green with cream and lilac, apple green with cream and pink, apple green with cream and gold, which one of them can match us as we have chocolate skin. How do we use them for the Gm, Bm etc. Our day is fast approaching. Tnks

    • Hi Angela,
      I am assuming the colours are for the white wedding?
      Green and gold is good but I would prefer Green and Pink. You know am always one for eye popping colours. Throw white to this combo and use hot, fresh berry or fucshia pink
      GM: Boys go for green. So black on green tie, white shirt, pocket squares in green and even get matching socks in green as well.
      BM: Girls go for pink but let it be the hot pink or fuchsia. Another beautiful way this could come out is by the girls wearing same colour green as well so that their bouquet would only be in Pink. And you holding a pink bouquet as well. Accessories could be in nude colour or silver.
      Decor: Go white. White chair covers,green sash, white table linen, let your napkin be in pink, and then the floral be in green and pink. You can use martini flower glass if you wish.
      Little BM: Pink dress and green sash.
      Groom: Black suit, three piece, white shirt, cream tie but let the manflower be in pink to match your pink bouquet. His pocket square can be pink as well.
      Your cake stand could have a white linen with pink or green overlay whichever colour you want to feature most.
      Invite could look like this:

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  301. Thanks for the inspiration nd help i love the combo.

  302. Ene
    Hello, i appreciate your good work my god continue to increase you.
    please my wedding is coming up by October and i am confuse on the color to use for the engagement, i wont my spouse to use Golden brown lace with red or royal blue cap while i use his Golden brown lace as my blues and royal blue gorge with a touch of gold and red shoe and bag with red accessories and gold head tie pls i need your advice and for the white wedding i will love to use Red+Turq blue+white but don’t know how to combine it pls i need your help thanks

    • Hi Ene,
      Tour trad colours are lovely. and blue with red and gold goes together so no problem.

      As regards your white wedding, your chosen colours are lovely..infact I have a board on it:
      With this board, you get an idea of how you could combine the colours.
      GM: Navy Blue suit, white shirt and red ties, red pocket squares
      Groom: Gray suit, three piece or even cream suit, red tie, red pocket square, or manflower in red.
      All boys should have matching red socks
      Bm: Could copy style as seen in the board. or just have a blue dress and red bouquet.
      Decor: Make the chair covers and the table linen in white but let flower decorations or anything accessories in red and/blue Your centrepiece flowers in red but gift box or wine glasses in blue. Or you could use turq blue sash on the chair covers and flowers in red.

      Hope this helps. Congrats and thank God!

      Kind Regards,


  303. love the good work you are doing pls keep it up. my wedding in coming up in Nov and i am finding it difficult choosing the color my bridesmaids and groomsmen will use. we have decided to use cream, gold and sky blue. he is insisting on using ash suit with his best man the hall decor will have the colors. i dont know among the three colors the one i will use as base,and bridesmaids.

    • Hi Estee,

      Thanks and congrats!
      Its best you use the blue as the main colours and the cream or gold as others.Ash suit is good, the guys and the girls can be in same blue colour but it would be good to have other colours come in play – have another shade of blue say indigo blue in the flower arrangement at the hall.
      So I mean BM would go with blue and their bouquet in cream and different shades of blues
      GM would wear Black suit and blue tie with blue pocket squares ( am tempted to say they should wear dark blue coat, white trousers and blue tie but they might not like the sailor type style)
      Decor could come in beautiful cream chair covers and blue sash or chivari chairs with seat pad in cream, crockeries in gold,flowers in loads of creams, blues of different shade( dark blue, indigo blue, violet blues e.t.c)
      Cake stand can have an overlay of blue and your cake can come in blue and gold.
      Background drapins in cream and just make the flowers and gift boxes or invite come in your chosen colours

      Hope you like this

      Kind Regards,


  304. Oh my God this is great, i love this, anita, you are indeed a darling. Tnks so much i really appreciate.

  305. thanks a lot Anita you are a darling

  306. Wow! you are really wonderful Anita thanks so much and have a nice day

  307. you are doing a nice job. My wedding colours are olive green and orange. what colour should the flower girls, the confetti laides wear? what colour of skirt shoulb the groom’s wear wear and what colour of tie.I will be wearing a white wedding gown , what colour of tie should the groom wear?I will be expecting your urgent response cos my wedding is very, very soon.

    • Hi Bimbo,
      I like the combo of olive green and orange- make it deep orange.
      Girls could wear the olive green dress and carry orange bouquet they could have orange shoes or silver shoes
      Groomsmen wears Black suit, white shirt and orange tie. orange pocket square
      Groom wears light gray suit, three piece and he could have olive green shirt and same coloured tie but with orange pocket square and manflower or if he likes waistcoat can be in cream then cream tie on the olive green shirt as long as the pocket square is in orange.

      You could wear orange shoes to match up your hubby’s manflower.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  308. am having my wedding in december and want my wedding gown to be in lilac or peach. need your advice.

    • Hi Funmi,
      I love the idea of peach thrown in with gold accessories. It comes out beautifully well especially if you are dark skin if you are light skinned then go for a very light peach colour.
      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  309. well done. Am a black lady can i use orange and browny or orange n green.

    • Hi Iyabo,

      Use Orange and apple green. Browny would be having too much dark colours thrown together but if you like brown , it can still be inculcated in some of the decor like the ribbons in wrapping the gifts or the program could come in brown and green.

      Hope this helps.


  310. Great job. my wedding is a traditional one am asking u can i make use of orange and browny Or orange and green . Am a black lady n my guy is chocolate(light). Or which colour can u suggest. Urgent response pls . thanks .

  311. Anita u are wonderful . thanks so so much am so happy. God bless u for us. thanks

  312. okeke blessing : August 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    well done for the good job you are doing. my wedding is in september and i am using orange coffe brown and cream. pls i need an urgent response on how to combine these colours and what’s your view on my chosen colours thanks

    • Hi Okeke,

      Your colour is not bad but I would like to see you throw in Tiffany or Sea Blue to it. Just brown and Cream is not being creative. You could even add just bits of mustard yellow in the decor
      BM: Wears brown or Blue dress and silver or nude shoe. If brown dress they can wear blue open toes shoes.
      GM; Wear Black suit, white shirt and cream tie. Pocket squares in Blue
      Groom: Wear Dark gray or silver gray suit, waist coat same colour or in ream, white shirt and the tie in coffee brown, let his manflower be in blue and the pocket square in blue too.
      Table Decor: Table cloth in ivory or cream, get a blue runner across the table and let your crockeries be in white . Let your napkin be in brown and reception programme if you have one, to be in brown too. Chair covers in cream and sash in blue. Or if you want to be adventurous then get sash in brown and blue tied together neatly at the side not at the back.
      If you do not want chair covers then get chivari chairs in brown wood and cream seat pad. Table flowers be in blues, cream and yellows. Make the gift box be in blue wrapped in brown ribbons.
      High table drapings: Get it in cream . Just cream, you can get some star light at the background. Let the flower decor carry your colours. The swags at the high table can be in blue and brown but let your flowers show the colours not the drapings.
      LittleBM; Cream dress + blue or brown designs like waistband in brown.
      Invite: Make it your colours of brown, cream and bits of blues or just make it brown and blue.

      Hope this helps. I would like to show you an inspirational board on this for you.Watch out for it.

      Kind Regards,


      p.s: If BM are using brown dress then table runner must be in blue. If they wear Blue dress then make table runner be in brown with white napkin – in this case the flowers on the table will be in colours of blues, yellow and cream.

  313. I luv dis site and i ve learnt alt from it, now my wedding is October, i luv purple alot so i ve chosen purple, cream and orange, mu Maid of honour will go cream, first bridal train go for Purple den d 2nd go for orange, d issue how will d decoration b, d table curtain and all of dat. i want a fabulous wedding decoration. thanks

    • Hi Ebere,
      Purple + Orange + Cream is a bold one . You need to pull if off well! I would say throw in mocha which is like light brown instead of cream?
      BM: I like the idea of some bridesmaids wearing purple and others wearing orange dress but let them use a waistband of contrasting colours. So purple dress with orange waistband and orange dress with purple waistband. Accessories in gold or cream is not bad in this combo. check this board:
      GM: You could make some wear orange ties and some have purple ties in black suit and white shirt, pocket squares in chosen colours to match the girls
      Groom: Make him go with gray suit, same coloured waist coat or even black waist coat, white shirt, purple or orange tie whichever he chooses but contrasting manflower. Pocket square should be the same colour with manflower.
      Decor: There are two ways you could pull this off. Use table cloth and chair covers in ivory. On the chair covers use purple chair sash and on the table, use orange napkin neatly arranged in the glass cup. Table flowers should have cream in most of it, then orange and bits of purple. You could have chinese lanterns in purple and orange hanging. Your background drapins should be in cream or white and on the high table, table cloth in cream and you could make three points of flower arrangements on the table. A massive arrangement n the middle with rich colour combination of greens, purple and orange. and on each end of the table make other flower arrangements of the three colours of purple, orange, greens and e.t.c
      Decor 2: Get Chivari chairs with cream seat pad, table cloth in purple, table napkin in orange and table centrepiece of your choice , maybe a large clear glass cylinder with pomanders and crystals garlands hanging. Or maybe ostrich feathers of chosen colours

      Dress up your cake table with cream table cloth and orange swags around it. Your cake should stand out in purple and orange designs but if you are not comfortable with having a purple cake then make it white with decorations in purple and orange. On the cake table, you could scatter petals in orange colour and have little glass cups with candles in it. this should be arranged around the cake.

      Hope you get inspired!
      Check this board:

      Kind Regards and congrats,


  314. Hi There,
    my wedding is coming up in october and i am still very much in a confused state. My colours are burnt orange, chocolate brown and gold. have i made a mistake with my colour combos? Could you please help me with the combination of the bridesmaids dress and shoes and hall decor? i would be eternally grateful to you if you help me put together something that works.
    i look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Joan,

      Burnt orange and chocolate brown with gold is not bad at all and the colours are quite good put together. I would suggest that you throw white in the whole ensemble for the decor.
      BM could go for the burnt orange dress and sash with the gold colour, accessories in gold.
      GM: Same burnt orange colour used in their tie and on black suit, white shirt,, do not let this be in three piece. Matching socks in orange, pocket square in orange
      Groom: Black suit, wedding waistcoat embroidered in brown, matching brown tie, white shirt, pocket square in burnt orange and brown, pocket square in brown
      Best Man: Black suit, waistcoat in orange or cream, white shirt, orange tie, orange pocket square.
      Decor: If you can use chivari chairs in orange seat pad, white table cloth, napkin in orange and brown, flower centrepiece in browns, orange and white. Crockeries in white . let the programme be in brown. OR: get chair covers in white, use brown sash, brown table cloth and napkin in orange. let the table flowers be in mainly orange. Gift boxes wrapped in orange.
      Background hall drapins in white with decorative pieces in orange and browns respectively. For instance the cushions can be in orange . You can get our normal brown stools hanging around with cushions on it of orange. You can have the cake stand covered with an orange cloth. Your cake in chocolate brown and cream.
      You could even have something as simple as this:
      with the girls wearing the brown dress.
      If the girls are wearing orange dress then make the reception decor have more brown tones.
      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  315. hi
    my wedding is december and i’m really having problems wt color combs.i initially chose green and baby pink and now my mum wants the aso ebi(aso oke)’s colour to be army green and mint green wt a touch of pink.nw wat do i do.
    can the bride and groom use the same color wt the guests?
    look forward to hearing from u

    • Hi Winie,

      There’s no rule of thumb to say that you cannot use similar colours but having said that. You want to stand out different. Most people would use different shade of the same colour just as your mum has chosen army green and mint green with a touch of pink.Since she is using just a touch of Pink you can still use pink as one of your chosen colour maybe hot pink or fuchsia pink. and then blues or purple hues can be used for you and your husband.

      Hope this helps.

      Congrats and Best Regards,


  316. Hi,

    Just stumbled on this post by chance and realised i emailed on here back in December! I’ve taken your comments on board for my colours of purple, sky blue and silver and getting ready for my wedding next month!

    Well done on your excellent and detailed work on advising me and other brides to be on wedding colours. Your response gave me a lot of hope with successfully combining those colours and the confidence to go ahead with them especially with the importance of them being me and my fiance’s favourite colours, when a lot of people i asked about it said the combo would not work.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Tayo,

      I cant believe I didn’t reply to this!

      Thank you so much for the review. Yo are far too kind!

      I know your wedding will go well as planned. Make sure you have your emergency bride’s kit with you! 🙂

      All the very best and hey! don’t forget to send the pics when you are Mrs!


  317. Hello, there, big ups to you. My name is Jumoke and my wedding comes up in march next year and i have some colours in mind. at the moment i have fuschia pink and Silver for my engagement and Royal blue and gold for my wedding. However, since i am a princess, i’m eyeing purple cos of the royal signature. I hope im not running things out of order? lol. How well can i merge these colours, especially with the bridal trains and hall decorations. Cos i want the fuschia pink to appear at the wedding too. i hope it will go well with purple if i have to leave out the royal blue? So many questions? So characteristic of me, sorry. Lol.

  318. pls i need ur help my wedding is at the corner, and i don’t no the colour that match for the aso ebi and gele. my colour for the engagement is lailac & purple and for the traditional it is sky blue & royal blue pls help me out!!!

    • Hello Seyi,

      I am not an expert in the aso-ebi and gele but if your colours are lilac and purple for engagement I do know one thing – that the colour combo works well. You can have Gold or hot pink gele to match it. The thing I noticed is that most people use same colour running thru and that is awfully bad. You can use just the two colours if you wish-lilac and purple( make one colour for the asoebi ad the other colour as gele)

      Same for the royal blue and sky blue- I like the fact that you have decided to go for same colour in different tones and shades, if you like)
      Mix this with silver or gold and you are good to go.
      You should not have much to worry about because you’ve got your colours right in the first place.

      Get us a picture after you say ‘I do’



  319. hi dear,so glad i found dis website,my weddn will b coming up jan 2012 and ve bn vn issues choosing my colours for both my traditional and church weddn.i had turquoise and silver in mind for the white weddn but my mum and my friends said its boring and i also dnt knw hw they will combine it for my reception and asoebi(gele and lace material) and hw d groom side will incorporate their colours.Then for d engagement i ws thinking of baby pink and burgundy.Really confused abt dis colours could u pls combine dis colours for me for my reception,grooms wear,bm,gm and the little ones and my bouquet……but if u thnk the colours re not nice could pls advice me on hw to go abt it or suggest on colour combinatns wiv green.thanks a lot.God bless u

    • Hi Temitayo

      I like the idea of Turquoise and Red or Orange. You can still use it with Silver. In your decor, you can have white chair cover with blue sash, table cloth in turq blue and then flower centrepiece in red.
      If you can lay your hands on red crockeries. I mean glass cups and glass plates in red or you get little gift boxes in red with blue ribbon.
      You can have white table cloth and chair covers in white using blue sash but let your flowers be in red and blue. On the high table, use white table cloth and swags in your main colour.or just use plain white table cloth with the background drapin in white.

      Your reception programme should come in silver and red.

      Engagement colour is lovely. This combo is very good. but you need to be careful on how to use them.You need to tell me which colour you would like to use as the main colour. Pink or burgundy. Then we work on that. Be assured, your colours are nice.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,

  320. Hi Anita!
    Just wanted to say a big well done on your work here!
    I am a 2012 bride and still gathering ideas for my day.
    I’ll be back for advice on colour scheme. Again, thanks for helping so many of us clueless brides! 🙂

  321. Hi
    Thank you for always been there! Please, i would like to know how my bridals could combine dis three colours lemon green, burnt orange, and gold for the dresses and the accessories. Looking forward to your responses.

    God bless!

    • Hi Bukola,

      I think it depends on what colour you want to use as part of the main colour. I’d prefer that the girls use lemon green dress and hold bouquet of burnt orange, cream and bits of brown.
      Accessories in gold.

      Thank you!.

      Kind Regards,


  322. Hi,
    I’m back! 🙂 I need your advice on my colours please. I’ve decided on blue and orange. Actually i was tilting towards royal blue and orange (will this work?) but after seeing your inspiration board i’m thinking that mixing shades of blue and orange might be prettier. What do you think? I’m thinking of assigning blue to h2b’s family as its his favourite colour and orange to mine but then i wonder if i will need to add another colour (maybe silver?) because i can’t really picture my folks in an all-orange aso-oke! Apart from all these i also need help with the following:
    – What shade of orange? Burnt orange seems to be the most popular but will this work for me?
    – My event is one day (engagement + wedding) and i want same colours all through. Pls advice on aso-oke and lace colour for self and h2b.
    – Colours for groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen
    – Colours for Decor

    My post is long i know but i would really appreciate your assistance.
    Thanks very much!

    • Hi Bukky,
      You can never go wrong on orange and blue as these are complementary colours. Yes ,why not? It only makes it interesting when you mix different hues and shades.
      As per the orange- I like the idea of silver as you recommend or a touch of lilac would do well too so consider that.
      – Use normal orange colour, the contrast would be amazing!
      – For engagement you go for orange and gold with cream . Gold lace , orange and gold aso-oke. H2b should have gold or cream agbada , orange cap and bottom trousers can be in orange too-am not an expert on trad yet..
      Groom go for deep blue or navy blue suit, cream waist coat and tie in orange or cream, manflower in blue and orange.( gray suit could work well too)
      GM: Black suit, white shirt and Blue tie, pocket square in blue. matching blue socks
      BM: Go for orange dresses holding blue bouquet ( different shades of blues and cream), accessories in gold or silver.
      You: Hold Bouquet in cream, mostly orange and one or two set of blue stalks. Wear a coloured shoe whether in orange or blue( it should match your H’s manflower or tie)
      DECOR: Okay, for some reasons I like the idea of having white. So get a white chivari chair ( seat pad in white i mean) get table cloth in blue. Use patterned table cloth if you can get table cloth in blue background and orange pattern on it then ideal. Use white flower vase and let your flower be in orange. Just orange. Let your crockeries be in white
      If you cant use chivari then use white chair covers that is self tie.
      Your High table should have table cloth in white and swags of orange and blue pinned on it. Background drapings in white. Dont use colourful orange and blue just white or ivory. If you use ivory drapins then let your chair covers be in ivory. white for white.
      If you are using a garden theme so that you need a mandaap you know like your sweet canopy then the stands can be covered with white and blue. Just make sure that other props come in orange and cream to make balance. reception programme or invite in white, orange and touch of blue

      Let me know if you have any concerns.

      Kind Regards,


  323. am very much impressed on your good work by helping alot of bride, may god bless u.please i want u to help me choose among this colour; purple ,peach and gold ,oR mint green ,peach and gold. please how will i use the colours for my girls and the grooms men. am fair in complextion and my wedding is september next month, please help me out,thanks.

  324. We offer professional advice on chosing your ASO-EBI,we provide appropraite colour combinations for your occasion. we take the stress of choosing your ASO-EBI away from you,help in distributing to families and friends,we ensure prompt payment of the ASO-EBI, we ensure your design is new and cant be soldto anyone until after your event,we customise your fabrics to bring out a distinct style, we blend sourvenirs that match the precise colour of your ASO-EBI,we are reliable and affordable.we deal exclusively on laces, headties,ankara,wooden,Aso-oke,groons men accessories,bridal wears for train. WE ADD FRAGRANCE TO YOUR EVENTS. For more info: please contact us on 08062562841,08125035562.

  325. please my request on 563 10august have not been anwers,please help to choose the colour and arrange for me, my is fast aproaching,thanks and god bless u.

  326. Queen ekpoinam : August 15, 2011 at 11:31 am

    i ve bin going through this website and i cant tell you how tremenduos and resourceful it has been to me.
    very help……………..
    good job u and your staff are doing
    by Gods grace i should be walking down the aisle in october,but choosing the theme colour is my main problem now,dat i am so confuse.
    i need help
    i want to know as regards the combination of white n black,can the two colour of blue n red be used together.
    really would appreciate any assistance given by you

  327. Queen ekpoinam : August 15, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    you must be very busy,and i need your are my only resort.
    first and foremost,i dont know which colours to use.i like purple,red and my fiance best colour is do i go about choosing the right colours.also,how do i blend the colours as regards decoration,the bridesmaids and groom’smen,bouquet,chairs an table clothes,flower girl etc.also,the aso ebi clothes for the traditional,the groom’s family and mine,how do i know which colour they are to use.and pls if you do have any idea as regards the colour,pls i need it.i have been thinking of colours for the past 2-3months,and i get myself confused the more.any tip would go a long way to ease my workload,since i am the one doing the planning and i want to do a good job.please i am waiting an counting on you.
    thank you

    • Hi Queen,

      There are some things you need to consider in choosing your wedding colours.
      1, The colour background of the venue hall you wish to use, if not an outdoor reception.- This is very important as you need to put the colour of the carpet or the drapins into consideration.
      2, The seasonal colours- This is really not relevant in Nigeria as we have mainly Dry, Raining and Harmattan seasons. But if you most go according to the seasons then you need to look for inspirations around you and see what colours are rich in the seasons. Do you see a lot of oranges or carrots? Then choose such colours, do you see fallen brown leaves? then you can choose such colours.
      3, Your Wedding mood- What mood do you wish to convey or would want your guests to experience? There are some colours that brings the vibes and fun loving side of you- happy colours, classy colours, Calm colours, Royal colours, Adventurous colours.. e.t.c
      4, Your Skin Tone- Some colours just flatters your skin tone while others don’t. One good way to find out is check what colours you get most complemented on. You can base your wedding colours on such.

      In choosing more than one colours, make one or two colours as the main colours then use the rest as the background colours. say in ratio of 55%,30% and 15% of the colours used.

      You say purple, blue and red and these colour combo is not bad. So you can have that as your white wedding colour, throw that on white or mocha and that would be bliss.
      Aso-ebi for the grooms family could be lilac or fuchsia with gold and brides family use sangria purple( which is like lighter shade of burgundy) and cream/ ivory

      Why not try purple ( red-violet), mocha and Blue with a touch of red In the decor.
      BM can wear Purple dress ( red-violet ) with bouquet in mostly cream and bits of red , accessories in silver or mocha colour. let their waist band be in mocha. just like this one, scroll down:
      GM; Petrol blue suit or black suit, white shirt, red-violet tie, red manflower and pocket square in red-violet.
      Groom: Petrol blue suit, white shirt, waistcoat in cream, cream wedding tie or cravat and then manflower in red, pocket square in red-violet
      DECOR: white chair covers and blue chair tie, table cloth in blue or white, napkin in red-violet, flower arrangements on table be in red-violet, blues and creams.
      OR: Chair cover and table cloth be in mocha, napkin in red then flower piece in red-violet, blues and cream. you can have red glass cups on the table too! and little candles if you so wish a romantic theme. If you don’t want to use chair covers then use chivari chairs in gold and seat pad in white.
      If you are using chuppah or parasols as the love nests then you can use white lounge sofas and red throw-pillows.
      Reception programs to be in blue and purple design or just plain white with blue ribbon, placed neatly on the napkin with crockeries in white or red.
      Little bridesmaids in mocha dress, waistband in red and shoes in red, flower in hair to be red.

      Hope this helps.:)

      See pics 1, 4, 5 and 7 from Elisabeth Anne design:

      Best Regards,


  328. Hi Anita,
    The Lord is your strength, a job welldone. Pls my wedding is coming up on Nov. 2011 and i hv these colours in mind for my trad. peach as my blouse for me and my husband, chocolate brown for my wrapper peach purse & shoes, then for my familes green for my husbands family then pink for my family. For white i wnt to use orange blue &
    Please help me and arrange these colors.
    Remain Blessed.

    • Hi Constance,

      Thanks for the little prayers!. Your trad colours are not bad at all but what are you using as the gele? You don’t want to go all matchy matchy… so be careful. Maybe use chocolate brown gele or just gold. Colours for your family should use a sharp pink to go with the green.

      I love orange and blue as these are complementary colours.
      See this inspiration:
      You can copy the arrangements in the picture or let me know if you have any more concerns.

      Kind Regards,

  329. please angel ,is long my request has not been treated, pls choose this colours and help me arrange for my brides maid, grooms men,decoration,,and the flowers, i really need yr assistance. my wedding is next month pls; peach ,chocolate and cream., or purple ,peach and gold, or mint green,peach and lilac

    • Mercy, Mercy!!
      Pls be patient with me I have to answer ALL queries first come first serve basis. Congrats and thanks for being patient!

      Your three chosen colours are fantastic!
      Lets go for purple, peach and gold.with accent colours of gold and green
      Girls in peach and boys in purple ties. Your aso-ebi could be in chocolate
      BM: Wear peach dress and purple shoes. Bouquet in cream and bits of mint green.
      GM: Silver Gray suit, white shirt and purple tie, pocket square in purple and manflower in peach- deep peach
      Groom in Gray suit, same coloured waistcoat, white shirt, tie in cream or peach , purple pocket square and manflower in peach too.
      Bestman: Gray suit, gray waistcoat and tie in purple and pocket square in purple
      Decor: Chair covers and table cloth in ivory or cream colour,let chair sash be in light peach and crockeries in white or gold, let the flower arrangement be in peach and purple with mint green together. Let reception programs be in peach and green or peach and gold then napkin in purple
      Let the background drapins be in cream and then swags mostly peach and purple.
      Cake stand can be in ivory with an overlay of gold chiffon or lace top then throw petals of purple and peach with small candles in a coloured or transparent glass around it.

      The green will appear in the flower arrangements.or throw pillows.If you wish, you can have your pom poms in green or tissue pomanders in greens. Your escort card could be in green too.

      Hope this helps.

      Let me know mercy.

      Kind Regards,


  330. Hi, my wedding is coming up soon how can i combine these colours for my decoration.
    Bride- Turquoise blue and Tomato red
    Groom- Orange.
    Please help me out with the decoration.

    • Hi Ty,
      Your colour combo is good as it is the split complementary of turq blue which is orange and red so using tomato red is even more exciting!
      Assuming the bridemaids are wearing tomato red and the groomsmen in orange ties then
      DECOR: Chivari chairs in white seat pad, Turq Blue table top and let the flowers arrangements in the table centrepieces be in Tomato red and orange, Reception program be in tomato red on white crockeries. This would be a lot easier.

      OR: White chair covers, tomato red chair sash, white table top, crockeries in white or if you can get tomato red plates, flower centrepiece in Turq Blue and orange, napkin in tomato red

      You could add this

      If you are using a mandap or chuppa then make the drapins be in white , added to it should be the colour of the chair sash or the table top depending on what style of decor you choose.
      You can have your cake like this: you can have turq blue instead of brown on the cake.

      Let me know if this works for you.

      Kind Regards,


  331. I must say you are doing a good jpb here. Kudos to you!
    Please I need your help. My wedding is coming up in november and I am
    Yet to make up my mind about my colours. Thinking of using sea green and
    gold but think it might be dull and thinking of a 3rd colour I can use to brigten it.
    Also on the otherhand thinking of using lemon green n cold but don’t have an
    about how to combine the colours for my bridesmaid,groomsmen,decoration and boquet.
    Please help me out. Thanks

  332. Queen ekpoinam : August 18, 2011 at 9:01 am

    good morning,pls pls,help me

  333. Hi Anita,

    Thank you so much for responding to my queries. May God continue to bless and favour you in all you do. you have been much too kind.


  334. please ,mercy and her partner is still waiting to hear from u, thanks

  335. what can i do to really get you to come to my rescue.
    i guess i have to put in some word of prayer to the Almighty God,which i will do right away.
    please i know you are an extremely busy person,but be merciful to me and attend and address my request.
    your help will go a long way in making a big difference in my planning.
    thank you and Almighty God bless you

  336. Ebere
    Thank you so much, yes am really really inspired And i will do just as u said. My wedding comes up october.
    Thank you and God bless.

  337. please assist your sister for god will bless u.tanx, mercy

  338. am so much impressed about de colour that u have help me out. may God reward u abundantly in Jesus name. please am so sorry to disturb u again but i wish u help me to the fullest, thanks. please how will i arrange de colours in my traditional wedding also as in my wrapper to blouse and accessories.

  339. another thing please is my flower girls dress and chief brides maid dress and second set of bm( pin ups/ushers). my wedding shoe can i pick anoda colour than white?

  340. hi,hi,hi
    thank you so,so,very much
    i didnt believe my eyes when i saw the reply
    i was so dazed that i had to check if it was truly my reply.
    i just it checked now,and you have done great.
    you do not how much stress and headache you drastically taken away from me.
    thank you so much……………..
    keep up with the great and selfless work
    and as God Almighty has answered my prayer of you replying my mail,so i extend that to you.
    and may he fulfill and answer all your hearts desire.
    Amen to that….
    Good night

  341. Thanks so much Anita i appreciate alot. How about me using peach and combination of d chocolate brown?

  342. Hi,u’re really doing a great job.thanks a lot for helping us out.i’m getting married in december.i like orange and apple green as my wedding colour but i dont have an idea on how to combine it for my maids.pls,help me it a nice combo or do you have an idea of what colour i can add to h2b (a bit dark complextioned)and d groomsmen wants to wear a black suit and white shirt.pls,what colour of tie,etc can they wear.i also need ideas on the decorations and what colour do you think the asoebi should be.thanks

    • Hi Bimpe,

      Sorry for the late response. You need to forgive me for that!
      Apple green and orange is one of the most loveliest combination . Its fresh and bright and it make a happy ambience.
      The girls and guy can go for orange. So let the girls be on orange dress and gold or nude shoes.
      GM can wear black suit , white shirt and orange ties. I have actually been to a wedding where the boys had petrol blue suit, white shirts and orange ties .. it was amazing.
      Groom can have gray suit, same colored waistcoat, white shirt and orange tie.pocket square in orange and the boutonniere or manflower in orange and green.
      Bride; You can decided to wear an apple green shoe if you wish to wear colored shoes which is IN now. You can even have the green colored as sash around your waist.
      Decor: You can use chivari chairs in cream seat pad or use white chair covers, self tie, Make the table cloth be in green and your table napkin in orange, table centerpiece mostly in orange and green . Maybe the vase be in green color. Your reception program in green. You can have orange petals scattered on the table top.
      Your asoebi can be in green with orange gele or you can choose to have green and gold or green and mustard yellow.

      Hope this helps. Got a combo that I have done on this a long time. Hope you get inspired on this.

      Congratulations and thanks for your patience.


  343. Hi,
    am so happy for the the job well done may God continue to bless and give you more knowledge in life.
    my wedding comes up soon and and am still confuse about my colour combination, though my colour are Royal blue, and white but i still want more colour to make my day beautiful, but am thinking if i can use chocolate color with it hmmm, what do you think ?
    secondly with the royal blue what can my H2b wear as in colour of his suit?,my flower girls and brides maid colour of dress. thanks for i will be expecting your reply

    • Hello Hellyn,
      Thanks for the complement.
      Royal Blue and white looks classy. Instead of chocolate why not use a bit of burgundy and/or pink combine with this in the decor. Using it as your flower color, gift boxes and even placement card.(if you are using one) This accent color can also be used in your wedding cake.

      The BM can wear royal blue dress and silver shoes , they can carry bouquet in ivory and bits of pink or burgundy whichever color you choose as the accent color.
      GM: They can wear petrol blue suit and white shirts with Navy Blue ties and pocket squares in white. They can have the manflower in your accent color.
      Groom: Let him wear gray suit, white or silver wedding waistcoat, white shirt, tie in silver, pocket square in silver and then manflower in the same color of your bouquet.
      Best man can wear same colored suit with the groomsmen but wear silver tie.having manflower in the accent color.
      Flower girls can come in blush pink chiffony dress.
      Decor can have white table top and white chair covers. The chair covers can have sash in royal blue color. Let the reception card be in royal blue but allow the flowers arrangements come in your accent color of pink or burgundy. Your background drapins would need to be in white, your cake stand can have your accent color as the table top.

      Hope this helps hellyn. Unfortunately I do not have a board for inspiration on this . I can endeavor to create one if time permits.

      Kind Regards and all the best.

      Kind Regards,

      MWN 🙂

  344. Plz help me out urgently
    My friend(the Bride) got me an off white stepped short plinthed gown(3 steps) and I don’t know what colour of shoe to wear with it. Her colour is deep purple and white. We are opposite in size. Shez fat while am a size six. Plz need your reply urgently.

  345. Dear Anita,
    Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate your suggestion about including white for the bouquet and decor. Absolutely brilliant – i can just see it! Yep, i’m definitely doing coloured shoes. All i need to do now is look for the perfect set of funky orange shoes! 🙂
    Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated. xx

  346. Hi Anita,

    You are doing a beautiful job on this site. Please keep it up. However, if there’s a way to introdduce pictures of perhaps these colours you advise people on. It would go a long way to helping others see exactly what the colours would look like. My trad is coming up in dec 2011 and I’m thinking Gold and red…not wine red but not pepper red either. What do you think? Plus what colours would you suggest for the white wedding?

  347. Hi tessy,my wedding is coming up in nov n my wedding colours are pink(a light shade)wine n husband wants to wear a cream suit pls wat colour of shirt,tie shuld he wear n hw do i combine d colour for d bridesmaids,d groomsmen(don’t want a black suit for them)n decor.secondly on d traditional i want to put on a blue blouse sky blue but don’t know d colour to combine for d wrapper n gele.waiting to hear from u tanks.

  348. thanks so much i appreciate, u have relieved alot of work on me , i love you for that , keep flying high, may God bless you real good.

  349. Hello, my wedding is coming up next year and my colours are mint green and peach. Pls, i have a problem in choosing for my maids and how to compliment it with the grooms men

    • Hi Anmalo,

      Your chosen colours are lovely.. mintgreen and peach add gold to that and your are done.
      The girls can wear peach and gold while the guys wear black suit on white shirt and mint green tie.
      The groom can have a peach tie.

      Alternatively let the BM and GM have same colour of mint green so mintgreen with gold accessories for the girls and mintgreen tie on white shirt for the guys so that your hubby wears either a nude colour tie with peach manflower and pocket square or peach coloured tie and peach coloured manflower.

      Hope this helps.



  350. hi again
    you didnt tell me the color of shoes the bridesmaids would wear.
    thanks for the assistance
    good night

    • Hi Queen,

      I did. I mentioned that the BM could have silver accessories or tanned colour shoe ( or even anything of mocha colour)
      check the last picture on this page :

      That sort of colour is what the BM should be wearing.

      Hope this helps.



  351. Hi
    I need your opinion on the colours I picked.
    Do U tink pink (fushia)and peach is aiite.

  352. You have been doing a great work here.

    Please, the wedding color being orange and grey, can you kindly assist with backdrop decor colors and mix. its next month.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks! Orange and Gray is good have you seen the inspired board on the main page? You could have background drapins in white and gray or just plain gray and let the table top be in orange ( if the BM are not wearing orange). Use Chivari chair in silver and white seat pad.

      If you are not using chivari chaisr then use white or ivory chair cover with orange sash, table cloth in white or ivory and let the flower decor be in orange. Your gray can come in the cake design and invite. If using white or cream table cloth then use orange table napkin too.

      If your table top is ivory or white then let BM use orange

      Let me know if this woks for you.

      Kind Regards,


  353. Please my wedding will be in December and I’m considering these colours, Yellow, Navy blue and a touch of cream. how can i perfectly match these colours.

    • Hi Ife,

      I get really excited when one of lovelies use exciting colours! Golden Yellow and Navy Blue is very good together.. but bright yellow and royal blue would also come out better.
      You need to make one colour the main colour. Most bridesmaids tend to go with blue dress holding yellow bouquet and yellow shoes. Makes things a lot easier.
      GM: Can wear petrol blue or navy blue three piece suit( I know I can’t get enough of petrol blue) white shirt, yellow tie and yellow man flower.
      Groom can wear Ash Gray or Silver gray suit in three piece, white shirt, cream tie, manflower in yellow and blue.
      The guys could all have matching yellow socks or whatever strippy socks with yellow they choose to have.
      Decor: Can you use blue table top so that your crockeries an come in gold and cream. Let your flowers be in yellow and just yellow alone. Your reception programme in yellow. If using chivari chairs then seat pad should be in cream but if not then just use self tie ivory chair cover without sash.

      I had an inspiration board on this but hope you can open it to get an idea of what it should look like. Be Patient this board takes time to open

      Have fun!

      Kind Regards,


  354. my wedding is coming up in less than 0ne month but i dont have any colour in mind especially for my bridesmaids

    • Hi Chidinma,

      Sorry for the late response. But the colours should have been amongst the first part of what you have to sort out before anything as that defines the theme with everything else building around it. There are sooo many colours that you can choose from taking into consideration the venue hall that you intend to us, if indoors. You should have your invites ready as well what colours are they in? Use same colours or colours that complement the invite.

      I suggest you check other responses and get your inspiration.

      I hope it goes well as planned.

      Kind Regards,


  355. hi MWN,pleaseeee,you’ve not answered my question,number 595.please,help.thanks

  356. Hi, please I need ur opinion.
    My wedding is coming up in December and my wedding color is baby pink n silver while the groom chose torqouise blue and silver while my train is baby pink and burgundy/wine. My bridesmaid are putin on a burgundy dress with baby pink band and accessory, my groomsmen are putting on white shirt ,black suit and baby pink tie, the groom is putting on a navy blue black suit with wine tie, while my bouquet is baby pink and wine.. please I hope im in line, what do you think? and secondly I don’t know how to go about the decoration. then the groom chose purple for engagemnet while the bride family chose peach, please how do i go about the hall decoration. Thank you.

    • Hi Bami,

      You have done really well with your choice of colours which is not off the rail at all because Pink and Blue is a good match. But you lost me on the turquoise blue, you said this is for the groom is that the grooms family or for the groom?
      I do like the combo of the hubby wearing the burgundy tie while the groomsmen have pink as you explained but I really do think wearing gray suit in three piece would be a lot better for burgundy tie. As for the groomsmen, instead of black suit, they have the navy blue suit with manflower in Pink . I think that would come out better.
      Now the decor would need to have the blue run through as the main colour. So Blue and Pink with silver .or white. Personally, I would go for white as accent,
      Table top in turq blue, let the crockeries be in silver or white. The flower arrangements on the table should be pink and burgundy. So let the napkin be in pink. Let the background drapins of the hall be in white. Your wedding stage, if you are having one, should be in white and blue drapin with pink flowers arranged

      Your trad colour is perfectly fine. Just make the table cloth and chair covers be in ivory and your table flowers be in purple, peach and cream.The chair sash be in purple neatly tied. The reception card should come in purple and some in peach. so you could have some tables in purple cards and some in peach cards.You could even have some chair sash in purple while others in peach. crockeries in silver . Am sure your attire can be neatly sorted ( wink! wink!!!) You could have candle holders in purple or silver colour placed around the table if allowed. You do not have to use candles you could just use LED floralytes. (go to ebay to find some)

      You could make your wedding cake the centre of attraction so get crystal cake stand and plenty of petals around the table.

      Am sure this would turn out brilliantly well.

      Congrats and well done.

      Send us Pics!

      Kind Regards,

  357. Hello,
    My wedding is coming up next year and i’ll like †☺ use purple and mint green. Pls,♓ôω do i mix †ђξ colours for †ђξ bridesmaid,decoration,cake,bouquet,flower girls and groomsmen.
    Also,i’ll like †☺ add a 3rd colour †☺ it.pls can you help ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ out

    • Hi Bunmi,
      I love the idea of purple and mint green ! However, Lime green would pop out like you have a choice of using mintgreen or lime green
      Throw in hot or fuchsia pink and you are good to go . Make purple the main colour. So let the girls wear purple dress holding fuchsia pink and lime green bouquet with hair flower in pink.
      GM: Black three piece suit, white , lavender blush or baby pink shirt, purple ties, manflower in purple.
      Groom should wear dark silver gray suit in three piece ,white shirt, purple tie, manflower in purple and lime green
      Decor:If you are using chivari chairs use the one with white or pink seat pads if not use chair covers in white or ivory. Let the table top be in purple and then the flower centrepieces in lime green and pink neatly arranged. Napkin be in mint or lime green. Reception programme if you are having one be in hot pink
      I made a board for you.. hope you like it.

      All the best in your wedding and don’t forget to send pics..

      Kind Regards,


  358. hi,
    thanks for the reply and also the visuals,it helps a lot o see than to read the colors.job well done.
    good night………….enjoy your weekend

  359. Anita,thanks a lot. God bless you real good,this will really go a long way.thanks

  360. hello, my wedding is coming up soon. love sky blue color so pls what color combination will be best for d brides maides

  361. hi am still waiting patiently. tanx

  362. Hello, my wedding is coming up, i love purple and brown and would want to use them for the traditional but do not know what colors to combine with them, please can you help me, i’d also like to use light purple and pink for my white, please help me. Thanks.

    • Hello Getrude,

      I have not come across purple and brown ALONE ! although brown being an earthy colour , is suppose to go with any type of colour BUT….. I will not recommend purple and brown ALONE.
      Why dont you try adding some other shades of purple to it like lilac, violet blue and even magenta( fucshia) then you can have cream at the background. So basically, use purple and magenta or fuchsia as the main colour then the brown could come in your flower arrangements or reception programme and other bits in the venue decoration.
      So using fuchsia and purple in the trad would come out beautifully well. In the the decor, you can then add your brown in the areas of napkin, reception programmes or even cake design.

      Your Pink and Light Purple or lilac is perfect for the white, throw very tiny bits of yellow in the flower arrangements whether on the table arrangements or in the bouquet.. This would come out lovely.

      Let me know if this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  363. Am in love with this site keep the good work. Pls my wedding is very close and my colours are royal blue, sky blue and off white, how do i use it for groom, best man, maid of honour, bridal train etc including the deco and cake. Thanks.

    • Hi Angy,
      Thanks for the complement.I like your colours of royal blue, sky blue and off white you could add a bit of golden mustard yellow if you wish.
      This is a golden mustard colour: This colour can be added to your bouquet and floral arrangement for the table centrepiece
      It can also be added to the manflower worn by the boys.
      BM could wear navy blue dress and bouquet in off white and bits of mustard yellow as suggested
      GM: Navy Blue suit, white shirt, sky blue bow tie ( they could find an exciting colour mix of bow ties)
      Groom: Navy Blue suit, waistcoat in silver, white shirt, silver tie, manflower in mustard yellow.
      MOH: Perhaps sky blue dress or same navy blue coloured dress but of different style
      Bestman: Navy Blue suit, waistcoat in same colour, bow tie in blue, manflower in blue
      Decor: Use ivory chair cover , sash in blue, table cloth in blue, reception programme in golden yellow, flower arrangements in off white, and different shades of blue with bits of yellow..
      Drapins in the background should be in off white and shades of blues .

      Hope this works for you.

      All the best,


  364. Hi,
    Pls I need your advice, I have some issues picking d rite colour for my bridesmaids n grooms men. My hubby wants to wear a navy blue suit. How do I spread ds colours, sky blue,off white/cream, white, gold. Ds r d colours I v in mind. Pls help me incorporate dm 4 everyone. Tx a mill

    • HI Tosin,

      Your questions are similar to angy’ as she is using navy blue and sky blue as well with off white..
      In addition, if your table cloth is in blue then you can make the flower arrangements on the table be in off white or even white. Chair covers in ivory with blue sash.
      Check ange’s response and let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  365. Hi,

    my friend is gettin gmarried in december and the colours are silver, chanty red and silver. I would appreciate your help on what the train should look like and the groomsmen should look like. Can the groom wear a sillver inner jacket and a black suit? i look forward to hearing from you. and tips on the hall decoration too. i’d be blessed if you would do a dashboard. winks

    thanks and great job.

    • Hi Tolu Omoleye,
      Am really not sure what chanty red is. I mean I know of other reds but not Chanty?
      Red and Silver is almost like Red and Gray and this is not bad at all. If you want to, you can add some bits of blue in the decor alone. perhaps seen in the flower arrangements.
      The girls can wear a red dress with silver accessories. whilst bride wears a red shoe
      I would prefer a gray suit rather than black for he guys. Let the GM wear gray, white shirt and red tie, red manflower or pocket square, socks in red too. Black shoes.
      Groom: Wear gray suit, silver waistcoat as you suggest( cream would also do) white shirt and silver tie, manflower in red, pocket square in red.
      Decor: You could have something just as seen in the inspiration board I made for you.
      Hope you get inspired.

      Kind Regards,


  366. hi,
    my wedding in december and my colour for the traditional is Apple green and orange while on white wedding i want my parents to wear Royal blue with purple. the groom i wearing gray suit ,white shirt and purple tie . hope is ok. i combine it from all your answers. thks am waiting for ur reply.

    • Hi Titi,

      Thanks for going thru the answers. Gosh! It saves me a lot of time!

      Apple green and orange is a very good colour combo. Royal Blue and Purple is apt as well so no worries.

      Groom’s attire is spot on. Well done!

      Did this inspirational board a long time ago.
      Check it out: For Apple green and Orange

      I have not done any on Blue and Purple but with Royal Blue you cant go wrong especially if you throw in Gold or white as the accent colour.

      Hope this helps.

      Congrats and Kind Regards,


  367. hi,
    my wedding is in december and my colour for the traditional is Apple green and orange while on white wedding i want my parents to wear Royal blue with purple. the groom is wearing gray suit ,white shirt and purple tie . hope is ok. i combine it from all your answers. thks am waiting for ur reply.

  368. Hello my wedding is in January. Do you know any colour that goes with peach. Navy Blue and Gold is my traditional wedding

    • Hi Funmi,

      Purple,Royal Blues, Indigo Blue, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown,Burgundy

      These are just some of the colours that are spot on with peach.

      Hope this helps.

      Congrats and Kind Regards,


  369. Hi, I need help.
    My colours are purple, peach and gold. My wedding is coming up early next year. How can I combine the colours please? I need tips on hall decorations and bridesmaid dresses.

    Please help me.

  370. Hi! I am getting married in december. And I am still in a rot for color combinations!I love green but what do I best combine this with. I know I do not want cream or yellow. But I am so confused! What shd my maid of honor and train look like? Pls help!!

    • Hi Ugochi,

      Green can go with almost every colour- Purple, Orange,Fuchsia, Cerise red,Chocolate brown, Pink e.t.c .. all these go with green.

      Make your pick and let me know so that I can help you with the train.



  371. Hello,
    It’s an amazing job you doing here- I’m at work but was stuck on this thread for over two hours.

    My engagement is coming up at the end of the year and I have the colour confusion syndrome.

    For a start, I will want my hubby and I to wear Grey and Orange (not sure in what shades).
    What colours can be used to decorate the hall? Bearing in mind that the colours will be the family colours for the day…
    Don’t want to make a decision that will make us blend in or one that will make us look circus-like.
    Pls advice.

    Thank you very much

  372. Wow!this site is awesome!please am wedding on 31 of december,and my colour is purple,peach and lemon,how cool is the colors,my reception venue is a pool side,please I want you to help me and choose the main colour of my day,and what colour can I choose for my cake,my bridal trail,and my bouquet,d table n d whole decoration,thanks for ur help u r d boom,God bless u,waitin for your reply!

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the complement. I would have pictured it more with magenta purple or fuchsia rather than peach but no worries your chosen colours are still workable.
      Purple , peach and lemon green( I suppose, since lemon is just yellow) … Purple and peach goes well together and peach and lemongreen on the other hand goes well too.
      Now at this point you need to choose two main colours to use and the third as an accent. I will advise that the lemon green is the accent colour used in the floral arrangements. So let your floral arrangements in the venue have more lemon greens than purple and peach . Your bouquet would have purple, peach and lemon green and greens.
      Check this bouquet, you can have something similar like this
      You can see from the bouquet, there is fuchsia in there as well. No worries about colours in bouquet you are allowed to mix it up.
      Your cake can have lemon green ribbon around each layer with purple and magenta flower as designs around it.
      Bridesmaids can wear peach dress,and purple accessories holding just purple bouquet OR purple and lemon green bouquet ( your own bouquet should be as seen in the link above)
      Table decor: Table top in purple, Chivari Chairs with purple seat pad or white seat pad, otherwise you use white chair cover with purple tie. Let the flower centerpiece be in lemon green and purple. Let your floral arrangement around the venue be mostly in lemon green
      The boys can have gray suit, three piece, white shirt, purple tie and manflower in peach and purple.
      The groom: Light gray suit, wedding waistcoat in purple, white shirt, purple cravat or wedding tie, manflowe in purple, pocket square in purple

      Hope you would pull it off.

      Congrats and Kind Regards,


  373. Hello,
    It’s an amazing job you doing here- I’m at work but was stuck on this thread for over two hours.

    My engagement is coming up at the end of the year and I have the colour confusion syndrome.

    For a start, I will want my hubby and I to wear Grey and Orange (not sure in what shades).
    What colours can be used to decorate the hall (I was thinking orange and purple…*confused*)? Bearing in mind that the colours will be the family colours for the day…
    Don’t want to make a decision that will make us blend in or one that will make us look circus-like.
    Pls advice.

    Thank you very much

    • Hi Seun,

      I like the word colour confusion syndrom.. 🙂 Gray and Orange is a good colour combo. Silver gray and normal orange is just fine. You dont need to worry much about the shade.

      There’s so much colour going around as it is the family colours already so the best bet is to make the background drapins be in ivory or cream and bit of purple added to it to complement the orange. Alternatively make the decor just white and purple
      see this: . so your flower arrangements coud be in lime green and orange and then cockeries in silver. your reception programme could be in orange.

      Dont feel pressured to show case all the colours especially in the background drapins as there are so many other things that can carry it off .
      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

  374. Wow!dis is a great, Am wedding by 31 of december,n my color is purple,lemon n peach,n it’s a pool side reception,hw do I go about it please, I hv written d first post I dnt knw if it was delivered!u r d boom!God bless u dear!

  375. Hello Anita,
    I need your help please. My wedding colours are turquoise blue and burgundy. Could you please help with working it out for decorations etc. Event is one day only so same colour for trad wedding. Thank you!

    • Hello Jumoke,
      Turq Blue and Burgundy is a rare combination. On the other hand, royal blue and teal can look a lot better with burgundy., But having said that,
      I have two deco in mind. You could make blue the main colour that runs thru or Burgundy running thru especially if the venue hall rug is red.
      So if you want blue to be the main colour then use white chair covers, Turq Blue table cloth, plates and crockeries in burgundy colour( white, if no choice), Napkins in burgundy, placed on the plates(if white crockeries are used) Flower arrangements should be white and burgundy. The chair sash should be a combination of Turq blue and Burgundy tied together to make a bow.
      Background drapins be in white and turq blue swags. Flower arrangements in white and burgundy.
      White chair covers, white table cloth, flower arrangements in burgundy, turq blue and white, crockeries in white and napkins in burgundy, chair sash in burgundy. Background drapins in white with burgundy and turq blue swags on it.
      Its a tricky one so be careful how you combine the colour in the hall decor.
      If anything, let me now.

      In the meantime, hope this helps,

      Kind Regards,


  376. Sis Anita

    Am still waiting to be answer please,u r jst lik a Godsend to me,please I can’t wait,one luv n remain blessed dear,pls reply

  377. Hi, my wedding is in November, my colors are bottle green, gold and cream. pls, i want to know wether it goes well. tanx

    • Hi Ede,

      I love the idea of bottle green or emerald green and gold. Cream should be used as the base colour.

      It a good combo and not common too.

      Congrats and All the best in your wedding.

      Kind Regards,


  378. My daughter’s wedding comes up by december. She is considering blue/ash as the colour. How will it look?

    • Hello Ovayewun,

      Blue ash? Do you mean petrol blue? Petrol blue can work with tangerine orange or cerise ( reddish -purple).
      I need to know the colours she has decided to use.

      Congratulations on your daughters wedding!


  379. whats your take on magenta and silver?

  380. Hi. Thanks for helping future bride. My weeding has bin fix for nov this year and up till now i’m still battling with choice of colour. The weeding will take place in church and reception in hall. I’m thinking of fuschia pink and ash(gray) do they really go perfectly together? Can u suggest a third colour for me. I also don’t know how to combine it for my bridemaids, groomsmen, maids of honour, my bounquet, cake and decor? Can u pls put me tru? U can also suggest another good combination for me i will not mind. I want to be happy. Pls i’m confused. I need ur advice urgently pls. Thanks and lookin forward for ur reply. God bless u and replenish ur strenght.

    • Hi Bola,
      Congrats on your wedding coming up. Fuchsia and gray is okay Fuchsia and limegreen would be a perfect match tho. Check this out. scroll down to see fuchsia and silver.
      I like these too:
      Girls on fuchsia dress and boys in gray suit, white shirt and tie in fuchsia pink.
      Groom in gray, silver designed waistcoat, white shirt, silver tie and anflower in magenta , pocket square in magenta.
      Bouquet should be arranged just like the example given.
      Cake can have fuchsia and limegreen designs on it.
      Table decor:You can have white chair covers or white chairs, fuchsia pink table top, flower arrangements in lime green and cream
      Check this decor; scroll down to see fuchsia pink table top.

      I hope this helps,

      Let me know.

      Best Regards,


  381. Pls i’m awaiting ur response. Thanks.

  382. Hello!
    This site is mind blowing. What a great job, keep it up.
    Pls my wedding is for December,what do u think about this colour combo- Hot red, apple green, rose pink and white.
    BM- red dress, apple green shoes and bouquet
    GM-black suit, white shirt, red tie and pocket squares
    Bide- a red bouquet
    Groom- suggest for me.
    The main colours are red, apple green and white, while rose pink will reflect in d decor and be used by some of the ashoebi.
    Pls what do u think?

  383. Hi there,you r doing such a great job in putting smiles on the faces of would be brides. I really love your work. My wedding is in March 2012 and am thinking olive green and yellow. Can you give me an inspiration on how to combine these for my hubby to be, bridesmaids men in suit and even hall decor. I m using a big hall and I sort of want the place to be bright so the guests would see everything happening upstage, can I add a third colour,what should it be? Would be expecting your reply. Thanks a lot

    • Hello Isaac,
      Olive green and Yellow is very apt. I will advise that the BM and the GM take the olive green theme( dress in olive green, ties in olive green on black suit) and on your venue hall decor concentrate on cream, gold and yellow.
      Groom can wear something like this; a black tailcoat with waistcoat in ivory, scrunchie or wedding tie in olive green and handkerchief in olive green
      Decor: Let your chair covers and table cloth be in ivory, use chair sash in olive green, use gold crockeries but let your floral arrangements be in yellow only. All things on the table be in yellow. So reception programme, flowers, gift boxes- in yellow.
      If you want the stage to be the centre of attention then make the flower arangements on each table be very simple and minimal. Your high table should have candle cups lit up arranged close to the flowers in the centre..Your flower arrangements in the stage should be in yellow and green. You could add cerise or rose pink together with the floral arrangements on the stage table to create a difference.
      Your cake can also have yellow petals overflowing around and on it.

      That should come out lovely..

      Hope this helps.


  384. Hi, i hope to get a quick response from you. Initially i had just pink n gold but i’ve decided to throw in a few more colours. my favourite color is pink and my hubby wants pink in the wedding. so how do i combine pink, orange, green. are the best color combos for pink. my mum doesnt want purple n i dont have blue in mind. Also if is not orange cld it be red or yellow. which of these colours should be the main colour as i’ve seen that the main colour is that worn by the bridesmaid.Also if u dont agree with these colours can i get ur candid opinion. also give a hint on how to combine for BM,GM, groom n decoration.also i wld want to play down on d colours 4 reception.

    • Hi Marvy,
      Pink would work if your shade of pink is hot or fuchsia pink mixed with orange, cream and bits of apple green. So I would suggest that the main colour should be the fuchsia. This colour should be carried through by the BM and GM ( Black three piece suit on white shirt and pink tie) Pink handkerchief . Groom could have black suit, waistcoat in ivory, tie in ivory and hankechief in pink and green.
      Guys could match this up with same socks. BM could wear different shades of pink and orange dress like this:
      As you rightly say because you have such bright colours, you want to make it really simple- I mean the decor. so what I suggest is have table cloth and self tie chair covers in white and let the flower arrangements be in pink, greens and orange mixed like this
      OR you can have this table arrangement:
      Your reception card can have a lovely twist of orange and pink

      You could have fruit buffet with fruits of your colours like watermelon, oranges e.t.c. you could even have bits of yellow on the fruit buffet table like pineapple. But mostly choose fruits that are similar to the colour that you are using.

      If you are using just plain ivory so that the flower centrepiece comes in your chosen colours then let the couples love nest have swags of orange and backround drapins. It should be the centre of attention matched against the white background in the table arrangements.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards and Congrats.


  385. Hi. Well done u’re doing a great job . I found this site so late.if not i would have pick a better colour. Pls i send a mail to u last week but i hav’t gotten the reply till now. Pls my weedind is next month towards ending i ‘m still battling with colours. My colour is pink and gray don’t know what shade of pink and gray to use (thinking probably fuschia and silver) do they really go together? Can u suggest a third colour to me? pls can u also combine it for me as per brides maide, flower girls, grooms men, groom, bonquet, cake, decoration, flower. E. T. C. My gown is white. Pls can u suggest a third colour for me? I want dat day to be uniquic, and aslo want to be happy with any colour i choose. OR can u suggest anoder colour for me? pls it’s urgent i will appreciate it if i can get the reply under 24hours thanks and God bless u.

  386. Sorry i cud not finish my mail. My trad aso oke is peach and burgundy .do they go well? can i wear cream lace buba in place of peach. Or i should make the buba aslo with aso oke. The lace, can it be plain or with pattern? Pls i need u to design it for me. Thanks and luking forward for ur reply. God bless

  387. I am still awaiting your comment. However d colour has been slightly adjusted- Silver as the main color with turquosie blue ad a touch of baby pink. I will apperciate ur response on how well thses colors can b combined.

  388. My wedding is coming up soon. I intend to go with a silver or ash coloured suit. Will chocolate and cream colour be be appropriate for the bridal train? Will a cream colored shirt be good for the suit? I wait for your advice. Thanks

    • Hi Kings,
      Chocolate and cream goes together well. Ash or Silver coloured suit would be nice if you use chocolate as the pocket square or manflower or even tie. white shirt is a lot better and your suit should be in the three piece of same colour.Suit, trousers and waistcoat in silver gray.

      All the best and Congrats!

      Kind Regards,


  389. Great site i luv it!

  390. Oluwatoyin Omoshola : October 6, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Hello Anita,
    I must say, u’ve got a treasure trove of info on this site. Kudos!! I’m planning my wedding that’s coming up in January. I’m thinking of using Olive green, “goldeny” burnt orange colour, and a third colour that I’ve not come up with yet. So, I’d like suggestions on that.
    I’ve also thought of a shade of grey suit for the groom, but I’m kind of stumped on the combo to use for the shirt, bowtie, Cummerbund and pocket square.
    Pls advice me on this as well as how we can mix and match the colours for the GM, BM and little ones. Also, I’d like pointers for the decoration of the hall. U can throw in ur inspiration board to seal the deal… Hope dis isn’t too much?
    Ty mosh

    • Hi Ty,
      Thanks for the complement!
      Third colour could be brown or mustard yellow added as this seems like colour combo for fall.
      I like the retro theme cause thats my main dress style. I do not know how vintage you really want to go but I will tread on.
      Make olive green your colours for GM and BM so let girls wear vintage 60’s dress ( 3/4 lenght in olive gree and net hat) bouquet in orange and greens
      I prefer the boys to have checkered shirts (say in brown?), Bow tie in Olive green, Black waistcoat, round pinup badges in different colours pinned on their waistcoat, pocket squares in Olive green. Trousers in tan colour and shoes in brown or black. and oh! they can wear panama hats
      Groom: I would prefer he uses black tailcoat suit, wite shirt ;his cummerbund, bowtie and pocket square in olive green . He can choose to wear a 60’s hat and if he wants to, carry a pipe.
      Decor: Two options at the top of my head: Normal white chair covers and Olive green sash, table top in white and napkins in orange, flower arrangements in orange, third chosen colour and olive greens.
      Another option is to use brown benches, rectangular table covered in white table cloth, make orange flower decoration on each chair like pomanders, Table should have glass cup candle holders, old pictures in frames, old hard cover books( this could actually be your flower holders) . Just get anything retro… record cassettes ( you know the big round ones) Make a special table where you have family photos in black and white, old telephone, Old boxes filed with different items that you can identify with the 60’s.. pearls running thru. laces..You could even use old bottles of green colour maybe beer bottles on the table to hold the orange flowers, jam bottles.. Old typewriters or old phone.. You could add the little ones on the table to make up the table design. Set against the white colour, it would come out well. the orange should make it pop..

      Am sure you an come up with more stuffs..but I hope you are inspired.

      Actually decided to get you some pictures and so glad to find something that fits my decsription perfectly ( phew!)…
      You should be well and truly fine with this?

      All the best!


  391. Oluwatoyin Omoshola : October 6, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    I forgot to add that I’m going for a retro themed wedding. Pls feel free to give me any useful info. Regards.

  392. Oluwatoyin Omoshola : October 6, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    I forgot to add that I’m going for a retro themed wedding. Pls feel free to give me any useful info. Regards.
    Ty Mosh

  393. thanx for ur response.pls how can i combine fushia, gray and lime green together for my bridemaid, groommen, flower girl , cake , decor ring bearer.

  394. Thanks so much for your time. She picked ash and turquiose blue. She will use aso oke ash and turquiose blue during the engagement( a day before the wedding) while the two colours will be used on the wedding day- for the bridal train, cakes, decoration and aso ebi. I would appreciate your suggestion as to how it can be blended to come out with something beautiful and unique.

  395. Hello Dear,
    What do you think about these colours
    Gold, Maroon and Cream
    do they match and good for a wedding?

  396. Tanx alot! but ao do i combine these three colors (bottle green, gold and cream) for my groom, groomsmen, maid and bridal train?

  397. Hello Ede,
    My name is Nelly, the wedding of my sister is coming up in December and she would like to make use of these colours Gold, Maroon and Cream for the occasion. What do u think about this. should she go ahead or get more brighter colour to go with them?

  398. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for your reply. I realise Turq Blue and Burgundy may be hard to pull off. I’m still thinking about it and also considering aqua blue/turquoise blue and red. I don’t want the bright red though. Maybe i’ll try wine-red and add a splash of white or silver? Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jumoke,

      Thanks, wine-red is burgundy dearie.. It would not be hard to pull off at all. The table cloth could be in turq and then your flowers and napkins in burgundy and red, Using Chivari chairs with white seatpad would do..

      Kind Regards,

  399. Thanks plenty, plenty. Your response is of help to us.

  400. Sis Anita. Thanks for replyin,am very grateful,tanks for d advice,my BM r using purple gown wit lemon bouquet wat colour of accessories ,my maid of honour is wearin peach gown,and d. Colour of my cake is peach,shud I still put d lemon ribbon n decorate it wit magnete purple? And my sweetie wants to wear black suit instead of gray suit,so hw is he goin to combin it,n wat colour of shoe shud I put on n my accessories too,am very happy,THANKS

    • Hi Janefrances,
      The BM could wear purple shoes of same shade and the maid of honor could use gold or silver as her accessories. Since the cake is in peach use, lemon green ribbon and decorate with lemon green, bits of magenta purple and whites on it.
      Your husband wearing black is still not bad, his shoes can be in black as well and he could use silver waistcoat and tie but letting his pocket square be in lemon green and purple or whatever colour you choose as the main colour.

      Your colour of shoe should be in harmony with the manflower or pocket square your H2B would use. So if he is wearing peach and lemon green flower then get a peach shoe. e.t.c
      Accessories in pearls and Silver..
      All the best,


  401. my wedding is jan 2012, i like olive green but which colour goes best for it for my bridal train, and my decoration. my husband want to wear black suit and which colour of tye is the best that will match d bridals colour.

    • Hi Vinda,
      Olive green has many colorful friends that could possibly make it work. You have a choice of normal yellow, mustard yellow Cerise, Gold, Tangerine, Prawn colour e.t.c

      You know what I suggest, get your table cloth in olive green damask or just white and black damask then use whatever colour you wish to add to it as the flower arrangements and napkin on the table top.
      Any of the above colours would do. You could as well just use Olive green and Silver.
      Your husband could use the same olive green colour for his tie or he could just go nude or silver then use the chosen colour as his manflower or pocket square.
      Chair covers in olive green and sash of the colour you wish to use /laternatively, use olive green self tie chair cover or gold oragnza chair cover

      Am using this as an inspration for a board.

      Cheers and all the best,


  402. Hi Anita,
    please i need your advice on the colors to use. I like purple, lilac, Army green and wine colors. My wedding is November ending. My Groom is using a dark grey suit and he wants to use a bow tie. I need a color for its bow tie that will blend with the suit. I also need a color i will use for my chief bridemaid and the other maids, and the grooms men. I need your advice also for the color to use at the wedding reception and decorations. Please all color combination must blend together. Thanks. Please urgently

    • Hi Rubu,

      Am not sure why you chose army green which is hardly ever used especially for dark skin. You could surely use Olive green or even mintgreen rather than army green?
      I woud prefer that you use lighter shade of green more of towards minty green as that would work well with lilac and wine.
      Let H2B use green on white shirt for the bow tie with his dark grey suit if green is the main colour ( he could also use men’s suspenders). Usually olive or mintgreen is best used in combination with light pink so this could be thrown in to the whole wheel.
      Olive green, lilac, Pink and Wine .
      You could use Chivari chairs in white seat pad, mintgreen table top, and then flower arrangements in pink, wine and Lilac( use more of the 2nd main colour while the rest used sparingly). Whatever your second colour is, use as the colour of the napkin, your reception programme should come in the 2nd Colour and the 3rd Colour.
      Your cake in the 2nd colour choice.
      Your background drapins in white or if you can pull it, mintgreen …
      One last thing, you could have a lovely green sash just like ths one:

      Hope this helps.


  403. Hi,
    My wedding is coming up and these are the colour combos I’d like to use.
    Maroon, Gold and pink but I am still putting finishing touches on how to match them up. I was thinking my bridemaids will wear a Maroon coloured gown with a gold and pink sash while the junior bridesmaid would wear a pink coloured gown with a maroon colored and gold sash. I hope it comes out well. On my wedding gown, I intend to use the 3 coloures as a sash. My groom is wearing a white tux on black pants and a maroon and gold coloured waist coat and a pink bow tie whilst his groomsmen will be wearing a pink and gold coloured wasit coat with a maroon tie. I so hope i make sense?

    • Hi Yetunde,
      Maroon coloured gown is not bad but do you mean some would wear gold sash or waist band whilst others wear pink or are the two colours to be used together , I mean the gold and pink?
      Another thing is sash goes across the shoulder and waistband is apparently around the waist – I hope you would use waistband and not sash.

      As regards your H2B, I hope the waistcoat you described is the wedding waistcoat that comes with embroidery as that is the only way I can picture the maroon and gold together.
      If this is not then just maroon coloured waistcoat and maroon coloured bow tie rather than pink would make a good difference.
      But having said this, most guys wearing tux wear them with a bow tie alone and no waistcoat. If he must have a waistcoat then he could choose to wear a long tailed coat, maroon embroidered waist coat, white shirt, maroon tie, maroon pocket square.
      Okay as per the GM, I cant seem to picture this, maybe a picture would do? What colour of suit would they have on?
      This is what I suggest, for H2B, white tux, white shirt, maroon coloured bow tie, maroon coloured pocket square.
      GM: Black suit or tux if they wish, white shirt, pink coloured bow tie, pink pocket square.

      Make the girls carry pink bouquet..

      This would work better.

      Let me know.

      Kind Regards,


  404. Hi, u are doing a great job for all of us. Without colours one is not ready. My wedding is 3rd Jan 2012 but haven’t concluded on colours. I have olive green and lemon in mind, chocolate and gold or cream, lilac and purple. And I want to have like three colour combo. How do I make the combo for bridal train, venue decoration, groom tye, mothers of the day outfit with the colours.


  405. Hello Anita,
    I must say you are doing a very good work. God bless you. I am having my wedding in February and would need your advice on how to distribute this colours among Maid of honour, Bride maid, Best man, GM, Little Bride and also the decoration.
    Burgundy wine, Gold and cream – White Wedding.
    Purple, Lilac and Light Pink – Traditional.
    Please also advice on the colour for Aso-Ebi for the white wedding.
    Thanks for your help.

  406. hi,
    my wedding comes up very soon and i really find it difficult in combinations of colours but i have these colours in mind, chocolate brown and gold. i dnt knw if they are nice. pls i need ur opinion. thank you.

    • Hi Tessy,

      Chocolate brown and gold is a good combo. Its not odd at all Throw in white in your decor using self tie chair covers in white, table napkin in chocolate brown,crockeries in gold.
      Floral arrangements in cream.
      Girls wearing chocolate brown and gold waistband.

      Not bad at all.

      Kind Regards,


  407. i would like to use 4 different colours for my bridesmaid and still use 1 colour out side the 4 colurs for the men. but dont have any colour in mind yet. please can u be of help. my wedding is coming up next year easter. thanks and God bless u. i love pink colour too.

    • Hi Chioma,
      Since you like pink, why don’t you use 4 different shades of pink and greens and then the boys can go for your 2nd main colour maybe in pastels or in stripes for their tie. They could wear Blazers in Blue maybe navy blue, tan trousers, shirts in white or your desired colour or even checkered shirt used with bow tie? Other colour maybe in any shades of purple like lavender, magenta, lilac,e.t.c

      Hope this helps,

      Kind Regards,


  408. hi dear,
    i love what you’re doing here helping us brides. It’s really nice of you. my wedding is next year february, i’m having alot of difficulty deciding on colours. i’ve decided my husband and i could wear turquoise blue and gold as our last attire together, but i just dont know what both families should wear. my mum wants both families to wear the same colors as a symbol of unity,i agree. the problem is ‘what colors’. as the couple we shouldnt wear the same color as them right? i was thinking perhaps they could put on gold and mint green,i just want to know if they should wear something entirely different or complimentary colors. i also have friends whom i’ll love to wear wrappers and blouses,just a few close friends.i thought perhaps they could wear silver blouses with wrappers that have these blue and silver rose designs(wish i knew the name of the design,saw at a wedding sometime). for my white wedding, i chose purple,lilac and gold,i wanted the bridesmaids to wear lilac dresses and the maid of honour purple,but i heard the ties of the groom and bestman have to match the chief bridesmaid’s dress and my groom doesnt like purple as a tie color,what now? please help me out with the whole wedding thing. its really weighing me down. ASAP.

    • Hi Nikky,
      Let parents go for coral pink or cerise (although its complementary colour is orange but I prefer the coral) and gold as that also complements the colour turq blue. Mintgreen and gold is also good-but a touch of bright colour is better.
      Nikky, let the bestman tie match the chief bridesmaid dress, the groom should have cream or gold embroidered waistcoat, wedding tie or cravat in gold and then pocket square in gold, manflower can be in purple or lilac whichever. Your gold wedding shoe should complement his tie or pocket square. Although that is not a general rule but its better matched that way.

      Your wedding decor should have white table linen and if you can get chivari chairs in silver colour but with seat pad in lilac or purple. Flower arrangements in purple and lilac and napkin in purple.
      Your gift boxes could be in gold.

      Hope this helps.

  409. please also advice on the asoebi for the white wedding. thanks

  410. hello,
    you asked me to pick among the colours i mentioned.
    i have decided to go for apple green/army green with mint green/lemon for friends in traditional, wine and cream for my bridesmaid, groom and his men black suit wine tie on a white shirt, cream and chocolate for mothers of the day. please advice me about the colours and how it can go in decor and my cake. both wedding reception and traditional are on same venue.

  411. u are doing a great job may d gud lord bless u. my wedin is comin up in few weeks time. pls hw do I use purple and lilac for my bridal train and the grooms men? thanks in anticipation. remain blessed

    • Hi Talatu,
      The girls can use purple dress carrying lilac bouquet and the guys with lilac tie on a white shirt and black suit, maybe in three piece if they wish.

      Thanks for the complement and remain blessed too. Congrats and send us some pictures.

      Kind Regards,


  412. Hi Anita,
    Thank you very much! I’ll work with it and let you know if i have any questions. Again, thanks!

  413. Hi,
    pls I’m like in a dilemma here. My wedding is in December and i don’t have a colour yet. I haven’t even printed my I V. I’m thinking of using light yellow and wine colour. Would that go pls? I need help asap.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    • Hi Deola,
      Light yellow, do you mean cream or golden yellow? Cream and Burgundy is a good but why not try dark pink and burgundy with a touch of gold. So the girls would wear burgundy dress with waistband in dark pink holding dark pink bouquet and the guys wear ties in burgundy colour in black with a pink shirt.
      Groom wear grey suit in three piece and burgundy tie on a white shirt with burgundy man flower and pocket square.
      Decor: Use cream table cloth and chair cover then chair tie in burgundy and then ties again with dark pink, napkin in dark pink and flower arrangements in burgundy, cream and pink

      If you have already concluded on that colour (cream and burgundy)then go ahead with the cream and burgundy. Just allow the grooms waistcoat and tie to be in cream and manflower with pocket square in burgundy.
      Decor should then be in cream table cloth and chair cover with chair tie in burgundy and napkin in burgundy, flower arrangements in burgundy and cream.
      Cake should come in cream and burgundy flower designs .
      Hope this helps

      All the best,


  414. am some how confused on which color will be fine with the bridesmaid and also the groom and his men tie and pocket square.
    and mean while you said normal yellow and olive green can go but i don’t like anything yello. please help me match it with another colour. this colour thing is delaying my preparation.



    • Hi Adaobi,

      I never said normal yellow and olive green can go .. Are you Vinda too?
      I reckon this was your enquiry:
      you asked me to pick among the colours i mentioned.
      i have decided to go for apple green/army green with mint green/lemon for friends in traditional, wine and cream for my bridesmaid, groom and his men black suit wine tie on a white shirt, cream and chocolate for mothers of the day. please advice me about the colours and how it can go in decor and my cake. both wedding reception and traditional are on same venue.

      My Reply:
      Your colours are fine why not use gold for the bridesmaids rather than cream. Let mothers have peach and chocolate. Your cake is fine with the apple green and wine roses maybe a touch of gold studs included?
      You said apple green and lemon ( as in lemon yellow or lemon green)? am not sure about that combo Apple green and Gold is a lot better.These would look more coordinated .
      So we have Gold running through , wine or maroon, Chocolate for mothers and Apple green for friends. Beacuse you have so many colours going through your decor shoud be very simple.
      You have to choose one or two main colours that you would like to use. maybe wine and gold and a touch of apple green for the decor.
      That should be good.

      Kind Regards,


  415. hi anita,
    i must say u are doin a very gud job. my wedding is comin up in febuary and i dnt knw wat colours to use. am considerin pink n grey but i dnt knw wat d decor wil luk like. i need ur help pls, i dnt mind if u add a third colour. tnks

  416. My fiance loves blue and would like to wear a navy blue suit,a white shirt and blue tie.i have no idea what colours to use for decoration,cakes etc

    • Hi Esther,
      Navy Blue is not bad at all
      Navy Blue is good with Yellow or mustard yellow( golden yellow) and add bits of green like apple or lemon green on it. Your accent or bakground colour could then be gold.

      Other colours you can choose to use are rust or coral pink, these can go with any shades of blue.

      Hope this helps,

      Kind Regards,

  417. Thanks Anita. you have made me feel cordinated. people like u are few, many we have such site and demand for payment for every solution they profer. But i know God is using u to put smile on our faces ur reward comes from God which is the best. keep it up.

  418. please u did not mention the colour for the tie, man flower and pocket square of the groom and his men they are looking at black suit.

  419. Tanx very much,am very grateful,ranx a lot again n God bless u a million times!

  420. Anita,thank you,im really grateful

  421. Hello,
    I am getting married soon and would like ur advice on how to distribute this colors among MOH, Bride maids, Best man, GM, Little Bride, Page boy. Also hint me on the hall decoration.
    Lavender, fuschia Pink and cream – White Wedding.
    Peach and Chochlate– Traditional.
    Please also advice on the Aso-Ebi for the white wedding.
    what colour of accessories do you think would go with white wedding gown. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Hi Bukola,
      I like the idea of lavender and fuchsia together! They are the same shade of violet so yes! This would work. The girls can wear fuchsia dress- I like the bright effect. or you can have some wear lavender, fuchsia and cream flowing dress. The MOH can wear a cream dress with a coloured shoe. The girls can all hold bouquet in lavender and cream with bits of fuchsia popping out.
      The BM can use silver accessories on this.
      The GM:I would say, they can wear Black suit or tux, white shirt, fuchsia pink bow ties and a black hat for men. Black shiny shoes.
      Bestman: Black suit, light pink shirt, lavender tie, pocket square in lavender
      Groom: Petrol Blue suit, silver or cream waistcoat, white shirt, silver or cream tie, pocket square in fuchsia or lavender and man flower in fuchsia.
      Decor: I was thinking of having an aisle runner across the cream table, in fuchsia, chair covers in cream and tie sash in fuchsia then let the flower centrepiece carry the rest of the colours of lavender and cream.Crockeries in white and napkin in cream. something like this design( scroll down to the green runner in the table and the flower- if you can get something like this design done with yours then thats fine.
      You could wear silver or fashion diamond earrings and a coloured shoe

      Aso ebi of peach and chocolate is very lovely just make sure that the gele is in chocolate and then throw in gold to the whole ensemble.
      Red beads with it is fine.

      Hope this is okay.

      Kind Regards,


  422. Hi,
    i am so happy to have discovered this resourceful site before my wedding. great job guys!!! Please my trad. and white wedding comes up in March next year and my colour is peach and chocolate brown (is this perfect for dark skinned couple?). could you please guide me on mixing these colours for my trad. attire, decor, train and our parents. best regards

    • Hi Tola,

      Peach and Chocolate is not bad at all these colours go together and good for dark skinned.
      As said to Bukola, its always nice to use chocolate brown as the gele and then use peach for the blouse. use gold as your accessories. Groomsmen can wear black trousers, fitted slim line suit in grey,cream shirt and tie in brown. Groom can have brown suit, three piece, white shirt , waistcoat and tie in cream, manflower in peach and cream, pocket square in peach.
      Your girls can wear peach bridesmaids dress and bouquet in cream. Parents wear lemon green and coral coloured head gear, gold accessories can be used.
      Decor;Cream coloured table cloth and chair cover then use chocolate table runner , chair sash in chocolate and the the table centrepiece flower in cream, peach and browns.
      table napkin on each table in peach.

      Hope that helps,

      Kind Regards,


  423. Hi dear, tank u so much 4 d response, u left me excited for the whole day and u saved me alot of stress. I am dark and my hubby is fair skined, our colour 4 the engagement is blue, pls which colour of blue would u suggest 4 us. Thanks in anticipation. Even if this is all u do 4 a living BEWARE u have fulfiled PURPOSE. REMAIN BLESSED.

  424. Hello Anita,
    You have realy made my day with your response to my enquiry. May the good Lord bless you.
    Thank you so much.

  425. hi Anita,
    a great job u doin der,cudoes! God willing,i shd b doin my TM n reception choice of colors are:royal blue,tomato red,gold n a touch of red.pls help me combine these colors wv respect to cake,decor,groom,bride,parents clothes,GM, d colors maatch?
    tanx n waiting ur response.

  426. hi anitaa,sori, d colors are royal red,green,gold n a touch of red.tanx

  427. Anita,
    You are such creative being. Thank you so much and God will continually meet you at the point your needs. you are really tourching lives. Thank for making me happy, i feel so fulfilled
    Best regards