Five Ways to Personalize your Wedding – Transportation

As you are planning your wedding, travel to and from the wedding venue is very essential.

While renting a limousine for your wedding definitely makes an occasion special, you can personalize your wedding wheels by leaving your ceremony or reception in a vehicle that speaks volumes about you as a couple.

It does not have to be the most expensive car. It can be decorated to your taste in a simple yet distinctive design. We know couples in certain part of the world that have driven on a bus, and hopped aboard decorated motorcycles.

Other ideas: scooter away on a super sleek mint green vespa (or even a blue one for your something blue); or say your final farewells from aboard a boat.


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  1. The weddings are really high profile and may not really mean much to many Nigerians.
    Why not add varieties?


  2. When you mean varieties , How do you mean? Please expantiate

  3. Please where can you find classic Rolls Royce to hire in Lagos?

  4. You can also consider using a Horse Drawn Carriage. It’s unique and definitely vintage
    call 01-8538535 to rent one in anywhere in Nigeria

  5. Where can one rent a Rolls Royce in lagos? Thanks

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