Wonderful Decorations at Your Wedding Reception

How would a reception look like without decorations? Decorations create an atmosphere. It adds colour, beauty and festivity to the occasion! You can also make your wedding look different by the kind of decorations you choose to have. The initial reaction to the array of decorations sets the mood for your guest. Your decoration should reflect the theme of your wedding and you should speak to your professional decorators and supply houses on what you would like to see or have.

For Instance, balloons can be used to decorate the dance floor, create arches over the head table and doorways, and can be formed into canopies, ceiling sculptures and clusters. Balloon and/or flower bouquets make wonderful centerpieces and are a fun way to complete a colour scheme.

You can have your banquet and bridesmaids flowers placed on the cake table or throughout the reception area for an extra decorating touch. Ribbons can also be used with natural flowers to create a classic decorations on the table or the entrance way!


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  3. Beautiful it is…………………….

  4. i’m into wedding planning with keen interest in decorations and i look for to doing business with you.i’ll keep in touch. great job.

  5. James Peter : May 14, 2009 at 1:49 pm

    I would like to start a WEDDING DECORATION BUSINESS. Do you offer online training? Or can you refer me to sites were I can get such help?

    Thank you and I greatly value your response.

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  11. i really need a contact. i need a simple n beautiful hall decorator for my wedding.

  12. the decoration is beautiful, is there online training for WEDDING DECORATION BUSINESS. I’m interested

    Great job, keep it up

  13. please i will like to get in contact with the person that did the first decoration as i am planning my wedding. thanks

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  15. pls,i will like to know how come abt those balloons retaining an arc position in the first decoration,any transparent material putting them in position? or its just the helium gas magic?……..i love decorations,but feel so inquisitive abt this one.

  16. l think , l like to ask if u refill ilem gas

  17. olivia agbassi : July 28, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    i’m into decor also and love good things like this check me out on facebook

  18. good work. am a decorator how do we get in touch. check me on facebook

  19. MRS VICTORIA EMOVON : September 28, 2010 at 4:15 pm


  20. hi. i just started an interior decoration class and decided to check online for sites like this. your decorations has really put me on the edge and i’d like to know if you av a branch in Abuja where decor classes can hold. i’d appreciate it if you can reply me via my msg. add: vickyalex51@yahoo.com.
    i wait for your reply with all eagerness. hope you av a branch in Abuja.

  21. I’m planning my wedding and would like a simple but classic decor.
    We’re also having challenge pickin wedding colours and would like guide in this regards.
    Please contact me on 01-876-5674

    • Hi Godfrey,

      Choosing an harmonious wedding colour is very important for any wedding as that can change the whole mood of your guest. In choosing a colour, you want to consider:
      1, The personalities of both you and your bride to be- This should reflect on the colours; the colours should also match your skin tone, your eye colour e.t.c
      2, The venue- If your wedding venue has a certain theme colour then you want colours that would compliment it e.g check the drapery, carpet , wall colour and get a colour match . If an outdoor wedding avoid too much of green as that would blend in with the garden green!
      3, The mood that you wish to showcase should be seen in the colours you choose- vibrant and energetic mood ( green and orange), happy mood( yellow and green), romantic mood ( silver and fuschia),calm and serene ( cream and blue)

      In helping you choose your ideal colour, inspirational boards have been found to be quite helpful. This board helps you and your bride to be put your creativity to the test while having fun at the same time! Try websites like dessy.com ( click on pantone wedding and you’ll see the inspirational boards), ployvore.com

      Check bridal magazines for colour inspiration or you can even use microsoft word in creating your wedding board but this is not as convenient as the website that specialises in wedding boards like dessy.com
      1, Open word on microsoft
      2, Go to google and type in black and white cake for example
      3, Check the upper left of google and find images, click on it
      4, Get inspirational pictures and copy them to your word, reshape or align as you want it
      5, Put these pictures together cake, decor, wedding dress, suite e.t.c and then see how the colours match!
      6, Cut, amend and paste as you like… dont forget to always save your work

      Have fun!

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  27. can you upload a picture of green and gold decoration pls?

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  29. Baloons look a bit childish i think.

  30. am getting married next year and my colours are pink,silver/platinum…but thats the only clue i’ve got…am totally lost and clueless…help!

  31. Hi am getting married next yr…my colours are pink,silver/platinum but thats the only clue i’ve got.pls help!am completely clueless

  32. You are right! Those hall and yard decorated with white baloons look very chic!

  33. is there online training for wedding decoration, 08060886464

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  37. mary olasehinde : March 17, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    This is a beautiful work.Am also an event decorator and contractor,How can i reach u in Abuja.

  38. Pls do u organize trainin sessions. Wher r u located?

  39. Hi, Your work is Beautiful,I will really appreciate your response to this. My wedding is coming up in December I have in mind three colours;Gold,Red and White. My fiance wants to put on a navy blue suit,the problem now is how to combine these colours in terms of decorations,what my brides
    maid will wear etc. I want a touch of red not too pronounced. thank you

  40. Hi,i need to rent a hall in Ikorodu .Please can anyone advice me on how to go about it.

  41. i am into event planning and i see you are also into it,why is it that nigerians dont appreciate event planning,i have had two jobs but after i have done all contacts,the clients say they cant pay and i havent told them my charges.

    • Hi Chiagozie,

      The standard is to pay initial deposit on the day you booked for the service so as to keep your place. And the norm is that they pay the final bits on few days before the wedding or immediately after the wedding. Depending on what you insist. It is just callous and unfair what people do. Never trust anyone even your friends and dont ever run your business on credit.

      Try and reason with them. Unfortunately, there is no suing culture as yet in Nigeria if not sue them! Did they sign any agreement with you on paper? You should have terms of business and services clearly written for clients to sign.

      This is just business 101.

      Hope it turns out well for you.


  42. hi, your decorations are very beautiful. but im wondering how you made your ballons stand the way they do. please advice me so i can improve in my work…thank you.

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  46. Hi i would like so more information about the first decoration, how can i make this for my sweet 16 ?

  47. Hi,
    Your decoration is exotic, please when are you going to organise training in Lagos to empower housewife like us who do not have a source of income in the this global economic melt down?

  48. Its a beautiful thing,what ur doing here.i realy comend u for it.am a wedding planner in benin,would luv 2 get info n updates from u. D job is pretty tough here bt its my passion dat drives me.expecially cakes,decor,planning. Thank u for d info u put out here,it realy is nice.uwa

  49. A work well done, please how did you go about the suspended ballon .Thanks

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  51. i would honestly love to be a part of your team…and also very eager to learn…please who do i contact and how do i get started

  52. Babatunde Arinola : November 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Hello, Mrs Vitoria Emovon i wish to learn decoration how much am i going to pay and where is your office in ikeja.My e-mail add is aficaarts@yahoo.com

  53. mrs khairat haruna : December 5, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    i ll like to knw you ma

  54. am into dis biz. love ur touch. u r very vreative. pls kp it up.

  55. Hi,I’m a present graduate of an event and interior decoration institute,I’ll like2start up with an event decor.Can u link me up pls

  56. Good morning, nice visiting your site, am a fresh graduate waiting for youth corp but before service am looking for a place to serve with the little knowledge I have in interior decoration. I will be glad if my request can be accepted, because I see your place as place to practice my skill.

    • Thanks Wunmi,

      I have no space for now but would be looking to have blog interns soon so watch out for the contact us page and you can apply direct from there.

      Many thanks for the consideration.

      Kind Regards,


  57. obagbemi samuel : April 1, 2014 at 9:08 am

    I like ur concept anyway, bt nt withstanding, we put in our best in in Lokoja kogi state both in d halls and on d fields. Jst dat we stil need materials 2 improve our creativity wic is all abt capital.

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