Creating your own wedding vow is fast becoming the norm to make your wedding unique and stylish. To make your own vow, you have to think of the many ways your love inspires you. It doesn’t matter if you are not poetic! Listening to an inspired song could help you write straight from the heart.

You could tape record your sayings from your heart and then replay the tape this time penning down the word or phrase that captures your deepest love or that makes you laugh, cry or smile. Avoid general words like ‘I WILL LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME‘ or words from popular musical lyrics ‘I LOVE YOU TRULY, MADLY DEEPLY‘. It’s nice but not original and loads of people must have heard it a million times over the Radio or TV.

A good wedding vow does not need big grammar or long sentence. Let it be short but sweet and it should aim to successfully communicate your true feelings and love for each other.

You can ask a friend who probably does a lot of reading or writes as part of their work to go thru it and give constructive advice on how to improve your writing.

Keep in mind that many places require certain words in order for the marriage to be legally bindingI (name) take you (name) as my wife/husband– the wording must state that you take your partner as your spouse and that you promise to remain committed to him or her. You need to sought the advice of the officiant in knowing how you can mix the traditional standard vow with your own vow.

How about this:

‘I (name), take you (name) as my wife/husband). The Mother/Father of my children, my best friend, my lover and confidant. I promise to love, care and provide for your needs, wants and fantasies! I promise to laugh when you laugh and cry with you when you cry. In whatever endeavors we choose to embark on, I promise to always support you as I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you till death do us part.’

You can do better! Go on and give it a try!