Okay the wedding engagement has been called off (Scream!!!) What do you do? Bury your head in the sand and pretend that nothing had happened or sit at home and stay away from as many people as possible?

The thing is, you do not have to explain why the engagement is being been broken off to anyone. Of course people will be curious to know what happened and even shocked! Don’t let their curiosity kill you. It is best for everyone involved if the former couple and their close friends or families can agree to merely say that the engagement was broken off by mutual agreement.

Start by notifying your family and friends by phone or just send them a note (a note will probably be easier and will help deflect unwanted questions). You do not need to say anything more than that the engagement has been called off, or that the wedding will not take place. Do not say that the wedding “has been postponed” unless it has genuinely been postponed.

If wedding invitations have already been sent, you should send a formal announcement card to your entire guest list. Any gifts received like wedding gifts or shower gifts – should be returned to the person who gave you the gift with a note saying you appreciate their effort and support but the wedding has been called off due to mutual agreement