This has happened to almost every couple getting married. Its either the Bride is late or the Groom comes one hour later! Why is this always the case?

Organization is the Key!

Most “to-be-married” couples make the grievous mistake of not planning the timing of the wedding programme to make allowance for any hitch that may arise. Last minute arrangement could be embarrassing, frustrating and a cause for pointing fingers! To avoid this, certain things must be considered during the planning of the wedding.

Location of the Church and Hall: Is the Church and Hall located at a reasonable distance from your departure point? If this is not then you might want to consider lodging at a nearby hotel or Inn a day before as this will create opportunity for you to be on time and to walk into the church, relaxed and composed.If the venue location, you reckon might be difficult to locate, then help your guest by creating a little map of the venue location in the invitation card.

The Wedding Guests: Although most friends would not tell you, they find it rather inconvenient and tiring to travel a long distance just to attend the first ceremony. You want to consider where most of your friends and relatives are based to avoid them coming late or walking in just when the ceremony is almost over and all the pictures taken.

Save them the trouble. We know its all about you getting married, but at the same time you want your guest to be happy and satisfied as well. How about transport arrangements to the venue. You can hire a car or a luxurious bus to pick guests up from a convenient location. You can also make a journey plan from a central location highlighting what bus to take and landmarks to help find the venue! This can be added to the invitation card.

Transport or Traffic: If your wedding ceremony is to be held in the city, consider the traffic situation and do not set the time during rush-hour period. As most weddings are conducted on a Saturday, traffic could be hellish as earlier said; choosing a hall or church at a reasonable distance from you, your partner and invitees would help matters a lot. If you feel you have no choice as to the wedding location then be prepared to leave the house or departure point early enough. There is no point telling your guest to be prompt and then you come in late. That shows lack of organization.

Bridal/Grooms Wedding Car: Always make an alternative car arrangement; do not be too confident that nothing might go wrong! Arrange for a friends car or at least an uncolored cab just in case “the car” becomes an issue.

On your Invitation card, you might consider adding the number of a friend or family that is readily available to pick calls and answer enquiries on or before the wedding day. Do not give a number that just rings and no reply at the other end.

Whatever the situation, always have a plan B or an alternative arrangement to save time!