How do I make a Memorable Wedding Proposal?

It is being said that one should marry someone you know you cannot live without and not someone you can live with. So if you are ready to make that important decision, how can you do it without the thought of being labeled unromantic and boring?

The special season is always a big opportunity to pop out the big question because special occasions add to the excitement! If you want to actually propose during the Christmas season or at her birthday, you need to decide if you like to make it public or private. Perhaps you want everyone to witness this special event. Whatever you decide, private or personal, you need to think of the right time and the right place.

As you probably know her more than any one at this stage, you need to think of ways that you feel would bring a smile to her face and say YES!

The age old “drop on one knee” to propose is fast becoming obsolete, many people are actually creating a landmark moments in their proposal.

For instance, a girl was on her way to work one morning, then found a bill board on a normal route with her and her boyfriend asking her to marry him.

Be creative and romantic, do something that people would want to talk about for ages on.

Do not propose to her when she is just out of the bathroom after brushing her teeth or proposing to her on the phone or worse still on the internet!!! Make a solid plan; take her on a romantic trip to a place you’ve both wanted to go, as you watch the sun set, ask her to marry you or to her favorite spot where you spend the time together most times. You can propose to her at the cinema, with your proposal popping out of the screen before the movie starts. How about on the pages of her favorite newspaper or journal.

How about creating a treasure hunt especially for her? Start by creating a note that may simply say something in a note like follow the rainbow to find gold. Next lay her trail of something she loves that she’ll definitely follow. Put a few more notes in between that say how you feel like, “you colour my world”.

Of course at the end of the trail when she opens the door, there you are, in perfect position and saying the loveliest phrase any women can hear. It would surprise you how easy and cheap it is to arrange for this.

It doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, but your lady will definitely appreciate the time and effort that you put into it. It’ll also help you avoid funny incidents like losing the ring as she flips open her table napkin, if you think the deed through. In the end, it’s still all about one question and the fervent hope that she’ll say yes!

Any creative and romantic proposal you’ve heard or seen? Tell us about it!


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