Guide to your Wedding Gift

Going for a wedding, you are no doubt puzzled with an inevitable age old question – What should I give?

Most wedding attendees would like to be different but just don’t know how to. How do you guarantee that your gift to the couples would be appreciated or even loved? There are simple rules that we must keep in mind when considering buying a gift.

Get creative but not too creative- one way you can simply bypass all the fuss is by selecting a gift straight from the couple’s wish list. Look onto their webpage (if they have one), there you know you cannot possibly go wrong. What if they do not have a wish list? You might say. Then ring up and ask her or him to come up with a list for you.

Many couple would love to have a twist on their traditional gifts even if the gift hails from the kitchen, dining, bedding and bath department. For instance, you can give them gifts that would create a spa-like, hotel environment every morning when they wake up- for instance a lovely designed set of bedsheet with African prints!

A pair of thread- count hotel towels with their names on it. In terms of entertainment, you can consider giving a make do Barbecue stand or state of the art kitchen gadgets that looks good in the counter as they do when in use.

Start looking around within two months of the wedding coming up. We all live a busy life but realise that we still need to give a gift anyhow on or after the wedding day. Many of us rush to the market just that Saturday to look around and end up getting the same gift most people would bring!

Starting to look around early would provide the opportunity for variety and proper arrangement to deliver the gift appropriately whether on the wedding day or immediately afterwards without fear of damage or it being stolen.

Whatever you may decide to give to the couple as a gift; whether as expensive as a car or a house … to right down to a bottle of champagne or liquor or otherwise, always remember that it is your relationship with the couple getting married and your presence that matters more !

Received any weird presents or gifts lately on your wedding day? Share with us your rants or appreciation.


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